Como fazer unhas decoradas passo a passo Tutorial

Aprenda como fazer lindas decorações nas unhas com estes passo a passo fácil de fazer

Como fazer unhas decoradas passo a passo


Base fortalecedora de Risqué

Esmalte Macaquinho da mohda

Esmalte Tomate da Realce

Pincel N 000

Esmalte  Techno da Lorena

Pincel Ponta de agulha

Esmalte 365 Glitter  Forte da Hits Speciallita

Ultra brilho Risque

Como fazer unhas decoradas Tutorial Passo a Passo

I’m in Holo Heaven.

Recently I traded polishes with a lovely Brazilian girl named Flávia for a handful of holographic polishes that Speciallità came out with. They are from a collection called Hits no Olimpo, and are all linear holos named after Greek gods and goddesses. 

The one I am wearing, a purple liner holo is aptly named Dionysus (Or, Dionisio as it’s originally named on the bottle) who was god of the grapes, wines, madness and ecstasy. I suppose that sums up this polish quite well. 

I had no problem with the formula or brush (I’ve seen quite a few complaints about messed up brushes) it went on smooth as can be, and only took two coats to achieve this. My only complaint with it is that even with my beloved Seche it took an extraordinarily long time to dry, but if that’s the price I pay for linear holo madness and ecstasy, then I suppose it’s worth it.

Here is a close up for you: