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Hey! Can I request RFA boys reacting to MC's lipstick leaving a mark after a smooch? ;)

Sure! We added Saeran cuz we were in the mood. Lolol Enjoy~


  • You two had finished up a lovely dinner date
  • He invited you back to his place afterwards
  • You two were just supposed to talk over a small dessert, but one thing led to another and you two were kissing on the couch
  • You had to take a break for air, but Zen was eventually ready to dive back in
  • But before he could, you started laughing
  • He asks you what’s wrong, and you keep pointing to the edge of his mouth
  • He pulls out his phone to check and finds your lipstick smeared all over his mouth
  • He smiles before snapping a few pics proudly
  • He thinks it’s kinda cute because you’re basically showing your mark on him and he loves it


  • He had forgotten his notebook at home
  • You being the nice girlfriend you were, you drove it over to his school
  • He met you in your car, and since he had a few extra minutes, he crawled into the passenger seat
  • He gave you a peck to say thank you…but he gets a little eager
  • Next thing you know, you’re mildly making out in your car
  • Now he’s running late for class
  • Before you can warn him, he’s already out the car
  • He slides into his seat a few minutes early and his friend is smirking like crazy
  • “What?” Yoosung asks
  • His friend gestures to his mouth, “You have a little something–er–everywhere…”
  • Yoosung quickly pulls up his camera, his face blazing when he sees all your lipstick marks on him
  • With an embarrassed squeak, he runs to the bathroom to wash it off…even if he kind of liked the fact that there was a reminder of you on him


  • You two were spending a relaxing evening together after a long day at work
  • He had brewed his special cup of tea for the both of you
  • So you two were just enjoying each other’s company in the kitchen
  • He was just looking at you and his emotions kind of got the better of him, so he leans forward for a kiss
  • He tries to pull away, but you grab his tie and pull him back for another…and another…and another…and, well.
  • When you two finally break apart, he’s a little dazed with a soft, gummy smile
  • But his lips feel a bit tingly
  • He originally thinks it’s because of your kisses, but when he goes to brush his lips with his finger he sees the color
  • Turns out that tingling was the slight lip plumper inside your make up
  • Also Jumin never looked so good with wine-colored, plump lips 


  • You were getting ready to go out so you were peacefully putting on your make-up
  • Seven caught you in the middle and decided to bother you a bit
  • He started pecking all over your face until you finally pushed him back
  • There’s a smudge of lipstick from when he caught your lips and you can’t help but laugh
  • But then he presses a more serious kiss to your lips
  • Things get kind of heated after that and you both forgot about the make-up for awhile
  • You end up rushing out the door a little late while he tries to get back to some work
  • Vanderwood ends up stopping by and before Seven can prepare for another lecture, the other just freezes
  • Vanderwood shakes his head, “I think your color is more of an autumn.”
  • Seven is confused until he looks into the mirror later
  • He laughs and finds it nice at the same time that you’re leaving evidence of your own
  • It’s really hilarious…until he can’t get it off
  • You come home later and find his entire face is just smeared red


  • You two were just having your usual evening together
  • Movie leading to relaxing…relaxing leading to something more
  • After you two were done with your smooching, you settle back into a relaxed silence
  • That’s when you notice your lipstick smeared on his mouth
  • You didn’t really want to point it out, scared he might get annoyed
  • But in the end he found out when he wiped the back of his hand on across his lips
  • He stares down at the color and blinks
  • You’re waiting for his frustration to come out
  • But instead he grabs your hand and wipes his mouth on your hand and wrist to get out the remaining color
  • You still think he’s annoyed still, but he just chuckles, “At least my lips are moisturized…”

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Les A-Myths

Since you all enjoyed Nymh!R so much, @deboracabral and I decided to flesh out the whole gang…

Enjolras - Siren

  • Tries his best to be genuinely persuasive and not just “lure” others to his cause
  • Got in trouble as a kid for accidentally using his powers to make people do things for him
  • Very insecure about friendships and romantic relationships because he assumes people are just being drawn in by the power of his voice
  • Has magically convinced people who insisted being a siren meant he was a woman that they should do things like take off their pants, quack like a duck, etc.

Grantaire - Nymph

  • Has difficulty growing things because of his severe depression, so he mostly passes for human
  • Can coax hedges into growing in fantastic shapes
  • Suddenly becomes covered in little flowers and vines when he’s happy
  • Often finds his hair full of baby birds, and doesn’t have the heart to disturb their nest

Combeferre - Witch (ink)

  • Was born with a natural gift for magic, and spent his childhood secretly studying ancient texts at the library
  • Uses different languages, ink colours, and types of pen for different spells
  • Has tattooed his friends with protection charms with R’s help (using plant-based ink)
  • Always has smudges of ink on his face and fingertips

Courfeyrac - Satyr

  • Incredibly energetic and can dance surprisingly well with his cloven feet
  • Plays a mean tune on the pan pipe
  • Tells the dirtiest jokes you’ve ever heard, but blushes like crazy if you compliment him
  • Met Grantaire when he was chasing nymph friends in the woods and mistook him for someone else (R never lets him live it down)

Bahorel - Centaur

  • Can kick your ass with any of his many, many limbs
  • Lets little kids and close friends ride on his back when they’re tired (but dear god don’t just jump on that’s fucking rude)

  • Somehow manages to be the best dressed out of all of them

Bossuet- Tychi

  • I’m gonna be honest we made this up but it’s basically a leprechaun, he’s supposed to be good luck
  • Nonetheless experiences terrifically bad luck

