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Headcanons for Mother 4

Momther 4? Aight.

Travis actually has narcolepsy, he physically cannot stay awake for long periods of time without medication.

Zack is 17 years old and one of the popular jocks of Belring, Travis tries to find friends using his brother’s social status.

Zack is really protective of Travis, and will cancel any of his plans for him.

Travis isn’t good at many things except baseball, he specializes in pitching.

Meryl is a child of a wealthy family. She comes from a line of foreseers.

She likes to study psi and read many books (about psi and bugs because she is fascinated by bugs)

Meryl is the team older sister, she try’s to encourage everyone to do their best and make sure they’re all staying in line (like Katara.)

Floyd on the other hand comes from a less well off family of farmers.

He is disgusted by his family and tries his best to come off not like them. (Yet he still has the southern accent)

He’s also the sassiest member of the group and tends to annoy Meryl and Travis by insulting their appearances. (Meryl sometimes responds by commenting on his femininity “GUYS CAN WEAR PINK HINTON!!”)

Floyd is also skilled with bribing because he learned that he could scam the kids at school for extra spending money.

Leo is the leader of a biker gang, and uses his motorcycle to become a chick magnet.

He is also on the run from the popo because he has committed many crimes (such as gang fights and hitting other people with stop signs)

Leo and Meryl are the closest because Meryl reminds him that everything will be alright in the end.

Leo’s long term gf broke up with him before the adventure, which caused him to take up and even worse smoking habit.

Floyd once tried one of his cigarettes, but Travis complained so much that he stopped and promised never to do it again.

Floyd also can sweet talk an enemy, but he can’t flirt for shiz.

Also he got his fancy hat by swindling a store owner.

Leo carries Travis when he’s sleepy.

Meryl loves to collect bugs and show the rest of the team, Travis loves talking to her while she’s looking.

The gang likes to imitate Leo, but he isn’t amused.

  • Keith is the kind of guy that would tell you that he doesn't want anything for Christmas. But when you give him a Christmas present his face lights up like a Christmas tree.
Can’t Sleep (part II)

Part 1

The first time Simon woke up that morning was to Baz’s alarm. Simon never bothered to set an alarm, seeing as Baz always set one and there was no need for two.  Baz’s alarm was a horrible squawking tone that always seemed to dig into Simon’s dreams like a scalpel and send him careening back into reality.

           When Baz’s alarm sounded that morning, the screeching seemed louder, almost like it was closer.

           If that twat put his clock on my pillow again, Simon growled in his mind, sucking in a deep breath of disappointment.

           He wasn’t expecting to inhale such a woodsy scent, or to feel the soft grazing of skin against his nose.

           Simon’s eyes flew open and he remembered the night before.

           Baz groaned as he woke up, and the sound hummed in his throat, so close to Simon’s ear.  “Fuck the alarm,” he mumbled somewhere in Simon’s hair, drawing back so he could fumble for the clock.

           “Yeah,” Simon agreed, stretching out and reaching one arm over Baz to shut off the sound entirely.  “Fuck the alarm.”  When the squawking had stopped Simon drew his arm back, but snuggled in closer to Baz, trying to take in as much of that scent as he could.  Baz brought a hand up into Simon’s curls, his thumb sliding back and forth over Simon’s scalp.

           “Hey, Baz?”


           “Let’s stay here.”

           “What, and miss class?”  Baz’s voice was low with sleep, a sound that felt to Simon like they had crossed some sort of line that they could never withdraw from, but that Simon never wanted to withdraw from.  Who knew that Baz’s voice could sound so heavy?  How many other ways could Baz’s voice sound?  Suddenly Simon wanted to know.

           “Are you really telling me you’d rather go to class than stay in bed all morning?” Simon murmured, his eyes drifting closed again.

           “What about you?” Baz scoffed.  “You’d give up breakfast for this?”

           Simon thought for a second.  “So maybe I’ll have to catch up on a few scones later.”

           Baz let out a shaky chuckle.  “Wow,” he breathed.


           “I half thought that I’d dreamed it.”

           “Our agreement?”

           “Did we really agree?”

           “You said ‘okay’, didn’t you?”

           “We were half asleep, Simon,” Baz slowed his thumb, “and you were tired out of your mind.”

           Simon drew back, far enough to look Baz in the eyes, gray and clear and calm. He felt a smile tug at his mouth.

           “What?” Baz raised an eyebrow at him.

           “You just called me Simon.”

           Baz looked away, his cheeks turning pink.  “Did not.”          

           “I know what I said,” Simon went on, “and I meant it.  I mean it now.”  He took Baz’s hand out of his hair and laced their fingers together.  “I don’t want to fight anymore.”

           Baz met his eye again, his brow pulled together.  “What are we without the fighting?”


           “And what is this exactly?”

           Simon shrugged.  “A hell of a lot better than fighting, if you ask me.”


The second time Simon woke up that morning was to the unmistakable sound of footsteps climbing the stairs to the tower.  He didn’t even have the time to mutter a curse before the door flew open.


           Dead silence.

           “Please tell me you’re not naked under there,” Penny said in a much quieter voice.

           “Crowley, no,” Simon groaned, his face heating up with embarrassment.

