species interaction

It occurs to me that as much as “humans are the scary ones” fits sometimes, if you look at it another way, humans might seem like the absurdly friendly or curious ones.

I mean, who looked at an elephant, gigantic creature thoroughly capable of killing someone if it has to, and thought “I’m gonna ride on that thing!”?

And put a human near any canine predator and there’s a strong chance of said human yelling “PUPPY!” and initiating playful interaction with it.

And what about the people who look at whales, bigger than basically everything else, and decide “I’m gonna swim with our splashy danger friends!”

Heck, for all we know, humans might run into the scariest, toughest aliens out there and say “Heck with it. I’m gonna hug ‘em.”


“I dunno. I gotta hug 'em.”

And it’s like the first friendly interaction the species has had in forever so suddenly humanity has a bunch of big scary friends.

Humans are weird...

I love all these humans are weird posts so I’m trying my hand at one. I’ve been thinking, humans are like, ridiculous specialists. Our brains is so big we’re born prematurely so as not to tear our mothers apart. And we’re born crazy weak and we have super long childhoods to compensate. We pack bond and bond with bigger creatures to deal with this (this is why we think babies of all species are cute, it’s basically a drive to take care of this weak little thing because our own children are so weak). So what if alien species evolved so there was one, super weak but really brilliant species, has fine motor skills, huge language skills etc, and one that evolved as a symbiote that was basically huge protective dog/ox type to do the heavy lifting. And it’s really bizarre that we don’t have this symbiosis. Like the fact that humans are a stand alone species is weird. We seem huge and bulky to the tiny intelligent species (in my head it’s basically an otter/raven hybrid) and small and delicate to the other. And they don’t get how we function alone, until they see us spilling our pack bonding instincts all over everything, hostile predators, teddy bears, roombas, even cups with little chips in them. And then it’s like, oh I see, you don’t bond really strongly to one thing you bond just a little bit to everything and wait to see what sticks.

Can you all please just be critical of any videos of exotic animals you see, even if they are cute? Some red flags to look out for are:

- exotic animals in a home environment

-exotic animals being kept in an inappropriate environment (indoors, a small enclosure, etc.)

-multiple species interacting that should have no business together, especially prey species being exposed to predator species

-the animal being exposed to unnecessary stress

If you do not know if a video is actually cute or not, have a look through the notes. Maybe another person has pointed out something or has found a source for the video.  

Sometimes it’s hard to know if an animal is exhibiting stress signs.  What may look cute to you may be an animal expressing fear or distress. If you are unsure, it’s just better to not share it.

(Left URL out on purpose)

I get this response a lot. Called a kill joy, “can’t I just enjoy this ONE thing?” “But it’s so cute!”

So, let’s say someone wants to acclimate their dog to chickens. “I saw this cute story on the internet, someone put their baby chicks with the dog and she adopted them and thought they were her puppies! I’m sure it’ll be fine, we’ll watch them closely!” It goes fine. Just like the cute story on the internet. Until one inevitable day, big ol’ pupper steps on a chick and since birds have ridiculously delicate skin that can be torn from simply pulling at it a little too much, the chick gets a scrape. No biggy, they put flour on it and the bleeding stops (assuming they actually know that bird blood doesn’t clot and needs an outside source otherwise they’ll bleed out). How cute, the doggy was licking the chick’s wound! She licked the flour off, no problem, just reapply it. Hm…it seems the wound isn’t healing. It smells funny too. No worries, just give it a day. Except…unless the chick gets antibiotics that only a vet can prescribe…it’s dead. A perfectly healthy adult bird with a gram negative bacterial infection can only survive 24 hours at most without getting treatment, how long do you think that gives a baby chick?

It’s never just a cute story. It’s never just a video. Because other people are going to see it and think it’s okay. You might not care about the dead chick, hell, the owner might not even care about the dead chick, but what about when someone else sees the cute story and thinks it okay? Okay, don’t care about chickens, what about a parrot? They’re commonly known for being hyper intelligent, loved birds. Same thing can happen to the parrot. Doesn’t matter if so-and-so said they’ve done it and never had a problem, because for every careless so-and-so there are five grieving pet owners who didn’t have it so lucky. They thought it was okay because someone else did it just fine.

So yeah. That’s why I gotta rain on your parade. Someone rained on my parade before I knew these cross species interactions were bad, but I fucking love my animals so I stopped allowing dangerous interactions before it was too late.

I don’t care if I’m ruining your day by saying you’re killing beloved pets by sharing these videos, stories, etc. Because you are. You’re not just killing birds, you’re mutilating dogs and cats- those cute parrots playing with kitties or puppies, those parrots can crack a skull with little to no effort. And every time they get shared with no one saying that it’s BAD and DANGEROUS, someone will see it and try it and their pet will be injured or dead.

Sure it might not be my responsibility, but I care a LOT about not just birds, but all animals. I don’t think any of them deserve to suffer or have their life cut short because someone simply didn’t know it was wrong.

So please, before whining because I made you feel bad, why don’t you think about who and what you’re impacting by doing so?

Galactic Anthroplogy

“They mass-slaughter this organism called "flowers” and give the bound mass of corpses to their desired mate as a courting ritual, possibly as proof of ability. Truly fascinating.“

An excerpt from the widely acclaimed ‘A Comprehensive Study of the Complex Social Dynamics of Humans’, Section 347-D3, ‘Ritual Wooing

“- Amongst the many diverse cultures of the human hive, a fairly prominent behavior becomes apparent to the observer, unique for the fact that it seems instinctual despite geographic location. This contrasts with much of the operant conditioning observed through their constructed hives and cultural rituals.

As previously indicated, nearly all human colonies display dominion over the surrounding inorganic and organic structure, perhaps as an exercise to constantly re-establish themselves as the apex species on their planet (Though their subservience to particular grain bearing flora and vegetative growths is well documented, see section 235-A6 ‘Human Propagation of Flora and Fauna, the Mass Human Effort known as ‘Agriculture’)

This behavior is displayed further during social rituals to establish further emotional and cognitive bond amongst colony members. The individual human gathers certain flower bearing growths from their surroundings -either from gathering them from the soil themselves, or obtaining them from the local distributor in exchange for currency- and gifts the slowly dying biomass to other individuals for ritualistic purposes.