  • Everyone tells him the good luck is just the fact that they have him in their lives at all

Joly - Witch (tea)

  • Brews special drinks to cure various maladies
  • Is friends with all the nature spirits, who show him where to find rare and magical herbs
  • Always has a nice warm cup of tea for you and somehow it always helps, even if you’re just having a bad day

Jehan - Dryad

  • Lives in a willow tree near a cemetery, and spends most of their time talking with the spirits there
  • Les Amis often meet beneath Jehan’s tree when the weather is nice

  • Often lends R some old branches to make charcoal with, or helps Joly with his charmed teas

Feuilly - Witch (paper)

  • Discovered his aptitude for magic as a child in an orphanage, when his little folded paper creatures would often stand and walk around
  • Uses magical paper planes to send his friends messages

  • Loves creating pop-up books that literally come alive

Marius - Human

  • Met Courf at a party that was way too wild for him, and somehow ended up living with him for a year afterward
  • Tries to help with magical things, with very little luck

  • “Long live the wicked witch of the West!”

Eponine - Gorgon

  • Wears a hat or hoodie over her hair so she won’t turn anyone to stone
  • Spent an hour trying to find a way to look at herself once, so R sat her down and used a mirror to make a painting showing how beautiful she is, snakes and all

  • Is actually great friends with each of her snakes, and makes snarky comments to them in quiet hisses

Cosette - Harpy

  • Half-human, half-lark, she is probably the prettiest harpy ever
  • Studies music and literally sings like a bird

Gavroche - Satyr

  • Basically just here to honour the long tradition of mischief
  • Likes to spend his time running wild in the woods

Musichetta - Sphynx

  • Tells amazing riddles and puns that make her boys groan
  • The absolute best person to cuddle–she’s basically a cat

Montparnasse - Witch (blood)

  • Takes the whole “gothic blood witch” aesthetic a little too seriously but manages to pull it off
  • Was looking for the right kind of grave to do a spell on when he stumbled upon Les Amis having a meeting under Jehan’s tree, and somehow ended up chilling at meetings occasionally after that

Patron-Minette - Cerberus

  • Kind of a werewolf situation, but when they turn into dogs, they turn into one dog
  • When this happens Montparnasse has to take them on walks. Getting a leash on a three-headed dog is…not easy
  • Steve, Bucky, and Thor chilling after a battle, sharing some of Thor’s special brew because they’re the only ones who can handle it.
  • Thor setting the hammer on a table and grinning at Steve, Care for another try?
  • Steve shrugging good-naturedly and taking hold of the handle. Sure, why not.
  • Thor watching nervously while pretending not to be nervous.
  • Steve budging the hammer.
  • Thor LOLing.
  • It would seem that you are still simply unworthy, Captain.
  • Bucky snorting, tossing back the rest of his drink, and stepping up next to Steve. Are you kidding me? Move aside, Rogers.
  • Bucky grabbing the handle with his metal arm and pulling and pulling and glaring and looking to Steve.
  • Give me a hand.
  • That’s not how it works, Buck.
  • Just get over here, ya punk.
  • Steve grabbing hold just above Bucky’s clenched fist.
  • Thor LOLing in the background.
  • Bucky and Steve getting ready, Steve beginning with On the count of 3. 1, 2, 3–
  • And the hammer lifts off the table so easily that the two stumble back, shocked, hands still clasped one above the other.
  • Silence.
  • Bucky and Steve hold the hammer in the air and look at Thor in unison.
  • Thor stares wide-eyed.
  • Well, he begins after a few more moments, … if there are no pictures, it never happened.
  • Bucky yelling for Nat or Sam to get their butts in the room to take a photo before Thor can call the hammer back to him and growling Don’t let go Steve for fuck’s sake DON’T LET GO–
Request 77.6 Imagine You're a Fratboy Part 1

Imagine you’re a freshman going through rush week. You go to so many house but you accept the bid from smallest fraternity with the biggest house at the dark end of Greek row.  The frat had varied and illustrious alumni. You don’t know why they want you. You eagerly accept.

Once you join, it seems all you financial worries are resolved; an unrelated scholarship is given to you.  The frat has one weird proviso, a lottery is drown every night. If you are chosen you must sleep in your bed alone. So far you’ve been lucky able to party as much you like. Not mention the house keeps a special brew on tap and in bottles. It a very dark stout not to everyone like but you and you brother can’t get enough of it.  Freshman to seniors gained the freshman fifteen within the first month. Tanner,, the frat president, looks like he put on at least twice that much.

Whispers started that the frat house was haunted. Ridiculous. It’s a big hold house so there are bound to be weird noises.

Your luck runs out on Homecoming weekend. Almost everyone is out partying except for the three brothers and you, who lost the lottery. You were to stay home without any guests. You console yourself playing video games  and by drinking bottle after bottle of beer until you start to see double. You stagger down the hall to take the elevator to your bedroom. All the doors blast open.  The first two rooms are empty. But in the third room Tanner writhes on his bed like a mad man.  He shakes his head, his blonde hair flinging sweat. His ass is tilted up as though on a stack of pillows.   His cock strains and bobbing up and down frenetically until he cums.

You become aware of the grind of the zipper’s teeth your dick. You regret going commando as damp spot darkens your khakis.   You turn away embarrassed and confused.

Tanner grunts. “No ag-g-g-ain.”

