“ It will never rain roses: when we want to have more roses we must plant more trees.” ~ George Eliot

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Barn Swallow (Hirundo rustica) by Imran Shah
Via Flickr:
Barn Swallow (Hirundo rustica) captured at Chinar Bagh, Gilgit, Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan with Canon EOS 7D Mark II

Green monkeys acquired Staphylococcus aureus from humans

Many deadly diseases that afflict humans were originally acquired through contact with animals. New research published in ASM’s Applied and Environmental Microbiology shows that pathogens can also jump the species barrier to move from humans to animals. The study, that will publish July 29, shows that green monkeys in The Gambia acquired Staphylococcus aureus from humans. http://dlvr.it/Lvzjns

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Are there other /mythlogical/ beings in your world? There was mention of a griffon and I'm curious.

       “Yep. There’s gryphons, unifcorns, enfields… There used to be dragons here but they died out shortly after the Era of No Sun began. I imagine all four of them probably look and act a little bit different from what you’re used to seeing. Evolution has some pretty interesting effects on a species. I’m not sure why you consider them “mythological” though as there are some other pretty bizarre animals out here too aside from the wolves, cats, bears, and weasels.”

“As to the species of exercise, I advise the gun. While this gives a moderate exercise to the body, it gives boldness, enterprise, and independence to the mind. Games played with the ball, and others of that nature, are too violent for the body, and stamp no character on the mind. Let your gun therefore be the constant companion of your walks. Never think of taking a book with you.”
-Thomas Jefferson, Letter to his nephew Peter Carr from Paris, France (19 August 1785).

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New Photos of Extremely Unusual Mushrooms and Other Fungi by Steve Axford

External image

It’s been well over a year since we last checked in with Australian photographer Steve Axford (previously here and here) who ventures into forested areas near his home in New South Wales to photograph the unusual forms of fungi, slime molds, and lichens he finds growing there. The permutations in color, shape, and size found in each specimen are a testament to the radical diversity of living creatures found in just a small area.

A handful of the images seen here, namely the “hairy” fungi called Cookeina Tricholoma, were photographed last year on a trip to Xishuangbanna, China and Chiang Mai, Thailand. Axford suspects that some of the species he encounters may be unknown to science and that he may have documented them for the first time. You can see more mushroom goodness on Axford’s Facebook and Flickr pages.

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from Colossal http://ift.tt/2aE68tA

A live video feed captured by cameras on the remotely operated vehicle Hercules shows the muddy ocean floor 5,301 feet (1,616 meters) down, as watching researchers remark on clams and crabs. Suddenly, the purple blob catches the scientists’ attention… The researchers decided to collect the creature with the ROV’s suction, briefly fending off a nearby crab. They’ve since sent the organism to the Harvard Museum of Comparative Zoology for analysis. They also took samples for RNA analysis and plan to conduct a DNA analysis as well.    

“Confirming it’s a new species will take considerable months.” -Susan Poulton,  spokeswoman for E/V Nautilus expeditions

New evidence suggests first mass extinction was engineered by animals

New evidence suggests first mass extinction was engineered by animals

External image

Newly discovered fossil evidence from Namibia strengthens the proposition that the world’s first mass extinction was caused by “ecosystem engineers” – newly evolved biological organisms that altered the environment so radically it drove older species to extinction.

The event, known as the end-Ediacaran extinction, took place 540 million years ago. The earliest life on Earth consisted of microbes…

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Yutta-hey (Cherokee): Leaving life at its zenith; departing in glory.

Let us continue to honor that which remains only in our dream memory.

There are many myths surrounding the monkey’s paw, and though none of them take its power lightly, there are still many that search it out. TWISTED WISHES is a supernatural Glee multiples roleplay that is set in the town that the money’s paw is rumored to be located. Join us as humans, hunters, angels, superhumans, witches, werewolves, vampires, hunters, sirens, succubi, and the rest of the creatures that go bump in the night search to make their greatest wish a reality.


Born during Jumlin’s trail of terror against the Cherokee, this character has learned the power of living life to the fullest so that no matter when you leave life behind, you leave at your peak. They traveled with Jumlin until their Father knew his time had come, at which time they were left behind to start their own life. They’ve been the master of their own existence since then.

Looking to put a face to this character inspo card? For face claim suggestions, check out this post. Though this is a Glee roleplay, one does not have to know the show in order to join the fun. We want your original characters! There are three spots in every family in order to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to enjoy a familial connection. Build a new muse based on your favorite legends, explore your favorite supernatural creature, or take advantage of our diverse character inspo skeletons.


Hello! When I first got made my tumblr is was going to be a batkin / bat therian colony. Of course, when I actually started looking around I realized that there are hardly any bat therians. 