As practice, the act has much significance socially, ranging from welcoming colony mates who have established familial dens in the dwelling space next to them (though apartment plants seem to be mostly living growths in containers, a behavior that may be linked to their need to display dominion of their environ. See Section 654-H7 ‘Non Species Specific Social Interactions’) yet is diverse enough to extend to gifts toward the individual humans birther on the celebration day of birthers, and to attract both reproductive and nonreproductive mates.

Such an activity is distinctive to humans, and can be attributed to their constant need for external stimulus. The growths serve a multifaceted purpose by providing olfactory, visual, and textural stimuli in a non harmful way, creating a sort of positive reinforcement that is associated with the individual who gave them. This, of course, leads to an enhanced emotional and mental cognitive state between individuals in further social interaction.

(The absence of gustatory stimuli by such growths is often noted, and as such, humans have taken to presenting gifts of carbohydrate rich foodstuff to accommodate the lack of presence in the flora.)

Many actions are taken to ensure the longest amount of positive stimulus is received from the cut growths. Many humans receiving will create a solution of hydro-nutrient feed to extend the life of the growth, and place the container and the flora somewhere in their dwelling or productivity space. Despite humans understanding that the growths would have a longer effect if they were not cut from their subterranean feed systems, it is still most common to give the dying stalks of flora instead of a live organism. Here in lies yet another idiosyncrasy of the species, a instinctual effort dominating an intellectual knowledge, once again exposing their relatively new evolution into sentient beings.-’

yes it's another humans are space orcs post

So even when you’ve figured out how to deal with humans, it still really helps to be able to anticipate that you’re going to have to deal with humans, and there’s still a major pitfall when you’re operating in mixed-species environments where most people are operating as private individuals rather than as representatives of their respective species or planets:

Humans are so good at social modeling, and human naming conventions are such a mess, that it can be really hard to recognize that a person is human until you actually see a visual of them. Some of them include species on their profiles or biographies, but some skip right past species and list location of childhood home or racial/ethnic background or something instead, like everyone else is just supposed to know that the colony on Zendar Three is a human colony or what “latina” means. Some even make a point of not listing their species.

They pick up languages like nobody’s business. It might take an adult years to reach full fluency in a language - or they might pick it up in a matter of months, if they put their mind to it, and the subadults often don’t even require instruction or study. Even the ones who depend on automatic translation technology tend to be fussy about calibration and sounding as much like natural speakers as possible. In general, they put a lot of emphasis on being able to imitate the social manner of the group; many make a study of the social mores of species they intend to interact with, but even if they’re caught unprepared, most will to some extent mimic the attitude and approach of the people they interact with.

And the names. Most people will say that the typical human has a personal name and a family or clan name, and that’s… more or less accurate. Except that sometimes they list them the other way around. And sometimes they only have a personal name. Or they have multiple family names. And a lot of the time they have a kind of secondary personal name that they don’t even use, but not always, and some have as many as three or four of these “middle names.” There are lists of traditional human names that you can learn, but none of them are exhaustive, because almost every human population center and cultural group has its own traditional names and also humans are constantly adapting old names and inventing new ones.

Even if someone has a name that you recognize as being a traditional name of some other species, that isn’t a 100% guarantee that that person isn’t human. Because there’s such a wide variety of human names, there’s some overlap with other species names, to the point that it’s a kind of played out joke that the token human character in popular media has to be specified to be Human Steve. Plus in a lot of human cultures, one of the highest expressions of respect toward a person is to give that person’s name to one’s offspring, so there’s a small but significant number of humans with names that are definitely not human names because their parents chose to honor an alien friend or benefactor with a namesake.

Some humans are amused to be assumed to be another species. Some don’t seem to care, or are apologetic, apparently assuming that the confusion must be embarrassing or upsetting to the other party. A few get offended, but the other humans tend to agree that those ones are jerks and you shouldn’t feel bad about it.


Celebrate #DolphinDay with one of our favorite videos! Many species interact in the wild, most often as predator and prey. But recent encounters between humpback whales and bottlenose dolphins reveal a playful side to interspecies interaction. In two different locations in Hawaii, scientists watched as dolphins “rode” the heads of whales: the whales lifted the dolphins up and out of the water, and then the dolphins slid back down. The two species seemed to cooperate in the activity, and neither displayed signs of aggression or distress. Whales and dolphins in Hawaiian waters often interact, but playful social activity such as this is extremely rare between species. 


Researchers at the National Autonomous University of Mexico found something big! Seagrass reproduction was believed to rely exclusively on currents and tides, but now new evidence show that seagrass in the mexican waters -and surely in other parts- is pollinated by marine invertebrates such tiny crustaceans and bristle-worms.

Based in experimental evidence researchers demonstrated that marine invertebrates are pollinators of Turtlegrass (Thalassia testudinum). Since this kind of animal-seagrass interaction was practically unknown, cientists had to invented a new term: zoobenthophilous pollination.

- Different microfauna - crustacean larvae (a,b and c) and polychaeta (d) - with pollen grains. The bars represent mm.

Seagrass are one of the most productive ecosystems in the world. These environments are found in shallow salty waters in many parts of the world. Despite they are often confused with algaes, actually are related to the flowering terrestrial plants.

I spent the last couple of days marathoning the BBC documentary series The Hunt on Netflix, and man, if you ever need to see something beautiful and inspiring Attenborough never disappoints. 

I think it’s one of my favorites so far - it places a lot of emphasis on the role of inter-species interaction and cooperation during hunting that I haven’t seen done to that degree before. It’s so much more impactful when you get to see the network of each ecosystem and how dependent everyone has evolved to be on everyone else. 

(Cw: Due to the fact that it’s a show specifically about hunting and predation, there’s a decent amount of animal injury and animal death, although very few actually graphic shots). 


Chauvet Cave, located in southern France, is a cave that contatin the earliest—and best preserved cave paintings in the world. The images are from the Upper Paleolithic period and are at least 37 000 years old, but aside from the intricate paintings, the cave was also discovered to contain the fossilized remains of various extinct animals and plants.

