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Law & Order: SVU

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Trouble in the Heights


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Tick, Tick … Boom!

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Sunday in the Park with George

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Anyone Can Whistle

My Soul To Take

Raúl Esparza


My friends, I finally decided to make a masterpost for my Raúl Esparza and Broadway drawings. This post shows my development as an artis, since I came over here from the Fassbender fandom. It contains old and new ones, as well as good and bad. I thought of deleting the bad ones first, but then I realized, that they are also an important part of my journey, so I kept them. Yet there are a few I left out on purpose, but they weren’t important anyway. I hope you find joy in this post and I wanna thank all my friends in the Raúl Esparza fandom, who always support me and are there whenever I need them. I love to draw for each and everyone of you! :-*

PS: Please excuse any typos. I can’t believe I’ve made so many drawings by now!!

“I believe that a very big reason i’m on that show is that i was meant to be there for [Melissa]. I also believe that’s why it carries over so well on the screen. I care about that girl. I would slash somebody’s tires for her. I’m not gonna lie”.

Chyler Leigh on her special bond with Melissa Benoist and their on-screen chemistry [x]


It has been quite a while since I posted an update on my Raúl Esparza collection. 110 drawings and counting!! (not all of them are in this collage though) I never realize how many they are until I put them together like this.

Tbh, I don’t think I would’ve been able to make that many without my wonderful friends and fans here in the fandom. Sometimes I think I’m not good or artistic enough and sometimes when I look at other people’s art on various plattforms, I feel insecure. But then I remember why I’m doing this. Not to compete with others, but to honor the man who inspires me so much and brightens even my darkest days. God gave me a gift. I might use it differently than others, but I use it the best way I can. And I use it to make other people happy. Everytime I get a message from someone, saying that my art makes their days, makes them smile, I feel like I’m doing the right thing. I tell you something. I’ve been the black sheep and an outsider my whole life. But your amazing response to my works makes me feel that I am someone special - for the very first time in my life. And now I met Raúl and he has my art. He has all of the ones above and I when I gave them to him, I gave him a piece of my heart. These drawings are ME. All my feelings, all my emotions, all my love, all my fears. And because I also made these drawings for YOU and because of you, he has a piece of you as well. We are a big family full of wonderful people, artists, writers, gif-makers, etc. and I love to draw for you and Raúl with all my heart. ❤

Zero to Hero | Kara Zor-El

I’ve had this idea floating around in my head for a while and finally got the inspiration I needed to make it. Enjoy everyone! :D

Song: Zero to Hero from Hercules

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ah im sorry i wanted to rec something you havent read yet :( i think its the least i can do since you always rec such wonderful fics. im also sad minfairy quit writing bc theyre my fav & their non au fics are the best.. speaking of, i was gonna ask for more non au fics but i literally asked 2 days ago but i'll try to find something you havent read yet and rec you :^) you don't have to answer this ask now btw! thanks again for being so sweet <3

adshdsh its okay anon you dont have to do that but thank you thats so sweet of you :))) yes im also sad that they quit their writing is one of my favs and sadjhdhs yes ofc i have been reading lots of vmin lately (by lots i mean LOTS LOTS) so you can count on me anytime tbh :) so okay bare with me:

The Songbirds are Singing

This was written for @txf-fic-chicks Post Ep Challenge.  No beta, just written and posted.  It’s post “Paperclip.”

Author: piecesofscully
Rating: teen
Spoilers: Season 3′s “Paperclip”

Her jacket falls to the chair with a muted thump, followed by the discarding of her purse and shoes.  The yellowed beams of street lamps stream through her slitted blinds, offering her just enough of a glow for her to see as she pads across her living room floor to the stereo.  The mixed tape Missy had made her years ago still sits rewound in the cassette player from her last impromptu visit, having been played and rewound multiple times over a few bottles of wine and stories full of laughs.  

“Ah, remember Jodi from down the street?” Missy had asked.  “The one with the curly brown hair and gap in her teeth?”

“How could I forget?” Dana had said between sips of merlot.  “Her boobs stole my boyfriend that summer.”

Melissa had gasped.  “Oh my god, that’s right!  Henry!  He went around for weeks afterwards bragging about how she let him put his hand up her shirt!”

“I should have known…”

“Maybe if you would have stuffed your-”

“I was fourteen!” Dana had said with a cough, nearly choking on her wine.  

“So much drama over a B cup,” she’d said as she laughed.  “You cried for weeks.”

“I’m going to need more wine.”

