specifications of flawlessness

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is lego batman good? if it isn't a problem can u suggest a couple movies? it's been a while since i've caught a movie

it’s dumb but it’s fun, which is all it really needed to be. i recommend watching it with friends/family tho

and like, animated movie recs? there’s a whole bunch out there but uhhh i guess i’ll name a couple

  • mary and max- a wonderful little gem of a movie that i just recently watched. stop-motion animated. it’s about a man from new york and a girl from australia becoming pen pals and it’s super emotional but has fantastic commentary on mental illness. the only particular thing i would warn about is that there’s an attempted suicide scene but it’s nothing graphic
  • kubo and the two strings- again, stop-motion. boy going on a mission to find his father’s belongings to defeat a spirit from the past. definitely worth watching for its’ animation alone
  • iron giant- boy befriends a robot from outer space. it’s highly stylized and a great movie 
  • cats don’t dance- a talking cat in a world where humans and animals coexist with each other tries to become a star but struggles, due to only being cast in roles specifically for cats. it’s not flawless but it does have some pretty good commentary as well as an AMAZING antagonist and fluid animation
  • coraline or paranorman- again idk all you’ve seen, anon, or what your tastes are, but holy shit if you’ve never seen coraline or paranorman then you’re missing out. coraline is a straight horror fantasy film about a girl discovering a reality that’s not what it seems and paranorman is a zombie film about a boy who can see dead people. watch em

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Do you think doc was a regular ruby and earned her leader position or was made for it? Same with centipeetle and her yellow commander. Considering the diamonds are designed specifically to be perfect flawless leaders, solely by virtue of being diamonds. Even if they aren't in practise.

At risk of going on a tangent here, you’ve stumbled on something I think is an incredibly interesting fandom phenomenon.

People generally agree that the Diamonds are not actually perfect beings. But they seem to take a lot of other things as gospel. “Designed specifically to be flawless leaders”- by whom? And how could that remotely be possible when personality traits and independent wills are so very obviously beyond what can be controlled for in a Gem?

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“feminism hates men” ok. fine. a man hating mix then. specifically. 

1. ***Flawless - Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj, and Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie 2. Just Desserts - Marina and the Diamonds & Charli XCX 3. No Scrubs - TLC 4. Kill My Boyfriend - Natalia Kills 5. Fxxk Boys Get Money - FEMM 6. Breakin’ Dishes - Rihanna 7. Womanizer - Britney Spears 8. Ode to the Bouncer - Studio Killers 9. I’m Not Your Toy - La Roux 10. Girlfriend - Icona Pop 11. How To Be A Heartbreaker - Marina and the Diamonds 12. Swine - Lady Gaga 13. All Men Are Pigs - Studio Killers

I need for the The Troubletones to have a reunion that includes them singing ***Flawless

specifically the ***Flawless remix

Can you imagine how hard it would go?


I mean:

*although if they do the remix idk who’d be Nicki since Amber’s the best rapper but also the best Beyonce… maybe Brittany since she did pretty good in “Run the World”….*