specialty rolls

GERMAN REGIONAL FOOD: Das Krabbenbrötchen - a North Sea Shrimp Roll. Nordseekrabben are a popular seafood along the German coasts. They come fresh in shell to be taken apart and to be eaten as is (Krabben puhlen, usually with a beer) - they also come on a roll (as pictured), in soups & stews, or as a Krabbencocktail with a Sherry-based sauce similar to ‘Thousand Island’, but better. They’re small, very tender, low calorie, and high protein. They belong to the same species as lobster, crayfish, crabs, and prawns, and live in deep waters off the coasts of Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Denmark. They’re also found in the White Sea off northwestern Russia, and on the Moroccan Atlantic coast. The best ones are caught in autumn, when they have had enough to eat all summer. Peeled and frozen Nordseekrabben are available all year - look for them in German supermarkets. In the North they’re basically a cultural icon, so try them if you can. :) 

Also try Fischbrötchen.

And other seafood.

And more German food.

BTS as things that they said
  • Rap monster: when the sharks come pretend to be asleep.
  • Jin: it's not my fault that I was born awkward
  • Suga: my specialty is rolling in bed our days off
  • J-hope: dirty water
  • Jimin: English is not a barrier when you are as cute as me
  • V: why so serious
  • Jungkook: I touch the members butts a lot
Sushi, Drinks, and...

Tom asks you on a mysterious date after meeting you in a coffeeshop, but the night has more in store than even you could imagine…

Pt. One

Pt. Two (3550 words)

Warnings: v smutty, swearing, alcohol and drug use (our boy Tommy is a partier)

Originally posted by tomshollandss

Reader’s POV
You rushed into your apartment and ran straight to the bathroom, causing some alarm from your roommates who were sitting on the couches in the living room. “Everything okay?” Emily yelled through the door of the bathroom. You already had the water heating up and were throwing your hair into a bun when you shouted back.
“My room in fifteen, I’ll explain.” Then you hopped in the shower. The hot water felt amazing after a long day at work. ‘Christ, when was the last time I shaved?’ You thought to yourself before you grabbed your razor and made yourself silky smooth for your date. After you dried off you quickly made your way to your bedroom to start your makeup. All three of your roommates followed you in and plopped themselves on the bed.
“What’s the rush, Y/N? Got a hot date tonight?” Natalie said with a laugh.
“As a matter of fact, I do,” you replied as you started contouring your cheekbones.
“And we’re just now hearing about this?” Yelled Mallorie, “When did this happen?”
“Literally twenty minutes ago.”
“Would we know him?” Natalie asked.
“Uhh,” you immediately blushed. You didn’t want your friends to know that you were going on a date with an actor. Mallorie and Emily were both trying to make their way in the industry and you didn’t want them begging you to pull some strings for them. “No, just some guy who came into the shop today.”
“Where’s he taking you?” Asked Emily.
“I really don’t know actually, he just said to dress nice.”

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[TRANS] 170111 Yomiuri Interview w/ BTS


1. Nickname by the members: Manggaetteok
2. Birthday: 13.10.1995
3. Height: 175cm
4. Position: Vocal, dance, choreography
5. Specialty: Preoccupation
6. Recent preoccupation: ARMY
7. Say a word to fans: I want to see you guys every moment, every day. 


1. Nickname by the members: Taetae
2. Birthday: 30.12.1995
3. Height: 178cm
4. Position: Vocal, acting
5. Specialty: Voice imitation of “One Piece”
6. Recent preoccupation: ARMY
7. Say a word to fans: To ARMYs, the weather’s cold right now so take care and don’t catch a cold, because it snows in the winter. 


1. Nickname by the members: Snail
2. Birthday: 09.03.1993
3. Height: 176cm
4. Position: Rap, composing, producing
5. Specialty: Lying down and rolling around
6. Recent preoccupation: Taking care of health
7. Say a word to fans: I want to show even better music, even cooler performances in Japan as well. 


1. Nickname by the members: Nochu
2. Birthday: 01.09.1997
3. Height: 177cm
4. Position: Vocal, rap, dance
5. Specialty: Consistently doing what I like to do
6. Recent preoccupation: Bowling
7. Say a word to fans: Everyone, I will cheer up so you can like me even more. 


