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Hanna, chef of the Sundance Faire. She specializes in baking breads + soups. Her wagon is filled with fragrant herbs, flours, various cheeses and vegetables from all across sornieth, giving her products the greatest range of flavors. When she’s not cooking, Hanna is wandering the land or local markets for these new ingrediants. Guests are drawn to the delicious smells wafting from the wagon, and soon find their purses empty. 

Kara’s arc S02 - Meta

This season began with Kara trying to understand how Clark does it all: journalism, love & superheroing and I see her character grow in all these directions, that’s what makes the story fun. I now understand why they brought in Superman when this season started. 


Recently I stopped following all news sources except Boomberg & Reuters and that’s because I believe that integrity and a lack of bias is non-negotiable when it comes to journalism. As I grow up, I realise why professional journalists are so judgemental of bloggers and citizen journalists. All this click bait, garbage & fake news impacts the world in an ugly way. The news we consume shapes our world view. The ratings obsessed media is the reason why the most powerful country in the world is being ruled like a monarchy by a clown & it’s scary for all of us.

All the scenes when Kara talks about “being passionate”, not being able to separate opinions from facts & uses Supergirl as a source, it makes me really uncomfortable about the fact that she was offered this job by Cat & she doesn’t act like a professional journalist at all. As Cat says “Any woman worth her salt knows that we have to work twice as hard to get half the credit”. Lena’s citizen journalist advice was pretty horrible coming from someone who understands what non-compete clauses are. I could understand if that came from Mon-El, because he doesn’t even know what a “blob” is. Honestly, I would have just posted a video as Supergirl if I was in that position. 

I hope instead of blindly stanning Kara, this fandom understands the reason behind Snapper’s introduction. He’s the kind of professional journalist that the world needs, someone who is going to help Kara’s character grow professionally into the journalist she wants to be. I’m glad that he challenges her, teaches her what unbiased journalism means and has a no nonsense policy when it comes to integrity. 

Unpopular opinion, but I’m glad she got fired. That’s a setback that Kara needs. I don’t want James to help her get the job back & I don’t want her to give up. I want to see her get her hands dirty, doing research, finding credible sources, writing unbiased pieces independently and earning her job back with solid journalism that makes Snapper proud. That is what will make Kara Danvers, the kind of hero this world needs right now,


When Barry first showed up, he questioned Kara several times about her plan, when she just flew into trouble with hope. Oliver and Kara had friction too. She has that conflict with Mon-El, Jonn & Alex as well at times when they present her with the cynical side of things. We all find these pessimistic moments annoying because we view the story from Kara’s POV but all of that conflict is good, because it’ll help her be the kind of hero who not only has hope and superpowers but a solid plan as well. Which we saw with her and Mxy, when she didn’t approach it with brute force but used the intel she gathered (from Mon-El BTW, but that noob has a long way to go in this department) to trick the trickster with a solid plan. I loved that episode so much and I want more of that. 

The girl has a big heart and is a symbol of hope, but she’s smart and it’s fun to watch her grow into this hero who collects intel, forms a plan, maybe has a few backup plans, can pull off a long con and doesn’t just run into trouble with hope and optimism because she has superpowers. 

I also love it when they have these dilemmas regarding murder & putting people in DEO cells without due process, I would really enjoy watching her develop the code that every superhero has. She’s just starting out so she goes back and forth on a lot of things but the moment of truth will be pretty awesome.


Relationships are a two way street that require understanding, acceptance, empathy and allowing yourself to be vulnerable without prejudice or judgement of your partner’s imperfections. Mon-El might not be great but neither is Kara with her prejudices about Daxam and judgement of his entire personality. It’s fine, there’s nothing wrong with it. It’s their first real relationship and that’s the beauty of first love, it helps us grow from an ‘I’ to someone who is a part of the ‘us’ team without losing individuality or treating the partner as a project. 

Pushing each other to grow in a relationship is just as important as realising that everyone has human(or alien) vices and we love each other because of them, not despite them. The whole notion of searching for ‘the perfect partner’ or running around with a list of traits is very naive, that needs to be outgrown in order to have a healthy relationship. 

That’s why the upcoming angst in the relationship is a confrontation of all the Daxam prejudice and judgement. I don’t think they’ll break up, it might help Kara look past the exterior (Daxamite) and look at him as a real alien. Because at the end of the day, the biggest desire that someone with a rough childhood has, is to be able to open up about everything and be accepted with compassion. I find Mon-El relatable in some ways : the headonism & childhood issues & I can understand his struggle. We try to do our best, push to be better, go to great lengths to make our loved ones proud, but we love nothing more than someone to just tell us that we are lovable just the way we are because all that effort is rooted in the belief that no one could possibly love us unless we change or put in real effort or have something solid to offer. Unearned love is something people with rough childhoods never get and it’s the greatest gift. Personally, I grew a lot more as a person when I had people in my life who just loved me and believed in me, not just the best version of me.

That’s Kara’s arc on the relationship end: Empathy & allowing herself to be vulnerable, which is why her love interest has external characteristics that she has prejudices against.

Right now, realistically speaking, she’s struggling in all three areas but excelling and growing only as Supergirl. The growth as a journalist and a romantic partner is her real struggle that might not be completely resolved this season but it’ll be great to see her beginning to grow. I have my theories on what Mon-El’s arc is going to be, let me know if you want to hear about that or not. 


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