Myrtle Elizabeth Warren

This is the sad tale of Myrtle Warren. Myrtle was a muggle born witch who began attending Hogwarts in 1940, and was sorted into Ravenclaw. Unfortunately she had trouble making friends and was often bullied (particularly by Olive Hornby) for her glasses and acne.

Here we come across Myrtle crying in the second floor girls bathroom. She has just been teased by Olive about her glasses.

She has just been teased by Olive about her glasses.

Suddenly someone enters the restroom.

Boy(Tom Riddle): [Speaking in Parseltounge]

Myrtle: Go away! You have the wrong room.

Basilisk: O___O

Myrtle: Blehhh!

Oh dear.

And that is how Myrtle Warren died. She was 14. Her death was used by Tom Riddle to create his first Horcrux, as he was controlling the basilisk.

Epilogue: It wasn’t until several hours that her body was discovered by none other than Olive Hornby. Myrtle took revenge by haunting Olive until a restraining order was filed with the Ministry against her, and she was asked to remain at Hogwarts. Myrtle then proceeded to haunt the second floor girls room and earned the name Moaning Myrtle due to her constant crying. Because of this, no one wanted to use the bathroom, making it the perfect location for illegal potion brewing.

Sometime you can’t make decision, just mix them all. ;)
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My local was lucky enough to get a keg of unfiltered ESB. Sampled on draught the beer poured a hazy honey golden amber colour with sudsy bubbles, much like you find on a cask pull. The bubbles quickly receded leaving light lacing. The nose has notes of floral English hops, hint of piney hops, bready malts, caramel, touch of citrus and a subtle fruitiness. Taste much as would be expected from the nose. The toasted caramel malts are nicely balanced with floral hop bitterness. Notes of delicate fruits, spice and nuts are also present. The carbonation is soft and the body is medium. The brew is chocked full of flavour, easily quaffable and because of its ABV very sessionable too. A proper English Ale.

4.8% from Toronto, Ontario

Pride of Lions

You’d think Aslan Brewing was named after the lion from C.S. Lewis novels. Apparently, Lewis just aped the Turkish word for lion for his anthropomorphic king of Narnia. Aslan the brewery is located in Bellingham, Washington and specializes in organic brewing. I saw a couple cans on the shelf and thought I’d give them a chance.

First up was the Dawn Patrol “Pacific Ale,” a designation invented out of whole cloth because no one likes a plain pale ale anymore. Want to know a secret? Dawn Patrol is a pale ale. A really good pale ale, but it’s nothing particularly new or exciting. Nice citrus notes, perfect balance, a bit of grapefruit pith in the finish, very easy to drink.

Batch 15 is Aslan’s IPA. It’s bolder than Dawn Patrol with big lemongrass notes. It’s more earthy than fruity with a firm bitterness. I only got a few sips before I handed the can back to Sarah. She shrugged. It’s fine, she says.

Rosewater (by @empressofthelibrary)

Special Talent: Brewing flower-based alcohols and perfumes for flutterpony nobles

Possible Backstory: Rosewater is a simple mare, straightforward and honest, and unlike the majority of her kin, she refuses to couch her opinion in meaningless niceties and empty words. This has led to her being mostly ostracized by the rest of the flutterponies, who think of her as needlessly rude.  To make up for the dent this puts in her business, she often disguises herself and sells her wares to Equestrians on the other side of the Veil.  Her repeat customers refer to her producs as addictive, but surely they’re exaggerating…

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[ ] She was grateful that he’d taken the thermos of tea from her, and a smile crossed her face quickly, if only for a moment. He was looking better than she expected for being ill, but definitely still not well. Sonia’s pale eyes were full of concern for her friend, she hated seeing him like this.

“Is there anything else you need, Kuzuryuu-san? I am glad you accepted my tea though. It has honey and lemon in there, which is good for a sore throat.” Sonia said with a nod. She’d specially brewed the tea for him from what she had brought from home.