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Im opening up 2 waist up commission slots.
Sketch for $50
Clean for $100
Email me at zoestanleyarts@live.com

Reference: (you must have image of who you want drawn)
Extra: (Anything specific like pose/background/shapes/words/etc.)
Your Paypal: (I’ll send you an invoice after I agree to your commission)
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I’m tired of seeing posts with girls who are super thin yet still have an hourglass shape
and big boobs with the caption, “body goals.” Like I get it, they look nice, but that’s a super specific body type/shape that most of us probably don’t/won’t have even at our most fit. You know what body goals are? Appreciating your body for what it can do in its current state. Knowing that if you put in more work your body will be capable of doing more. I mean I know that often times we want to look thin because of the images that the media is constantly shoving in our faces, but getting healthy means so much more than what we look like. It’s a feeling and it’s a mindset.

im about 50 pages into hammer of thor, and already the words heteronormative, transgender, and gender fluid have been used, in correct context, and in fact in reference to a specific character, who is shaping up to have a major role, with a direct statement from the protagonist himself that being trans is not unusual or new to him, and hints that said gender fluid character could be said protag’s love interest, in this book, written by a popular mainstream YA author, published by disney, and honestly when have we ever been so blessed

Chocolates and a rose. (emo-rock valentine’s day story)


Faith stared at the foot of her bed. Or more specifically, the heart-shaped box of chocolates ON the foot of her bed. There it lay, in all it’s pink glory, with a little golden ribbon wrapped around it’s side. On the box, a small card read “Will you be my Valentine’s? -Amelia

The sister didn’t know whether to blush or feel weirded-out. Sure, she liked her sister, but as SISTERS. Nothing more, nothing less. This had to be some sort of prank… Faith grabbed the box and tore off the gold ribbon. She flipped the cover off, and stared at the wild assortment of chocolates. White, dark, milk, peanut, you name it, there was a 1/25 chance it was in that box. She gingerly picked the white one and popped it into her mouth. H-o-l-y s-h-i-t. Faith tasted the chocolate with astonishment. She was, by no means, a connoisseur in chocolate, but DAMN this was good. Something like that, along with the rest of the chocolates (assuming they were of the same amazing quality), would have cost quite the cash. Which meant two things: 

1) This was a very expensive prank.

2) It wasn’t a prank and these chocolates were actually a gift of affection…

For Faith…

And according to the card that now lay face-down on the carpet, from Amelia.


Amelia gawked at the thing she found on the piano keys. The moment she had lifted the fall board, the little thing hit her eye like a firework. Though it might as well have. 

A thornless rose lay on the piano tiles, but that wasn’t the main thing that struck Amelia. It was the fact that every petal was of a different color. Red, then green, then blue, then purple, it was like a bloom of rainbow blood. She gingerly picked up the rose, and brought it to her nose. God, it was real… The smell coming from the flower was definitely real. It could have been for someone else, heck, anyone else, but the intended recipient was quite clear. Cut into the stalk with a delicate hand, in tiny words, read “Amelia, from Faith”

There was only one thing to do for something like this. 

Faith reached for the canister underneath her bed.

Amelia slipped her own out of the bag that was by the door. 

Both walked to the door frames of the rooms they were in.

The piano room and the bedroom were facing each other from the staircase landing, and an electric blue eye met 2 crimson eyes. 

Both fingers curled around the white nozzle.

“Amelia.” Faith acknowledged.

“Faith.” Amelia declared.

A second passed, and the tension was almost visible. A laundry basket toppled out of a room in the middle of the hallway and fell down the stairs.

A pale finger twitched. A tanned one moved.

And as one, both rushed each other, raising the canisters…

Of holy water.

Pressing down the white nozzles, the sacred liquid from @mmm-juicey filled the space, and dampened the sisters’ hair and clothes. Faith grit her teeth against the cold mist, and countered by directing her own at Amelia’s glasses. Soon, the glasses were rendered unusable and Faith took this opportunity to duck and twist around the girl’s waving arm, and sprayed her back with all the power she could muster. “GAH!” the nerd cried out at the cold feeling now spreading across her back. With a feral growl, she swung the canister around and sprayed in the estimated direction of where Faith was. Not only did she get the sister, but she unknowingly sprayed her face.

Spitting out the liquid, Faith redoubled her efforts and aimed every available part of Amelia’s body, coating it all with a fine layer of holiness. You could FEEL the amount of divination in this fight, with the ceiling light above them casting though the mist and creating small rainbows. On top of that, rays of light danced around and cast spots of light amongst the surrounding walls and the 2 girls.