One of the larger cave painting sites, Chauvet Cave is embedded into limestone cliffs and the sheer quantity of paintings and artwork is in itself spectacular, nevermind the size and quality of the pictures (which are themselves remarkable). What the images depict is also unique compared to other finds of this nature. As opposed to specifically painting typical herbivores (likely the quarry of prehistoric human hunters), the cave also depicts predatory animals as well, such as cave lions, panthers, bears, and hyenas. All told, there are at least 13 different species depicted in the paintins, including rhinoceroses. These images do not exist outside of context, however, and many of them depict complex scenes or interaction between species and other artistic and more abstract depictions (such as red ochre reliefs of hands, and other lines and dashes).

Chauvet Cave recently re-entered the public eye just this past March when a researchers recently claimed that the cave depicts various volcanic eruptions and that such paintings are the first time humans recorded and depicted those eruptions in history. Splashes of red ochre and what appears to be an impromptu dive into deeply abstract imagery (a notable departure from some fairly realistic animals) would seem to support this hypothesis.

The cave is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, but unfortunately has been off limits to the public since 1994. As with the caves in Lascaux, frequent human activity inside the cave slowly cultivated a species of mould which could have damaged the paintings. A replica was opened to the public in April, 2015.

Humans are strange little beings

Ok so I’ve seen a lot of humans are weird posts and I haven’t seen one over humans interest in music.

Ok so, imagine there’s a species that begins to interact with us. Let’s call them Cerebas. They’re a highly logical species that views some of our traditions as quite odd. Like for example drinking. So imagine what they would be thinking the first time they heard music. They can grasp our concept of poetry decently well and the first music they hear is rap. So they begin to think that music is a style of poems the humans have created. It’s extraordinary to them, because while poetry has been observed in other species no other species they have found uses the same system as the music they’ve observed does in delivering poetry.

So imagine the cereba who is assigned to the case of “realizing the purpose of music and what it accomplishes”, finally thinks they’re done and can move on to the next case. And then the “iPod” they have been using to keep records of the humans music starts playing something he’s never heard. It starts playing an old sad Beatles song. The alien is completely confused and thrown off by this. For one this shatters the pattern they’ve observed in music so far, and secondly it seems completely illogical to them for a being to wail in sorrow about its problems rather than taking the logical steps to fix them.

The Cerebian notes that further investigation into what humans call “music” is in order.

Imagine the cereba’s finally giving up on understanding music’s development throughout history because it’s so diverse and there’s so much of it that it would take entirely too much resources.

So what if a Cereba went to a college and sat in on a lecture full of music majors. How baffled do you think they would be by the amount resources, and time we’ve put towards this and how dedicated people are to it.

How scared do you think they would be when they heard a note come out of an instrument for the first time. I could just imagine it going like this:

A Cereba enters the room to find a young lady with a metallic object. As they approached her it only seemed natural to ask the girl “what do you have there, young human?” “it’s a trumpet” she explains as she presses down on the buttons on the top rapidly, then a broad smile of contempt spreads over her face “Ok but what does it do? What is the trumpet’s purpose?” The large Cereba inquired while leaning down to the human’s height “to play music? Like this” she explains as she proceeds to blow into the horn playing an F# The Cereba unaware of what happened begins to reach for the girl’s trumpet, only to be met with the young human screaming at them “Don’t you dare touch Johnny” The Cereba is thrown off by this and is concerned whether the metallic looking animal was shrieking out of pain or joy. They leave with more questions than they entered with.

Later they reported to their superior that today they learned that humans find the cries of the animal known as the “trumpet” beautiful, they are a much crueler species than initially anticipated.

It is also startling the commitment they put towards creating this music. They choose to deprive themselves of air to create these sounds. And in some cases the instruments are bigger than the average grovate.

Today I encountered a particularly violent variation of human. Known as percussionists, they’ve been known to brandish hard sticks and large metal plates they call “cymbals”. The purpose of these cymbals is so far unknown to us, but from our observations they are clearly tools of war.

And one last thing, imagine them finding out about death metal. “It seems that unlike most species humans have a ritual with the goal of welcoming death. Thousands of them at a time gather around a piece of elevated concrete and listen to one who appears to be their leader shout. It seems vaguely like those preachers whom we were studying a while ago. Both seem to be groups of cult members gathering to praise death.”


I post a lot about how you should never let cats/dogs and pigeons touch or interact, but that’s doesn’t mean they can’t live together! The key is to make sure they simply show 0 interest, but are aware of one another. Our cats and dogs are allowed to glance at Rex but not allowed to look at her for more than a few seconds which makes them uninterested. Redirect any interest with a game, trick, or affection.

Never let your bird get near them while they’re sleeping unless you’re right there like I am in the picture. They can startle from another animal being in the environment that wasn’t there before and lash our or hurt them in their panic. You can see my hand’s on Shadow to prevent Rex from getting on her and to prevent Shadow from getting up without checking her surrounds first and potentially startling. Also to pet her. She’s soft.

Never EVER let them get this close when you’re not RIGHT there. It’s just too dangerous. Never let them touch, not even if you have the sweetest dog or cat in the world. They’re animals and they’re unpredictable, there’s absolutely no good reason you should risk it. I don’t care if they “like” each other, if they’re lonely then get them a member of their own species to interact with or give them more attention.

Be sure to give your cat/dog extra attention if your bird is new to the family. Jealousy is a problem that I had to deal with Shadow when I got Rex and still do occasionally. Wash your hands between petting your cat/dog and petting your bird. No need to the other way around though, nothing your feather beast can pass to your mammal beast.

Always be vigilant, and never leave them alone together if they have access to one another. Avoid punishment and work on redirection instead.


I love how fleet and flotilla has a game and legion played it 75 hours.

I wonder who else played this game  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
“interactive cross-species relationship simulator”…I’d play it 

Hannibalwriters’ Alternative Universe #FannibalFicRecs

This is one of the most challenging thing I’ve ever done for this fandom; there are so many Alternative Universe stories, some of them are so different from the canonical Vampire AU which every fandom has to offer. I think I’d want to reward the originality, in this case. I tried to organize my reccs in a sort of “alphabetic” order.
I didn’t rec the same author twice: I choose only one work per writer, but this doesn’t mean that the one is their best work, their only Alternative Universe or their only work worth reading; on the contrary! This is supposed to encourage the diffusion of different perspective of the same Universe!

