Microsoft Wants To Give Work Opportunities to Adults With Autism

It was World Autism Awareness Day a week ago and many are still celebrating Autism Awareness Month for the rest of April. With all this focus on autism awareness, it’s no surprise Microsoft wants to extend employment opportunities to those with autism. 

A recent study lists Microsoft as a company with a lot of diversity. Many technology companies are recognizing the unique skills that people with autism can bring to the workplace, and those strengths and skills are essential to the workplace. Microsoft has teamed up with Specialisterne to create a program for people with autism who are interested in working in technology.

Microsoft’s pilot program will work towards giving full-time positions in its headquarters in Redmond, Washington. The goal of this program is give long term opportunities to people with disabilities. Other technology companies are reaching out to people with autism as well. This focus on autism is in hopes of exposing the special skills anyone with the disease could possess to help make companies and the workplace better.