You look back.  Tanner isn’t alone. A man made of phosphoresce webbing is with him.  He throws Tanner’s legs over his glowing shoulders, ramming his member into Tanner‘s raised ass. You run to your room. You press your back to the door, trying to control your breath. And then you pass out. Your dreams are freaky. You’re still against the door which seemed to have sprouted a massive erection.   Strong wood grained hand yank your cargo shorts down. You jump. Strong hands pull you back to the wooden wood.  

You want to laugh. But you’re so turned on in this drunken dream. You try to walk forward but you stumble tangled in your shorts.  Falling half on the bed bent on the edge, ass up.  You try to crawl up on to the bed but you are held in placed in a strong grip.

“You are mine.” Rasped a voice you tell yourself is in your head even has breath heats your ear. “Finally.”

Your cheeks separate exposing your hole to frigid air. The cold takes form of a lithe man made of black smoke. He aims his sizable cock at your butt, pushing through the resistance of your virgin hole. You grip the edge of the bed as pain blurs into pleasure. The cold plunges into you repeatedly, picking up speed, impossibly getting thicker and going deeper. Since it’s just a dream, you relax, becoming the most accommodating lover.  Taking to heart all the wheedling pleas you made to your high school girlfriend. It means nothing. You push your ass back meeting each thrust, unhesitatingly. A grey cloudy man wraps his mouth around your dick. Wetness swallows your member deep then releasing repeatedly with vigorous tongue. You seek deeper access to the pulsing warmth. Black smoke man yanks your head pulling an unknown trigger to your cock.

Gulping down your release the man of white smoke says, “He’s mine next.” Just as hot liquid fills you. The wooden man leans against the door. He shakes off the veneer becoming a ginger Clark Kent with a tent in his Khakis. With a thrill you know you will be his before the night ends.

You wake in a sticky mess of tangled sheets reminiscent of puberty. Your abdomen’s sore as if you’ve done hundreds of sit ups and your butt is inexplicably tender. You can’t keep the smile from your face as you walk into your wings shared bathroom. The sound of someone hurling echoes off the tiled wall.  Tanner walked to the next basin splashing water on his face.

“Party too hard?” You joke.

“Just you fucking wait.” Tanner growls at you.

So far the upperclassmen haven’t hazed you. However there was a threat to Tanner’s reaction.

 The first person you in the dining room is the broad back of Hank hunched over his breakfast. You sit across from him with a stack of pancakes and bacon. Hank’s eight plates take up the majority of the table. You don’t think much of it after all he’s a defensive lineman for the team, well over three hundred pounds.

He stirs in peaches in to last night’s chili.

You try to warn him of his mistake. “Umm”

“It’s good. You should try it.” He shovels a spoon full into his mouth.

You lose your appetite.

Mid-afternoon you return when all the brothers on your wing are in class. You drink three bottles of stout in your room before heading to the showers with two more bottles.

The hot water feels so good as you drink the frosty beer that you must have passed out right there.

“Are you ready boy?”

You look around to see who said that. You’re alone in the shower with the water. The water stands well over six tall and looked like a salty sea captain. You try to run out of the shower stall. Your escape is stopped by a solid sinewy arm of water. He lifts you easily and slams you into the tile wall. He runs his hands across your chest, your nipples harden. His damp scruffy beard rubs against the back of your neck. You turn your head to meet his mouth with a hungry kiss.

He pulls away growling, “Boy are you wanting me to roger you.”

“Just do,” you groan. You push your butt against the water’s thick cock in case he didn’t get it. He yanks your arms behind your back, he burying his cock in your ass to the balls. Balls which splash on your ass with every slap. You bite your lip to keep from making noise then you remember you’re dreaming.

“Give me that dick.” You grunt. “Fuck me raw.”

He reaches around gripping your cock in his calloused fist and starts to forcefully pump.  Your cum streams into the water.

He half drags you to your bedroom. He sits on your bed braced on his arms. The water pulses through his muscular body. You try to think how ghost made of water can be in your bed but dreams never make sense. Any way his penis has already pulsed erect. You slowly settle on to his erection and ride him to finish. You are not quiet.

Every night you dream, of being taken by the ghost in different forms, wood, steel, looking like actors and rock stars and just plain dudes. It didn’t matter. You wake happy.

 Tanner must have passed his bug almost everyone in the house. Every day you encounter at least one brother retching. You on the other hand, can’t get enough eat. Giving Hank a run for his money washed down with large amounts of the house brew. It’s Halloween you go out alone for the first time since homecoming weekend a month ago. Your nightly dreams have you questioning your sexuality.

Away from Greek row at a club you end up dancing with a couple dressed as the king and queen from your favorite show. She asks you back to their place.

“Before you say yes.” The king strokes your thigh. “Know I’m going to top.”

“I was hoping you’d say that.”

After a night of fucking and being fucked you walk across town in your gladiator costume. You never found out their names.  You have fewer questions.  And a growling stomach, you don’t know when you last ate.

You go directly to the dining room.

Tanner shouts, “The whore returns.”

The laughter gets further away, your face burns as you hit the ground.

You wake up on examination table, in the infirmary room.  A bugged eyed doctor has his fingers in your anus.

“Congratulations. You are the last brother to conceive.”

“What?” Thinking you’ve misheard.

