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It occurs to me that as much as “humans are the scary ones” fits sometimes, if you look at it another way, humans might seem like the absurdly friendly or curious ones.

I mean, who looked at an elephant, gigantic creature thoroughly capable of killing someone if it has to, and thought “I’m gonna ride on that thing!”?

And put a human near any canine predator and there’s a strong chance of said human yelling “PUPPY!” and initiating playful interaction with it.

And what about the people who look at whales, bigger than basically everything else, and decide “I’m gonna swim with our splashy danger friends!”

Heck, for all we know, humans might run into the scariest, toughest aliens out there and say “Heck with it. I’m gonna hug ‘em.”


“I dunno. I gotta hug 'em.”

And it’s like the first friendly interaction the species has had in forever so suddenly humanity has a bunch of big scary friends.


Researchers at the National Autonomous University of Mexico found something big! Seagrass reproduction was believed to rely exclusively on currents and tides, but now new evidence show that seagrass in the mexican waters -and surely in other parts- is pollinated by marine invertebrates such tiny crustaceans and bristle-worms.

Based in experimental evidence researchers demonstrated that marine invertebrates are pollinators of Turtlegrass (Thalassia testudinum). Since this kind of animal-seagrass interaction was practically unknown, cientists had to invented a new term: zoobenthophilous pollination.

- Different microfauna - crustacean larvae (a,b and c) and polychaeta (d) - with pollen grains. The bars represent mm.

Seagrass are one of the most productive ecosystems in the world. These environments are found in shallow salty waters in many parts of the world. Despite they are often confused with algaes, actually are related to the flowering terrestrial plants.


Prairie falcons in flight in Arizona. Top photo is a wild bird (we think juvenile, but not positive) and bottom photo is a young bird being trained for falconry. She was trapped a few weeks earlier and this was her first free flight training session.

There were tons of prairie falcons in Arizona during my trip. On the first day we were there, Kai refused to hunt with us because a wild prairie was hunting nearby (we didn’t know this until afterwards). A forest-adapted goshawk out in the open desert is no match for a prairie falcon in their natural habitat, so he took off towards the cover of neighborhoods and led us on a tail chase for 10 minutes. It took a lot of convincing to get him to come down. It was scary, but also so fascinating seeing how different species interact with each other.

WIP of a painting I might finish? The reason I’m not finishing stuff is because I’m trying to learn new techniques very quickly. I’m trying to catch up on like a decade of fundamental art skillz.

The red eyed OC is Sriyn, a Yairik [9 ft tall semi aquatic beings]. Belongs to @vincealvarino

The yellow eyed OC is Voil, a Codeling [5 ft organic calculators with hilariously exaggerated facial features on purpose]

Sriyn thought he could put the moves on Voil by getting him to stand on a furniture item or something, so that they could be eye-level while he tells him something gay. Voil is usually very reserved and probably won’t reciprocate directly. He’s one of -those- characters 9 < 9

I saw one of those ‘humans are weird on space’ posts that was literally like WHAT IF an alien meets an INTROVERT and there was one introvert in the group and the aliens thought something was Wrong With Her because she didn’t talk to people ever and liked to disappear and then when pirates attacked everyone was captured but INTROVERT GIRL who SAVED THE DAY.



I honestly think it’s ridiculous that DC has yet to declare so much as 1 human Green Lantern pansexual. Like, are you honestly trying to tell me that these men who spend a majority of their time on foreign planets, interacting with species who most likely do not fall within the gender binary, NEVER EVER experience attraction towards ANY of these people?


It has:
•An entire species that are polyamorous and its like treated really well not made out to be “wrong” at all
•Different sexualities and its just normal and accepted 100%
•Cool space adventures
•It’s honestly so good and actually realistic? About how different species might interact
•space lesbians what else do you need to know

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Is it just me or does the Jaal trailer make it sound like The Kett and Angara are the only "new" species in Andromeda? Based on some of the things that are said and the context they are said in. It would be really disappointing (in my opinion) if the new game, in a whole new galaxy, only gives us 2 new species to interact with (the remanents don't really count, since for all we know, they are just the remanents of a dead race)

I don’t think they’ll be the only ones, but then again I also didn’t see the Jaal trailer? Is it from a First video? If so I’m avoiding those entirely 

“A universal constant throughout the multiverse is that the 24 trolls, 8 kids and 2 cherubs will always exist and interact. The species differences or terms of meeting vary but there’s not a universe where any of them have to be truly alone.”

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you know there’s a lot of stuff in mass effect that makes for a very interesting and broad universe that houses an unfathomable amount of possibilities for stories but think about the really simple things. Like. there’s so many alien species interacting with each other all the time just think about the kids that grow up surrounded by this whole melting pot of people

like how there are teenagers all across the galaxy making friends with each other. Bonding over the new blasto movie, making fanart of shepard and their team, getting super into alien history. Kids making friends with each other despite bad blood

little asari girls making friends with batarian kids two systems away

a salarian making friends with a hanar and both of them geeking out about science

a turian and a human, on palaven and earth respectively, making plans to meet up on the citadel when they’re finally old enough bc they’ve been best friends for years and want to meet

a drell child and a quarian kid sharing stories from their homes and dreaming about owning a ship and exploring the galaxy together

biotic kids doing youtube how-tos on easy tricks to control your biotics and making a safe community for kids that would otherwise be isolated because of what they can do

groups of kids that, after shepard “dies” rally all across the galaxy because they believe what shepard said and they want to make a difference

just!!!! kids worrying about their friends systems away when the reapers start attacking, and feeling so relieved when they finally get messages saying that they’re okay!!!! 

all the alien kids being friends with each other!!!