I have made a discord chat page for bat therians and questioning bat therians! The code expires every 24 hours, but I will try to update it every day. 


(Discussion on Spirituality, Common Interests, Similar Experiences, Astral Limbs, ect.)

This is for general discussion about therianthrophy and experiences you may have had in the community. Discussion will not be limited to just talking about experiences, if there’s someone you find in the chat who has a similar interest as you then go ahead and discuss it with them! All species are welcome!  

I would appreciate for any other therian / otherkin blogs could reblog this post!

Why Preservation Matters (It’s Not Just About Cute Baby Animals!)

Why Preservation Matters (It’s Not Just About Cute Baby Animals!)

External image

Why do we put such effort into preserving endangered species and environments?
Image: Shutterstock

According to the NWF, there are currently more than 1,300 U.S. plants and animals federally listed as endangered or threatened. Now more than ever, it’s important for everyone–from individuals to small organizations to big business–to be mindful of how we affect these species’ habitats and what we…

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Bailee Hopkins is a rising junior studying plant science. She is from a town near Denver Colorado and came to Cornell because of the strong American Indian Community. Bailee is a member of the Choctaw nation and identifies strongly with her American Indian heritage .  On campus, Bailee is involved with the  American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES), whose vision is to vision “be the new generation of educated Native leaders who will study and contribute to the building of communities among Native Americans. “

Bailee wanted to become a Wildflower Garden Intern this summer after volunteering with her current supervisor, Krissy Boys, last summer. As a Mundy Wildflower Garden Intern, her responsibilities include helping the plants grow to their best potential, supporting native insects, and keeping invasive species out of the gardens. She also is doing research on Apios Americana to learn more about their ideal growing enviornment. Bailee has learned  a great deal about  plants and how to best care for them.  

Bailee is motivated to learn about native plants because her nation used many of these native plants in the past and in the present day. In the future, she hopes to create native plant gardens for her nation or another American Indian nations.  She also hopes to attend graduate school and receive a PhD. In her free time, you can find Bailee painting or playing video games.

The most widely accepted definition of a troll is a provocateur—someone who says outrageous, extreme or abusive things to elicit a reaction in an imagined audience. For them, the reaction itself is the win. That doesn’t cover the various sub-species of troll in this well-catered goblin market.

The key distinction, at this convention and among the petty demagogues here assembled, is between the attention hustlers—the pure troll howlers who play this grotesque game for its own sake and their own—and the true believers. Roosh is a true believer, and that puts him at a disadvantage.

Roosh means what he’s saying, but he’s still aware that he’s playing a game — the same game almost everyone in this crucible of A-list internet con-men is playing. It’s the game of turning raw rage into political currency, the unscrupulous whorebaggery of the troll gone pro. These are people who cashed in their limited principles to cheat at poker. Milo is the best player here. Like Trump, and like a lot of successful politicians in this postmodern circus, they channel their own narcissism to give voice to the wordless, formless rage of the people neoliberalism left behind. They offer new win conditions for the humiliated masses. Welcome to the scream room. There’s a cheese plate.

—  I’m With The Banned - Laurie Penny


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▌FACE CLAIM: Amandla Stenberg / Usagi Tsukino
▌NAME:  Genevieve Cassian 
▌AGE:   9
▌HEIGHT:  4′5
▌SPECIES: Multiversal Radioactive Hyper-Reality Parasite 
▌GENDER:  Female
▌BIRTHDAY:  April 19th.
▌SUN SIGN:  Aries
▌MARITAL STATUS: No way, gross.
▌ALIGNMENT:  Chaotic Neutral (mostly)
▌DRINK:  McDonalds Triple Chocolate Shake
▌FOOD:  Outrageous Chocolate Chip Cookies
▌SNACKS:  Everything.
▌PET: Depends on what she’s wearing.
▌COLOR: Pinks, pastels, neons, warm tones.
▌FLOWER:   Orchideus Hideous? 
▌BODY TYPE:  Depends on what she’s wearing.
▌EYE COLOR:  Violet.
▌HAIR COLOR: Depends on what she’s wearing.

TAGGING: Everyone!

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Haymitch Gambaro
Male, 2 years old, Experimental

Seeking: Friends w/ Benefits, Casual Dating
Have kids?: No, but I like kids.
Want kids?: Undecided
Smoking?: Not Cigarettes
Drinking?: Sometimes

Haymitch. 2. Howler. Babysitter. Philanthropist. Classically-trained purrer. Milk connoisseur. Catnip enthusiast. In an open relationship with an exquisite tabby named Effie but always on the lookout for new and interesting cats, people, and other species that offer companionship. 

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