specialized sworks


I know that instagram starts and tumblr pros will say that posting on weekend is not worth it, since all my ¨target group¨ is out shredding the roads and not scrolling through social media.. But I do not care that much about that. The only thing I care about right now is that cold glass of coke and some proteins for lunch. #recoveryiseverything

Today I came to a conclusion that the bes rides are those when you hope you had a puncture. Yeah, you heard me right.

Did you ever go on a ride with your friends (who are much stronger than you), on that type of ride that they call ¨legbreaker¨ in Spain, when it´s a bit up, a bit down, a bit up, a bit down, and like this for 30km? The ride with 20% sections which never seem to end. And you just hope someone gets a flat so that you can have an excuse to rest. 

Doesn´t happen often to me. Not because I am strong. I just prefer to ride alone. But when I actually try to get social, I end up regretting it, haha. 

But again, as I said, the rides which hurt the most, are the ones that you remember for longer. Even if there was no sun, and it was cold and rainy. 

Hope your weekend riding is as exhausting and demanding as mine.