Animal Alternative Universe: The One Where Hannibal is a Cat by @coloredink

Summary: Specifically, he’s Alana’s cat. And Graham is Jack’s dog. They meet. That’s it. That’s the story.

  • General Audiences
  • No Archive Warnings Apply
  • Hannibal Lecter, Will Graham, Alana Bloom, Jack Crawford

Generally Animal AUs tend to antropomorphize the characters involved, partly keeping human traits; in this one that’s not the case. This is an interesting asexual interaction between two animals that don’t need to partake the same specie to fluently interact with one another.

Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics: Mise en Place by @thehoyden

Summary: Pre-heat left him short-tempered and irritable, even worse than usual, but Hannibal had lingered in his office doorway and said, “Come along, Will. No reason to grade on an empty stomach.”

  • Explicit
  • No Archive Warnings Apply
  • Hannibal Lecter, Will Graham; Hannigraham

Of all the A/B/O I could think about, this one strikes me because it permeates the biological aspect so typical of this genre; I’m not even sure I can consider A/B/O an Alternative Universe, and I’d have gladly chose at least one Omega/Omega and one Alpha/Alpha if I could, but there’s always @hannigram-a-b-o-library to thoroughtly look into the matter.

Birds Alternative Universe: Black Swan by @genufa (Warning: still ongoing!)

Summary: “Don’t say Hannibal,” said Beverly. “I’m saying Hannibal,” Will said. Beverly slumped back in the passenger seat, throwing up her hands. “Swans defend territory, Will! They don’t travel! We’re not talking Garrett Jacob Hobbs killing girls in five states, here!”

  • Teen and Up Audiences
  • No Archive Warnings Apply
  • Hannibal Lecter, Will Graham, Beverly Katz, Brian Zeller, Jimmy Price, Bedelia Du Maurier, Jack Crawford, Mason Verger, Frederick Chilton, Leonard Brauer, Chiyoh; Hannigraham, Marlana

Despite the status of this story, I deem important to include this in the Alternative Universes that this fandom has to offer: the writer takes inspiration from the story of an aggressive swan to recreate his relationship with his momentary attentive and confused keeper, but the magical component renders this work original and worth waiting for the next chapter every time.

Guardian Angels Alternative Universe: Chapter 44 of Eggs in a Basket by @granpappy-winchester

Summary: Guardian Angel AU, where Hannibal and Will are guardian angels whose paths cross on occasion and who have different approaches when it comes to their charges.

  • Teen and Up Audiences
  • No Archive Warnings Apply
  • Hannibal Lecter, Will Graham, Abigail Hobbs, Garret Jacob Hobbs; Hannigraham

It has been so difficult to decide which one of this serie of one-shots to include in this post, but I ended up choosing the one where Will and Hannibal have a philosophical discussion on the meaning of being seen and understood by your beloved; I suggest to read all of them, but this one was particularly well done in my opinion.

Horror Alternative Universe: Fais Do-Do by @moku-youbi

Summary: Will finds himself in need of staying at a comfortable and suspiciously remote bed and breakfast. He doesn’t know that its manager is reluctant to let him leave. (I took the liberty to provide one)

  • Explicit
  • Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
  • Hannibal Lecter, Will Graham, Mischa Lecter, Jack Crawford; Hannigraham

This is not a typical romantic setting; it makes the skin crawls during the reading, but stopping is impossible until the story is finished. As the reader, Will has no idea of what’s appening until it’s too late but, as the saying goes, it takes one to catch one.

Mall Alternative Universe: Make the Yule-tide Gay by @destinyawakened and an orphan account

Summary: What if Hannibal Lecter was Santa and Will Graham was a Mall Cop? Would Christmas still blow white?

  • Explicit
  • Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
  • Hannibal Lecter, Will Graham; Hannigraham

This whole serie is completely out of every possible projection of the canon Universe, but let’s start from the beginning. Will and Hannibal share the same working environment and a certain propencity for unorthodox festivity celebrations.

Multiple Personality Alternative Universe: Multiplicy (serie) by Not_You

Summary: The one where Hannibal is multiple, not (very) murderous or cannibalistic, and all five of him love Will Graham.

  • Explicit
  • No Archive Warnings Apply
  • Hannibal Lecter, but there are a lot of them, Will Graham; Hannigraham

In perfect agreement with this writer’s style, this work has a certain sweetness that permeates Will Graham and his life; Hannibal and his disparate selves show how difficult it can be to room with more than one personality and getting romantically involved at the same time, with every one of them.

Pianist Alternative Universe: Unchained melody by @mazephoenix

Summary: Will is a concert pianist who’s retired after an ordeal. His biggest fan comes to offer some comfort.

  • Mature
  • Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
  • Hannibal Lecter, Will Graham; Hannigraham

As so many of the stories this writer created, this work is synthetic but meaningful; the setting recreates a casual encounter between Will and Hannibal in a bar, which evolves in the beginning of their becoming. This is not the only one story I’d suggest of this author, even if I understand their style is peculiar; I enjoy it very much, anyway.

Pokemon Alternative Universe: Chapter 16 of Tasting Flights: Hannibal Drabbles by @unicornmagic

Summary: By request from soundingonlyatnightasyousleep, who wanted a Pokemon AU.

  • General Audiences
  • No Archive Warnings Apply
  • Hannibal Lecter, Will Graham, Jack Crawford; Hannigraham

No matter how short this story is, no matter the fact that this writer is talented and came up with works more elaborated than this one, no matter why they did it, no one made an Alterative Universe just as perfect. I fell in love with it. There’s no way I’m recc’ing something else, not for this post. But you should take a look at the rest, because there’s a whole word of words behind that AO3 account.

Pornstars Alternative Universe: Literally Speaking by @halotolerant (Warning: still ongoing!)

