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anonymous asked:

How did you became an animator for bigger shows

With a series of lucky events that started when I was a frustrated graphic designer in Mexico.

1. in 2008 I was 25, I hated my job, I wanted to work in animation but I didn’t wanted and couldn’t afford a 4 year animation school in a country with good animation schools. I found VFS in Vancouver, a one year animation school program.

2. I knew I only had one year to get the skills to have a job in a studio in Vancouver. One teacher told me I was good at FX. I really liked this field and I was not good at the other positions so I decided to focus my final film on mainly FX, I worked on it 4 months, 10 hours a day everyday.

3. When I graduated, no studio in Vancouver was hiring, and nobody wanted foreigner animators with 0 experience. Ankama in France was looking for animators knowing Flash, a software that was not intended to work for animation but that lots of studios in Vancouver used for a while. It also happened that finding flash animators was rare, so Ankama was willing to help me and 6 other students from VFS to get a work VISA.

4. Ankama was producing Wakfu, an action TV production based on a MMORPG that had a lot of success between french teens. This success gave them the funds to produce a high quality TV show with tons of FX.

5. In 2012 I uploaded my demo reel specialized in FX, and it was published in Catsuka, an animation site that lots of people from the industry often check. A producer from Titmouse saw my demo and gave me my first job as a freelancer on a few scenes for a video game of Legend of Korra.

6. in 2017 I quit my job at Ankama to give a shot at freelancing full time. Thanks to Netflix and Amazon’s success, more and more action TV series with tons of FX are being produced and studios are in the look for experienced FX animators, which is kind of rare.

So that’s it! that’s how I started working for bigger shows, as you can see it is a mix of many lucky events, I just happened to be in the right place at the right time. 

To conclude, I think nobody can foresee what is going to happen with the industry of animation, but as long as you keep learning and working hard, opportunities will appear in front of you.

the short answer is good luck and hard work!