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Woops I just saw that ask the other person sent abt dan punching u in the face,,,, did u say yes? Did he punch u? Why did he ask so?

short version: i met dan and phil at kc tatinof and had them sign two text posts of mine, one of them saying ‘if dan howell punched me in the face i would thank him’ which made him laugh and then he asked if he could punch me in the face

it was glorious

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how did your first kiss go?

Ap and Kl: Ah.

Ap: I knew they were going to ask this, sooner or later.

Kl: Ahh, I remember it clearly. A summer evening, behind the court’s solid walls, the two of us alone–

Ap: Uh, we weren’t exactly alone.

Kl: Ah? We weren’t?

Ap: Trucy was looking for me, shouting frantically my name, and it echoed everywhere… Don’t you remember?

Kl: Uh, not exactly. (I was deep in the action, Herr Forehead. Were you not?!)

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I've been diagnosed with DID for 3.5 years. I sometimes involuntarily regress without switching, usually after a panic attack or a bad trigger. I dissociate and sort of feel small, vulnerable, fragile, and talk almost like a little kid but not exactly. I have child alters and amnesia between switches, but when that happens I act differently, almost like a different person than I am I guess and it feels like dissociating, but I still remember everything. Is that normal for DID?

Yes, that’s normal for DID. Actually, it’s normal for posttraumatic disorders in general. The sort of regression that you’re describing is possible in DID, OSDD-1, C-PTSD, BPD, and PTSD.

As for why it’s happening, keep in mind that not all parts are equally dissociated or separate. Just as individuals with DID have parts that are more dissociated / separate than those in OSDD-1, individuals with both of these disorders have parts that are more separate than those in PTSD, C-PTSD, and BPD. For individuals with PTSD / C-PTSD / BPD, their “parts” are basically collections of traumatic materials (basic emotional parts, or EP). They can contain memories, emotions, urges to engage in specific actions, or perceptions of the world.

For individuals with PTSD, the activation of an EP will usually be experienced as a flashback (memories, emotions, urges, and/or perceptions related to a specific trauma). For individuals with C-PTSD and BPD, activation of EP with specific traumatic materials can be a bit more complex. Some of the parts for these individuals may be experienced as flashbacks while others may be experienced as very specific states of mind. For example, someone with C-PTSD may find themself feeling frightened, young, and vulnerable, and they may actually feel as if they’re the age that they were when the trauma occurred at even if they’re not experiencing a full flashback.

This can be termed regression. It’s specific dissociated materials associated with a state of being younger and vulnerable being activated (and so being felt) because of a trigger. This is a dissociative process that involves dissociative parts, though not dissociative parts that are developed enough to ever be called alters.

Just because an individual has DID/OSDD-1 doesn’t mean that all of their parts are automatically fully developed alters. People with DID/OSDD-1 still have EP that lead to flashbacks just like those with PTSD do. Many also find that they have EP that can lead to regression like people with C-PTSD or BPD might experience. The same process leads to regression in all of these individuals. Someone having fully developed alters does not influence how their less dissociated / separate parts are experienced.

Of course, it’s also possible for someone with DID to have parts like some individuals with OSDD-1 do. That is, it’s possible that what you’re experiencing is a switch, it’s just not a switch to an alter that’s as developed as you’re used to. Some alters don’t have a strong identity of their own and can be experienced only as an alteration to the self. You may very well have a child part that, when active, causes you to feel and behave very differently without realizing that you’ve switched. This is can be seen as a more extreme version of what I described above. In this case, the main difference would be that the part leads to a significant enough alteration that you feel like a different person or version of yourself when they’re active.

Only you can say which possibility feels more like what you’re experiencing, and it’s okay if you’re unsure. Again, in either case, what you’re describing is perfectly normal.

I hope that this helps!

