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Song is Itsumo Nando Demo music box, original from Spirited Away

The Lonely - Jerome Valeska x Reader

Warnings: Possible Spoilers for Season two - Depression - talk of suicide and just bad things in general to be honest. 

A/N: Holy shit I’m so productive today :D 

Synopsis: Jerome is dead, and his girlfriend is becoming lonelier and Lonelier as time goes on

Recommended Listening  - also inspiration for the fic -

Sitting in the middle of the large space, simply staring at your reflection in the mirror. The house Jerome and you lived in had a dance studio in - specially built because Jerome knew how much you adored your dancing. Now days, you sat in the middle, staring at your sad and worthless mess of a figure in the large mirror.

You’d gone down hill when Jerome had died, and heck, it wasn’t getting any better. Everyone in Gotham wondered where you’d gone, the Queen of Jerome Valeska had vanished - into thin air, the house constantly silent, so they all assumed you’d left gotham, which was far from the case. 

Now, you sit, the only sound in the room the ticking of the clock, taunting you, willing you to scream and break it, and the sound of your soft, choked sobs. Your frame clad in an old T-shirt of Jerome’s, damp with the previous tears you’ve shed. 

Going back into the room you once shared with Jerome wasn’t an option, so you slept either on the living room sofa, or the floor of your studio. You didn’t want to go back inside, didn’t want to go back into the room where all your precious memories were. Didn’t want to risk letting them escape, then you’d be left with nothing.

You glanced up at the Clock, 2am. You sighed, shifting your legs around and pulling your weak and tired body to its feet. More tears leaked from your eyes. You trudged over to the stereo in the corner of the room, not caring what came on as long as it was something.. Something to fill the void that was beginning to fill with more and more lonely and sadness as each passing second went by, so much so you might burst soon. 

The song starts to play, quiet at first, and you begin to move. The song progressively gets louder, your moves get more violent. Until the very last one, where you fall to the floor, not as graceful as you once were - but still. You stayed in your place, a soft sob coming from your dry lips as you huddle yourself into a tight ball.

Jerome was all you had - other people feared you, your family clearly not an option seeing as who you were. When Theo killed him, you were left with no one. You didn’t get to see them take his body away, in fear of being caught and sent back to.. Arkham Asylum, you didn’t want to go back, so you fled. Back to the house, the GCPD didn’t bother looking for you, by what you’d seen on the TV, Jimbo told everyone you’d left Gotham, or opted for Suicide because you ‘ couldn’t cope with the grief of losing your beloved Jerome ‘ and he wasn’t wrong, you would have, lord would you, but you couldn’t bring yourself to do it. 

You didn’t want to move on - you didn’t think anyone would want you. Villain, Murderer and still not over her dead boyfriend. They’d laugh at you, and probably call you a freak. You looked at yourself in the mirror again, and gave yourself a weak smile.

Let the Lonely in, to take my heart again.

No one could ever take Jerome’s place in your heart, or, what was left of it. Jerome would always be the first, and the last in your heart. You couldn’t live without him, but you didn’t have a choice.

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