1. Nickname by the members: RM, Pink Monster, Pink Mon
2. Birthday: 12.09.1994
3. Height: 181cm
4. Position: Rap, writing lyrics, composing, leader
5. Specialty: Forgetting & losing things
6. Recent preoccupation: Figure collecting
7. Say a word to fans: I hope I can study Japanese better so I can sing songs in Japanese. 


1. Nickname by the members: Eat Jin
2. Birthday: 04.12.1992
3. Height: 179cm 
4. Position: Vocal, acting
5. Specialty: Eating
6. Recent preoccupation: Golf
7. Say a word to fans: We can’t live without ARMYs. Please support us! 


1. Nickname by the members: Hope Prince
2. Birthday: 18.02.1994
3. Height: 177cm
4. Position: Rap, dance, choreography
5. Specialty: Initiative dance
6. Recent preoccupation: Artistic sensory
7. Say a word to fans: Thank you for supporting us every time we come to Japan. I love you.

KNR - ENG © ktaebwi

imagine dating yoongi

Anon: Hi!! Can I request like an imagine? What would it be like to date Suga? He’s my bias, I loooove him so much ^-^

  Imagine dating Min Yoongi

  • you guys met at a little music store where you worked at your part-time
  • him knowing about every music equipment and instruments better than you
  • “if you know it way better than me, why don’t you take my job?” 
  • you sassed him
  • but he kept coming, buying different things everyday 
  • even though he already had those equipment 
  • just because he wanted to see you
  • both of you talked about music like hip hop and rap
  • however, you always said that it included drugs and women
  • the same rhythm repeating over and over again
  • “it’s not always that.” 
  • “i can show you, i’m working on my new mix tape.”
  • little did you know, you found him very attractive
  • at first it began with love-heart friendship
  • friendship led to relationship!!
  • you had to survive his sass everyday 
  • he’s not that good at showing romantic actions
  • like when he woke up earlier than you, he made breakfast 
  • “naw, yoongi! did you do this for me?”
  • “ew, of course not. i don’t even like you.”
  • him being passive aggressive 
  • angry about something but he doesn’t tell you
  • like one day when it was hot, you asked if he could bring you some water
  • he brought a glass of ice
  • “wait”
  • like what even yoongs?
  • but sometimes he does get scary when he’s mad
  • “i didn’t mean to yell at you, i’m so sorry!”
  • of course you forgave him
  • but u had to act pouty
  • so you could get a comforting back hug from him
  • you both are really chill and cute together
  • you also know everytime he changes his hair colour, you can see the whole difference
  • like the code of the color 
  • #33FFA7 in the run era
  • #F9C09D in I NEED U era
  • and everytime they bleach his hair, you’re afraid that he’ll become a bald egg
  • his receding hairlines are starting to appear already: 
  • #saveyoongsscalp
  • you might have to sue big hiteu
  • the pickup lines
  • he noticing your new ripped denims, “i like your pants”
  • “naw, thanks yoongs. it was 50% off.”
  • “i’d like them better if they were 100% off.”
  • no.
  • “the store can’t just give things away for free.”
  • “no-”
  • “that’s a terrible way to run a business, yoongi.”
  • you of course, dodged it like a champ
  • him being sickeningly sweet
  • “watch when i hold the whole world in my hands.” 
  • you rolled your eyes at him, “yeah, right.”
  • *cups your face with his hands*
  • “see?”
  • you whispered softly, “oh..”
  • both of you specialties are rolling around in bed all day
  • cuddling and never getting up unless you really had 
  • however, you guys are so in love
  • you’ll at least hear short ‘I love you’ coming from him every night before you fall asleep 
  • once he falls in love, he’ll love you endlessly
  • so you won’t be getting rid of the smol bean just yet!
The signs as Suga quotes
  • Aries: "I've slept about 20 hours straight"
  • Taurus: "That seagull over there has a girlfriend, but how come I can't get one"
  • Gemini: "My specialty is rolling around in bed on our days off"
  • Cancer: "next time I'll definitely steal your underwear and wear it. Just wait"
  • Leo: "My flexible tongue movements will send them to Hong Kong with my raps"
  • Virgo: "I don't like to move or go out. I don't even like to meet people"
  • Libra: "My hairstyle.. It's a bit like a wealthy housewife"
  • Scorpio: "You like this chain? Three dollar"
  • Sagittarius: "I want to go to the bathroom, so go for me instead"
  • Capricorn: "I think it's the most sunlight I've gotten in nearly 5 years"
  • Aquarius: "Suga, Genius. Those two words should be enough"
  • Pisces: "Father Louis Williams Suga Adams the third"

Me: (pokes hubby) I can’t sleep

Hubby: what time is it?