-Katherine of Those Interrupted

TL;DR Version:

Yes, this is normal for multiple disorders, including DID. This can also be a symptom of OSDD-1, Borderline Personality Disorder, PTSD, and Complex PTSD. Regression can be similar to emotional flashbacks associated with trauma.

As far as DID goes, not all alters have strong amnesic barriers, and one alter could simply be “blending” or an under-developed alter. 



So I’m at home for the weekend right? (Like home home, not college home where I usually live)

And. I was getting ready for my day, minding my own business, getting pumped for Genos’s voice in the dub tonight when my cousin comes into my room and asks what my plans are for tonight.

I said nothing but opm was on tonight and then they ask “my friend is in a show tonight you wanna come?”

They did not specify what kind of show this was which is how I was convinced to be a good cousin and come with in the first place. And then I get here. And I find out.

And it’s wrestling.

Like, you know, fake wrestling? The wrestling with a bunch of overgrown men in spandex that bathed in baby oil beforehand to make their muscles shiny wrestling.

So I’m pounding back a lot of alcohol (I think I’m at about 4 whiskey sours and a hard cider now) and trying to flirt with the bartender to get my hands on the tv remote at the bar to see one punch man when it airs because clearly I have my priorities straight.

I get my most recent drink and sit back down and my cousin leans over and goes “you’re going to love the next match. One of the guys’ gimmicks is the strongest man”.

And then they wink at me.

And I get that sinking feeling that this is not going to end well.

Naturally, I’m live texting @cinensis this horseshit to educate him on the wonders of white trash America and he’s laughing his ass off. And then not five minutes after Cin gives me false hope that this won’t be a train wreck I hear the music.

It is not the one punch man theme, it is an English cover of the one punch man theme.

The wrestler comes strolling out in Caillou lookin ass trunks and is the tiniest little fucker I’ve ever seen come out half-naked covered in baby oil and he’s screaming like he actually has a chance at taking down the 4 other 200+ pound dudes in the ring.

Listen, he isn’t even bald.

It took 2 minutes and he was the first of the 5 eliminated.

I was very upset. This Saitama impersonator lied to me I have never felt more betrayed.

The bartender still won’t guarantee the remote and headphones for the TV when One Punch Man comes on.

When I say I am convinced I am in a shitty game of Sims, this is why. This and my other cousin that decided to be a nun before she became Catholic.

Send help there are at least 2 more hours to this and I do not have enough money to drown my sorrows in whiskey for much longer.

6 Most Critical Skills for Bathroom & Kitchen Remodel Projects

Many upper end bathroom & kitchen remodeling customers want a design firm that can self-perform. That is design, specify and then execute that design with in house employees. Their view is that there are fewer issues in the bathroom or kitchen remodel with less cooks. Pun intended. The kitchen & bath design process is exciting and time consuming. Often during the design and specification stage the perceived value of the lead carpenter or installer fades into the back-round.

Full article >>

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Sixth Anniversary - One Shot

Requested? Yes: can you do mine and Simons 1 year anniversary and he surprises me by taking me out to London and we go to a restaurant and it’s just really fluffy and cute 😊 - @minizerkstar123 

Word Count: 2157

Warnings: you didn’t specify which restaurant ;) so I changed it a bit but sorry not sorry and wow this is so long

Requests: always open!

Again, he wouldn’t be here. But this time it was our 6 year anniversary. On our first, he made it a very big deal and celebrated with all his friends and family and all my friends and family. 

The second, he took me out to an extremely fancy restaurant where we enjoyed some nice pink champagne, lovely food and each other’s company. I remember so many of his fans loved us and were so proud of us and we even met some out in the streets of London who congratulated us. 

For our third anniversary, we were on holiday in France and accompanied by the other Sidemen as well as CalFreezy and Callux. The boys had cooked some spaghetti bolognese for us (it wasn’t great, but it was decent) and decorated the dining room with fairy lights and candles and really attempted at making it a romantic night for us. They were disappointed when we didn’t do anything ‘romantic’ that night, though. 