Summary: So someone prompted me with: ‘could you write some old-fashioned 'Will getting his prostate stimulated for the first time and going completely out of his mind’ porn? Please? And I took that and ran with it and wrote 'Will getting his prostate stimulated IN porn AS as a porn actor’…

  • Explicit
  • No Archive Warnings Apply
  • Hannibal Lecter, Will Graham; Hannigraham

This probably started as the classic story of two pornstars ending up with one another, which is what at the time I wanted to read, but then it completely derailed into this perfeclty fitting Alternative Universe where Will is not only getting the abovementioned prostate stimulation, but also some of his personal tragic events of the first serie; this fic made me realize just how sorrowful the encephalis should have been, more than the show itself did.

Post-Apocalypse Alternative Universe: some say in ice by peppermintquartz

Summary: The end of the world came suddenly.

  • General Audiences
  • Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
  • Hannibal Lecter, Will Graham, Will Graham’s dog; Hannigraham

This is beautiful in the sort of hannibalesque way that could lead the intere evolution of Will Graham in a fanfiction instead of three slow burning series: Will has to face the fact that life can suddenly change and moral could slow down his escalating evolution. It’s a cold story, made of snow and estinguishing fire in the chimney, and the writer uses a cold style, where taking a hand in your own can warm you up more than the sun.

Professional Killer Alternative Universe: Cu Sith by @slqtherin

Summary: Verger hires Will Graham, a professional killer, to murder Doctor Hannibal Lecter. Will gets a date with a serial killer instead.

  • Explicit
  • Graphic Depictions Of Violence
  • Hannibal Lecter, Will Graham, Will Graham’s dog; Hannigraham

Will is equally frustrated and exasperated by his target, and that’s probably the reason why he wants to shoot in his mouth right after their first banter; fortunately that’s not the case. He hopes to profite from the occasion, but things don’t end the way either he nor Hannibal predicted. But you need to read also the sequel to reach this part.

Role Reversal Alternative Universe: Sleeping in the Knife Drawer by @emungere

Summary: Hannibal’s an FBI agent. Will’s a serial killer. He still has a lot of dogs and dislikes being sociable. Hannibal still wants to wind him up and watch him go.

  • Teen and Up Audiences
  • No Archive Warnings Apply
  • Hannibal Lecter, Will Graham, Jack Crawford

In the remote possibility that Will finds the FBI Agent Lecter interesting, he would take much pleasure in not showing him he’s intrigued. That’s what happens in this story, or at least that’s how I see it, because Will probably wants to push away him, for their own good, playing the aggressive psychiatrist, but ends up fashinated with the darkness that Hannibal doesn’t particularly care to hide.

Single Parent Alternative Universe: Pi’s Lullaby by @t-pock (Warning: still ongoing!)

Summary: Will loses his daughter at the mall. Hannibal returns her to him.

  • Explicit
  • No Archive Warnings Apply
  • Hannibal Lecter, Will Graham, Alana Bloom, Aleksandra Graham (Original Character)

Hannibal falls in love with her, first. Then he sees his father and decides that he’s not a man that settles for less than the whole Graham package; that’s how he decides to start his slow pursue of his beloved little family, instead of Will’s darkest inclinations.

SCP Foundation Alternative Universe: Alive Humanoid Sensory Euclid by @berlynn-wohl

Summary: AU in which Will and Hannibal (and Jack) work for the SCP Foundation. This is also a fill for two prompts on the Hannibal kinkmeme.

  • Explicit
  • Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
  • Hannibal Lecter, Will Graham, Jack Crawford, Freddie Lounds; Hannigraham

To be honest, more than the story itself, the Alternative Universe fashinates me, when I think about this fic: the writer revisits with a certain fidelity what happens in the first serie, so it’s not the originality per se that I would recommend in here, so much as the way the author adapts this sci-fi Universe to our fandom. It has been incredible reading all about the eccentric objects that Will and Hannibal daily get in touch with.

Soulmates Alternative Universe: Chapter 4 of Alana Finds Out by @victorineb

Summary: In which Alana and Hannibal don’t match, but someone else does.

  • Mature
  • Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
  • Hannibal Lecter, Will Graham, Alana Bloom; Hannigraham, Hannibloom

This entire serie is probably the quintessence of what this challenge is about: every chapter has its Universe, its dynamycs, and this one beautifully represents the fact that Alana might be perfect, lovely for anyone, but Hannibal and Will are just too taken from one another to see anyone else; obviously they need incentive to admit it.

Unpleasant Theme Alternative Universe: Yourself and People Like You by @metaphoregoneawry

Summary: Meet someone like you.

  • Mature
  • Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
  • Hannibal Lecter, Will Graham, Frederick Chilton; Hannigraham

I can’t even begin to describe how this story hurts. All over. But this is not a good reason to not read it: their tragic situation can’t end well, the writer promisses suffering and desperation in a subtle, constant way; this doens’t stop Hannibal from trying to grasp what little happiness he can afford in Will.

Zombies Alternative Universe: Hierarchy of Needs by @xzombiexkittenx

Summary: It’s the end of the world and everyone’s immediate needs have changed. It’s also Hannibal’s chance to have everything he wants.

  • Explicit
  • Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
  • Hannibal Lecter, Will Graham, Bedelia Du Maurier, Margot Verger, Mason Verger, Judy; Hannigraham, MargotJudy

Instead of a confused battle for surviving, this story describes every stages that the humanity should go through in order to gain what it has lost. Will knows about Hannibal’s proclivities, but he has to adapt to a new world, where being a cannibalistic serial killer doesn’t make him the worst monster in the planet.

This has been exausting; the computer shut down twice and so I had to learn how to save drafts, but it’s finally finished. I know there could be a lot more to rec, and I hope someone takes the trouble to rec Shark Tank, since I went for the Zombie AU one.
I didn’t include Crossovers or Rarepairs, nor did I went for pairings different from Hannigram, if not secondary, but I suspect this post is already too long for anyone to read it all; if your’re here, I’m obviously wrong, and I’m happy to be!
Thank you very much @hannibalficwriters for this opportunity to remember that this fandom has so much to give, so much to discover, still after so much time.

anonymous asked:

Hello I'm a Marine Sciences B.S. student in Delaware. Many programs exist to make endangered/vulnerable species more important to people such as the opportunity to feed sharks or diving in the Great Barrier Reef. This gets people's attention but also comes with negative effects to the environment of the species. Do you believe that this human interaction with the species is beneficial or detrimental?