Outside of the house, where the sounds of scuffling could be heard, what appeared to be the silhouette of an angel crouched on a tree branch, spectating the ongoing battle with mild entertainment. This was definitely worth all the money and time. Grinning wildly, he decided to flee the scene. Spreading his wings, the man shot into the night… And disappeared in a flash of blue light.


My Trolls demo reel is up! So proud that something so unconventional ended up on the big screen.

Concept art
Compositing: Priscilla Wong

Aftereffects animation
3d transitions
3d effects
post production: Erik Tillmans

Also, my interview from the Trolls Art of Book.

Tell me how the concept of the scrapbook evolved.   When were you brought into the process?

I was brought in fairly early on the scrapbook concept. It represents Poppy’s hand in narration, so we knew finding the right look would be crucial. It was challenging to tell the simplified version of our story in the scrapbook medium that is inherently busy. It ultimately came down to balancing specific textures within graphic shapes. I edited until it was right.

The first phase of excitement led to inventions that were purely unedited. I only had scraps of materials I brought from home and items I scavenged from around the studio. For example, tin foil was borrowed from the PDI kitchen and used for metallics. When I needed a textural framing element, I found peppermint and crushed it to form a heart shape. I cut up sponges to create a Bergen’s eyebrows. Kendal had requested a rainbow to be made out of hair. I wandered around feeling perplexed until I stumbled upon a rainbow afro wig, a souvenir from Madagascar 3. I flattened and seperated the strands with a hair iron, then built an arc. It felt a bit like the “Unconventional Materials Challenge” in Project Runway. We were thrilled! But when we presented to the Mike and Walt, everything was so articulated that it departed from the film. The tone felt too mature. It needed to look like a scrapbook, not a stop motion film. Fortunately, the sponge brows and rainbow hair stuck around.

The second phase was focused more on looking more like a scrapbook. I used a lot of store bought materials as a way to show this is an accessible medium. Stickers and border accessories were heavily relied on as scrapbook symbols. Since the color palette was so primary, it felt too young. Mike and Walt wanted it to be specific to the Trolls world, which has a foundation of Scandinavian design. I ended up removing all elements that distracted from the story. After manipulating the colors digitally and adding elements that indicate a Scandinavian hand made nature, we finally found a look that everyone was happy with.

Have you always worked with felt, fabrics?   Were there any specific challenges or direction you received from Mike and Walt?

Since my teens I developed a deep love for fashion and design. I would make all my clothes and learn by reverse engineering runway pieces. I also embroidered shoes and made jewelry. I was fascinated by how silhouettes and lush materials could transform a person into any character in another world. I stopped when I got serious about being an artist in animation. I never expected to be able to marry the two art forms. It was coincidental that as I began to work on Trolls, knit wear and 70s fashion was making a huge comeback. Suddenly inspiration was everywhere. I felt as though the whole film resonated with a chic aesthetic that is relevant.

Mike and Walt were very specific about tone, humor and sound effects. One of the greater challenges was to reflect the irreverent humor of the film in the scrapbook style. Since my nature is to execute things impeccably, the main criticism of the early scrapbook pages is that they looked too perfect. A way to incorporate humor into such a simple style was to make things look imperfect. Mike wanted to see the hand of the artist. It needed to look handmade and effortless. This meant working cruder, with more feeling and less precision. After establishing the look of the scrapbook, their direction forced me to think more like a film maker than an illustrator. I now take consideration for camera moves, staging, transitions, animation and effects. The work demanded me to setup a mini pipeline for myself. Currently, I deliver animated gifs as proof of concept. Then, I craft the physical pages and do photo shoots. I am pretty elated to be able to do this for a living.

How many pages did you create?   Any favorite?

15 pages. My favorite page is the Foot Print wide shot at the beginning of Poppy’s journey. Its the perfect mix of colors and textures that represent the Trolls world intruded by Bergens.

How many difference colors of felts do you think you used?

This is an estimate:

98 colors of felt.
220 colors of paper.

I’m sure it might be hard to guess, but any idea how many total pieces of felt you cut /created?

I counted. 1,751 pieces.

How long did each page take to create?

2-3 weeks depending on complexity.

Finally - what is your title / credit on the film?

​Visual Development Artist.​

Psychonauts Fan Challenge!!