Me: 1:00am

Hubby: don’t you usually write at 1:00am?

Me: yes but my brain stopped working. It could use a jump start.

Hubby: I have to get up for work in 4 hours.

Me: I wasn’t talking about sex.

Hubby: well what the fuck else would jumpstart you at 1:00am???

Me: coffee

Hubby: sorry, not my specialty…..(rolls over and goes back to sleep)


Sad Scones

Pairing: Bucky x reader
Warnings: Angry baking, mention of parental death
Words: 462
A/N: lunchtime Drabble (a longish Drabble written during my lunch break, not very edited)

Y/N slammed the bag of flour down on the counter so hard, a cloud of white formed over her head. Bowls, measuring cups and spoons, sugar, and more ingredients quickly went the way of the flour. Bucky stood off to the side, almost behind the island as if it was going to protect him from whatever was going on.

“Steve!” He yelled. Captain America stepped into the room, already in uniform for another mission.

“What’s going on, Bucky?”

“I don’t know. What’s she doing?”

“Um… baking? Angrily?”


“I don’t know.” He crossed his arms over his broad chest and watched Y/N continue to mix things furiously before he called in more reinforcements. “Nat! Clint!”

The pair came into the kitchen, saw the baking mayhem that was happening and immediately sprang into action. Nat grabbed the bowl teetering on the edge of counter and put it in the sink before it smashed onto the floor. Clint rescued the whisk and measuring cup Y/N was about to fling into the sink and carefully stepped back.

“Y/N?” Nat said cautiously. “What’s up?”

Y/N stopped her frantic mixing and raised tear-filled eyes at Nat. Clint stepped forward and gently took the bowl from her trembling hands.

“It’s January 27th.”

“Oh.” Realization dawned on Nat, she looked at Clint, he understood as well. “Okay honey, do you want help baking?”

“Yes please.” Y/N sobbed.

“What are we making?” Clint asked.

“Cranberry Orange Scones.”

“Ah! My specialty!” Clint rolled up his sleeves, kissed Y/N’s cheek, grabbed an apron from the hook and took over the mixing. Nat and Y/N began, much slower and controlled this time, cleaning the mess.

“What’s going on?” Bucky whispered to Steve.

“January 27th is the day her parents were killed 3 years ago. It’s hard day for her. I can’t believe I forgot. She typically bakes on this day because it reminds her of baking with her mother.”

“Oh. What should I do?”

“She will probably want to be held later tonight when she can’t sleep. Until then, it’s best to let her get out whatever emotions emerge this year. ”



“I’m on it!”

Bucky ran from the tower to buy every daisy he could find. He filled her room with them and when the baking was done and cleaned up, he held her on his lap, surrounded by daisies.

“I wish I could make this day better for you, Doll.” He said.

“You have.” Y/N mumbled, her face buried in his chest, hands clenching his shirt. “You’re here and you love me.” She paused, “You love me, right?”

“Yes, I love you. Always.” Bucky pulled her close, laid them both down on the bed and held her all night as she slept, hoping every minute for a better tomorrow.

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Dumb question here! How are people's position in the Navy decided? Do the officers get to choose or are they assigned by the Navy based on need?

Yes, and yes.

Okay, now onto the serious answer.  Unfortunately, the answer is both; the “Needs of the Navy” will always come first, but your personal preferences are (generally) taken into account.  Here’s how it works.

When an officer is coming up on their Prospective Rotation Date (PRD), they’re contacted by their Detailer.  Detailers are other officers stationed with NAVPERS (Navy Personnel Department) in Millington, TN.  Their entire job is to detail officers into jobs, matching up the needs of the Navy with personal preferences as best they can.  The Detailer will send out a slate to all officers of the same rank and specialty due to “roll” (depart one tour and go to another) in the same 3 or so month window.