We have to be very careful not to make any generalisations here. Each program must be evaluated separately. I agree with you that we must strive for these programs to have minimal impacts on the species they focus on. However human interaction with species can help raise awareness and make people care and act for conservation. These programs can also boost local economies which I turn will help protect the species. There is really not one answer, you need to look at each particular situation and program.

Thank you for the insightful question. It’s one I ask myself a lot with my host/filmmaker hat on. Although my marine science experience is limited, there are parallels in the terrestrial world. For example I’ve spent a hundreds of days around bears - first for research, and later in life hosting and creating films about them (for example, Joe Pontecorvo on this panel and I co-created ‘Bears of the Last Frontier’, the PBS Nature series a few years ago). It meant spending a lot of time in bear country, filming their everyday lives. The bears can easily make a choice to avoid humans, but many of them don’t, and there is a sliding scale of habitution occuring where bears basically ignore humans. In one scene we even have a mother bear (we nicknamed ‘Nadie’) approach us with her 4 month old cubs from clear across a giant sedge meadow - an incredible experience to capture on film. She was “teaching” her cubs about us humans in a very clear and profound way. And when I guide expeditions to these locations it is pure magic to see the startled faces of my guests as they find themselves in a world from the distant past, sitting safely among giant carnivores. So, for me, these experiences are a microcosm of what we need - a greater connection for people with nature - whether in person for a lucky few, or on the screen for the masses. But these experiences HAVE to result in action - especially these days, as time is running out. That is a nut I am constantly trying to crack, tweaking, losing sleep over, and refining - how do we translate goosebumps from a wild experience into action for that wild place? It’s something we have focussed on a lot for our upcoming film BEARTREK which has been instrumental in creating a new national park in Peru, a new sun bear conservstion center in Borneo, and funding for polar bear research in Canada. I guess my short answer to your question is that if the human experience in the wild leads to more positive outcomes than negative ones, then it is a win for the planet.

anonymous asked:

Kimohito now has a human boy added to his house. The boy is afraid of liminals because of a bad previous experience with one that scarred him, physically and mentally. He shows no hatred towards extraspecies, just pure fear. His parents asked smith to put him in a house where he can learn they’re not all bad people. They hope he can get past his fears and maybe make friends. How would the interactions between Him, Tio, Rachnera, and Miia go?

This actually gives me an idea for a fan fiction type thing but for now I’ll stick with the three… And may add more later in different parts. XD

Originally posted by seieiryu


*She was one of the first extra species Smith introduced you to. She figured if anyone could potentially help you with your crippling fear it would be this gentle giant full of love. When Tio met you she was worried when you started shaking and more so when you left the room abruptly. Smith explained the horrid thing that happened to you and it broke Tio’s gentle heart. She is now determined to help you if she can. Though she hopes she doesn’t make your fear any worse than it already is.

*She would often visit you at Kimi’s house. The first day she did Kimi told her you’ve been locked in your room all day just trying to adjust. Tio understood. She would chat with you either on the other side of the door or over the phone to try and befriend you overtime. It takes awhile but you eventually let her in your room to talk with her. Over the course of a month, with Tio’s gentle and kind nature, she managed to get you to let her in your room. She greeted you softly and in that moment, for the first time in your life, you didn’t feel utter fear when looking at an extra species.

*She slowly got your fear of extra species to a manageable level. Her gentle and caring nature made it very easy for you to trust her. She would introduce you to one member of her team at a time. Doppel would be first that way if you’re fear hit you hard Doppel could change into a human and help you more. Slowly but surely you can overcome your fear… largely thanks to your gentle Ogre friend who loves and cares for you very much. Seeing you open up and make friends with all the extra species you now know, even if it is hard, fills her gentle and loving heart with joy. She’s immensely proud of her friend she loves so much. And she lets you know it to.

Originally posted by narumeias


*When Smith brought you and Rachnera saw you shaking she assumed you were nervous. But when Papi, the most innocent person in the house greeted you and you just whimpered and seemed to shrink in place she knew you were afraid of them. At first it made her mad thinking you were hateful or something. But that changed when you apologized and went to your room quickly. Smith told everyone what happened to you and it made Rachnera feel sympathy for you. She knows what its like to distrust a whole species thanks to her interactions with humans. She, from then on, tries to befriend you in her own way.

*It takes a long time for you to even acknowledge when she’s at your door due to your fear. She understands but never stops trying. She’s stubborn like that. Once you do let her in she sits on your floor and asks if you want to talk about it. She shares her own story of mistreatment by humans and how she hated them until she met Kimi. She offers, with the most sincere smile you have ever seen, to help you overcome your fear. When you accept she hugs you if you allow it.  The first small step of many.

*She slowly introduces you to the members of the house. Or re introduces you she should say. She goes from most to least crazy. You’ll be surprised to see that all of them understand your fear and ensure you that you don’t need to worry about them hurting you ever. It takes a long time, and not without several breakdowns, but with Rachnera’s patience and care, you begin to interact with the house more. Rachnera is always proud to see you chat or accept hugs from one of them. She loves her friend dearly so seeing you happy makes her happy.

Originally posted by miia-darling


*When she met you, she noticed your shaking right away. She was the one to ask you what was wrong to which you whimpered in response. Miia was worried and that worry was justified once you ran to your new room and didn’t come out all day. Smith, before she left, explained your story to all the girls and Miia felt like crying. How could someone hurt you so badly. She worries for you greatly. Especially since you’re staying in a house full of the one thing you fear. She takes it on herself to help you overcome it. Just as Kimi did with her when she felt like she was less than human.

*She would try and speak to you everyday. Her sweet and kind voice was soothing to hear but you were still afraid of where it came from. She settled for sitting on the other side of the door so you two could chat. baby steps is what she thinks to herself. After sometime of doing this she gets you to let her in. She presents herself as non threatening as she can and asks to sit next to you. She tells you of her original fear of humans until Kimi showed her the truth and she wants to do the same for you. From there she slowly gained your trust and you learned just how sweet Miia truly is.