For our fourth anniversary, we drove down to his family’s house and had an enjoyable family dinner together. We were all bonding, also still getting to know each other a little bit since Simon was always so busy with his YouTube: he never had a lot of time to go down to visit his family. 

But on our fifth anniversary he was in Vegas with the rest of the sidemen; a trip I couldn’t come along on. He skyped me, saying that he loved me and missed me and congratulated us on our fifth anniversary, and then showed the rest of the boys who all said ‘happy fifth anniversary!’ in sync. 

But this morning, when I woke up, he was missing from the other side of the bed. I’d usually wake up before him, so I rolled over this morning as usual to watch as he slept soundlessly still, only to be greeted by an empty bed. My heart dropped in disappointment, so I sighed as I pulled myself out of bed. 

I assumed he’d gone down to the football pitch to film a football video with some of the other boys; the kind of videos his fans started to enjoy watching recently. On a normal day, I would wake up to several missed calls from him if he wasn’t there when I woke up. And I’d call him back and he’d tell me that he was filming and that he’d be home soon. 

That didn’t happen today.

I walked sleepily into the kitchen, pulling the fridge open to get some eggs. I was in an omelet type of mood. I turned around to get a bowl from one of the cupboards underneath the kitchen island, only for my eyes to land upon a sticky note with messy writing on it, which I immediately recognised as Simon’s. No one in the Sidemen house had neat hand writing like Simon’s. 

I squinted eyes which were still sticky with sleep to read the note. 

Good morning love, I’ll be home soon. Don’t ask where I am, you’ll find out soon enough. I love you,

Si xx

I smiled as I read it, hearing his voice say each word in my head. I shook my head, giggling at my mysterious boyfriend and cracked the two eggs in the bowl and began stirring. 

After having successfully made my omelet for one and finished it, I cleaned up my dishes and loaded the dishwasher. I then headed upstairs to our room to get dressed. Except I had no idea what to wear: I had no idea where all the boys where, what we were doing today, where my boyfriend was or if there was even a point in getting dressed for the day.

I walked to the dresser in mine and Simon’s room, ready to browse through my clothes, but instead I found another colourful sticky note on the door of the dresser with Simon’s recognisable handwriting on it, written in the same pen as the one in the kitchen. 

Even though I think you look absolutely stunning all the time, wear this. It’s my favourite dress on you,

your bae x

I opened the dresser to see it completely cleaned out except for one of my favourite, summery dresses. I took it into the bathroom and quickly got dressed and then applied little makeup to complete my outfit for the day. 

And since I had nothing to do, I grabbed my phone and threw myself onto our bed, opened Twitter and started scrolling through my feed and my notifications, which was full and people kept sending messages so much that my phone kept refreshing the page, causing it to heat up, but eventually it gave up and Twitter crashed. 

Before it did, though, I got to see what people were sending me on my twitter. Loads of them were congratulations posts for our six year anniversary, and others saying how cute Simon and I were together. 

At around four in the afternoon, my phone buzzed, meaning that I had gotten a text from someone. 

Hi baby, 

We’re coming home now, just meet me in our room. 

Your one and only x

Another blurb from Simon. What was going on today? Why wouldn’t anyone tell me anything? Why was I alone in the house, even already when I woke up? I usually wake up hours before the rest of the boys do, only because they all go to sleep at three in the morning and wake up at three in the afternoon.

Half an hour later, I decided I had had enough. So I called Simon.

Call declined.

But I got another text from him almost straight after.

Not now baby, just please wait a couple more minutes.

So I sat on the edge of our bed with nothing to do. I stared out the window for what seemed like an eternity, and then looked around our room. I analysed Simon’s sticky note on the dresser and the way his boyish handwriting wrote out the word beautiful…

I was pulled back in the real world when I head the front door unlock and many voices suddenly entering the living room. I stood up and bounded to the door of the room to head to the top of the stairs, but was greeted by Simon, wearing some tight, black skinny jeans and a fitted black shirt which hugged his pecs.