The slate will generally consist of duty location, and job.  When officers are going to a sea tour, it won’t list the ship or squadron, only the class.  For example, a sea slate could look like this:

DDG / Norfolk / OPS
LHD / Pearl Harbor / OPS
CG / Norfolk / WEPS
LCS / San Diego / CHENG
…etc.  (You get the idea.  There will be a lot of officers rolling, so there will be dozens of jobs listed)

A shore slate might have jobs like this:

SWOS / Newport / Instructor
ATG / Norfolk / Training Liaison Officer
CNSL / Norfolk / Staff
NROTC UF / Gainesville / Instructor

Once an officer gets their slate, they’ll put together a list of the jobs they want in order of desirability - most detailers ask for your top 10 or so.  Then the officer can say what’s most important to them, whether it’s location, ship type, job type, etc.  Some people, for example, want to avoid Norfolk, VA like the plague and will take any job to stay way.  Some people need to be co-located with their spouse, so location is most important to them.  Some people just want to be on the newest DDG (Guided Missile Destroyer) they can get.  

In the end, the needs of the Navy come first, but the people who rank highest (best fitness report scores plus qualifications) are more likely to get what they want.  Any detailer will have what we call “hot fills”, which are jobs that have to be filled (usually quickly), but they use their discretion to try to give everyone a job they’ll be at least mostly happy with.  They usually try to give every officer something in their top 5, if not better, although that doesn’t always work if there aren’t a lot of the most popular billets.  Of course, you don’t get to pick from jobs not on your slate, so if your dream billet isn’t on the list, you’re out of luck.

We tend to joke that “They call them orders for a reason”, and while you can negotiate for orders you might like, you don’t always have a choice.  And there’s no quitting once you’ve signed on the dotted line to spend x number more years in the Navy; you go where you’re told, and you make the best of it.


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Summary: After switching middle schools, young Ben Solo lands his eyes on who he never expects to be the love of his life. After a four year separation of having to move away with his father, you and Ben are reunited your senior year of high school, only to have an emotional ride that intervenes with the true feelings you two feel for one another–but there’s one major problem, you’re already with somebody else.

A/N: So when I get time I write for CB and so far I’m on chapter nineteen and let me tell you, you guys are not prepared for what I have saved up. Also, I’m pretty sure this story will surpass 30 chapters and have a second book bc thats how far out I have it planned! Anyways, thanks for liking the story and reading! Enjoy!

Warning: Ben’s a fuckin perv

Word Count: 4.6+

“I’ll be quick.” You nodded as Ben had pulled up to your driveway, getting out of the car and heading over to the front door. Rushing inside and up the stairs, Ben only followed you, you not realizing until Jupiter had ran right past you the second you had entered your room. “Jupiter?” Turning around, you saw Ben standing there as Jupiter rubbed up against him.

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Corpse Bride (Devin Sola) (Motionless In White)

Word Count: 872


You were fortunate to be best friends with Ashley Costello and after a couple glasses of wine she’d talked you into going to a Halloween party in some abandoned house. New Years Day would be playing a couple of songs along with Motionless In White, who you hadn’t met before.

As the two of you pulled up to the house that looked straight out of a horror film all thoughts of your cheating ex went away, you’d found your boyfriend of a year sleeping with another girl in your bed. You check your makeup in the car mirror; you were the girl from Corpse Bride because it was your favourite movie. It was scary how good at hair and makeup you were because you looked identical.

“We’re first on and then Motionless, try not to get lost y/n which seems to be your specialty.”

You roll your eyes as Ash, yes you had a habit of getting lost at events but tonight you didn’t feel like leaving her side in case your ex showed up. He was a band photographer and you’d met him through New Years Day.

~1 Hour Later~

The house was quite big, and yes you were officially lost. The crowd was huge downstairs and you excused yourself to find somewhere quieter. After checking your costume in a cracked mirror upstairs you left the bathroom and bumped into the last person you wanted to see and a couple of his friends.

“Look who’s all alone boys, it’s my slutty ex.”

You scoff and try to walk past him but he blocks your way.

“Move Ed, besides you’re the one who cheated on me in our bed. You’re the slut who can’t keep it in his pants.”

The second the words left your lips you regretted them because Ed didn’t like to be embarrassed. Your heart stopped upon seeing his face morph into pure anger before he slammed both hands either side of your head caging you in.