*It may take months but Miia is ready to wait that long if needed. But when you do agree to eat dinner with everyone, Miia reintroduces you to the house and holds your hand to calm your nerves as best she can. From that day on, with Miia’s love and care, your fear, though still present, is lessening with each interaction. It makes Miia happy to see you open up to everyone in the house. It warms her heart to no end. Seeing someone she loves overcome something terrible just fills her heart with joy. And trust me, she’ll be with you on the long journey to overcome your fear fully.

There are times...

When I look at my Assistace Pigeon, snuggled as close as he can possibly fit against my hip, doing the nest push dance with his feet, nuzzling my side and softly grunting for me to love him, that I am honestly brought to tears by just HOW much I *do* love him.

I have had pets of SO many species in my life, ALL my life; dogs, cats, rodents, finches, chickens, button quail, snakes, lizards, newts, salamanders, frogs, toads, fish, crustacians, arachnids, insects, even centipedes, millipedes, leeches, and planerins.

And I have been fascinated by every single species I’ve ever interacted with.

But nothing has *ever* been like Ankhou.

Ankhou isn’t even a purebred. He didn’t come from a loving back ground of care to support his growth and wellbeing.

Some one found him in a parking lot.

Running around the base of a street light. So emaciated he couldn’t grow feathers.
Crying for parents absolutely powerless to bring him back to safety.

They could have left him.

How many people did, before that one took pity?

How much longer would he have lived if they had left him too?

Not just the stars, but the *entire* universe had to have lined up to bring Ankhou into my life after who even knows how many near misses.

Just from that parking lot to wildlife rehab to me was from knife edge to knife edge for him.

How many baby pigeons died without ever getting any of those chances?

That’s why the dislike of feral pigeons hurts me so much.

How much outcry would there have been if he’d been a puppy?
How big would the RUSH to help not just him, but his feral parents and what ever other members of his pack turned up?

Things should not have been left SO long for pigeons. They don’t deserve what happened to them.

If their people had just kept holding up their end of the bargain that is complete domestication, pigeons would never have attained pest status.
Feral populations would never have gotten SO overwhelmingly large.

All it would have taken was shelter, good food, noctournal hatch control, and breeders limiting their numbers by selecting only their 2-5 best to continue their blood lines instead of breeding by the HUNDREDS with the mentality that it would be statistically impossible not to get a few good ones!

Not every one who owns a dog or cat or any other domestic breeds their pet. But, right now, most pigeon keepers keep them ONLY for breeding.

They encourage every buyer to breed, and some even refuse to sell birds to any one that won’t be breeding them.

The prevailing mentality boils down to: “Keep as many pairs as possible and raise as many chicks as you can. Statistically, SOME of them have to grow up to be worth using. Kill the rest, so they won’t wind up some one elses problem, or sell them for hunts or dog training if you don’t have the guts to kill them yourself.”

They don’t deserve THAT either!

God, could you even IMAGINE dogs or cats being bred with THAT mentality?!

Pigeons DESERVE to be pets again.
Like Dogs and Cats are.
Companion animals for companionship’s sake.
Raised by people who love them! People who care about the life long well being of EVERY individual squeaker that hatches.

When I attended my first pigeon show and saw what even their breeders *really* thought of them…
Saw winners praised and adored and heard the birds who failed to place literally termed Garbage Birds…

I decided that changing that mentality starts with ME!

With public education programs like this ask blog.

With public exhibitions at safe venues like Augusta Animal Service’s anual Family Fun Day.

Pigeons deserve SO much better.
And change starts with loving them like pets again; with bringing their care up to the standards that society already has for “acceptable” pets like dogs and cats.

Be kind to pidge. They deserve to be loved again.

About Ubi: Incubi/Succubi II

The first, more introductory post can be accessed here. This post contains answers to questions people have sent concerning Ubi. While much of this applies to all Ubi, this was written specifically from experience with Lowborn Ubi;  I tried to mention where it more specifically pertained to Lowborn Ubi. This was written in conjunction/verification with @swimminginscales

Starting off, what’s the ubi’s culture like? Where does the culture originate? Don’t they have families? Do they live in a community or are they solitary individuals?

Lowborn Ubi have a very accepting culture, where they encourage care and comfort with your own body and the bodies of others. I would say it originates from their need to eat sexual energy; in doing so, they have become very accepting of all body types, genders, etc. They can raise families or be on their own, they vary in it just like us. Some still live with their family, others live alone in an apartment, etc.

It was mentioned ubi can control some aspects of their bodies, such as dick size, can they do anything else?

Skilled Ubi are capable of completely shapeshifting their entire bodies. So dick or vag size/shape, tit size/shape, height, weight, etc.

How energy depleting can sex with them be?

Most Ubi that are not starving are fully capable of controlling how much energy they take during a session. You can even ask them to limit their intake for a session if you still need energy for the rest of the day.

Are ubi good companions for individuals with “low spoons” or less energy?

I would say no, because they drain energy. However, a common phenomena that I have seen occur in multiple people is that as their body adjusts to regularly being drained, their body starts producing more energy to compensate, making the individual more energetic than before. When this happens, the body also uses the regular energy drain to flush out bad energy, releasing blockages and cleansing your energy for you, which can result in a cleaner energy overall. BUT AGAIN, there is no 100% guarantee that it will work out that way for all people with low spoons.

And what are some effects their presence has? Like when they are interacting with humans to obtain sustenance? Enhanced anything? Can Ubis increase your own sexual stamina and ability? What sort of sensations can you expect when engaging with an Ubi while awake?

Their presence and energy alone can make some people horny. A lot of people experience feeling “fullness” in their crotch or root or sacral chakras. It’s common to be wayyyy more horny/into it when fucking with an Ubi, and for the sex to last much, much longer than would be possible without Ubi. The entire thing, especially the finish, tends to be much more intense and pleasurable in general. Depending on how much energy your Ubi took, you could be KO or still be energetic enough to do work. Generally the more energy you allow your Ubi to take, the more intense the session will be.

How often would an ubi seek out sex from their partner?

A 100% or near 100% Ubi could go literally the entire day of sex, with breaks just to eat, use the bathroom, etc. This is not an exaggeration. Because of this, Ubi prefer to be called rather than doing the initiating because they always want to initiate, and understand that a single partner will not be capable of providing this kind of energy, which is why Ubi often have multiple partners to get laid from.