In the 3-and-some weeks leading up to the release of Pychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin, we patient fans need some content to munch on, and what better way to encourage fan content than through a challenge? Now, this is not a contest, there are no winners–but, by extension, there are no losers either, except those of you who don’t participate!

This week’s challenge is to Design Your Door.

Every field agent has their own unique door and we’ll find out more about them soon enough. What would yours look like? Would it be rectangular or have a more specific shape? What kind of pattern would the door show? Design, draw, model, or create your own door as an agent of the Psychonauts and show ‘em off with the tag #PsychonautsChallenge! There’s no time limit, this is just to encourage new fan content while we wait. Have fun!


Zorua + Zoroark Variations/ Hybrids!

Mystic: While they don’t possess the ability to inflict curses like a Ninetails, it’s said the illusions these pokemon cast have the potential to cause one to lose their minds. If treated with care and respect, it is easy to avoid such a fate however.  

Spellcaster: They are particularly skilled at casting long-lasting illusions on others. It’s also said that if focused (best achieved through the offering of a specifically shaped stick), they are able to see through deceptions and lies. 

Pipe Fox: They are excellent at reconstructing scenes they have experienced (down to the inclusion of the smells they observed). They prefer moving at night and rarely open their eyes during the daylight hours. 

Tundra Ghost: In certain alpine wilderness, tales abound of lost travelers being mysteriously presented with offerings of food, seemingly out of thin air. Occasionally glimpses of this pokemon are seen after the foods discovery, always retreating away from the witnesses like a mysterious, but benevolent spirit.   

I couldn’t resist trying this one out for Zorua and Zoroark. They’re two of my all-time fave pokemons ever, in terms of design, type and just the general lore behind them. Good stuff.

i am very specific about the shape of utensils/tools i use because many of them feel horrible to hold or the handle is the wrong shape but we’ve got this one wooden stirring spoon that really gets where im coming from, i love this spoon, we share the emotional connection witnessed between a harry potter-wizard and their wand

Okay, I’m book pushing again, and it’s a book series that I know I’ve pushed before but seriously guys, more people need to read the Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs.  The characters are great, funny, realistic, and memorable, no one is portrayed as infallible, and moral dilemmas are often brought up and reacted to with many people acknowledging that there may not be a perfect solution but accepting that decisions still have to be made. 

The pacing is great as well.  It gives you action and when it does it moves fast and keeps your attention with great flow and timing, but it slows down enough to also let you catch your breath an build characters or lore.  Still the slow parts never seem to drag and you can frequently find yourself just enjoying the slow parts as if you were having a lazy hangout day with friends.

This is one of those fantasy creatures in our world type of series (specifically vampires, werewolves, shape shifters, ghosts, and fae) so if you aren’t into that I can’t promise that this’ll change your mind.  However if you’re on the fence or kind of like them (and especially if you really like them) then it’s sure to peak and keep your interest. 

Another interesting thing it does is bring up a lot of interesting social and sort of political issues and tackles them in a way that’s both relatable to the reader yet not out of place in the books.  It is interesting a head strong woman have to work her way around a mildly patriarchal system trying to both help and work against people who are very set in their ways (this is in part due to some wolf magic stuff and the fact that half the people the main character, Mercy, interacts with are a century or more old).  Some of the other issues looked at in this books are people’s reluctancey to change their ways,  at what point reasonable awareness becomes prejudice, homophobia, racism, panic attacks, rape, (both female and male and neither of them are treated as a joke or as less significant than the other) and a few others that do work there way seamlessly into the stories we’re given.

To be honest, the book series is great and highly recommended, I can’t think of anything I don’t like about it.  

Except Christy, fuck Christy. 


Lucifer’s Garden:  Before and After  (Spring 2014 to Summer 2015)

1.  The original site early spring 2014.  The footprint of the garden was basically layed out when I covered it with black plastic the previous season

2.  Groundbreaking.  The site is rototilled and more specifically defined in shape.

3.  First planting.  What perennials I had in my nursery I planted.  Garden path added, further defining the layout.

4.  Perennial growth and the addition of seed grown annuals and direct sown annuals help fill in the garden.  Garden is edged to create a clean well-defined shape and keep the lawn at bay.

5.  Late summer 2014: the climax of the first year garden is dominated by annuals.  I used Nicotiana, Cosmos and Amaranth as well as sunflowers.  The 1st 3 on the list would continue to self-sow and sustain themselves in the garden.