“You’re pregnant.”

i was going to submit this for the reverse bang but i didn’t finish it in time so! have a headcanon post

modern urban witch louis keeps old rum and whisky bottles when he’s done with them to store his herbs and keeps his new spell ideas in a note in his phone. he has to wear shoes around his flat because he’s always got lines of salt on the floor he forgot to sweep up, and more than once he’s done a one-handed tarot reading with his other hand stuck in a bag of crisps, TV playing loudly in the background. he has a shitty office job to pay the bills but on the side he sells potions and spells to a few trusted people – he can’t do anything major, just things like protection and safety sigils when lottie wants to go on holiday to majorca and pain relief solutions when his roommate niall has a headache, but it’s what makes him happiest.

when harry stumbles into his life, it’s because niall bragged about louis’ skills to his friend liam from work, who told his friend harry that there might actually be a solution to the insomnia that’s been plaguing him for months. harry’s tried everything – sleeping pills, therapy, home remedies, hypnotism, you name it – but nothing has worked. normally louis doesn’t do his magic for just anyone: it’s a secret for a reason, and he doesn’t want to be be bombarded by random distant acquaintances begging for magical relief to their own problems, and he’s debating sending harry away. but then harry shows up on louis and niall’s doorstep with deep dark circles under his eyes and the most pathetic look on his face louis has ever seen, and he folds like a stack of tarots.

louis brews up a quick sleep solution (ground smoky quartz crystal for stress, valerian root for a hypnotic, passionflower for anxiety, and 100 proof vodka to make it go down) and pretends he doesn’t notice the green of harry’s eyes or the wide set of his shoulders (all while harry is trying not to gape at this actual witch, who not only is not green-skinned and warty like he expected but actually, um, really fucking attractive). harry thanks louis profusely when he leaves, takes the solution when he gets home, and sleeps for almost fifteen hours.

he shows up again the next day to shower louis in more effusive thanks and to get more of the solution, and louis valiantly tries to control the blush that heats his cheeks when harry declares him “the greatest person on the planet in the history of ever, i’m pretty sure.”

then harry turns up the next day as well, this time on the excuse that he stubbed his toe and he was pretty sure he’d never be able to walk again. louis tucked his smile away, called harry a drama queen, and gave him a pain relief potion. 

and then the next day he was back again, claiming he didn’t feel bad yet but he was pretty sure he was about to come down with something, like a cold or maybe ebola.

and then it’s like he’s there every day on flimsier and flimsier excuses. (”louis, i’m being serious, i think i have gout. or, like, scurvy.” “harry, you walked in eating an orange, i think you’re fine.”) harry’s favorite thing to do is to sit and watch louis as he goes about his normal business, brewing special teas for his sisters and reading tarot cards for niall, who likes to be prepared for the coming week. niall, who got used to the magic business a long time ago, sits and keeps harry from sticking his fingers into anything he shouldn’t, or from accidentally knocking over the bottle of home-grown nightshade.

luckily, louis doesn’t mind one bit.

eventually, harry adds louis-designed protection sigils to his already extensive tattoo collection, and has learned to avoid the strategic piles of salt scattered around louis’ flat. their first date is a midnight picnic on the roof of harry’s building, picking distant star patterns out of the sky and sharing tentative, sweet kisses. 

for their first anniversary, louis carves the rune for true love into a jade pendant and blushes wildly when he tells harry what it means.

“it’s um. it means true love.”

harry pulls louis close, wide-eyed and starstruck, “aw, lou. i love you too.” and then he leans back, grinning wildly. “looks like you’ve got me under your spell.”

harry’s still laughing when louis pinches him in the side for the terrible pun, but he stops quick enough when louis gives him something else to do with his mouth instead.

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Hi, Olivia Ellis here from 'Magic Celebs Weekly' You two are quite the wizard of Celebrities so could I ask you a few questions? *raises quill* 1.) Draco, what conditioner do you use? 2.) Harry, could you possible leak some of Mrs. Weasley's recipes? 3.) What are your favourite positions in bed (NSFW)? 4.) Who are you wearing right now? Kalvin Kline? Dumbleclothes? And finally 5.) Who are your idols? Thanks boys!

Draco: Oh, I’ve been waiting for one of you to show up!

Harry: She seems decent, love, it’s alright.

Draco: Decent? She’s asking for our favourite positions in bed.

Harry: She’s also asking about your conditioner! Don’t you want to tell them about that special stuff you brew?

Draco: Yes… Well, the secret to it is– Wait, what am I doing? 

Harry: Revealing the secret ingredient in your conditioner.

Draco: *sneers* I’m not telling anybody that. It dies with me.

Harry: But, I mean– Like… you’ll tell me right?

Draco: Why one earth would you even want to know?! You don’t care about hair products. *pointedly eyes Harry’s untamed mane*

Harry: No, but… I’m your husband.

Draco: So?

Harry: So… you’ll tell me right?

Draco: No. 

Harry: Why not?!

Draco: Because it’s a secret!

Harry: *impatient huff*

Draco: Now tell them about one of Molly’s recipes.

Harry: *grumpily* I don’t ask for her recipes, I just eat her food.

Draco: *snorts* Lovely.

Harry: But I’ve seen the way she makes cocoa and it’s honestly the best cocoa I’ve ever had.

Draco: Go on then.

Harry: So she boils the cocoa and sugar in some water until it’s really thick and sort of…heavenly. And then she pours in the milk and adds a pinch of…wait for it– salt!

Draco: Well, fuck. Now I want cocoa.

Harry: I’ll make you some if you tell me the secret ingredient?

Draco: No.

Harry: Well, in that case… Favourite positions, hmm– Well, I love taking him from behind, I mean, it’s when I’ve got the best view, right?

Draco: *steadily turning pink in the face*

Harry: Although I also love it when I’m on top ‘cause let me tell you, his expressions as I fuck him are fantastic.

