species aging

I imagine that aliens would get over the concept of baby teeth fairly quickly. Sure, there are a few cases of aliens who have been left to babysit friend’s children freaking out when the kid comes up to them holding out one of their teeth and excitedly talking about the tooth fairy— but I’m sure they’d get over it.

Lots of species have weird aging things like skin shedding or growing spines. And the parents have come up with a story about a fairy to lessen the horror. Okay.

But y'know what I think would freak them out? The lengths some kids go to to get that sweet tooth fairy money.

Little kids asking for crunchy apples because they want to lose a tooth on them. Adults talking about when they were a little kid and tried the old “use string to tie the tooth to a door knob and then slam the door” trick. Or just straight up pulling the kids’ teeth out themselves.

Aliens are reminded how we got the nickname ‘space orcs’ as we rip the teeth out of our mouths for cash.

I showed this photo to some people because I wanted to see their reactions. The results:
straight man: OMG!
lesbian: OMG! 
gay man: OMG!
straight woman: OMG! 
my mother: OMG!
my grandmother: OMG!
my dog: OMG!
Conclusion of the study:
2)Katie McGrath has the power to make everyone fall for her, no matter gender, sexual orientation, age, specie…

ok but like a nation becoming so excited because someone is talking about or mentioning a time period they have fond memories of or just remember a shit ton about

and they just start rambling and talking about it in so much detail that it seems weird for even the most devout historian 

and they have to stop themselves and calm down as they notice the weird stares

A non-exhaustive list of the antics the crew got up to at IPRE boot camp, because really, there’s no way these hooligans acted like actual professionals the whole time. 

  • The illicit kitchen Taako and Lup set up underneath a desk and stocked with transmuted ingredients, because they refused to accept the Institute’s food. They had a little camp stove, some knives and a lot of magic and more or less fed themselves for a year with it. Everyone else opted for the more conventional route and just snuck in tons of snack food. 
  • Given that the pool of candidates was probably pretty broad there was a lot of diversity in age and species. You had all sorts of adventurers, arcanists, mercenaries, scientists. Lots of types of folks, who all cliqued up pretty fast. And since the group was constantly being whittled down, those lines kept shifting. It was hard to keep up with. Most of the people who ended up on the Institute’s short list in fact distinguished themselves by ignoring all of this. World famous botanist? Distinguished adventurer? Magnus hugs all equally.
  • One of the Key Bonding Moments of Magnus and Taako and Lup’s friendship was pretty early on when they were hanging out and got distracted by how big Magnus’ hands were compared to the twins. Lup and Taako thought it was ridiculous and proceeded to drag him around IPRE bootcamp comparing him to various other people’s hands. When they found the tiniest person on campus (a very small gnome woman) and got her to hold her palm up against Magnus’ they nearly cried.
  • Merle got a religious exemption for everything. A few months in it became a game of what he could argue to Institute staff about. Some of it was well justified. Pan was well known for approving of revels, the religious exemption to have Cocktail Hour was probably legit. Nude yoga was just him messing with people though. 
  • Lucretia loved the chance to get stories from so many people. After her initial shyness, she more or less pinned every person in the Institute down and asked them about their life before the mission. She ended up soliciting more cool stories than anyone had realized lurked among their midst. Her lunch table was very popular because that was where you went to hear seasoned adventurers talking about their exploits. 
  • You know those ridiculously intricate pranks engineering students pull to put cars on top of major campus monuments and stuff? Now imagine that times ten because magic. The twins and Magnus were terrible about this, but Barry enabled them and provided scientific assistance, and they had lots of help from other sources within the Institute. Once they transported an entire building to the ethereal plane for a whole morning. 

❄ VG! Rin appears by her big brother, Lin’s side.

• Name: Rin

• Nicknames: Demon Princess

• Gender: Obviously female

• Age: 6 [She is pretty intelligent for her age]

• Species: Kitsune

• Class: Ice Mage

• Occupation: She is also considered an antagonist “mini” boss but a neutral one, since it depends on her mood. In other words, she can be assisting her brother in defeating his opponents on her own terms or she could be siding with them, giving them advice about her brother’s weak points to his plan and capabilities. Just like VG! Lin, Rin can automatically make the temperature drop when approached, except it wouldn’t be a overwhelming blizzard but more of an icy breeze that can still make you freeze all over.

• Personality: Rin is very energetic, bubbly, clumsy, playful, mischevious, abit of a crybaby and a curious little kitsune. Who enjoys quality time practicing ice based magic and spending time with her big brother. She would do anything to get his attention but he can be quite arrogant and rude when focusing on creating schemes to stop the protagonists in their tracks which leads Rin into believing that Lin is annoyed of her but truth is, when she isn’t exactly aware of it. He actually truly loves her but barely shows it. Yep, he is a closet tsundere ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Example from @linkitsukun:

I would imagine him complaining about her clumsiness while taking care of her injuries. And when she says “thank you nii-san” he’d reply with something like “I swear, if you weren’t so clumsy I wouldn’t have to waste my precious time on you!”

• Abilities:
Rin is a specialist in distance attacks better then close combat. Matter a fact, her ice can form into anything such as animal-based monsters to cover up for her weakness but this ultimate defense can only last up to 20-40 minutes then from there, she is vulnerable to the enemy for awhile before recovering her concentration.

• Hobbies: She enjoys pulling off pranks/tricks on others but sometimes it can backfire on her.

• Appearance in the game: Her first appearance would be closeby but outside of the castle, setting traps and playing around in the isolated kingdom. She most-likely will discover the protagonist before her big brother does but the choice in letting Lin know about their whereabouts or keeping it to her amusement, depends on her attitude and how her brother treated her beforehand.

☆ Author’s note: I swear, whenever @blogthegreatrouge ’s makes another idea, I just drop everything just to make a character that she can hopefully add or at least notice pftt… (´・ω・`) Welp this time, I couldn’t exactly think of anything up top my head like everyone else, who was just making all these nice looking OCs but when I spotted @linkitsukun ’s character, Lin, it stood out to me the most. Besides the fact that I just love foxes, her character’s name reminded me of the vocaloid, Len but the “e” being replaced with an “i”. So while exchanging ideas with this awesome artist, I thought, “Hey, why not give this handsome foxy, a baby sister annnddd….BADDA BING BADDA BOOM! RIN was born! 😂

Yep, there is your Len and Rin for this videogame au

Art done by @linkitsukun
Design & Character by me

[Just in case the submission doesn’t go through]


Species swaps! Pony heads, demons, humans, and mewnans. 

Playlist: ♥♥♥
Name: Pat'Oni Bessiil (Pat, Patton)
Occupation: They run a mobile/interplanetary space ramen stand (it’s got 5 stars on space yelp!)
Species: Nautolan
Height: 5'10"
Age: 23 (Beginning of The Clone Wars)
Pronouns: They/Them

Info: Pat is a skilled and successful chef. Their mobile food stand is a modified spaceship with a small, open-kitchen restaurant on the lower level. Their ship also doubles as their home, which lies on the upper levels near the cockpit. They travel the galaxy, never staying in one place longer than a few days. There’s only a few planets they’ll visit frequently on certain planned visits, otherwise most of their choice areas for setup are decided at random. They welcome all customers and enjoy hearing about everyone’s adventures, maybe even swapping some stories of their own. They’ll be a shoulder to cry on if you need, and might give you a free desert if they like you enough. They make enough money to get by, but they have a bad habit of often giving free meals to others (sometimes to people who need it, sometimes to flirt!) Be sure to leave them a good tip!
Something Pat'Oni is famous (infamous?) for is their claim that they are cousins with Jedi Master Kit Fisto. No one’s found proof of this claim, and Master Fisto has never confirmed or denied it. It could be true, but it could also just be a game Pat and Kit have together. Having many Jedi frequent at their restaurant makes for lot of fun conversation.

(EXTRA THING: Pat is meant to be a kind of NPC character, they’re active from the beginning of TCW timeline through the original trilogy. if you’d like to use them in a story, shoot me a message!)

“Captain, this is operator 379C-AP92 from monitoring station GZ-9W. There is an unauthorized FTL signature in your sector.”

“Point of origin?”

“It appears to be from an ascendant species, GZ-S113.”

“Status on the species?”

“This is their second detected FTL jump. The first was intercepted and inducted, per standard procedure. Initial investigation determined that the jump was intentional, and that the species is ready for full induction.”

“And now that a second jump has been detected, you’re contacting the nearest interceptor captain - me - to bring them into the fold.”

“Correct. You have far greater than normal allowances for reinforcements, as well. The occupants of the first ship showed surprising mental fortitude, and proved to share some sort of limited, communal hivemind.”

“Understood. Mind sending us on our way?”

“Control system engaged. Coordinates provided, target intercept calculated and locked. FTL jump initiating in 3… 2… 1…”

“All right crew, you have your targets?”

“Yes, sir!”

“Good! Punch through and get us in. Surprising fortitude or not, a small crew like that won’t compare to the mental assault of seasoned interceptors.”

