speciality beers

Ways to become a werewolf

-be bitten or scratched by a werewolf

-having a werewolf father or wifwolf mother

-picking flowers

-drinking water from a wolf’s pawprint

-drinking water from a very small pool

-swimming across certain bodies of water at certain times

-having a vampire for a father

-being cursed by a witch

-being cursed by a god

-being blessed by a god

-being a cannibal/murderer

-breaking Lent 7 times

-being born on Christmas

-being a witch

-being a vampire

-being the 7th son of a 7th son

-wearing a wolfskin garment + a magic ritual

-rubbing the skin with a special salve + a magic ritual

-drinking a specially prepared beer + a magical ritual

-sleep outside on a summer night under the light of the full moon

-a pact with Satan

-a pact with the Devil

-being cursed by a Saint

-being cursed by the Devil for ticking him off

-dying in mortal sin and reviving as a vampire-werewolf

-being abused as an infant by one’s parents

-passing 3 times through an arch made of birch and/or wild rose

-being born with hair

-being born with a weird birthmark

-being born with a caul

-being possessed by a werewolf spirit/ghost

-getting an organ transplant from a wolf

-getting a blood  transfusion from a wolf

-having unprotected sex with a werewolf

-being descended from a god or spirit

-’scientific’ experimentation and/or accidents

-getting an organ transplant from a werewolf

-getting a blood transfusion from a werewolf

-being descended from a fairy

-being cursed by a fairy

-being a fairy

-stepping over a grave unknowingly

-surviving a wolf attack

-being a woman who commits a fuckton of sin

-being a really horrible person

-wanting to be one really fucking hard

-holy shit becoming a werewolf is easy


When your parents come to visit, you make sure your mom has her favorite white wine and you get special beer to have with your dad. I love that you pay attention to what the people around you enjoy, and that it makes you happy to provide for them. I see where our daughter gets it from.

To The Rescue

Characters: Dean x Reader, OC-Jerk
Words: 1178
Requested by Anonymous
Summary: The reader goes on a blind date with a complete jerk and calls Dean to come and get her. Dean decides to not hide his feelings anymore.

       You were already feeling uncomfortable and it had only been ten minutes into the date. You had no idea why you had agreed to go on the blind date, but here you were. And you wanted out.

           “You are so hot,” James said, leaning even closer to you from across the table, “I bet you get hit on all the time.”

           “Uh … not really, no,” you said, leaning as far back as you could get in the confining booth.

           “But seriously … you’re like really hot,” he said.


           The waitress came to the table, “What can I get for you guys to drink?” she asked, “We have a couple of beers on special.”

           “Just water,” you said.

           James ordered a beer and smiled at you, “Staying sober?” he asked, raising an eyebrow at you.

           “Yep,” you nodded.

           “That’s gonna make it a little harder on me, isn’t it?”

           “What did you think was going to happen tonight?” you asked, feeling like your skin was crawling.

           “Well, I was thinking we could eat and drink here. And then we’d go back to my place and I’d show you a really good time.”

           You rolled your eyes, “Actually, what’s going to happen is this, I’m going to call my friend to pick me up right now. And you can go home and show yourself a good time,” you said, grabbing your purse.

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North Carolina brewers plan special beer to fight anti-trans law

30 craft breweries in North Carolina are joining forces to fight HB2 with a specially brewed saison. All proceeds from the brew will be donated to Equality North Carolina and the QORDS summer camp for LGBT youth, both LBGT-focused non-profits. Their name for the beer is downright perfect.