specially kenny


at first I couldn’t get the thought of COMC’s professor Hanji out of my head and then my hand..slipped orz 

it’s an AU where they met at students and they came back as professors years later :B

bounus DADA’s professor Erwin /o/

added more! (last ones I promise jdahsad)

this happened after releasing Aragog

and some mikenana in Romania uvu Mike’s a mix of Charlie/Bill/Remus LOL (so he has a werewolf scar as well :D)


The boys enjoying each other’s company as pairs.

Kenny didn’t go to Hawaii by his own accord but he ended up enjoying his trip with Butters all the same so I add it.

On Stan and Kyle, the latter creepily getting inside Stan’s room in the middle of the night and Stan barely reacting to me screams trust and intimacy so much more than casually hanging out, that’s why I chose it.

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sorry, but i forgot. what's the ackerbond, and what does that have to do with mikasa's weight?

It’s the idea that the Ackerman family’s (Mikasa’s, Levi’s, Kenny’s) special bonds with the person they’ve chosen to admire (Eren, Erwin, Uri) are tied to their will/power etc.

That it’s because of their blood that they ended up dedicated to the people they love, not because they actually grew to care about them and admire them because of their experiences.

Also, that they are only that strong because the Ackerbond was “activated” and their strength depends on the condition of the one person they admire.

The reason why I dislike this is because it could potentially ruin these characters as individual characters - their character development and any of their achievements would be cheapened.

As far as Mikasa this chapter, it’s relevant the because her condition might be affected by this “Ackerbond”, which again, as said before, could potentially be really awful.

I think it’s a misinterpertation that stemmed from the interview where Isayama compared the Ackermans to knights - with the person they’re dedicated towards being their “leige”. But I think it’s just an example and means nothing else and honestly really hope it means nothing else.

Thank you for the ask!

two things about chapter 74...

y’all are worried about death flags on Erwin or Levi etc. but I can’t stop thinking about Connie and how he’s finally facing who destroyed his village and the set-up for this encounter was there the whole time

I mean, these panels speak for themselves:

Moving to another point, those belt things everyone is using on their arms kind of resemble that special gear that Kenny and the Central MP used

Could they have adapted it into the 3DMG? (Althought it didn’t seem to have any different purpose other than replace the blades for guns…) idk

Photo booth fun with our Fave!
We have a special bond with Auntie Kenny because she’s not dating a subpar rapper and she’s been in Vogue. She’s pretty close to perfect. 

1989 musical guests predictions

this is a new one since, well, we’ve had A LOT of surprises. ones we didn’t even guess. i don’t know where my first list went, so this is my second one. i won’t predict where just because it’s clear we never know. so it’s just the guest and what song i think they’ll sing.

hailee steinfeld - love myself
troye sivan - wild
vance joy - riptide (i mean come on i know he’s her opening act but WE NEED THEM SINGING IT TOGETHER PLEASE)
ed sheeran - everything has changed/photograph
bruno mars - uptown funk
fall out boy - uma thurman
maroon 5 (or just adam levine) - sugar
tori kelly - should’ve been us
she’s kinda hot - 5sos
kenny chesney, luke bryan, some other country artist

that’s all i have for now. feel free to reblog and add your own!