What’s the most popular kink that ubis have?

It really varies from Ubi to Ubi. Some are totally vanilla, while others are kinky as fuck. There are some kinks that don’t exist in the human world, too.

Do they get STDs?

Yes, Ubis can get stds. However, I do not think they are able to pick up human STDs as they are not human [needs verification]. Additionally, the lowborn realms are extremely advanced in their medicine, so I’m quite certain that they have found the cures/treatments to all if not most STDs. [also needs verification].

Can they extract sex energy from porn videos or pictures of hot anime tiddies or by just being a voyeur, I suppose?

Yes they can, however, the energy from internet porn is extremely minimal. Being a voyeur on other entities having sex would provide more energy, but it would be the equivalent of a “snack”; they couldn’t sustain themselves off of it.

Is there any sex act that the overall majority is morally against or are they fine with everything? Does one need to be a certain age to contact an ubi or is that a general rule of thumb like rated R ratings?

They are morally against ANY SORT OF sexual activities with children that are not Ubi and non-consensual sex, because that is not considered sex. Ubi feed of of pleasure, happiness, and love, not fear. [This mainly pertains to Lowborn Ubi, please be extremely cautious with Hellborn Ubi because Hell is a bad, bad place.]

The reason there is an exception within their own community is because Ubi children do feed on sexual energy; Ubi need it to stay healthy. Ubi are not born already “grown”, they begin as babies just like us. They usually don’t need sexual energy from the get-go; they start with “normal” energy to live on, and gradually begin to crave and need sexual energy as they age, although they are still very young when it starts to happen (our equivalent of 8-10 years old). However, any Ubi with a decent brain (99.99% of Lowborn Ubi) knows that it is socially unacceptable for any other species to interact with their children this way, AND they think it’s unacceptable in other species as well. Thus, the Ubi children are only “fed” by their parents/guardians.

YES it’s gross but it is literally their food. Ya gotta understand that they’re not human, and that this is their real food that they do need to survive.

Any decent adult Ubi (99.99% of Lowborn Ubi), will REFUSE any sort of activities with a non-Ubi  minor. However, there are of course underage Ubi who may attempt to get with other underaged entities, just like how underage humans already make attempts to get with each other in high school.

In all honesty if you try to call an Ubi and you’re underaged, they’ll probably show up just to yell at you for being stupid, then leave. 

Please just. Don’t be disgusting, wait until you are 18 to get with an Ubi.

Do they ever have the sex together for food?

Yes, though they generally prefer non-Ubi as then they can drink more energy; they don’t need to “share”. Also, Ubi don’t produce or release as much sexual energy than a non-ubi/non sex energy consuming entity.

Do they use sex toys?

It can vary of course, but usually…What kind of Ubi doesn’t have some sort of collection of sex toys?


We hope this post was able to help, if you have any more SPECIFIC questions, feel free to send them in!!

anonymous asked:

when the first iron man movie came out in cinemas i was like... 12? or something and i thought iron man was THE BEST and tony was sooo funny. and then... you grow up and you go into the real world and you actually meet people like tony stark i.e. people who constantly antagonise others and are assholes just for the sake of being assholes and you realise... dude's not funny, he's just a douchebag.

I had this conversation with my mum like 2 days ago because she’d asked me what I thought of Homecoming and I told her that I thought it was really interesting the way they presented The Vulture and how I personally, had he not done the murdering people thing, really would not have called him a villain, and how I think Tony’s behaviour in the last few movies has been more villainous than the actual antagonists. And like we were really discussing it and she goes “It’s surprising to me how much you dislike Tony now, because when this Marvel movie thing all started, you were such a big fan of Iron Man, I wouldn’t have expected such a change in opinion” and she’s not wrong. When I was 11 years old with no real perspective, no real world context to apply to the media I was consuming, when I took everything at face value, he was a funny dude. He was sarcastic and I, like most people, like to laugh, and his films had quips and quick wit and they were funny to me at 11 years old. 

However I’m not 11 years old anymore, I’m 20 years old, and I have travelled extensively, I have learnt so much more, I have broadened my world view, I have had my eyes opened to the reality of privilege vs oppression and the inequalities of our world, and I now know that men like Tony Stark are the men, that quite literally, get away with murder. They’re the men that are responsible for the massive inequalities in wealth across class systems. They’re the men that have grown up with everything, and don’t like to be told no, and feel they’re entitled to whatever they so desire. They’re the men that care about profit and not who suffers to get it for them. They’re the men who think it’s fine if they commit crimes because they’re rich and successful and renowned world over, so they’re never going to be punished for it. They’re the men that say and do disgusting things, but because they’re considered charming and personable, they get rewarded rather than punished. They’re the men that hurt other people but don’t get punished for it because the system wouldn’t want to ruin their life with that bad press. 

So at 20 years old, aware of the society we live in, aware of the way the world is, and aware of how popular media shapes the way we as a species interact with each other and the world at large and the way we respond to other people, I can’t sit here and say “he’s flawed! but he’s still a hero! he’s trying!” because I really do not see him as one. I don’t see a rich and powerful man with an ego so big it would need it’s own private plane, who consistently ignores the advice of others because he thinks he knows better, buys himself out of all sorts of trouble that people less well off than him would be massively punished for, resorts to violence when he feels threatened/cornered/like things aren’t going his way - I don’t see that as heroic. I see that as someone who is being pandered to, when what they actually need is to be held accountable for the amount of negative stuff they’ve done. And I think the continuous excusing of his behaviours, and the placing of him on a pedestal despite his behaviours only highlights a bigger problem in society. In that if you’re rich and popular you’re basically untouchable, and even more so if you’re white. It’s something we see all the time in real life too, the fact that Justin Bieber can do the amount of dumbass things he’s done, and treated his fans as badly as he has and yet still somehow has a career is one example. Donald Trump being the fucking president of the United States is another example on a much larger scale. 

I just can’t see him as a good guy, or even as a flawed character still worth investing in anymore, because I see enough men like Tony Stark in every aspect of my daily life. And they’re exhausting in the real world and he’s exhausting in this fictional one.