‘Nah, go back in our room.’

‘What? Not even a hello? I missed you!’ I said with a warm smile and wrapped my arms around his torso for a hug. He wrapped his arms around my waist and picked me up bridal style and carried me back to our room, closing the door behind him. 

‘Si, what’s going on?’ I asked him when he put me back down. I looked up into his perfectly blue eyes with a puppy face.

‘It’s a surprise,’ The corner of his mouth turned up into a smile. 

‘We’re ready!’ I heard Josh shout from the backyard, which was just below our room. 

I smiled and pushed past Simon and flew down the stairs, running through the kitchen and the living room to get to the garden. 

I stopped by the glass door, glancing at Josh, JJ and Vikk, and then my eyes landed upon a small, round wooden table with two wooden chairs on opposite sides. There was a beautiful baby blue cloth thrown over the table, the sides hanging off the edges. There was a large candle burning in the middle of the table, and two new large plates with fancy wine glasses and silver cutlery that the boys barely ever pulled out of the drawers. 

‘Oh my goodness,’ I gasped, taking everything in. 

‘Like it, love?’ Simon’s husky voice whispered in my ear as I felt his strong arms wrap around my waist from behind. He rested his chin on my shoulder as I nodded. 

After we sat down, the three other boys disappeared into the kitchen, but soon reappeared with two plates full of spaghetti bolognese.

‘Bon appétit,’ Josh said, putting down a plate in front of me with a thick English accent. 

‘Thank you, wow,’ I said, looking down at my food. Simon reached for my hand across the table and held it, stroking the back of it with his thumb. Then the boys disappeared again.

‘Wow, this actually tastes pretty decent,’ Simon said with a mouthful, slurping a spaghetti strand that was dangling out of his mouth which then splattered his lips with red bolognese sauce. I giggled at him and nodded.

‘It’s like The Lady and the Tramp,’ I commented, smiling at him. He giggled, making his dimples appear and looked down at his plate again, twirling his fork.

‘Can I just quickly say that you look absolutely stunning tonight?’ He asked, looking back up at me with a toothy grin. 

‘Thank you, you don’t look so bad yourself.’ I smiled back at him.

‘Don’t look so bad?’ He asked, pretending to sound offended. 

‘Okay fine,’ I rolled my eyes.’You look cute, too.’ And his toothy grin reappeared. ‘Like you always do,’ I added and he laughed, squeezing my hand.

After we finished our food, the boys came to pick up our plates. Then JJ walked back out to the garden holding two small plates with his arms in oven gloves. 

‘Ooh, this looks good,’ I said as he put the plate down carefully in front of me. A small chocolate moelleux was stood in the middle of the plate, dressed with even more chocolate sauce. 

‘Well it better taste good, too.’ JJ said jokingly and laughed his famous laughed, and then disappeared back inside. I sunk my spoon into the cake only for chocolate to come oozing from the middle of it.

‘Um, Vikk, can you come clean our plates, please?’ Simon clicked his fingers in the air sassily, calling one of our waiters for the evening. Vik emerged from the living room at a fast pace, slightly blushing as we watched him take our plates in silence. 

‘Simon, you really didn’t have to do this,’ I told him with soft eyes. He was still holding my hand, so I squeezed it gently to get his attention. 

‘Well you know what, you deserved it.’ He complimented with a shy smile. I smiled down at the table, blushing slightly. ‘And you’re adorable when you blush.’ He added, giggling. 

‘Thank you,’ I whispered ruefully . 

‘Anything for my darling,’ He said in his cute accent. ‘And you know what?’ He asked standing up. 

‘What?’ I asked, frowning. Where was he going?

‘I think you’re cute all the time.’ He walked over to me with two slow steps. ‘Even when you send me those up-close snapchats of our face or just your chins, even when you’re sleeping, even when you have no makeup on. You’re beautiful all the time, and the boys say it too.’ He glanced over his shoulder at Josh, JJ and Vik, who were all standing at the doors leading out to the garden from the living room, watching us. 