I stepped forward as my vision cleared, the uneven terrain crunching beneath my feet. The entire landscape seemed to be made of trash and debris, though I couldn’t make out any details through the thick mist covering everything. Above me, words rushed through the air, interspersed with colors, lights, sounds, and the occasional smell. They all moved a mile a minute, though one would occasionally stop, scan around, then dive and grab something from the detritus around me.

I stilled myself, calmed my own thoughts, and prepared an attack. A simple opening salvo, really. Suggestions of passivity, commands to relinquish control. The vast majority of races fall to those alone. As I released the barrage, I checked with my crew - they were doing the same.

Then, for just a moment, everything sped up and stopped. The words turned, blinked, and glared at me.


A hand grabbed me from behind, sank into my neck and reached into my skull. Cold, hot. I was everything, nothing. When I got back up and looked around, I was in an ancient forest, surrounded by nothing but the sounds of the world.

“Is anyone there?”

A shaking, chattering sound rose up all around me, then died down again.


Eyes blinked from the shadows as the chittering, chattering surrounded me once more.

“I know you can hear me! I am your captain! Respond!”

The forest seemed darker, somehow. The eyes continued to stare at me, the chattering rattled up my spine.

“Captain! We’re having trouble! They just keep throwing more stuff at us, no matter what we do!”

“Show me!”

A battle, raging across space. Small craft screaming through the void, lasers tearing through the gaps and gouging deep into ships the size of stations. A planet below, torn by the signs of the same battle happening above. A moon rising above the horizon. No - not a moon. An absolutely massive battlestation, primed for war.

“Soldiers! Sound off!”

A deep chasm, warriors fleeing across a bridge. One falling behind, easy prey for my soldier. A moment more, and he will be mine. He takes out a weapon, shouts his farewell. A blinding light, and the bridge shatters. Falling, I grasp at him before darkness covers my view.

A young boy clad in green and a girl in pink is doing battle with my man. The boy is outmatched, outclassed, and doomed to fail. My man reaches for his prize, only to see it stolen from his grasp by another. Water cascades around me from above as the sky collapses and the battle resumes.

A small fleet comes into view of my overwhelming armada, arrayed around my homeworld. Doomed to fail by numbers alone, they still attack, driven by suicidal desperation. They dive in and through, picked off one by one by my superior fleet. One deploys a weapon, straight to the surface of my planet. It begins to boil and bubble, and suddenly it explodes outward, my own world a weapon used against me, wiping my race from existence.


A single man wearing a bathrobe, in a temple to his destruction. My soldier yelling at and ridiculing him, fighting him for a goal worth nothing and everything. Destroying himself with his own mistake, the temple collapsing around them and somehow allowing the man to escape.

“This can’t be right.”

A man, collapsed upon the ground. My soldiers turning away, going to continue their work. The man rises, and my soldiers turn and shoot him. He raises his hand, and the bullets simply stop. He picks one out of the air and drops the rest, then charges at my soldiers.

“This isn’t possible.”

View after view, battle after battle, loss after loss. My soldiers fall. They have no resistance, no way to stop it.

“This can’t be real!”

White faces poke out of the trees around me. The chattering resumes as the wind rushes through the trees.

“This isn’t real! None of those battles are!”

More faces appear, shaking and chittering away.

“What are you? Who are you!?”

The trees turn, and the faces stop moving. The wind stills and the silence is palpable.

“Haha, he figured it out.”

“Of course he did, he was the first in. Who else would?”

“He wants to know who we are!”

“Heh. He’s right, though”

The trees sink into the ground, the white faces surrounding me turn faded and plastic. The ground all around is flat, covered in regular marks. Towering above me is a monster - no, a woman. My target.

“It’s over! I’ve broken whatever defenses you weaved! Stand down or be destroyed!”

The woman rolled a large, marked object. It crashed toward me at random, before settling a distance away.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I don’t think that’s quite right. You’re going to be stuck here for a while.”

“What! No, I’ve won!”

“Nah, not even close. My mind, my rules.”

“That’s not how it works. It’s neve-”


The word crashed into me, knocked me to the ground. Sank into my very bones.

“Yes, it is how this works.”

She slithered along, her ruby scales glinting in the blinding light from above.

“See, you jumped into my head. You had some pretty pathetic protections, and you dragged your friends along for the ride. If I hadn’t gone digging through your memories in return, I’d have thought it was an accident. But no-”

She raised her hand, claws pointing toward me.