Her index finger slides along the buttons until she feels the indentations for the Play button, then presses it down.  Piano begins to filter through the speakers, the light-hearted intro contrasting the sudden darkness she feels bleeding into her apartment.  She gingerly lowers herself onto her couch, and mindlessly flicks on the lamp that sits nearby.  

For you, there’ll be no more crying.

For you, the sun will be shining.

And I feel that when I’m with you,

It’s alright, I know it’s right.

“Sometimes I feel like we should have been twins,” Melissa had said.

Dana’s eyebrow raised, and she had laughed.

“No, seriously.  Seriously, Dana, stop laughing and hear me out!  You and I, it’s like we’re the same person.”

Tears had begun to trail down Dana’s face as she laughed harder.  

“Dammit, Dana, I know we’re different, but sisters have a special bond, you know,” Melissa had said, her voice echoing into the nearly empty glass of wine.

“Well, yeah,” Dana had replied, wiping her eyes.  “We grew up together.”

“No, I mean, our souls are connected, intertwined, tethered together for eternity. Wherever you are, Dana, I’m there, too.”

From the drawer of the side table, she pulls out what’s left of a short stick of incense and the small glass holder Melissa had given her as a birthday gift years before.  It feels smooth and lightweight between her fingers, it’s emerald color glimmering under the lamp.  With the light of a match and the quick forced rush of her breath, the tip of the incense begins to smolder.  A thin line of smoke twirls from the end gracefully, the way Melissa used spin in the center of the kitchen while pretending to be a ballerina.  

The warm musky scent of patchouli surrounds her, it’s smell tweaking the sides of her mouth into a small smile. It’s sweet undertones remind her of summer evenings from long ago, of two teenage girls listening to Fleetwood Mac’s Tusk album on repeat.   It reminds her of a time when she was Dana, just Dana.  

And for a moment it feels as if Melissa is sitting right there next to her, cuddled into the far corner of the couch with her legs folded underneath her.  

To you, I’ll give the world.

To you, I’ll never be cold.

‘Cause I feel that when I’m with you,

It’s alright, I know it’s right.

Melissa would roll her eyes dramatically, and inform her that patchouli was for depression, it’s properties used to help ease you from the murky depths of the prison of your own inner mind.  

“Feel the hurt and then let it go, Dana,” she would say.  “Don’t hold onto it, that’s toxic.  Death, no matter how sudden, isn’t an ending.”

“I know, Missy,” Dana whispers into her empty apartment as she curls herself into the opposite corner of her couch.

“Energy doesn’t vanish or die, it transfers,” she would say.  “You of all people should know that, Miss Bachelors Degree in Physics.  Our souls are energy; energy that’s just waiting for the right moment to transfer and bring a new form of beauty into the world.”

And the songbirds are singing, like they know the score.

And I love you, I love you, I love you, like never before.

And I wish you all the love in the world.

But most of all, I wish it from myself.

And, when alive, she had been that very beauty in the world.  Her life was lived loudly, and without regrets or apologies.  She was as vibrant as the red roses that bloomed in spring, the air about her had been exuberant and invigorating.  

Never a woman to be eclipsed into a shadow, her emanation too stunningly bright and commanding of attention, her energy affecting the incoming and retreating tides of Dana’s life from a distance.  Now, even in death, her rich presence still lingers.  

Hot tears sting Dana’s eyes.  “I don’t…” she whispers hoarsely, not trusting her voice to remain strong.  “I don’t know how to do this alone, Missy.”

Her sister would smile, her eyes shaded with a thin veil of sadness, and then grasp her hand.  “You do,” she would say, her voice encouraging. “You’re not alone, Dana.”

A sob that has been gradually building and churning in the highest part of her belly finally escapes Dana’s lips as she buries her face in her hands.

And the songbirds keep singing, like they know the score

And I love you, I love you, I love you

Like never before, like never before, like never before.

The last few chords of the song are interrupted by the muffled shrill of her cell phone, and Dana immediately wipes her eyes and sniffles sharply, composing herself as if the caller has just walked through the door and caught her in a vulnerable moment.   She sighs heavily as the ringing persists, and shakes her head briskly, then heaves herself off of the couch, stops the tape, and crosses towards her summoning.  

“Scully,” she answers curtly.

“Hey, did I wake you?”

“Mulder?”  Her brows furrow.

“The one and only,” he quips.  “Well, really there are actually plenty of Mulder’s-”

“I wasn’t sleeping,” she answers with a sigh.

He pauses, waiting for her to continue.  When she doesn’t, he asks, “How are you?”

“I’m fine,” she answers quickly, then eases herself back down to the couch.  

“Right,” he says, and she can practically see him pursing his lips.  “Of course.”  