‘And I’m just happy and extremely lucky to have met you, and have you, and to be able to call you mine.’ He continued, fumbling with something in his back pocket. 

‘Babe, I love you so much, you mean the world to me, so will you make me the happiest man alive and marry me?’ He got down on his knee in what seemed like slow-motion, pulling out a velvet box and opening it to reveal a shiny diamond ring. 

My hands flew to my face, covering my mouth. I was shocked.

‘What? Are you kidding! Yes, I will marry you! Yes!’ I sputtered out the last words as the tears were already streaming down my face.

Simon’s hand was shaky as he took my left hand from my face, pulled the ring out of the box and slipped it onto my ring finger. 

He stood up and pulled me up too, taking both my hands to wrap my arms around his neck, and then he wrapped his arms around my waist. He buried his face in my neck, sniffling quietly as I pressed my face to his chest. ‘I love you so much,’ I whispered to him, my voice muffled in his shirt. 

‘They’re engaged!’ I heard Josh shout as he and the other two boys whistled and shouted. ‘They’re engaged, guys!’ He said, which gave away the fact that he filmed the whole thing. 

‘I love you too,’ Simon said and pulled back so I could see he shed a few tears, too. I brought my hand to his face and softly stroked the tears away. I sniffed my nose and laughed, and then glanced down at my hand to see the diamond sparkling in the late evening sunlight. 

‘Happy sixth anniversary,’ He whispered, pulling me into him again and running his fingers through my hair.

ohmygod im in tears what have I done

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iKon reaction to their foreign gf pretending she can't understand them and replying only English because they forgot about their date & she's upset lol

Jinhwan: He would be so sad over having forgotten your date, and then when you pretend to not understand would make him even more upset, he understands that forgetting the date was wrong but why can’t you just hear him out? He would be a bit pouty and keep on telling you he is sorry… please just forgive him already!

Yunhyeong: Would be a bit confused the first few times you respond in English, but then he would pick on it being because you are upset with him. Now you specified he they knew they had forgotten the date and in Yunhyeong’s case I can see him not realizing that he forgot a date before seeing it in a calendar or something. He would then panic and keep apologize to you.

Bobby: Lmao you only replying in English? No problem for the bunny! He would still feel bad for forgetting the date and making you upset, it would of course never have been his intention. He would try to make you laugh and then apologize.

B.I: He would be unsure of what he should do, he had told you a ton of time that you mean a lot to him but work also means a lot and he needs to focus on that (because lets be real the reason he forgot the date would be because of work) so he would expect you to know that something like that could happen, he would be extremely frustrated with you only replying in English and might give you the cold shoulder for not taking his apology. He would in that time think of a make-up date for the one he forgot.

Donghyuk: I really really have a hard time seeing this angel forgetting a date, but in the case that he does forget then he would also have a really good excuse, so seeing you pretending not to understand him and only talking in English would make him so upset. I can see him doing the same as Hanbin and plan a make-up date even more romantic than the one he forgot.

Junhoe:  Would think you are being childish, so he would just leave you alone… expect in reality he keeps glancing at you trying to think of a way for you to forgive him. He would at some point just straight out tell you he is sorry and would try and hug you because he misses you in his arms.

Chanwoo: Well f*ck… how is he supposed to get you to forgive him when you are being like that. He would ask his hyungs for advice, because he seriously has no idea on how to handle the situation. With a few advice (most of them are most likely horrible) he would do like Hanbin and plan a make-up date to make up for the one he forgot, plus seeing you happy again would make him happy and happy Chanwoo is cute Chanwoo.

~Admin Apple (Soooo just a quick note.. Our blog is under construction (desktop version btw) as I have said but now for some reason it has reset, so yeah no links or anything works xD So masterlist will be up again when the new theme is up ^^)

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aspergers isnt a technical thing anymore in the dsm. its just autism. just letting u know.

