PLL Theory time

I have been banged up in bed for several days because I have pharyngitis - but is an excellent excuse to watch some PLL season 3 reruns. 

Here’s the thing, I think I have found something! 

The Rear Window Brew has intrigued me for a while. After all, nothing on PLL happens by accident, and I have always wondered why “Rear window” was the name the writers chose.

Anyway, whilst watching the season 3 Halloween ep (you know, the one ith the creepy as hell ghost train) I noticed that the ghost train was run by the rear window brew! They hosted the whole event, from start to finish. 

Why is this important? Well, this poster has been pretty pivotal since it made it’s first appearance.

If you remember, this Halloween ep was revealed to involve Garrett, Melissa as well as Alison on the Ghost train. It was a pretty special ep in terms of who is good/bad.

Now, remember this?

The same poster was in the big “A” lair that was revealed at the end of last season - when we were led to believe that Ezra was A.

So, who cares right? Obviously this poster means something - it is important, otherwise, why would they show it so much? This year’s Halloween special revealed that on this show, all props are carefully designed and place for this exact reason - so we can find them!

I googled “Rear window” and guess what - It’s a movie! What’s the movie about?

So what do we have here?  Murder [Check!] surveillance [check!] 

This Hitchcock movie is pretty much a look into “A“‘s life! What if this is a hint? That A is a person who has been maimed (physically or mentally - ie. Radley!) who has decided to watch the people around them. The brew is a place where most of the liars discuss their plans and secrets. What if the brew is where A is hiding? 

I don’t really know where I am going with this, but I think there is more to the brew than we realise, and I think we should pay more attention to what happens there!

Thanks for reading!!


***edit after the Christmas special*** This Ep basically reinforced my theory, plus Toby was disabled (in a wheel chair) watching the neighbours house (Hanna and Spencer) through his camera (telescope, whatever!) and spots a murder (or murderer, AKA ‘A’!) I think this is definitely going somewhere guys! Rear Window is no coincidence!

@princessmossy tagged me in this and I just couldn’t help but draw. xD<3
But I love the headcanon that Gabe isn’t really that bad. óuò These were just the days one of his men accidentally drank the special brewed coffee that Lucio made for him. It’s that good! (*´ω`)<3 (aight, he had the right to be mad.)


Firestone “Double DBA”

96 A+

Double DBA is a limited-release English Barleywine aged in spent bourbon oak barrels. Firestone have deemed this to be an “imperial special bitter,” a non-existent style. The base of beer consists of a doubled up batch of Double Barrel Ale. This was actually just recently retired to make way for a new, as yet undisclosed beer. This review will be based on a 2013 vintage.

Aromas are driven by thick malts that carry sweet impressions of caramel nougat, maple syrup, and brown sugar. Fruity notes resemble fig preserves and cherry. The barrel gives a huge presence of bourbon, vanilla, and a touch of coconut. Alcohol notes come across like amaretto and port wine. Hops add a weak imprint of earth and herb.

The palate is very much like the nose, beginning with caramel and molasses. Fruits fill in the middle-register with notes of figs, dates, and raisins. Bourbon soon becomes the focal point, exposing flavors of vanilla and coconut. English hops add a subtle earthy quality that blends very nicely with woody tannins, followed by a complementary hint of spice. Finishing flavors are reminiscent of root beer (or whiskey and coke). The malt roast develops into subtle suggestions of chocolate. Some fusel notes envelop the aftertaste, but the bourbon flavor is incredibly effective at disguising the alcohol. Mouthfeel remains smooth over a medium-full body that grows sticky just before drying slightly at the end. Carbonation is weak, which when combined with the solvent properties of the alcohol, create an almost thin viscosity. Considering the high ABV, this is dangerously drinkable.

This is a beer for malt lovers, because sweetness dominates the palate. Bourbon has loads of influence, but not enough to dominate by any means. The English hops are quite complementary to the flavor of the malts, so everything ends up tasting very agreeable and whole. Complexity is nice and subtle. Considering Firestone still have their famous bourbon-aged English Barleywine, Sucaba, I’m sure they saw the obvious overlap. July 2014 marked the final release date, so I suggest you hoard any remaining bottles you’re lucky enough to find sitting around. I highly recommend it!

Malts: Premium Two-Row, Maris Otter Pale, Munich, Crystal, Chocolate

Hops: Magnum, Styrian Golding, East Kent Golding


29 IBU

Paso Robles, California

When most people ask about Jim and Bones’ first kiss, they always assume Jim was the instigator. 

What they don’t know is that Bones had been trying to kiss Jim for two weeks before it actually happened and had learned, the hard way, that nothing with Jim Kirk can ever go as planned. 

“You’re telling me that Jim playboy Kirk didn’t kiss you first, Len?” Uhura asks. She’s a bit tipsy at their engagement party but that’s okay, they all are. Jim makes a note to tell Scotty to dilute his special brew a bit more, if he can actually remember to make a note, that is. 

“No, the kid was oblivious.” Bones said, his face was red from the alcohol and he sat back with folded arms in the mess room chair. 

Jim had his arm around Bones neck and was playing absently with the bits of hair that were growing. If he kept it up he was going to fall asleep. 

“I didn’t know that he looooved me.” Jim said, starting to grin at his crew around the table but ending on a yawn. 

“So how’d it happen then?” Sulu said, yawning around the mug of Scotty’s hooch. 

“By accident!” Jim said and leaned forward to kiss Bones on the cheek when his fiancé scowled.

“Not by accident. I had it planned.” Bones said. 