“Your race has been doing this for ages. Enslaving species, taking their very wills from them. I don’t even know how you managed it like that, you seem so bad at it. In return, I did myself a favor.”

A glittering, dew-covered spiderweb dangled from her palm toward the floor, point after glistening point catching the light and sprouting new strands.

“I’ve taken your entire network - your whole race - for myself. You see, we had a fair idea of what happened to the first ship we sent out. We were prepared for the worst, and given rather impressive blanket permissions to do as we saw fit. Not quite enough to declare war, obviously.”

The web shook and shimmered, held in front of her gaze as she watched it grow.

“Fortunately, you let me take the initiative. War as we see it was already delcared by you and yours. And then you handed me this truly wonderful beauty on a silver platter. You know, your people didn’t even manage to do a collective properly.”

A hideous cube of conglomerate metal tore through space, piloted by monsters of flesh and machine made one.

“Anyway, you’ve effectively given me your entire species. I even managed to draw them all in here. Every. Last. One. And since you’re in no position to reject my request for an unconditional surrender, I’ll just move right on ahead.”

“As a duly appointed representative of humanity, I accept your surrender and charge you and your race with heinous war crimes beyond counting. You and your race, by your own memories, are hereby declared guilty. Your sentence is another matter entirely, though. It’s actually pretty simple. I can even spell it out in one word.”

“What word is that?”


Reasons why this was my favourite film as a child:

  • Male and female protagonists can be friends without promise of romance.
  • Arguments among friends which are overcome by working together. Then they don’t rub in that one made a mistake, they just move on from it.
  • A single parent family becomes a no parent family, then grandparents do a great job of raising the kid.
  • Accepting loss, and dealing with it in a realistic way. Moving through anger, denial, hope, grief, and acceptance.
  • Seeing that foolish actions can have serious consequences.
  • Accepting responsibility.
  • Compassion in some of its gentlest and most subtle forms. The berry, protecting the tree star, sleeping in a group for warmth and reassurance.
  • ‘We never do anything together’ - bridging the gap between species, genders, and ages. Proving that no matter what they look like, kids are kids, and they can be friends.
  • Actual personalities and flaws. Cera is stubborn and proud, Ducky uses her childish humour and liveliness to hide her pain from losing her siblings, Spike is a baby, but fond enough of his companions to find bravery, Petrie is defensive and self important to compensate for his inability to fly, and his fear. Littlefoot takes the role of the leader because he cherishes the lives of others, and knows the stinging loss they’re all feeling.
  • Also because it breaks my heart every fricken time.

As everyone was upset over Yugo action towards Amalia, I, for one, find this very interesting. Yugo saying he does not want to be with Amalia after he kiss her seem like a prick move, but imagine this. You been spending tons of time with the woman you love while avoiding death. At that moment, you came close to your love after surviving, and what do you do, you kiss her. At least, that’s what usually happens in stories.

But, at that time, Yugo realize it was a bad idea because he did not want Amaila knows he’s interested because he does not want a relationship with her. To friends and family, they know Yugo is an adult and his species age slowly. But, to the rest of the world, they see Yugo as a child. Imagine a grown woman kissing a child, wouldn’t that creep people out or feel that the woman is a terrible person who is taking advantage of a child. It would suck since that isn’t the case for those two.

While Amaila said she doesn’t care about that, Yugo knows that years of being told that to someone could make one person upset or suffer. Plus, she is a princess, he figured he does not want to ruin her image. He figured it was best for her to not love a “child” and try to love someone else. In which case, he is lying to himself because he got jealous when Amaila was gonna marry someone else and deep down, he might be using it as an excuse because he does not feel confident about his appearance. In a way, he is being selfless while being selfish.

Also, for those who are saying Yugo seem out-of-character lately with OVA and S3, you guys have to know something. This isn’t the same Yugo, this Yugo is in his 20s. A Yugo who could not manage to defeat the first big bad and the second big revealed to be one of his own kind. Not only that, no matter how hard he tried, he could not save either of them, as shown in his regret vision. The Yugo from season 1 and 2 was a child. This Yugo is an adult who is much more mature while still hold some of his previous personality. But now as an adult, life isn’t black and white to him and doesn’t have a hopeful vision as he did before, which made him think there was no other way to save Dally or keep a happy relationship with Amalia in his condition.

The very last thing I did before running off to the airport this morning: sew and pin this black vulture (Coragyps atratus) wing for the museum. This vulture was roadkill, and unfortunately we could only salvage the head and a single wing.

It should still end up being an excellent educational piece, though, especially for students taking Ornithology. Did you know that most raptors take 3 or more years to reach their full adult plumage? You can actually age many species down to the year just by looking at a single wing!