She pulls the blanket from the back of the couch and lets it tumble into a heap across her body, like the comfortable silence that has fallen between them.  If she strains she can hear the slow rhythm of his breathing, and she finds herself slowing her own, matching his relaxed pace.

Inhale, exhale.  Inhale, exhale.  She closes her eyes.  

“Hey, Scully.”  His voice penetrates the quiet, it’s warmth and tenderness slowly mending the frayed edges of her heart with each syllable.  She hums in response.

“Did I ever tell you the story of Kenneth Arnold?”

Her swollen eyes ache as her smile reaches her eyes.  “About how he saw nine high-speed flying saucers near Mount Rainier?”

“I’ll take that as a yes.”

She pulls the blanket to her chin, settling in deeper into the cushions of the couch.  “Tell me again, Mulder.”

One, Two, Three

A/N: This was written for @i-dont-know-how-to-write ‘s Cutie Challenge. Hope you like it! My chosen movie was… you know what, I’ll reveal that after the fic. Let’s see how well I did, when the rule was that the fic should resemble the movie’s meet cute. :-) — Special thanks to Melissa @deansdirtyduchess for beta’ing my first attempt at romancing Sam. You rock!

Characters: Reader x Sam, Dean, Lauren (OFC)

Word count: ~3400

Warnings: fluff, canon-typical violence and injuries, language, fluff

Please, do not post on any other sites without my express permission!

Act I - The bookstore

“Yeah, I’ve read that.”

You pushed away yet another book your best friend, Lauren, was holding out to you.

“This! You gotta read this!” She nearly jumped up and down when she picked the next book from the shelf. “This is wonderful! It’s got great romance, and the hero is to die for!”

“Young adults? Lauren, no.”

“Fine.” She put the book back and seconds later turned around with another. “This one has smut. And the hero is to die for.”

“Lauren!” You scolded laughing. “Enough about heroes. I’m sick and tired of romance and gorgeous guys saving the girl. I’m off men! I want some suspense and gore and blood for a change.”

She rolled her eyes and pointed to the other corner of the bookstore. “Thrillers are that way.”

You grinned at her and picked up the nearest Harlequin novel to shove at her chest. “Drool over that for a minute, I’ll be right back.”

You wound your way through the tables and shelves, slipping past a few people on the way. You let out an exited sigh as you halted before the right shelf and started perusing through the books. You read a few back covers, but then a book on the top shelf caught your eye. The title was vaguely familiar from some review and you reached up to get it - only to find out you were a few inches too short even when you stood on your tiptoes. You glanced around for a stool, but didn’t see any, so you stretched out again, hoping that it would somehow make a difference.

“Allow me.”

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Making Magic (Bucky)

this is a lovely and kinda ambigious in a good way request from a member of the skele club, @skeletoresinthebasement

pretty average WARNINGS, which are swearing and mentions of sex and lots of overreactions 

You couldn’t help yourself. Maybe it was the party, maybe it was the lights or the alcohol. Perhaps the mood, the crazy feeling in the air, or just that you were tied of stopping yourself. But somehow, you’d ended up here, straddling Buckys hips, your ass on his thighs and his palms on your ass.

“Come on, doll.” He rasped, his stubble scratching against the soft skin of your jaw in a way that made you shiver. Your palms slid down his shouders, fiddling with the belt of his jeans and you felt his stomach jump with his breath.

“Okay.” You whisper and his eyes darken, and you can’t help yelping in surprise as he suddenly pushes to his feet, his hands holding you against him and your legs tightening automatically. “Oh my God.”

“Don’t wear the words out yet.” He teases in your ear and you giggle, clutching him as he carries you from the flashing lights and crowd, and back to his room. 

Tiptoeing from the room, you curse internally, trying to find as much of your outfit as you could before you scarpered from the room and bolted for your own.

“You make me sick, who has sex with their co-worker, their friend, the person they have a mission with in two days. The only buffer for the sexual and whatever emotion tension is left over after this shock exit is Peter. Peter.” You growl to yourself as you go through what you managed to save from his room. Dress, check. Shoes, check. Hair clips, stuck in your birds nest so check. Bra, wasn’t wearing one. Panties? You sigh a furious breath, trying to maintain control. Gone. “Do you hate children? Do you hate Peter? What is wrong with you? You make me ill. Christ help you. And your, where are my panties!”

Furiously, you kick the dressing table beside you, screeching just as loud as your previous roar.

“There’s seriously something wrong with me.” You whine softly, avoiding looking at your foot as you strip down again and crawl across your sheets. Inhaling a stuttering breath, you squeeze your eyes closed and try to sleep.