“I think you should put the bitch in her place Ed.”

God you hated his friends. Ed smirked and stroked one hand down your cheek making you shiver, he chuckled and you could smell alcohol on his breath.

“No one’s going to help you y/n so let’s have a little fun.”


Your cheek stung as he slapped you hard. You attempt to struggle as his hands slide down your body and under your dress. You shut your eyes and start to cry silently.

“Get off her you sick fuck, you don’t slap a lady.”

Your eyes snap open and land on a guy dressed as Michael Myers from Halloween.

“How about no freak, this bitch has to be put in her place.”

Ed snakes an arm around your waist and you shiver in repulsion.

“How about I put you in your place?”

Michael Myers strides forwards and punches Ed square in the nose, and you flinch upon hearing it crack. Ed lets go of you and clutches his nose which was bleeding heavily.

“No one hits me and gets away with it mate.”

He lunges forwards and gets one good punch in my saviours face before he stumbles drunk and falls to the floor. His two friends pick him up and quickly leave, leaving you alone with your masked hero who curses before taking his mask off.

“Shit, are you okay? Stupid question, you’re bleeding.”

He tries to turn his face from you but you manage to cup his chin and turn his face. You gasp; Devin Sola was your hero.

“I couldn’t stand back and let that creep assault you y/n. Ash got worried when she couldn’t find you and saw your ex, so we all split up to look for you.”

That was sweet of Ash and you were glad that it was Devin who found you because you had a secret crush on him.

“Thank you Devin, now let’s get you cleaned up.”

You get him into the bathroom and start to wipe the blood away with some damp tissue. All the while Devin stares at you with a smile on his lips.

“Your costume is amazing y/n, I’ve seen your Instagram posts and kind of wanted to meet you.”

Luckily you had enough foundation on your face to cover your blush.

“Hey mum and dad how did you meet? Was it romantic? Yes kids, mummy was the Corpse Bride and daddy was Michael Myers. We met in a run down house after your dad punched your mums ex who was dressed in a toga.”

Devin laughs and takes your hands in his.

“Then mummy gave daddy a kiss for being her knight in shining armour.”

You close the space between the two of you and cup Devin’s chin again before kissing him.

“And the Corpse Bride and Michael Myers lived happily ever after in their dysfunctional world.”

Devin smirks against your lips.

“I like that ending y/n. Would you go on a date with me?”

You nod and lean your forehead against his, he was sat on the counter and you were between his legs so the height difference was less noticeable.

“I would love to Devin. And kids the rest is history.”

hiwatari  asked:

Introduce me to BTS, like, link me to things you think I should see and introduce the members, pleaseeeeee.

(I had almost finished this it took me hours then all of a sudden my window closed and I am so pissed because it’s 4am so bear with me if this isn’t fulfilled properly)

first things first introducing

leader/rapper kim namjoon aka rap monster who speaks english, writes/composes the songs. on a show because he is smart af. voice is deep and his raps are lethal. his dimple is lethal too so watch out for him he is dangerous

eldest singer kim seokjin aka jin (aka shoulder hyung because his shoulders are broad) sometimes dubbed as the mother because he cooks and cleans and stuff as well as has a tough time dealing with the children. voice of an angel tbh and all us fans are deeply deprived of his voice - our begging for his voice is in our prayers more than there are blood cells in the entire world

rapper min yoongi aka suga who once used the word swag like four times under ten seconds because swag is important af. his specialty is rolling around in bed on their days off; he often sleeps “short and sweet”. likes to wear black and feels burdened with anything else such as pink. his songs/lyrics make me cry. (doesn’t like converse because “they’re hard to take off of you”) also writes/composes songs that make me cry all the time  we are all patiently waiting for his mixtape to drop our panties he is also a dangerous man 

dancer/rapper jung hoseok aka j hope because he is our hope. even sometimes called a horse. he is hilarious and oh so sweet we all love j hope there is no way you can’t especially once he starts dancing he goes from let me hug you so cute to let me give you a lapdance so hot

dancer/singer park jimin who is rude af because he likes to be a sexy beefcake but then the next second turns into a squishy cupcake (he has an unrequited love to jeon jungkook and would like to go on a date with him) (no one ships he and jungkook more than jimin) body of a beast voice of a tiny child. we all protect park jimin with everything we got because he is our precious baby