Draco: *pursed lips*

Harry: He’s told you he loves being bent over things. Well, he also loves being on top– and boy, can he ride my cock like a fucking pro–

Draco: *wild shrieking* Alright, enough! I’ll tell you the fucking ingredient later!

Harry: *smug* 

Draco: I hate you. *irascibly* And we’re not wearing brands right now, what the fuck? We’re at home and are bloody barefooted, can’t you fucking see.

Harry: Most of his suits are Armani, I think?

Draco: Well, their suits are fabulous.

Harry: And do we have idols? Do I have an idol?

Draco: I’m pretty sure you are one.

Harry: Ugh, Jesus.

Draco: I’m sure you’re secretly so flattered.

Harry: Ugh, fuck you.

Draco: In what position?

(❤️ to @o0o-chibaken-o0o for the recipe and the shared love of salt in cocoa, LOL)

Cafe AU

It’s cliche but just listen

Cinnamon roll Zane being the shy and extremely kind cashier who sells you your coffee and pastries and the like. He just wants to have his own business because he’s always been told he’s good at baking.

Cole is a tour guide for those to hike. He’s always the first one in, gets his morning coffee, wishes Zane a good day and goes on his morning run before his guide job begins.

Kai being one of those cooks at restaurants that cook in front of you. I’m talking the ones where they put on a show with juggling hot spatulas and send pillars of fire into the air with the oil. Kai gets his coffee right before the shift, because he works nights when the real parties are held all night.

Nya being a teacher for those who want to learn self-defense and the like. She teaches the older kids, then within her half am hour break she goes and gets pastries and maybe a drink to help her stay relaxed because she has to reach little kids after that. She needs to mentally prepare for that.

Lloyd being the rich boy in town. He always gets what he wants basically. But the thing is… Lloyd really doesn’t want anything expensive. He doesn’t need a fancy car or something to make him happy. He’s fine with the simpler things. He stops into the shop every now and again to get a special brew from Zane and to have a small chat.

Jay being a… well…. nobody really knows. He’s never in the coffee shop for more than 20 seconds. He runs in, orders, and as soon as Zane hands him his coffee he’s just GONE. He zips in and out, leaving almost no time to talk. Zane makes it a mental note to try and find out eventually what he does.

Imagine...The Boys Visiting Your Hometown For Fall


Request: For a fall request, I’m from a little town and they have a big fall festival that is like the highlight of the town and maybe reader is from a town like that and she always talks about the festival but hasn’t gone in years but sam and dean surprise her and take her to it? I don’t care whether she has a relationship with one of them or not…whatever works with it. Thx!

Pairing: none

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request: what if gaston and the reader are in love (but not a couple) but had to move to paris because of something? and they're like 14 and 15 so they're young and in love. so they make a promise to come back to each other in a few years. gaston goes to war and the reader goes to paris with her family - then seven years later she comes back to see if gaston is back and yep, he is!! fluff!! like, he was in love with belle (while the reader was gone) but completely forgot when you came back.

omg this is so cliche but i loVE IT ANYWAY OKAY LET’S GET THIS THING GOING

word count: 2847


“Promise me you’ll come back in one piece?” 

Gaston chuckled. “That I’m afraid, I cannot do.” Kissing your knuckles, the teen smiled sadly. “However, I shall try my best to do so, should you promise me one thing in return.” 

“And that is?” You inquire of your admirer, raising a brow. 

“Wait for me,” Gaston responded, keeping your hands in his as he looked into your eyes. “If you could do just this one thing, wait for me, I should be a happy man going to war.” 

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List of TAZ Animatics: Story 6 - The Suffering Game

Chapter 1 (Ep. 51)

The Adventure Zone – Taaquito  

Magnus and The Director  

Adventure Zone- “Special Brew”- from The Suffering Game Chapter One  

Chapter 2 (Ep. 52)

Welcome to Wonderland  

TAZ Animatic - Welcome to Wonderland! (Ep 52)  

The Adventure Zone- The Suffering Game  

The Adventure Zone “Welcome to Wonderland” Animatic  

The Adventure Zone - When we look this good does it really matter?  

The Adventure Zone-Holograms  

Taako Seeks Employment  

Tiny Taako Animation  

Chapter 3 (Ep. 53)

The Adventure Zone - aw beans  

[The Adventure Zone] Cheating  

Chapter 4 (Ep. 54)

The Adventure Zone - Forsake!  

I’m Taako? From TV?  

I’m Taako? (TAZ animatic)  

Make ‘Em Laugh [Taz Animatic]- The Suffering Game  

The Dating Game - TAZ ANIMATIC  


[Animatic] Its me, Taako~ 

Taako from tv WIP  

its taako from tv (animation practice)  

Chapter 5 (Ep. 55)

Animatic - [The Adventure Zone] Ep. 55 clip  

The Adventure Zone Animatic || Taako’s HP is just really fuckin’ low 

The Adventure Zone - Magnus Forgets  

The Adventure Zone Animatic | Magnus Spins Mind (Rough)  

The Adventure Zone Animatic: Magnus Forgets (Suffering Games EP 55 Spoilers)  

Chapter 6 (Ep. 56)

The Adventure Zone - I’ll Make You a Deal  

The Adventure Zone - On the Catwalk (yeah)  

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The Adventure Zone Animatic- The Catwalk  

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Kyle Spencer (requested)

HIii, so I know I’ve been really inactive lately, but I am still alive! This lovely person requested a Kyle Spencer imagine and I am here to fulfill your fangirl needs!

