species swap talksprites


Well, here he is, troll!Jack or “Handum Jahack” originally a yellow blood engineer working for the munitions offshoot of crockercorp, using his unusual strength for his caste he strangled his boss and became new CEO of the weapons offshoot so naturally to keep up the company image he had a mask made to hide his red and blue eyes and installed cybernetic gills then changed the color of his symbol to grey not that he’d go punished for this being a seadweller and high in ranks from everyone else’s perspective.

I may make a BL2 edit and/or a jacketless edit and Plan on possibly making a roleplay blog for him

DAVE: that is a one hell of a one man dance party right there

srsly tho did no one ever find this glitch?? s2g all you have to do is use trickster mode with dave during openbound, why has no one gifed it yet

smaller and larger versions of this angry human dancer :3 as usual, feel free to use them on your blog etc if you give me credit


i have all these talksprites sitting around i never posted, so while im probably not going to come back to this project, i figured i might as well post these

jake is a limeblood, and he talks w!th as many exclamat!on marks as poss!ble!!

and while the horns on these kiddos are a hodgepodge of mismatching, jake’s original symbol, the gun focus shape dealio, is the same as jade’s :)