“So, how did you seduce the keptin?” Chekov said, leaning forward with cheeks pinker than Bones and a nose that was as red as Rudolph. 

“Fool landed himself at SF Medical-”

“It wasn’t that bad, Bones.” Jim said, massaging the back of Bones neck. 

Bones rolled his eyes. “What dumbass plays rugby with security cadets?”

“It was a bonding exercise with Cupcake!”

“Would you stop fighting like the old married couple we all know you already are and just tell the story?” Uhura said after knocking back the mug and sipping the last dredges of the drink. Scotty blinked at her, impressed. 

“Ah, yeah. I concur with Nyota,” Scotty said and she beamed. Jim filed it away for things to be thought more about later. Seemed like she wasn’t so broken up about Spock terminating their relationship. 

“So Jim comes in with a broken rib…” Bones poked him in the rib and Jim nuzzled his face into the crook of his neck. “But the damn intern messed up his meds and sent him into anaphylactic shock.”

Jim kissed Bones just under his jaw, where the stubble was starting to grow before pulling away. 

“When I woke up I could have sworn that intern was being murdered. He sobbed like a little baby and groveled after he got chewed out by Boyce and Bones!”

Bones nodded. “Served that prick right.”

Jim shook his head. “So anyway, I woke up with the sorest throat I’ve ever had and confused as all hell because the last thing I remembered was getting tacked in rugby-”

“And I’m scared shitless because this idiot’s vitals are all over the place and if Boyce hadn’t come to tell me that Jim was in the ER and I hadn’t gotten there just as he went into shock-”

“I would have been dead.” Jim grins. 

Uhura blinked. “Was that the first time you gave poor Len a heart attack?”

Jim scrunched up his face. “Probably.”

“Well, I had just gotten used to the kid. Trained him to be the perfect roommate-" 

"And he had fallen deeply in love with me!” Jim said, batting his eyelashes. 

Bones hit him lightly on the shoulder. 

“I was a bit scared and so…when his lips stopped swelling…”

“Like his hands on the Enterprise?” Uhura snorted as Bones nodded. 

“I kissed him.”

“It was the best kiss ever. Totally unprepared for it.”

“And then you said?” Bones asked and pulled Jim closer so that the Captain was practically sitting on Bones’ lap. 

“I may throw up on you.” Jim told the crew. 

“And he did.” Bones said and kissed Jim’s temple. 

When most people ask about Jim and Bones’ first kiss, they never think about that either. 

Every few months there seems to be another region somewhere in the world that claims to be the next Silicon Valley. Sometimes the new high-tech hub is hyped up, but other times, it’s evident that there’s something special brewing.

These countries have digitized governments that will put our Healthcare.gov problems to shame, fast broadband Internet speeds beyond comparison, and instead of hookup apps, you’ll see innovations in energy alternatives. These are exactly the reasons why America’s magical tech land should keep its eyes on the countries below.

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Parting Shot: Thanos and Darkseid Discuss Coffee and Anti-Life in the Carpool Lane

If you think about it, Darkseid and Thanos would probably get along. Their similarities, most notably their obsession with death (or in Darkseid’s case, Anti-Life), have often linked the two in fans’ minds. As such, writer Justin Jordan and artist Rafer Roberts created a short story for Roberts’ site that depicts the classic villains in the only type of friendly setting you could ever really envision two beings wholly obsessed with the absence of life: a suburban carpool lane.

Check out the full comic after the cut to see Darkseid discover the true source of Anti-Life: Thanos’ special brew.


ok imma be real right now

i wanted sherlock to fucking hug john so much when he was about to get on that plane. and moffat knew i wanted that. and he dangled it in my face and laughed and who wants to send him a bottle of their piss in the post and say it’s a special brew of tea and when he drinks it he’ll choke and die on it

fuck him

It Just Makes Sense 

Happy Valentines Day, @heather-rivera!

Summary: Bellamy and Clarke have to share a bed, it just makes sense really. Canon Divergent/Fluff/Friends to Lovers. No warnings apply, written before 3x3.

A/N: I really hope you enjoy this and would love to hear about your favourite part! 

Fuck Murphy, basically.

This isn’t an uncommon thought for Clarke (or anyone else at Camp Jaha for that matter), but she supposes this time he can’t be held totally accountable.

He’d been scheduled to be work in the Smoke House, assigned to watch the fire, making sure that it didn’t get out of control not downing mug after mug of Montys latest special brew, Monroe egging him on from the sidelines as she sat outside weaving more fishing baskets.

Now, Clarke knows that you don’t need to be a genius (or Raven) to know that whatever’s actually in the Moonshine that Monty cooks up is highly flammable – they’d learnt that the hard way – so she’d have thought that Murphy would’ve been more careful with his supposed try at redemption. But instead of doing the responsible thing and actually doing his duty, Murphy has taken his attention away from the fire and, in his haste to pour himself another drink, had managed to spill the liquid over the flames and now almost half the tents were burning to the ground.

Clarke had been in a council meeting consisting of her mother, Kane and Bellamy talking about possible trading routes with the Trigedakru when Harper comes busting in through the tent flaps shouting about a fire, arms flailing wildly.

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Hobbiton - Green Dragon

Most of the Hobbit Holes are just outside details. The Green Dragon, however, is completely rebuilt, inside and out. Complete with books and Hobbit clothes and fishing gear and signs inside, and flour sacks and lanterns and ale barrels outside. 

Plus they have their own brews. Specially made beers and drinks that you can only get in the Green Dragon (or their gift shop). Light and Dark Ale, alcoholic cider, and non-alcoholic ginger beer.