I know that, I’m assuming you’re saying so because I mention in my about that it’s what I was diagnosed with? I only specify because when I was diagnosed it did still exist so I was diagnosed using the Asperger’s criteria! Tbh I’m really glad it’s not listed in the DSM anymore because it caused (and was created by iirc) a lot of misinformation and confusion about what exactly autism is and only made the “high/low functioning” stereotype worse and barred access to autism resources from those diagnosed with Asperger’s instead of autism. But I still mention it’s what I was diagnosed with as a sort of “full disclosure” thing, so people know exactly where I’m coming from lol


Graphic by the lovely and amazing @hinaxnaru


I’m looking to make some extra money over the summer before i will start to working, so I’m opening my commissions for the first time here on Tumblr! I’m exicited ₍₍ ( ๑॔˃̶◡ ˂̶๑॓)◞♡

Those prices are indicative, so i’m open to negotiating the prices depending on what it is that you’re looking for.

►▶ RULES ◀◄

■ I reserve the right to refuse a commission for any reason. Of course, I will tell you if this is the case.

■ Payment through PayPal.

NO NSFW. Only hints / soft nsfw if you want it.

► ▶ STEPS ◀ ◄

■ Send an email to me at artmakeyousmile@gmail.com. Specify in the title of your e-mail that is about commission.

■ Describe exactly what you’re asking for, and then tell me. You can send me references! It would help a lot if you asking something precise.

I hope to receive some commissions, but if you are not interested or can not afford it from me, I really appreciate your support ♥ 

You’re always so nice and lovely with me! (‘∀ `) ♡

Have a nice day!

I will be taking another hiatus. This one may be permanent.

If people cannot respect my privacy or the privacy of my significant other, and cannot respect that I am a person with a life that extends beyond this community, then there is no longer a place for me in this community, and I’m starting to feel as though it was a mistake to become a part of it in the first place.

In the time I have been on tumblr, I have been harassed, insulted, accused, belittled, made uncomfortable, taken advantage of, and treated like an object. I have had people make extremely graphic sexual advances when I have clearly specified SEVERAL times that I am not comfortable with it. I have been treated like something people are entitled to. Like I’m The Worst™ for not wanting to do something, like I’m being unfair for having personal limits and boundaries. And that’s not okay. None of that is okay.

But what’s really not okay is violating my limits, my privacy, my loved ones’ privacy, and the SPECIFIC BOUNDARIES I have always clearly set on this blog.

I will be taking a hiatus indefinitely for this reason. Any video or donations that are already ordered will be completed. But this blog shuts down now.

I apologize to those of you who have been nothing but kind and respectful. But I need to keep myself and the people in my life safe.

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Calliope is actually 11 UNITS old, not years. It's not specified how units correspond to earth years but it's assumes that she's the same age as the kids.

right thats what i… thought? god damn

fandom hate and racism

i have 2 things i want to address. shipping, headcanons, especially headcanons about race

if you ship two characters, who am i to judge? you see romance where i don’t. that’s fine. there is no such thing as ships that are too gay or too straight.

on the other hand, if i think your ship is pedophilia, then i should kindly point it out, and explain how i feel this way. if you are a content creator, and your content doesn’t have any LGBT+ representation, then that is problematic.

when someone headcanons a character, especially if they’re a book character. it is their imagination, and shutting it down is denying them creativity.

now, if your headcanon hurts someone, or is anti-specific group of people, then someone should call you tf out.

similarly, in many books, the common idea is that unless specified, all characters are white. this is obviously problematic. since it’s a book, you can imagine characters any way you want. unless specified, someone can be latinx, desi, black, east asian, or white, and it’s ok, because it wasn’t canonically specified

there’s a difference between “i picture this character as white” and “this character is obviously white ur wrong stfu”


I’m a huge nerd and basically the opposite of smooth, though I’ve been told it’s cute.  I like to draw, write, and play video games.  If you ask me about my OCs there’s a 90% chance we’re going to get married.  Long distance is fine; I’d actually prefer that tbh (takes the pressure off).  Hmu at any of the following links:

Tumblr: cannockprincex

Skype: cannockprincess (please specify in your invite that you’re from tumblr.  i block anyone with the default message bc they’re usually bots)

A little surprise for all of you!!!