singer kim taehyung aka v who even his members think is a different species because of his unique behavior. he has prince-like features of a cutie but his voice is deeper than the ocean. once picked up a seaweed and asked what its name was. also taught girls in LA how to say “jimin is an idiot” in korean without their knowledge

dancer/rapper/singer/writer jeon jungkook aka golden maknae who once was camera shy but is finally coming out of his shell and we are now seeing how dorky he is. he can do anything from dancing to singing to writing there is nothing he can’t do (except maybe talk to a girl) (also he can’t shoot an arrow to a target) (but let’s ignore that) (no one ships he and jimin least more than jungkook)

the fandom named is ARMY, because we are basically a militia


their official channel where you can watch their debut mv to their recent mv

they sometimes post videos of themselves on this channel that are cute and funny

a fan channel on why we love bts

suga was supposed to be in a group that only rapped / once admitted to wearing jungkook’s underwear

jimin loves jungkook very much

taehyung wore heels like it was the only thing he ever did the entirety of his life

they, especially j hope and jimin, annihilated every single fan I don’t know anyone who survived

wardrobe malfunction

they had a show where they went to LA to learn more about their music and even some talents

personally one of my fave performances

I love this performance more than anything

this song is one of my faves because of how it transitions from being a happy pure naive love to a red hot rage

suga’s rapping for their intro is life

if there is something this fandom loves it’s their cyphers pt 1 2 and 3

they have amazing cover songs

first song v did on their recent album

this one time a dance coach tried to teach rap monster and jimin how to twerk (also the time rap monster mentioned his dingaling dangling)

bts’ twerk team I mean j hope jimin and jungkook once danced to girl groups

rap monster dropped his solo debut mv with warren g and killed all his stans

the infamous “I’m a master baby with your bra” “I’ma beat that pussy” song

oh and let’s not forget “your body hits the spot”

they once had a hidden camera and we saw how considerate jin was (as well as j hope in his primal behavior and jimin sneaking a peak)

everyone appreciates predebut jimin

and predbut min yoongi

some of them once - crossdressed

oh how could I almost forget the time j hope and v kissed

also jungkook in his prime (he is practically incapable of wearing anything other than red)

v singing a song he composed makes me cry


there’s like a lot more things I’m missing (it’s almost 6am) so this might be updated for future ref for other fans. also anyone feel free to message me or comment on anything that should definitely be up here^^


All taken at my absolute favorite japanese restaurant in the entire state and they have unlimited sushi monday - saturday for $16 as well as specialty rolls (see the American Dream in all of them which is salmon, avocado and cream cheese fried in tempura batter with spicy mayo and that brown sauce) and unlimited soup, salad, shumai, ice cream, tempura, fried rice, fried banana, etc. this place is a japanese heaven

Magcon Preference: Friend Zone

Nash- You laid on the opposite side of the couch with Nash’s feet nestled beside your stomach. You tried to enjoy the re-run of Friends, but you couldn’t help but be distracted by the cute smile that was on Nash’s lips. You watched as he stared intently at his phone. The way that he was biting his lip was about to drive you crazy. Yes you were the very best of friends, but there was always a soft spot for Nash in your heart. But sadly he didn’t feel the same way.  “What’s got you smitten?” You asked with a smirk. He looked up from his phone with a slight blush. “That girl Brooke that I went on a date with last night.” He said with a dreamy smile. You wished to be the cause of that smile. “I’m guessing it went ok.” You replied. “More than ok.” He said in astonishment. “I really think she could be the one.” He said in all seriousness. You felt a sting in your heart knowing Nash will never love you the way you love him.

Cameron- “Can you pleaseeeee talk to her for me?” Cameron begged. Your heart sunk as he gave you his adorable puppy eyes. “Cameron if you really like her, talk to her yourself.” You said laughing. You were stuck being the messenger for Cameron and your best friend. The two were head over heels for each other, wich put you in an awkward position considering you were in love with Cameron. It killed you to see them flirt with each other on a daily basis and continuously text each other when you would be hanging out with one of them. You finally caved into his pout and sighed. “Fine.” You huffed. “Thank you thank you thank you!” Cam exclaimed as he embraced you in a hug and placed a soft kiss on you head. “I love you.” He said. You know he meant it in a brotherly way but you could help but wish it was in a relationship kind of way.

