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But I love the headcanon that Gabe isn’t really that bad. óuò These were just the days one of his men accidentally drank the special brewed coffee that Lucio made for him. It’s that good! (*´ω`)<3 (aight, he had the right to be mad.)

National Hot Tea Day

Person A makes a lot of unique and weird teas that they sell at their tea shop. Person B hates tea but was dragged by their friend who loves tea. Their friend explains to Person A that they need to make Person B a tea lover, and if they know just what tea will suit their friend. Person A makes a special brew of tea just for Person B after asking Person B a few apparently random questions, and Person B loves it, but is also convinced that Person A is a witch.

Bloody Spirits was nothing more an a specially brewed adept with roots of a similar plant that of the drug which he was administered in his youth. Coiled with a bit of… an acquaintance’s mandrake, roots new to this world and blood. Always blood, boiled, watered, what have you. Several experimentations the Vampyre honed throughout his time here, alone and curious.

Alas, it has done the job well a few a time. It was no different now. His immune system did not allow a full drunkenness, no, merely leaving him with his mind clouded, his limbs warm and foggy. It was a pleasant feeling, from time to time, to enjoy the brew when whatever allowed.

Alas, after ( casually ) drinking two short bottles of the Bloody Spirits, Rathain found himself sitting in a long chair; half drunk. A candle was lit to provide some ambient noises, along with the distant howling of a summer breeze. A cabin, deep in the woods some ways of Crow’s Perch, a trail hidden by a brush off the road. With senses considerably dulled, however, the Vampyre wouldn’t be able to hear a passerby. Though he wasn’t drunk to be blind and deaf to all, aggression still boiled in the beast’s blood.

An arm slung over his face, waves of dark lengths barely tickling the wooden floorboard and a low groan can be heard. It was plesant feeling. Releasing all tension: paranoia, fear, that this time around the predator needn’t watch over his shoulder. Yet he felt himself wishing some familial company.

“Come one, come all to our Valentine’s Special Bazaar!”

“We’ve got a fresh batch of Valentine’s Day Love Potions especially mixed and fixed to help you capture your Valentine’s heart faster than any dumb box of sweets! A sure-fire to have him-or-her falling for you all day long! We only have a limited amount so act fast!”

“We’ll be selling them in four different bottles, so try to collect them all! We have Tewi’s Small Prank of Affection for when you just want your date to be a little lovey-dovey. Next is Reisen’s Shot Through the Heart! Especially made for those who’re seeking to be taken out on a romantic dinner date for the special evening. Then we have Eirin’s Arrow of Love, a special brew for those who want to burn off those unwanted calories from dinner after dinner! Finally is Princess Kaguya’s Vow of Eternity! For when you want your love of loves to marry you right on the spot!”

“So buy them while supplies last! Don’t let your wallet be the reason you can’t find love today!”

The Months as Witches: March

The magic surrounding nature is the focus of March’s craft. She uses a variety of herbs and plants in different potions and brews. March specializes in understanding the different powers various plants possess and how to use them accordingly. Lastly, the magic of March greatly centers on the healing magic of all things nature, both physically and spiritually.

(inspired by droo216′s if the months had faces edits)

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Lacy Pierce sits down at the bar, watching the man who fit the description closely. She had heard he specialized in brewing potions on the side, doing what she couldn't most of the time. And her fingers drummed on the table, she waited to grab his attention.


Xavier kept his eyes on the drink he was working on as he spoke “Can I help you, ma’am?” he asked, glancing over for a second then going back to his work.

Not So Easy

Lucky sat up on a branch out of the man’s reach, scowling down at him. Oh he had seen plenty of what the other had done and he was just about sick of it. And he wasn’t the only one, which would explain why it was so easy to convince the potion master to concoct a special brew for Lucky to use the next time Solomon did anything to them. His wings were folded, tattered edges barely touching the bark. “Come on…” he muttered


The first time, Parker and Hardison think it must be a coincidence. A really weird, extremely coincidental coincidence.

It is the first anniversary of when they started dating and hot pretzels are the daily special in the brew pub. They don’t even discuss it, because there is no possible way for it to be anything other than a coincidence. But of course they both order pretzels.

And not just any pretzels. Really amazing pretzels, hot from the oven, with just the right amount of salt, and a beer cheese sauce available on the side. Or with cinnamon and sugar, the way Parker orders hers.

They had never mentioned the pretzel thing to Eliot so it had to be a coincidence. It had to be. Right?

“It’s not a coincidence,” Parker says. It is their second anniversary and hot pretzels are once again the brewpub’s daily special.

“It’s… How is that even possible? I never told him about pretzels.”

“Neither did I. They’re good pretzels,” she said taking a bite.

She tries to dip her cinnamon sugar pretzel in Hardison’s cheese sauce. Even his less than refined palate recoils at the thought of the combination. Hardison is just certain that Eliot would remove one or the other from the menu if he knew they were being combined like that. But Parker seems to like it so Hardison lets her dip the sweet pretzel into his cheese sauce, even though it leaves a little cinnamon sugar in the cheese.

“They are good pretzels,” he agrees. “But seriously, how are there pretzels on the menu, today of all days, two years in a row?”

Parker licks cinnamon and sugar and cheese off of her fingers while she ponders the questions.

“Isn’t it obvious,” she says finally. “Food makes Eliot feel stuff. That’s why he loves to cook.” She licks a strip of cinnamon sugar from her plate while she considers it. “So of course he notices when people have feelings about food.”


North Carolina brewers plan special beer to fight anti-trans law

30 craft breweries in North Carolina are joining forces to fight HB2 with a specially brewed saison. All proceeds from the brew will be donated to Equality North Carolina and the QORDS summer camp for LGBT youth, both LBGT-focused non-profits. Their name for the beer is downright perfect.