I'm crying right now. I love you all. Reading all these messages and knowing that so many people care, just made me realize how important my life really is.

He might have left me, I don’t know if he’ll ever take me back, but if he doesn’t, I know that there are other people out there for me. 

I can’t express how much I love you guys. You are all so beautiful and I can’t thank you enough. 

I wish I could just hug all of you.

Especially you, Angela.

When I get to school tomorrow I’m giving you the biggest hug ever.

And to everyone else:

-opens arms widely-

I can’t believe this.

No one has ever cared for me to this extremity. 

Reading the words, “I love you and care for you, please stay with us” really made me breakdown crying.

Thank you everyone.

I really really want you all to know that I really can’t fully express my gratitude for you guys, for making me realize there are other things out there in the world and there is a future for me.

For the guy that means most.

It might sound so cliché but whenever I’m with you, I feel like the happiest person in the world. I hate saying good-bye even though we would see each other again the next day. I miss you the second you leave. I love the way you smell when we cuddle and hug. When your lips meet mine, it’s the most amazing feeling ever. Especially those kisses where you just attack my whole face. Tomorrow, we’ll be another month closer to our anniversary. You’re that someone I can’t imagine living without. You’re mine and will forever be mine. I love you with all that I am, all that I was, and all I will ever be. Even though no one can tell the future, all I know is that I see you with me in it. We’re young, and everyone knows that. We both know that. But we know what we want. Eff what other people say. They don’t know what we feel, and never will know. Most teenagers at this age date and things fall apart in the end because of a misunderstanding or the other was unfaithful. There’s SO many different reasons, but, it comes down to one, and only one thing. You’re just not right for each other. I know that you are the one. We met in the most unusual way, and fell for each other in the most unusual way. But you know what?  I wouldn’t change anything about us for the world. I bet it’ll be an awesomely awkward story to tell our children. God put you in my life and I am more than blessed. I trust you to hold my heart and never let go. I can tell you anything and know you wouldn’t judge me. I love everything about you. Your hair, your eyes, your smile, your lips, the way you hold me. The feeling..it’s not heaven, but oh my goodness, it sure feels like it. My head won’t stop thinking about you. My love for you sometimes gives me this heavy feeling in my chest. It hurts, but it feels good. There’s only one way I can explain it: too much love for my body to handle. Many nights, I’d lay awake and think about you. Then I get lonely because you’re not here to sleep with me. And when I say sleep, I don’t mean it in a sexual way. Just lovely, silent sleep so I could wake up to your face in the morning. I can’t wait for the rest of our lives together to begin. And although we can’t talk everyday because of school, I know that it’ll be all worth it in the end. You’re the cutest guy in the world even though you don’t believe me when I say it. I love you. ♥ 

lymnsm asked:

seriously you are the funniest blog i follow, im in a really bad mood, and when i am, nothing cheers me up, but everything you reblogged is so funny i had to smile, so thank you for saving my night without knowing it :D btw.... you are always like the top on my crushes

oh my god i love you

that just made my night ♥

this means were best friends nao right

  • kyle:omg babe this morning i woke up crying ):
  • me:why? ):
  • kyle:I had a dream that you didnt love me anymore /:
  • we were hanging out after school and then you just plainly said, “i feel like we’ve grown apart, i dont have the same feelings for you like i did before”
  • then i said, “is it because of all the bad things ive done in the past?”
  • “no, i just feel like we weren’t really meant to be”
  • the dream was quick because i woke up to the alarm clock DX
  • me:are you doubting me babe? i wouldnt say those things to you ):
  • kyle:i know you wouldnt but i sometimes dream and think about it because im jealous and i only want you :/ and i want you to always love me and no one else DX
lol i want our wedding to be on valentines day

which is also his birthday

so like

its three events in one

our wedding anniversary

his birthday

and valentines day

and we will make cute babies and dress them up as penguins because of reasons

(not including polarbears doe)