Also it was not specified, but i was feeling the fem! reader!

(a lil triggering for rape:: hope you enjoy!


“Come one, Y/N! We– well you haven’t gone to a party in ages and everyone misses you!” Your boyfriend Kyle nagged to you as you combed through your hair. 

You had just gotten out of the shower after a long shift at work, and when you came back, your boyfriend was instantly on you that there was a party going on in three hours that was going to be “the best one yet”. Like they always claimed. But you were tired of parties, because it was dangerous there for any vulnerable person, because anyone could slip you drugs or force you to snort cocaine. Parties were all about peer pressure. And you just wanted to cuddle and watch Disney movies.

You shook your head and slipped your robe off, revealing your undergarments before you walked to your closet. “Kyle I don’t have anything to wear.”  

It was a lie, just recently you had went shopping and you had tons of new outfits to flaunt, but you just didn’t want to go. 

Kyle made a noise and walked over to your side, placing one hand on his hip and the other on your shoulder. “Baby, you have tons of clothes! I mean, look, this is new! Huh? I’ve never seen you wear this before. And it’s super sexy. I know how you’re all about body confidence.” 

You looked at the berry colored lace romper, with the plunging neckline and the exposed back. It was very sexy. So sexy that it had been sitting in your closet for a while now, since you never knew the proper time to wear it. Then you thought about it. If Kyle was suggesting you wearing it, he must have been okay with it, and you had one talent. Saying no.You were sure that you were able to turn down drinks from strangers and stray from the cocaine fanatics. Then your eyes came up to Kyles face and you sighed. It seemed the battle was won. You were going.You had lost this round. Kyle’s adorable begging face was the last and winning bullet.

Kyle sensed the change in your demeanor and let out a happy laugh, putting the hanger on the bed before coming and lifting you up. “Thank you, honey sweetie pie sugar. You know I hate walking into parties alone, I love you.” 

You tried but failed to hold back a grin as Kyle peppered kisses on your face and neck, and when he started to stay on the curve of your neck too long you giggled and pushed his chest. “I can’t wear the romper if you give me a hickey, sugar baby sweetie toots.” 

Kyle grinned and kissed you sweetly on the mouth. “I love you, Y/N.”

“I love you too, Kyle.” You gave him one last peck before he let you down. “Now give me an hour and a half to get ready.” 

Kyle groaned playfully before nodding and then throwing himself on your bed. “You do you, baby. I love you with and without makeup. Do your thing, my sweet.” 

You grinned and walked over to your vanity as Kyle closed his eyes and laid back. 


Three hours later you and Kyle were driving over to some unknown house and you were both in comfortable silence. You knew that music would be blasting like crazy at the party and you were glad to have even a moment of silence before your ears were ringing from the chaos. You smiled and rested your head on Kyle’s shoulder, as his hand slipped over onto your thigh. 

“You’ll protect me right Kyle?” You asked, your hand snaking onto your thigh before you started to play with his fingers.

“From what, baby doll?” He asked, turning his blinker to go right on. 

“From bug eyed cocaine addicts and horny single maniacs? You know, the people that make parties an unsafe place?” You intertwined your fingers with his and he squeezed your hand lightly as his thumb began to rub on your knuckles. 

“I’ll always protect you, Y/N. There’s always a danger anywhere we go, and I swear I’ll always protect you. No matter the situation; because you matter more to me than anything.”

You lifted your head off of his shoulder and gave him a kiss on his jaw, which he caved into, turning his head for a quick peck on the lips. When he turned back to the road he slowed down before parking behind a long line of cars. You quickly unlatched your seat belt, the music already pulsing through the seats of the car and climbed on top of Kyle’s lap.

“Listen Kyle. You’re so fucking sweet and I love you so much.” You said quickly, grabbing onto Kyle’s surprised face. 

He grinned and looked into your eyes, before his forced his head forward and you ducked your head to meet in a passionate kiss. Kyle’s hands landed on your hips and his fingers dug into the lacy material, before he pulled back, panting. 

“Okay, sexy baby doll, we gotta go before you get me hard. That outfits already got me all bothered.” Kyle’s eyes drifted to your exposed chest and he shifted uncomfortably. 

You giggled and opened the door, about to get out before Kyle pulled you back harshly. “And I love you too, Y/N.” 

When you were both heading to the entrance of the grand house you were slowly starting to regret your decision. There were loads of people so that even the lawn was full of drunken college kids, all laughing and throwing up and then passing out in that exact order. Paranoia was starting to bubble up. What if you drank so much you did something stupid and ended up going viral online? What if someone forced you to get high with them? To do heroine? To have a threesome? You were terrified. You hadn’t been to a party in ages, and it was like this was your first all over again. 

“Baby, smile a little bit. Remember me? Yeah? Kyle, sworn protector and the best boyfriend ever?” You looked from the entrance of the house to see that Kyle was facing you with a small worried smile on his face. 

“Yeah, no okay. Sorry babe, I was just-” 

“Worrying about bug eyed cocaine addicts and horny single maniacs. We can leave if you want, alright sugar bunny cutie?” 

You instantly shook your head, knowing that Kyle would be sad if he missed anything or if any of his friends and frat brothers got hurt. You forced on a smile and tugged at your curled hair. “It’s fine, bunny cutie sugar, let’s just have some fun.” 

