species discrimination

SU fan: I hate Gem Harvest because it portrayed racism.

Me: The main villains of this series are a group of aliens who want to conquer the universe because they feel they are a superior species. These same aliens discriminated against members of their own kind causing some of them to break away and create a rebellious group. This whole series is built on the themes of racism and prejudice. But I guess those aspects are easier to digest when they’re coming from a yellow alien who looks like a diamond instead of a human man who looks like a family member or someone you know.

Questions I Have About Zootopia

(aka why we need a sequel)

  • Are platypus seen as really weird for laying eggs?
  • Are there hybrid animals like ligers, mules, and beefalo? Are these species discriminated against?

  • Are interspecies adoptions seen as weird? Would a zebra raising a donkey be socially acceptable?

  • What about marine mammals? Are there dolphins and whales in Zootopian society?

  • At one point a polar bear does the sign of the cross. Does this mean there is an animal Jesus? What is his species? Are there other religions?

  • Are there more animal cities around the globe? Have the animals mastered commercial flight?

  • Are their doctors called veterinarians?

  • Do they wear wool clothing? Are there herds of sheep making money by selling their wool? Is it weird if you wear a wool sweater while talking to a sheep?

  • Speaking of which, where do they get milk from?

  • How do they represent aliens in sci-fi movies? Do they resemble animals? 

  • And finally, birds and reptiles. Discuss.

Inspired by this prompt. I have not published a fic in ages so here, have some plotless Destiel (╯◕_◕)╯

“Why do you think a group of crows is called a murder?”

He’d been on the shores of sleep, oblivion lapping at his feet, when the whispered question brought him very firmly back to the present moment. He sighed. “Cas.

The bed shifted as Cas rolled over yet again, restless as usual.

“Obviously crows were historically thought of as signifiers of death,” his voice was closer this time, his breath tickling Dean’s ear, “but I still think it’s markedly unfair that the name for a collective group of them carries such negative connotations. Why should an entire species be discriminated against because of something as trivial as human superstition?”

Dean groaned, jamming a pillow over his face. “Go to sleep.”

They had to be up and on the road in five hours, so naturally Cas had picked tonight to be talkative. It always took him forever to nod off, which was ironic, considering that once he was out he slept like the dead. Dean, unfortunately, did not. So on top of driving eight hours to investigate a haunting in Minnesota, he’d now be an honorary zombie because a certain ex-Angel had been talking his ear off all night about crows, of all things.

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