I believe this black vulture would have been a third cycle (fourth year as of 1/1/17) bird. If you look closely at the secondaries, there’s a mix of feathers from the 2016 and 2015 molts. More obvious is the last tertial– that broken and frayed brown feather sticking out on the far right side of the wing. Most birds will replace the tertials annually, but this one looks like it’s been retained since the bird’s 2014 molt!

Why not just replace all your feathers every year? Molting is energetically costly, and young birds still learning the ropes of independent life have a higher chance of survival if they only replace the few feathers they need most.


UNDERCHASER Detailed Reference Chaser!Sans

☆ Name:Sans

☆ Nickname: Chaser, Jingle, bell boy

☆ Age: 16

☆ Species: Skeleton

☆ Height/Weight: 4′9/???

☆ Date of birth: 17 August 1XXX

☆ Birth place: Snowdin

☆ Residence: ??? (Currently unknown)

☆ Occupation: Thief

Alignment: Chaotic good

Basic Stats:

  • Strength:1
  • Dexterity:10
  • Endurance: 1
  • Intelligence: 2
  • Wisdom: 2
  • Charisma: 10

☆ Abilities:

Dodging attacks and blocking attacks just once with his main bell. Can use his rope(bell-t) to bind enemies during battle. His attacks always do 1 damage. When menaced his eyes turn into magic swirls enabling him to become more focused.

☆ Known weaknesses:

Hugs, spiders and ketchup

☆ Personal

  • Likes: His brother, hot sauce, resting, finding rare items
  • Dislikes:Ketchup, spiders and more ketchup
  • Gourmet of choice: Hot sauce, spicy curry, red hot devil chews cinnamon candy
  • Beverages of choice: Hot sauce
  • Personality: Usually relaxed and flirty towards everyone, if he nosebleeds it’s a good sign, if something seems suspicious he will react differently. He is clumsy and reckless. Very proud of being a thief but only stealing those that provide a bigger challenge.
    He is dichromat, making him have a hard time to distinguish some colors.(he believes he has beautiful red eyes)

☆ Physical appearance:

  • Color: Bone
  • Eye color: Chartreuse to castleton green, other color particles can be seen randomly.
  • Clothes: Wears green and dark grey hoodie with a dark shirt underneath, his pants are dark brown with a white stripe and his shoes are dark grey have a white stripe from the beginning to the end.
  • Accessories: Dark grey patch in between his eyes is a thief mask given by his deceased father. He uses 2 golden handcuffs in his hands and usually 3 bells, one on the front of his hoodie working as a zipper, and the other 2 tied randomly in different places of his body.
  • Others: He has 2 purple marks on his eyes, called the marks of elderly, this means he is the oldest of his family alive.



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*puts on old timey glasses* Back in my day of fandom, people prided themselves on making the most outrageous, weird, ships. Oh they're brothers? SHIPPED. Different species? SHIPPED. Age difference? HELLA SHIPPED. And now it's like "oh you ship these characters with a one month age difference, wow u are literally a pedo go die." Like, what the fuck happened? Where did the crack ships or guilty pleasure ships go?? Why can't people fucking live anymore?????


Character development questions

So these are my personal questions i like to ask myself to get a full breadth and scope of a character’s personality. Your milage may vary, but I encourage you to think about why I ask these before you answer offhand. There will be questions on sex an shit so just ignore if you don’t like that- It’ll be right at the end for easy skipping. This whole things going under a readmore b.c its long as shit.

If you have any staple questions you like to ask that I don’t, tack them on the bottom please!!

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Do A Barrel Roll!: Dragon Mounts & Dragon Riders...

The dream mount for many characters is, of course, a dragon. 

Raising a dragon from an egg until it’s large enough to use as a mount (which depends both on the dragon’s type and your size) can take years.

While some elves or dwarves may be inclined toward projects that lengthy, members of other races need mounts sooner. 

Assuming someone in need of a mount could get a dragon to stop and talk, they might persuade the dragon to join them as a special mount and as a partner. 

Offering a dragon immense rewards in return for assistance might also work, depending on the species—but be sure to pay the reward! 

Tempting a dragon’s curiosity is another possible way to gain a dragon partner. 

Young dragons already separated from their families might serve in return for experience, education, and protection. 

Using magic, such as charm spells, is a mistake, since the magic eventually wears off, and such coercion may anger the dragon. 

Similarly, persuading a dragon of widely differing alignment to join an adventuring group leads only to the dragon leaving, if not attacking the party.

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