           “Bunce, have you ever in your life considered knocking,” growled Baz, “or do you lack the ability?”

           “My apologies, Basilton,” Penny retorted, “but maybe you should stop doing embarrassing things so you wouldn’t have to worry.”

           “Penny,” Simon called over his shoulder, “I’m sorry for missing class, it’s my fault.”

           He heard her sigh.  “Alright Simon, just don’t be late for afternoon classes, or I’m coming back up.”  Her footsteps retreated to the hallway.

           “Hey Bunce,” Baz called after her, “you know how you can make it up to me?”

           “Pray tell how?” came the sarcastic reply.

           “Shut the fucking door.”  

           There was a squeak of hinges and then the door closed with a pointed slam. Not an angry slam, just a pointed one.

           From the other side of the wood came Penny’s voice, muffled but clear.

           “About bloody time, you two.”

Here’s why I can’t wait for Bechloe to be canon:

This fandom made Pitch Perfect what it is. Without the fandom, there wouldn’t have been a Pitch Perfect 2 or even a third one.

It makes Pitch Perfect special.

But that’s what makes Bechloe so special aside from the seat-melting Sendrick chemistry.

This fandom made Bechloe. Kay Cannon made Jeca; but the fans, Kendrick, Snow, Banks, and Cannon had a hand in the Bechloe love story.

#BechloeIsReal, and I personally cannot wait to watch Pitch Perfect 3 and say I was a part of the fandom that made that happen. If Bechloe happens, and let’s be real– it will. After those tweets, I’m sure of it; it will make movie history.

The highest earning musical in history having a bi main character who is in love with a girl? It’ll be astounding, and the fans will be the reason it happened. #Bechloe happened, because the fans made it happen.

Isn’t that awesome? Pitch Perfect 3 is going to be beautiful.

A Call to Action (and a Massive Thank You)

As much as I’d like to claim the idea for myself, Author Appreciation Week was not my creation. I saw a post about it in another fandom and thought that we, as a community, could use something like that, especially seeing the success it had in other places. Now that the week is over, I think we can safely say that this week was even better than any of us expected and that is in most part because of the engagement and promotion from everyone in this community .

I want to say a massive thank you to everyone for jumping on board with this idea, for finding unique ways to spotlight and showcase the fics that mean so much to you and to give back to the authors who work so hard to create the fics we know and love. The sheer amount of love and positivity I’ve seen on my dash this week has been absolutely incredible, and I was overjoyed to see so many new writers posting content and getting great feedback. I don’t think I can ever really say how thankful I am for everyone taking this simple idea and turning it into something really quite special and amazing.


This was just a first step. It’s been amazing having so much positivity on our dashes this week. But it can’t stop there. Authors are going to be posting content for weeks and months to come and they need your continued support. You can’t stop being an active reader just because 1DAAW is over. This week was a call to action, to encourage everyone to read diversely and, most importantly, to start being more active in reviewing and commenting on the content you read. 

Let me give you a statistic – the read to review ratio on the last bit of Salute is around 2% - for every 100 readers, 2 review. And that is extremely generous by most standards in this community. We need to start supporting our authors on a regular basis: when you read something you like, tell an author why. We don’t ask for anything from you but I think we earn thirty seconds of your time for your feedback in exchange for hours and days of our time producing the content you enjoy.

1DAAW has been an absolutely fantastic experience and it’s been a hundred times more successful than I ever imagined it would be, but we can’t let this be the end of it. Every week should be author appreciation week. Every. Single. Week.

I hope you continue to find a way to make the authors you love feel appreciated on a daily basis. Find a way to show your gratitude for the hard work they do. Keep the positivity spreading in this community, the way it has this week, and this will remain a fun, positive, engaging community to be part of.

Thank you everyone for participating in this week and making it a success. Let’s keep that going for as long as we can.

[INFO] Check out Doyoung’s appearance at the SBS Chuseok special: ‘Tomorrow’s Pitch King’ through V LIVE on September 2, 11:30PM KST

Line up: Doyoung, Apink’s Yoon Bomi, Jeon Hyoseong, DIA, Cosmic Girls’ Cheng Xiao, Sonamoo, Teen Top, Monsta X, Gongmyung (Doyoung’s older brother) and more.

Watch it here: V LIVE

Anticipate Doyoung’s appearance and his interaction with older brother Gongmyun!


Benjamin A team win their league

The U10 (Benjamín A) team is the FC Barcelona academy’s first champion team of the season. Jordi Pérez’s side won 1-0 at Cornellà to win their division with five games in hand. It’s been a wonderful season for the team, who in 25 games have scored 176 goals (an average of 7 a game) and conceded just 14. They are 21 points ahead of second placed Cornellà, who they beat today with a solitary goal from Marc Guiu, the league’s top scorer with 38.

The players celebrated the victory on the pitch, wearing specially made shirts prepared by their parents and FC Barcelona director Xavier Vilajoana, who is in charge of the amateur youth football, joined by Jordi Roura, the technical secretary for amateur youth football were there to congratulate them. The Barça players were also sportingly offered a guard of honour by the Cornellà team. And as tradition dictates, the celebrations concluded by giving the coaches a serious wetting!