6.  Late spring 2015.  More perennials have been added to complete the scheme replacing many of the annual cover.  Reseeding annuals were moved as needed to fill remaining gaps.

7.  By mid July of the 2nd year, the garden looks amazingly mature.  Beyond what I could have expected.

8 & 9.  August 2015.  Garden at or near peak.  Further amendments to the interior and edges of the garden are noted for the following season.  At this point plant stands are mature enough to divide for further propagation of key components if needed.

How to Give Your Antagonist a Little Humanity

There is such a thing as your antagonist being too over-the-top. There’s a possibility that they can become static or one-dimensional if you don’t understand why they’re the protagonist. Not many people in the world are evil for the sake of being evil. There’s usually a reason behind what they’re thinking and feeling, so try to explore that with your own characters. Remember, the antagonist is usually the hero in their own story.

Focus on background

Knowing your antagonist’s personal background should add more dimensions to your story. Do they have a family? Is there something specific that happened that shaped them? Understanding where each of your characters came from and how they came to be the way they are will really help add depth. Your readers will begin to see what makes them tick.

Know what they want

Antagonists have wants and needs, just like any other character. You should always know what your protagonist wants if you want to drive the story forward and the same can be said for your antagonist. What are they searching for? Why do they want to stop the protagonist? Do they want the same thing as the protagonist? This will help you figure out your conflict.

Is there someone they care about?

Knowing what your antagonist cares about will reveal a lot about them.  Sure, sometimes mindless unstoppable villains are exciting, but it doesn’t work for every story. Smart antagonists that care about something are usually more enticing. You can make them a bit more humane if you reveal what they care about. Do they believe what they’re doing will actually save the world? Do they think they’re doing the right thing? Consider these questions.

What do they think about the protagonist?

It’s not necessary for the antagonist to absolutely hate the protagonist. Sometimes it’s more interesting if they respect each other or if they already have a relationship. Do they think the protagonist is completely wrong? Do they understand their point-of-view? Knowing what your antagonist thinks will help form a realistic relationship between the protagonist and antagonist. It will help you shape your story into something better.

-Kris Noel

“Your soul has a curious shape because it is a hollow made to fit a particular swelling in the infinite contours of the divine substance, or a key to unlock one of the doors in the house with many mansions.  Your place in heaven will seem to be made for you and you alone, because you were made for it - made for it stitch by stitch as a glove is made for a hand.”

~C. S. Lewis

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Here is a video I took of me blocking my latest lace shawl! Blocking is the process of pinning out a knit item to give it a specific shape… Much like wet human hair, wet wool (i.e. sheep hair) can be stretched into a shape while it’s still damp, and it will retain that shape once dry. This process is essential for lace knitting because it stretches the work out, showing off all the intricate patterns. The original video is almost exactly one hour, and I’ve sped it up to one minute. The GoPro is very easy to use and I love the result! Thanks @lolnickfox for letting me try it out!

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Daily Monster 123: Bishop Fish

Region of origin: The Baltic Sea

In the 16th century up through today there have been stories of fishermen in the Baltic region catching these strange fish. Not a merman in the traditional half-human/half-fish sense, but a fish with a vaguely man-shaped body, specifically with a conical skull and cape-like tail resembling the garments of a bishop, and possessing sufficient intelligence to communicate. The most detailed story is a live bishop fish being given to a king of Poland. The King kept it and presented it to a group of Catholic bishops, to whom it gestured a desire to be set free, which the group persuaded the King to do; supposedly giving the sign of the cross as it was released.

The Littlest Winchester - World Maker

Character(s): Dean Winchester

Warning: None

Word Count: 766


   Out of the corner of his eye, Dean watches a group of teenage boys at the other end of the basketball court. They haven’t given cause for concern yet, but he knows how teenage boys can be. If he were alone, he would hardly bother to give them a second glance, but because his four-year-old daughter is by his side, Dean sees and hears everything. As long as they stay on their end and keep playing basketball, though, he’ll allow them to stay. The little girl couldn’t care less about who is doing what. The sun is shining and she’s got half of the court to cover with chalk art, so she’s perfectly content.

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@benignmilitancy asked: 

Were you ever given toys to play with as a young hedgehog?

I don’t recall any specific toys, like the shape, colours and type, but I know I had some because I shared them with Maria during our playing hours (”playdates”)! What we had was our own room that we were placed in on routine to play and learn together. It had something like a a softplay area and toys.

Unless these were just Maria’s toys then??? whoops.