“Wake up! You have a physical in an hour and Bruce sent me.” Natasha shouts, her fist banging on your door furiously and you groan softly. Blinking through the crust around your eyes, you stumble toward the door, sheet barely covering you and swing it open an inch.

“I’m awake.” You croak, your voice breaking and you frown at the sound. Wow. Last night was wilder than you remember.

“It was a ploy. I’m coming in.” Natasha smirks, shoving through the door and you hiss, leaping out of the way just in time an barely managing to keep your already hurt foot from more damage. “We all saw you leave like a koala last night, show me yourself.”

You groan, holding out the arm that isn’t holding up your sheet and waving it toward your body.

“I can’t make fun of your exit.” She observes, biting her lip and smirking. She glances at the closed door before returning her gaze to you. “Why’re you here?”

“Because I’m a f*cking idiot.” You shrug, limping into your bathroom and leaning over the sink. Natasha snatches the sheet from you as you pass her and all you can do is sigh in response. Splashing water on your face, you scrub as much of last nights makeup off as you can and glower at your reflection. “I slept with a co-worker and I have a mission with him tomorrow.”

“Not if you don’t pass the physical.” Natasha cuts in and you groan. You don’t glance down at your foot, but it hasn’t much touched the ground since you woke up.

“What’re they going to do? Change me out and upset the roster? No way. Not send me? Not with Peter on board.” You grumble, shooing her backwards and closing the door to a crack. “I’m peeing.”

“Sure.” Natasha laughs, “And of course they wouldn’t send you if you weren’t perfect. But you are perfect, so I hope you’re excited.”

“Have you seen him? Seen Steve maybe?” You mutter, rising and washing your hands before glancing around the bathroom for your toothbrush.

“Nope, though I kind of wish I had. I came here before I went to his room, I had a feeling you’d flee.”

“I better than fled. I bolted. I galloped. I… What’s a word for when a plane goes faster than the speed of sound and makes a sonic boom? Flew doesn’t really work.” You frown, shoving the toothbrush in your mouth.

“Doesn’t matter, I have the picture.” Natasha shrugs, pushing the door open. “Wait… Your ass.”

You glance back, only to gape. Whipping around, you stare at Natasha, your mouth open and foam coating your lips. Her lips twitch, her eyes sparkling.

“He spanked me.” You whisper, toothpaste spit flying from your mouth.

“Hard, it looks like.” She snickers and you groan, your head falling backwards and the toothbrush return to your mouth. “You didn’t feel it?”

“I haven’t sat down yet! I slept on my tum.” You moan, washing the foam from your mouth and groaning.

“Anything you wish to declare?” Bruce teases lightly, and you groan, grinning all the same. Helen Cho stands to his left, and your specialized doctor, Melissa, on her left.

“I kicked my foot. And last night I was thoroughly spanked. That’s all I can think of.” You mutter, shifting uncomfortably on the examination table and Melissa snickers, covering her mouth with her clipboard.

“Um…” Bruce coughs, shaking his head before refocusing on you. “Let’s see your foot then.”

You grin at the exasperation on his face and proffer your aching foot, the one you have pointedly not looked at.

“Christ, Y/N.” Helen hisses, her gentle hands taking control from Bruces and you wince, still glaring at the wall to your right. “What’d you do, slam it in a door seven times?”

“How about kicked a dresser in a fit of embarrassed rage?” You offer pathetically and Melissa clucks at you, all three of them combining their disapproval and disappointment till it fills the room. Hell, you can practically smell it. Smells like a hospital examination room. “Sorry.”

“She can’t go.” Melissa sighs, and your head jerks toward the three of them, their expressions as if she just said what they were all thinking.

“No, I have to go!” You cut in, a deep fear filling you that this is just the beginning. One missed mission, a few missed breaifings, one sex scandal and suddenly the recipe is done and you’re out. “I need to be there.”

“Steve can go.” Bruce pipes up, eyeing the chart in his hand and you don’t know what to do. None of them look at you, the sense of foreboding building in you.

“I have to go!” You snap, but their eyes pass over you as if you’re not even there. “Please.”

“It’s not happening, Y/N.” Helen orders, her voice the final word and you shrink, tears filling your eyes.

“Someone will be in shortly, we have paperwork to do.” Melissa sighs, exiting with the other two on her heels and your hands shake as you pat your pockets and fish out your phone.

“Natasha? They won’t let me go.”

“You seriously purposely hurt yourself so you wouldn’t have to face me?” Bucky snaps from the doorway and you cringe, glancing around the stark room for an exit he isn’t blocking.

