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Hey everyone! We’re now introducing Foreground Printing as an advanced upgrade option for those really wanting to push their designs to the next level!

To clarify, this is a different printing method than standard doublesided clear acrylic charms - this is printing a full set of ArtA+White+ArtB layers on both sides of the acrylic and allowing the thickness of the acrylic to create the illusion of depth in your design.

Check out some examples of artists utilizing this effect here and here!

This same method of printing to both sides of acrylic can also now be used to create doublesided charms for solid colored materials, such as white and our specialty acrylics.

Foreground printing is an additional +%50 to the base cost of the charm due to twice as much printing and setup being involved. We recommend a minimum size of 2″ for clear acrylic charms utilizing the depth effect and a minimum size of 1.5″ for solid colored materials utilizing it to create doublesided charms.

Above is an example of how your layers may be laid out for a clear acrylic charm utilizing foreground printing, and how they come together for the completed design. If you have a design in mind and are unsure of how to go about it, please don’t hesitate to send us an email!

anonymous asked:

i had to troubleshoot a printer today, almost fell asleep doing it :/

i used to work in computer repair and usually when ppl would bring in broken printers i couldnt do anything with them bc i dont know enough about how they work to fix them and i hate doing printer troubleshooting  but i love using them when they work!! and reading about the technology!! im planning to buy a cheap inkjet and some empty cartridges for it and fill them with uv reactive ink and make custom fluorescent stickers its gonna be really cool.

a good way to learn about specialty printing techniques is to read fake id manufacturing guides…..which im sure has gotten me put on some kind of list but its fine