It’s that time of year again! Mammal March Madness has arrived! 

This is the annual tournament of simulated combat between mammal species organized by four biologists. 65 species enter … and only one is crowned the champion. Here’s how it works:

Scientific literature is cited to substantiate likely outcomes as a probabilistic function of the two species’ attributes within the battle environment. Attributes considered in calculating battle outcome include temperament, weaponry, armor, body mass, running speed, fight style, physiology, and motivation.

Through the scientific information embedded in the bout descriptions, participants are educated about inter-species interactions, the importance of ecological context, how natural selection has shaped adaptations, and conservation management of endangered species.

The first bout - a wildcard match between the Thor Hero Shrew and the King Midas Bat has already finished (winner: HERO SHREW) - but you still have time to fill out your bracket before the first round of regular match-ups (the “chill mammal” division) begins tonight. Download your bracket here and fill it out!

You can follow the matches on twitter via the #2016MMM hashtag. Tournament schedule:

Week One
3/8    Chill
3/9    Mascots
3/10  Mighty Giants
3/11  Nouns                 

Week Two
3/14  MG & C
3/16  M&N
3/17  Sweet 16

Week Three
3/21  Elite Trait
3/22  Final Roar
3/24  Championship

My favorite to win? Ursus maritimus.

Here’s my terrible, punny sports-radio style send-up of last year’s competition:

The illustrations in the poster up top were created by Charon Henning - check out more of her artwork here.

Falco Skwisgarrio Skwigelfa

Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Aves-Mammalia
Order: Falconiformes Primate
Family: HomiFalconidae
Genus: Homo Falco
Species: HF Skwisgarrio

Frequently found in Rövhålet, Sweden, the Skwisgarrio Skwigelfa is a vulnerable concupiscent species that interacts with multiple species from all kingdoms to fulfill its libido. It is most commonly seen circling the critically endangered Lepus Tokiwarnicus in a predator like manner, but Skwisgarrio Skwisgelfa is extremely dependent on the Lepus Tokiwarnicus. When a Skwisgarrio Skwigelfa loses a Lepus Tokiwarnicus, it will seek out its own predator (the Panthera tigris Murderfacis) and accept its own death.

The Skwisgarrio Skwigelfa carries a unique voice. Books written in an earlier language by the indigenous inhabitants of Sweden have described the Skwisgarrio Skwigelfa as having a voice metal which shrieks in a variation pitches. When the Skwisgarrio Skwisgelfa hunts for a suitable mate, it equips a sound that is familiar to the human language “pfft.” During the winter time, multiple “pfft”s can be heard throughout the night. Many couples from around the world come to Rövhålet, Sweden to share this spectacular moment with each other.
The Sami people have long considered the Skwisgarrio Skwigelfa to be a sacred spirit and the ultimate noaide. They say that when you hear the song of the Skwisgarrio Skwigelfa, you learn that your time has come and to soon expect death. As a result, multiple people have been driven insane by the song and speed up the process by consuming multiple Vit Flugsvamps.

Due to the population decline of Lepus Tokiwarnicus, it is now illegal to own, touch, or poach the Skwisgarrio Skwigelfa.

@your-fursona I refuse to stop.

So... Zootopia is a thing.

That movie is one of the best ive seen in a while.

The way they handle species interaction between predator and prey. Just beautiful.

Judy and Nick is cute together imo.

If there is a sequel, I hope that they go in depth about Nick’s life before meeting Judy or how interspecies relationships work.

If its the latter I hope they state or make note that Judy maybe sterile or can’t produce children, and they try to adopt… Only to get denied a child because Nick is a predator adopting a prey. Judy tries for a predator child and fails because the child will grow bigger than her and Nick to handle. So they try and fight the system… In the end afterall is good and done. They get married and the pastor… either has to be a sloth or one of Mr. Big’s polar bears.


Rare pictures of cross-species flirting.  (Note how self-conscious Spencer is.)

(ALWAYS supervise your birds during cross-species interactions.  Spencer grew up with the budgies and gets along particularly well with Oliver, but there can still be interspecies miscommunications that result in somebody getting mad, and you have to be able to intervene immediately so no one gets hurt.)


20,000 years ago; two species began to interact in a mysterious and peculiar way. A band of wander apes, who have traveled from far away, began to be followed by packs of wild wolves the apex predator of the northern forests. Many encounters were likely deadly, with wolves known to carry off children to eat. However over time, some wolves began to follow these bands of wandering apes - natural variations in their stress hormones likely led to calmer wolves having great access to all the left over food. Overtime these wolves were brought into the human bands - providing security & companionship, and overtime the apes began to selectively breed the wolves until they were not longer genetically wolves. This kind of artificial evolution has never happened before, and it’s resulted in a profoundly unique animal - no other domesticated animals were as ubiquitous as the Dog. Dogs accompanied ancient Polynesians as they navigated the vast Pacific Ocean to settle Hawaii or Easter Island. This vast and profound evolutionary change has helped to turn this fearsome wolf into this adorable Pomeranian. WHICH IS SO FUCKING COOOOOOOL!!!!!!