Kyle grinned and grabbed your hand before starting to search for a familiar face.You spotted some people from your college and turned quickly before they could see you and kept yourself glued to Kyle until you two reached the kitchen of the grand home, where Kyle let out a holler and tugged himself out of your grip. You looked to see a group of Kyle’s frat brothers, who were all dressed the same, with frat t-shirts with popped collars and khakis. Kyle was wearing the same but you had convinced him that the popped collar was not in, and never would be. 

“Kyle, my man!” Steven Kurt yelled out, lifting his beer in the air and enveloping Kyle into a bro hug. “Just the man I wanted to see! Hey bro, you got any weed?” 

You stiffened as the question hit the air and Kyle coughed loudly before shaking his head. “Na, man. I brought Y/N around, man. You know she doesn’t like for me to sell anymore.” 

Steven and the gang all turned to you as you stood there with your back straight and a fake smile plastered on. Eyes were instantly raking your body up and down and all around as Kyle grabbed two beers from the fridge. 

When Steven was done eyeing you, he smiled and shook his head at Kyle’s hands, before grabbing a red solo cup that they had all been shrouding over, speed walking over to you so he reached you before Kyle. 

“Y/N, a special brew for a special lady.” He bowed slightly, staring you in the eyes all the while, a smirk on his face. 

You grabbed the cup reluctantly so you would not seem rude. Some part of you was hesitant because you didn’t know Steven all that well, but the other part of you that flashed pictures of Kyle’s face when he was begging you to come filled with disappointment made you shrug your shoulders. Steven was Kyle’s friend, and from what you knew pretty cool and he didn’t seem like the type of person to do anything bad.

You brought the cup to your lips and took a large gulp, causing the group of frats to cheer right before Kyle walked over with a worried look and the two beers. 

“What was in that, man?” Kyle yelled to Steven over the yells as you let out a whoop and shook your head from the horrible taste.

Steven shook his head and looked over to Kyle with a smirk as the boys crowded around you, guiding you to the dance floor. “Nothing man, just bourbon and coke.” 

Steven tried to follow but Kyle yanked at his arm. “No, what the fuck man, I know all about your ‘special brews’ and that’s my girlfriend asshole! What was in there?”

“Chill, man!” Steven shoved Kyle off of him and into the island before smirking even more. “You once said what’s yours is ours, right?” And then he sauntered out, leaving Kyle speechless and horrified. 

Half an hour later you were on the dance floor, feeling slightly dizzier than what a half cup of bourbon and coke should have made you feel. Multiple times when you went to the bathroom Kyle had walked over and insisted that you leave the party with him, but you always pushed him away, arguing that he was the reason you were there in the first place. “Lighten up!” You had yelled at him as you sat on the toilet and he sat facing the inside of the shower. “I’m not even drinking a lot, Kyle. I don’t want to get too drunk. Let me have some fun, please honey pot?” 

You eventually left him without an answer. 

But halfway through an incredibly bass-y song you were starting to sweat and lose focus of your eyesight, and you could feel bile swimming up your throat. You stumbled through the crowd, pushing with haste at a familiar boy with curly blond hair who caught you when you almost fell, running to the bathroom. You fell through a white door and fell onto a carpeted floor, throwing up your dinner and a brown substance. You fell to the side of it, as you felt footsteps coming nearer. You slowly regained your vision but your limbs were feeling incredibly numb.

“Aw, fuck Ross, she threw the shit up, what the fuck! You said it would work!” A voice that seemed far away as you tried to move. There was a loud thump and you felt body heat next to you on your vomit. 

“Ew! The fuck, man! It’s a different kind of shit, dick wad! It should still do the trick.”

“Well it better fucking work because I had to knock the shit out of Kyle so he would leave us for a few. He’ll be back, though, I promise. Now go and guard the door. I got a lot for this bitch, walking in wearing that damn outfit knowing that it would make someone horny. She was begging for this to happen.” 

You slowly started to come to your senses, and you tried your best to move, but your body seemed out of your control except for your fingers. There was shuffling and you opened your eyes, just as arms wrapped around you and placed you on something that your body sunk into. A bed that wasn’t yours, with a face above you that was not your boyfriends, slowly tugging at the hem of your romper.

“What the fuck? How do you take this shit off?” Steven, you recognized, was starting to get agitated as he began roughly tugging at the bottom of your romper, and you whimpered as the lace rubbed harshly on your skin as your shoulders began to gain feeling again.

“Steven,” You groaned out as the lace started to scratch too harshly at your skin, making you whimper in pain.

The tall brunette stopped tugging at your romper and shuddered in pleasure and ground his hips into yours, causing tears to prick your eyes. “Fuck, say my name again.” 

“Steven please stop!” You raised your voice the best you could, tears pricking your eyes. 

Steven stopped and growled, suddenly flipping you onto your back, where the button and zipper to your romper were. He started to work on them, ignoring the loud pounds on the wall that had started up. “Don’t cry, Y/N. I know you’ve wanted this for a long time. I see the way you laugh at my jokes, touch my arm, and look me up and down. You want me.” 

Tears began to run down your face at the horrible experience that you were about to go through, hoping that the feeling wouldn’t return to your bottom half. Then suddenly his fingers stopped and there was the sound of another zipper as he started to yank the shoulders of your romper down with one hand.

“HELP!” You gained the courage and energy suddenly, just as the door of the room was thrown open and Steven was suddenly fell to the floor suddenly from the force of you pushing up and the shock of the door banging open. 

