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'The Cursed Child' recap – 10th and 11th/12th of May

It took me a long time to write this recap (I’m a terrible procrastinator) and I had many doubts if it was even worth to write it. I suppose people are more interested in reading recaps of the new cast and there’s not much to say about the original cast that haven’t been said before. But in the end I decided to write down my memories, mostly for myself, but if even one person reads and likes it, I’ll be very happy.

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Lamborghini Huracan Avio in matte green with Air-Force inspired stripes and graphics at the London Motor Show on the H R Owen stand

A note about the London Motor Show: this is the second year the event has been hosted in Battersea Park. It is not an international show in the style of Paris or New York. The London show is a smaller scale exhibition with stands provided by dealers rather than manufacturers so no concept cars or major debuts. 


“To anyone visiting London, I’d say one essential thing you have to do is just to walk down the Southbank. You’ve got the National Theater, British Film Institute, Tate Modern, Royal Festival Hall. So lots of culture in a kind of public space. All kinds of different people mingling, and to me that’s what makes London special.”

Sherlock special
  • Sherlock & John: *has a special moment while John points a gun at Moriarty*
  • Moriarty: *inbetween sherlock and john* ugh why don't you two just make love for God's sake

For the people in London! Some “Lazarus” news!

“David Bowie’s Lazarus to be revived in virtual reality at London’s V&A”

“David Bowie’s musical Lazarus is to become a virtual reality experience at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

The VR show will be part of the museum’s fourth Performance Festival, which celebrates all forms of live performance. Audiences will be able to experience a recording of the production through VR headsets on April 30.

Lazarus, a musical sequel to Nicolas Roeg’s 1976 science fiction film The Man Who Fell to Earth, was Bowie’s final project before his death in January 2016.


anonymous asked:

Yeah why not put Niall or Liam on there? Especially when Harry was just on.

If they wanted to have Harry on again, fine. I definitely do think they should mix it up, but at least he’s British. The KOL thing though. They could have replaced KOL with Liam. Why bother taping in London if you’re bringing in an American band? It’s already an American based TV show so you’re not adding anything special by being in London with a band from Nashville.