Ok!!! To celebrate 1,000+ amazing followers I have a treat!! @overwatch-headcannons gave me an idea!!
• I’m doing a special type of matchup! I’m going to do head cannons based on a description of a person and a character they would want to be matched up with!! So basically like match ups but you guys choose what character you want be matched up with? You can pick fluff/angst/general/ headcanons!!!
• this will last for the next THREE days!!
• normal matchups are open too! So please specify what type of matchup you want!

Got my wallet stolen

From my locked locker (yes I have to specify) in my gym. Cancelled the cards even notified the police about the stolen license, only to have someone find the wallet, everything but cash still inside, on the COMPLETE other side of town about an hour later.

Crazy. Be careful. Be thankful.

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Can I please request some Underswap Napstaton with Undertale Napstaton? I love you art by the way! <3

I’m sorry I took so long to get to your request darling! U didn’t specify whether it’s platonic or romantic, so I hope this is okay ^^ I may be a bit slow with requests, with my gloomy emotions, I may take some time, not to mention I have a lot of ideas n things I have to get to QAQ But, anyways, here chu go! <3 I’m glad you like my art! ^^

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Can I have a ship? I'm 5"1, brown golden hair, and green eyes. I'm super sarcastic, and I love dogs. I love to write, and I love acting. I also love to play different instruments. I'm female and straight. Thank you! :)

(okay so im going to do an x men and avengers ship since you didn’t specify)

SO I ship you with:

Peter Maximoff

Originally posted by heavyflovv

So you met when he stole something of yours. And you totally called him out, even if he kept denying it.

You both spend days in bed listening to music, and I could picture you trying to teach him how to play an instrument, but he has the attention span of a goldfish. But, he is literally the cutest when he frustrated, even if it doesn’t happen often.  

Peter also loves to talk, like he doesn’t shut up, but he loves hearing you talk ever more. Especially when you get excited, holy fuck its adorable!

Peter tries to act like he doesn’t like you as much as he does, he acts flirty, but you see its just a front. He a totally dork, and he loves to tell you about his life as an x men and all the cool things he does. He occasionally may lie about what he does, and you quick to call him out on his bullshit. But he loves it!

You love to make fun of his hair, calling him a grandpa and he is quick to call you shorty. You both act like you annoy eachother, but you both couldn’t imagine what your lives would be if you didn’t have the other.

And I ALSO Ship you with:

Peter Parker

(lol getting all the peters)

Originally posted by friendlyneighborhoodpeterparker

You met at a school, you were reading and Peter thought that you looked perfect, and happened to snap a quick picture of you. Which you saw, he’s not a sneaky as he thinks.  

Peter loves to help you with you acting, his often very dramatic, which can be helpful. Or a totally distraction. And since he's pretty smart he finds interesting ways to help you remember things.  

Peter also constantly takes pictures of you, he loves your eyes, but can you blame him? You often find yourself writing about Peter, and when you show him he gets all flustered and awkward, he's such a dork.

You and Aunt May both will sass Peter if he gets out a line. Peter also tries to be flirty, but most times its failed attempts or you get lost in his big beautiful eyes. He often likes to help you with your work, but you just zone out when he starts talking, he’s to cute for his own good.

You both spend nights talking about your futures together, and you both agree the more dogs the better! Peter also being the bean pole he is, loves your height, even if he puts things on higher shelves just because he can.

Hope you like these!!

Want one? avengers or x men ships?