“I didn’t- I wasn’t trying to- It was an accident.”

“Which part?” He snarls, his voice a breath and you wince, not meeting his eyes.

“All of it?” You ask and he growls, shaking his head furiously.

“I honestly- F*ck, Y/N.” He snarls, forcing you to meet his eyes for half a second before he’s storming out the door.

Something splats on your hand and you realize you’re crying.

“They’re due back.” Natasha warns you, setting a bowl of popcorn in your lap and you groan softly, staring at the white puffs.

“I’m a bit of a dick, aren’t I?” You sigh, shoving a handful of popcorn in your mouth and chewing unhappily. “Me, takes the hottest guy I know to bed, whom I’ve wanted to bed forever, and then I turn it into a fiasco. No, no, wait. Me, beds this guy, but also wants to adore this guy, snuggle this guy, Netflix and chill with this guy, eventually buy a kitten with this guy and slowly make this guy fall in love with me, but then I run away and make a dick of myself.”

Natasha stares at you, rolling her eyes. “Please, talk to Sam about how to use a meme cause you’re doing it wrong.”

“Screw you.” You mutter bitterly, shoving another handful in your mouth. “But in all seriousness. I really wanted him and then my brain exploded or something? Did I have a mental break? Did I get dicked down so well that I went momentarily loopy?”

Someone snorts from the doorway and you jerk around, your jaw dropping at the sight of Steve, Bucky and Peter standing in the doorway. Peter grins widely, his cheeks red and Buckys lips are curled angrily.

“Close your mouth.” Natasha mutters and your teeth clack together at the speed you shut your jaws, twisting hurriedly back to the way you were facing. Red climbs your face but you keep your expression blank.

“Nice work, man.” Steve murmurs and Natasha snickers, a soft groan escaping you despite yourself.

“Please murder me, before I say anything more.” You plead, Natasha laughing like the malevolent goddess she is.

“Not today.” She chuckles, scooping up her bowl of popcorn and heading for the door, or so you assume because you’re specifically not looking in that direction.

Scuffling sounds beside you and Bucky appears at your side.

“Wanna talk?” He mutters bitterly and you hiss a breath.

“Please, you don’t have to.”

“I really do.” He sighs, jerking his head toward the door where Steve has his arms crossed and a dark look to his expression.

“Oh.” You mumble, rubbing your temples before gesturing to Natashas seat. “I must say, I handled this poorly. Worse than poorly, I handled it like a doctor during plague times. And I’m sorry.”

He smirks, only to frown and pull his lips back into a tight line. “That’s about right.”

“I didn’t mean for any of it to happen.” You start, groaning as his expression shutters. “No, no, I meant for it to happen, but not… If it happened ever, I expected less drunken hookup circumstances and more long time friends giving in to desire and realizing they’re fantastic together circumstances.”

Bucky rubs his mouth roughly, not hiding his smile well enough and you try not to let it go to your head.

“Long time friends giving in to desire?” He asks softly and you groan, rubbing your eyes.

“You spanked me.” You hiss, glancing over your shoulder at Steve who stands facing into the hallway.

“I know.” He whispers back, sarcastically, and you roll your eyes, poking your tongue at him.

“I mean, I had to sit through a physical and then sit through getting a cast on my broken foot.” You hiss and he smirks, pride filling his eyes. “It really hurt!”

“Maybe you shouldn’t have messed up your foot then.” He shrugs and you narrow your eyes on him, anger rising in you.

“You caused that!” You accuse and he scoffs, giving you a look like you need to get real.


“You and your stupid magical dick is how.” You snarl, startling a laugh from him, and you flush with pride at the sight of it.

“Me and my magical dick are sorry, then.” He teases and you brighten further, your chin tilting up.

“I am also sorry, though my privates haven’t received any compliments so… Yeah.” You shrug and he chuckles, sighing.

“Trust me, you’re magic too.” He promises, voice sultry and you nod easily.

“Thought so.”

“So… Maybe we could try this again?” He asks hesitantly and you chew your lip, staring at the pillow between the two of you.

“I hope so.”

no editing WASSUP

Raúl Esparza drawing Nr. 102 was a suggestion from Melissa Errico ❤ Loved these two in Sunday in the Park with George. Can’t wait to witness their reunion on Monday!! I am already so excited. My first time seeing Raúl live. Hope my poor heart can take it 😍❤💞
I hope so much to be able to provide you guys with lots of wonderful pics of my trip to NYC 😘

And when I come back I finish SVU 400 Barba! ❤