He lay on the ground, dick out, just as a blond guy you recognized as Kyle, your boyfriend, ran forward and kicked him square in the side of the face. He yelled something you didn’t quite catch as you fell to the floor as well, your romper halfway down without a care, only the thought of escape on your mind. You dragged yourself with your arms as feeling regained to your thighs.

“What’s mine is mine, Steven. You sick ass bastard.” 

You glanced back quickly, sobs escaping your body, to see that Steven was knocked out cold, and Kyle was advancing at you quickly. You started to hyperventilate slightly, your breathing increasing as you tried to move your knees to get away quickly. 

“Baby, Y/N, it’s me.” Kyle sobbed out, placing his hand on your bare back. 

The touch made you cry harder as you let yourself fall back on the ground to escape his hands. There were loud sobs behind you as you silently cried into the carpet, letting your mouth open in a silent scream. “Y/N please, I’m so sorry I let him touch you. Baby, please it’s me Kyle.” 

The touch returned, this time warmer and calming, and you still sobbed, but did nothing when the fingers traveled to re-button and adjust your romper and close it up. 

The next parts were a blur, and you let yourself black out slightly, and the next thing you knew you were sober, dressed in night wear, and in your bed. You were still crying, but Kyle was sitting at the edge of your bed, scared to touch you, with his own tears climbing down his cheeks.

“K-kyle?” You asked, not meaning for the sobs to start back up. Kyle closed his eyes in pain as he saw the bruises lacing your thighs and the red marks on your shoulders. You hand’t even felt the squeezes that he had been doing on your legs. “Kyle, please just come hug me. I need a hug, bottle baby, please.” 

Kyle cried harder and crawled over to you, gently pulling you into his arms, placing kisses on your head softly. “I’m here, baby. Always, honey sugar. I love you, Y/N. I’m your protector, remember?” 


Sorry it’s a bit rushed at the end.

Thanks for the request @thoughtfullyyoungduck !! Hope you enjoy!

The Months as Witches: March

The magic surrounding nature is the focus of March’s craft. She uses a variety of herbs and plants in different potions and brews. March specializes in understanding the different powers various plants possess and how to use them accordingly. Lastly, the magic of March greatly centers on the healing magic of all things nature, both physically and spiritually.

(inspired by droo216′s if the months had faces edits)

Borderlands 2 Drinking Headcannons

The Commando gets really flirty. Starts hitting on everyone. It’s all slurred, but he basically compliments everyone’s butts. He slaps everyone on the back and puts an arm around them. Starts singing along to whatever song is on the jukebox. 

The Siren starts giggling uncontrollably. She tells terrible jokes and laughs before she can even tell the punchline. She’s never drank much, and if she has she’s preferred more refined tastes, like wine or brandy. But give her a pint of Moxxi’s special brew and she’ll become a giggling mess.

He gets naked. It’s inevitable. First comes off the shirt. Then the shoes. Then the pants. And then before you know it, he’s helicoptering whilst chugging down a pint of booze in each hand. Salvador’s got good endurance though. He can drink anyone under the table. Anyone. Axton tried to beat him at shots. They carried him back to HQ unconscious with Salvador cackling.

Not much changes. The Psycho still screams and cries randomly. Incoherent phrases about. It’s hard to tell if the alcohol affects him at all. But behind the erratic shell, the voice within his mind recalls of a time like this. The bitter taste. The fizzy liquid. The sounds of laughter and upbeat music. There’s…something. A recollection of time long past. How long? He doesn’t know. But he just ends up screaming about nuclear jellybeans or something. 

She gets super emotional and clingy. She hugs all of her friends and starts talking about how she loves each and every one of them. She’s a major lightweight when it comes to drinking. It takes at least a single pint to get her to pass out.

No one quite knows how the assassin does it, but somehow he manages to drink. The team have watched him, waiting for something to happen, but he just kind of sits there and speaks in haiku. When they turn away for even a second, bam. An empty glass and a slightly tipsy assassin swaying from side to side, ever so slightly. Salvador swears he saw him open a mouth or a slot or something.

tygermama  asked:

headcanon - Obi Wan does love tea, he also loves mugs with silly pictures and tea infusers in weird shapes, they're gag gifts but he treasures them (I remember a fic where Anakin got him a mug that said 'Galaxy's Okayest Pilot')

If by “tea” you mean “whiskey with a dash of tea for flavor,” then yes, this is completely true.

Of course, one of the hazards of being known for a love of tea is that everyone who needs to get you a present and has no real ideas always gets you a mug. Obi-Wan has a lot of mugs. He’s too conscientious to ever give any away.

He only ever uses one of them, though. It’s white, or was - the inside is thoroughly tea-stained now. There’s a picture on the side of something that’s probably supposed to be a podracer, though it looks like the person who drew it had likely had a few too many cups of “tea” themself. Scrawled across the mug are the words “I feel the need for speed.”

Everyone who sees it assumes that it must have been a present from Anakin, but in fact it was a gift from Dex. (The story goes something like this. Anakin used to sneak out to race. Obi-Wan never did manage to learn why. But once Anakin was gone for a bit too long, and Obi-Wan realized his padawan was missing and got a bit frantic. Finally he called up Dex, on the grounds that Dex knows something about pretty much everything and if you have a missing person, Dex is always a good place to start. Turned out Dex knew exactly where Anakin was, and what he was up to. This did not make Obi-Wan any less frantic. Dex had to talk him through the race. A liberal serving of Dex’s special brew helped. Three days later, Obi-Wan had very little memory of what exactly happened, Anakin was amazed that he still hadn’t really been punished, and a new mug had appeared in their kitchen.)