Taylor- You sighed annoyingly as you watched Taylor make-out with the girl on the other side of the booth. You stupidly agreed to tag along with Taylor on his date and be his wing-women. So you got stuck with Taylor’s date’s cousin as your escort for the evening. You looked out the window, longing to be anywhere but here witnessing the scene right before your eyes. You watched as your “date” yawned and put his arm around you. You shrugged it off before abruptly standing up and hurrying off before quickly mumbling “I’m done”. You ran out to the parking lot and leaned against the brick wall. You could feel tears trickling down your cheeks. The thought of Taylor with another girl made you cry harder.

Jack G- You watched as Jack slyly chatted up the girl on the other side of the restaurant. A tinted shade of pink rose on the girl’s cheeks, he probably told her one of his legendary pick-up lines. A few minutes later he strutted back to your table with a cocky smirk on his lips. “Whoa, what is that like your fifth one this week?” I said gesturing to the crinkled up piece of paper with the girl’s number scribbled on it. He shrugged his shoulders innocently. “My specialty.” He smirked. I rolled my eyes playfully. “Let’s try to find you someone.” Jack said scanning the restaurant for eligible boys. You tried to smile even though the boy that you really wanted was sitting right in front of you.

Jack J-“So should I maybe get her Starbucks with “Prom?” written on it?” Jack asked. The two of you were spit balling ideas for how he could ask out his crush to prom. You weren’t being very active in helping out seeing as you wish that you were the one he was putting so much thought into. “I just want it to be perfect.” Jack sighed. You could tell how much this meant to him and it broke your heart even more. He went on and on about his nervousness. You finally decided to contribute to his brain storming. “How about you ask her out on vine?” You asked. His eyes grew huge as if it was the best thing he has ever heard. “Why didn’t I think of that? It’s perfect! You’re the best!” He said to you. “There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you.” You stated. He had no idea how much you really did care for him.

Carter- You watched from the corner of the crowded dining hall as girls fawned over the boys. You laughed as one girl practically trampled over Taylor. Being Carter’s best friend and all, you were able to tag along with him and the rest of the boys. Your smile turned into a frown as your eyes landed on Carter flirting back and forth with a fan. You felt the pang of jealousy in your chest once again. You dreamed of him to look at you the way he looks at other girls. But you were a good friend in his eyes. And that’s all you would ever be.

Aaron- “Can we please have a movie night tonight?” You said giving Aaron the puppy dog face. “I’d love to, but I’m taking Chelsea out tonight.” You felt your lips turn into a frown. “Hey don’t worry, I’ll make it up to you. I promise.” Aaron said. You refused to look at him and hoped he would get the message to leave you alone. But Aaron wouldn’t give up that easily. “Y/N. Pleaseeeeeee talk to me.” He whined. You could feel yourself smile but you quickly regained yourself. “Ok, you’ve forced me to do this.” Aaron sighed. You were confused but suddenly began to squeal as you felt Aaron’s fingers rapidly tickle your sides. “Ok, ok.” You breathed out as he stopped. “No one could ever take your spot Y/N I’ll always make time for you.” Aaron said hugging you. “You’re my best friend.” You frowned once again knowing that’s all you’d ever be to him.

Matt- You situated yourself on the couch with the bowl of popcorn in your lap. You made an annoyed look as Matt and his girlfriend sat on the couch giggling and kissing. You tried to enjoy the movie as best as you could, but it was difficult when the obnoxious couple kept talking. You watched uncomfortably as a make out seen started on the movie. This made the two of them start making out as well. You could feel your heartbreak just by looking at the two of them. Matt stood up taking his girlfriend’s hand in his and led her upstairs. You knew what was about to come next and it brought tears to your eyes.

Shawn- You looked at the Youtube notification that told you that Shawn had uploaded a new video. You excitedly clicked on the link as the video started. Your lips formed a frown as you looked at the title, “The Girlfriend Tag”. You puffed out the air in you cheeks as you began to watch the video. Shawn and his girlfriend, who was one of your very good friends, laughed and giggled with each other. You were glad that your two best friends were happy, but you longed to be with Shawn. But by the looks of their video, you knew that would never be.

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