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PSA to people who sell commissions 

If you’re having a bad mental health day/week you need to tell your clients about any set backs. Once you start accepting money for your hobby it becomes a job and you need to treat it like one.
Whats a person supposed to think when you go MIA for 2 months and ignore all their messages asking about progress for their commission? ESPECIALLY if they spent a large amount of money for your work.
What are they supposed to think when they see you active and drawing for yourself but ignoring their messages?
I know it’s nobodies business what you spend your money on but when a client (or multiple clients depending on how big your queue is) has been waiting 5 months for their art they’re going to question why you keep accepting commissions and buying yourself stuff but not working on any of the commissions. People are going to side eye you and not want to commission you ever again.

Having depression or any other mental illness is no excuse to not communicate with your customers.

I get it, I do. I have days where my fatigue is so bad I can hardly do anything. I have days where I do stuff for myself to de-stress.
I got sick for a week and took time off for myself and I messaged all my clients about it. It’s a simple “Hey there! I’m taking a few days for myself and I apologize for the set back!

And I’m writing this for personal reasons right now having to wait months upon months and having the artist dodge my every question meanwhile they take more and more commissions and doing personal art but not actually doing any of the work with the excuse “Well I have depression and responding to messages make me anxious
And they have a queue of over 20 people.
If you have issues when people sending you a professional message about the product they gave you money for so much that you flat out ignore them you probably shouldn’t be selling commissions. 
I know you need money but there is no excuse to this. You. Need. To. Communicate. You can’t take peoples money and run. You can’t leave them in the dark for 3 months. You can’t get pissy like that when they ask you why you’ve been ignoring them. 

Because it looks like they’re getting scammed. No one wants to get scammed. And after they’ve waited 6 months after you went MIA they’re not going to care about your “Sorry I have depression pls be patient with me uwu”
because they’ve BEEN patient and at that point it sounds like an excuse!

If you keep conducting your work like that chances are you won’t have any recurring customers. If you treat your clients like that they won’t want to buy from you anymore. 

Because seriously. Treat it like a business. Communicate. Don’t spend 6 months procrastinating. Don’t take on 30 people at once.


magnus playing with his rings


Victor teaching the triplets a beginners’ method! you can’t keep doing this to Yuri, Victor, he’s going to have a heart attack.

(that episode tho!!!!)

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Of Headbands and Hurt Feelings

based on this post by @fistatfirstklance + yours truly. also @wittyy-name asked me to tag her in this (haha im still screaming) so here we go

It starts as a one time thing.

Pidge had looked down one day, Lance’s older brother instinct had kicked in, and he’d ended up spending twenty minutes trying to string a pretty green stone he’d picked up on a piece of string. Any normal person would’ve just given it to Pidge directly, but Lance thought it’d be more fun to hide it somewhere and wait for Pidge to find it. She’d walked out of Green’s hangar the next morning with the stone around her neck and a smile on her face, and well. It spiraled from there.

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It’s the beginning of the bkkweek too!!!! First prompt was New which was kind of yelling at me for bakunari fluff I’ll be honest with all of you