Spiky new ant species is named after Game of Thrones dragons
Two newly named species of ant from New Guinea have big spines behind their necks that are full of muscle, which could help supporting their giant heads
By Conor Gearin

Species: Pheidole drogon and Pheidole viserion
Habitat: Papua New Guinea

This ant may look like a fearsome dragon, but it can be a shy little thing. It is one of two newly described ant species from Papua New Guinea, and has some of the most impressive spikes among the widespread Pheidole genus of ants – found on every continent north of Antarctica.

Pheidole ants have more than one “caste” of worker ants – often, an all-purpose caste called a minor worker (see picture above) and a more specialised major worker for defence or breaking down food (see picture below).

The major workers in these two species have enormous heads, while the minor workers are smaller and have longer spines relative to their size, says Eli Sarnat at the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology in Japan, who along with his colleagues has described the ants.

Because of the ants’ fearsome look, the team has named them after dragons from the Games of Thrones series. The jet-black species is called Pheidole drogon after Drogon, the beast of the same colour, and the gold-hued Pheidole viserion is named after the white and gold Viserion.

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My name is Zoe and I’m studying a Diploma of Specialised Makeup Services at the Australian Institute of Design in Brisbane, Australia.

My college includes a “tribal” themed look as part of the syllabus. As an Aboriginal Australian this made me very uncomfortable but I was also sick that day, so I didn’t attend class. This is something I’m grateful for now.

Several students across different classes did blackface and were not once stopped by their trainers. Trainers went as far as to post photos of these “looks” as examples of brilliant work in our student Facebook group, as is done regularly to highlight the day’s best works.

Another student commented on these photos immediately calling it as it is; blackface. Then ensued a few days of absolute nonsense during which another ATI student was humiliated in from of their peers in a “group meeting” called to ask that the “bullying” on the Facebook page be stopped. No one criticised the work of these people or bullied them in any way. I have receipts that clearly show my friend and I saying that this is blackface and blackface is unacceptable, nothing else.

I have sent multiple emails to my head of department and some high-level management of the institute and am still awaiting response beyond “we’re sorry your feelings got hurt”.

They have issued public apologies which I have just learnt is because of these screenshots. Apparently Twitter has named and shamed them and I am so glad.

I’m tagging popular beauty tumblrs (and literally anyone else who I think would give a damn) whose artistry and ethics I respect and adhere to because I want to get this out there on tumblr too.

Myself, other Aboriginal students and those who stood up for us were ignored and effectively told to get over it until Twitter got a hold of this. Please help us effect real change in our classroom in a way that values our input as POC and First Nations People.

The Australian Institute of Creative Design has a public Facebook and Instagram page, both easily found by searching “Australian Institute of Creative Design”.

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D&D Session 1 - The campaign begins

Meet the party here

A hasty written advert drew several adventurers to a tavern (The Adamantium Waraxe) in the middle of the human city Kerrigen. Inside gathered a ragtag group,  a dwarven bard flanked by a huge goliath barbarian, a paladin in singed armour was accompanied by a cleric with no visible indication of which god he served, a tiny druid who barely reached the goliath’s knee, yet looked at the rest of the gathered group with fire in her eyes, a red-headed ranger with a panther at his heel and a sorcerer who was almost buried in their oversized robes.
After a bumbling conversation lead by Fenthwick that basically equated to “I have no idea what I’m doing but I really need your help”, the group was finally convinced to venture out to help him after the promise of payment in gold (although the amount remained unspecified).

After a brief search of Kerrigen they find a small shop specialising in magical items and the like, named Bettie’s Bazaar, where the party hoped to purchase healing potions. Although they were charged a VERY REASONABLE AMOUNT per potion, Derek persuaded the elderly teifling running the store to reduce the price. Ronir took matters into his own hands, successfully stealing two potions, but being caught just before he took a third. Lerios attempted to cast sleep on the shopkeeper with the intent to steal more, but it failed and Bettie summoned a fireball, chasing the rest of the party from the store.

The party left Kerrigen with haste, heading towards the DInglewood guided by Fenthwick and Willow, taking almost a day of travel until they reached the outskirts of the wood, where they decided to set up camp.

Kida took first watch, and a few hours into her shift noticed threatening shadows approaching the camp, quickly revealed to be two owlbears. Kida woke the party quickly, and the owl bears were defeated surprisingly easily, with one of them being decapiatated and the head burning in the fire, until Huggy retrieved it and tied it to his belt. The party rested again, spending the remainder of the night without incident and preparing to set off deeper into the forest the next morning.

bts bon voyage ep.4 in a nutshell

-forehead vhope!!!
-“no one left behind anything?”
-glad that the staff knows them so well that they made a final check before leaving the dorm
-yoongi apparently specialises in losing expensive items
-jungkook kept the ipad from yoongi HE’S GROWN
-“i actually gave it to jungkook on purpose.” ok
-jimin left his bag behind again oh my god
-namjoon with his deepass voice: “welcome to sweden muahahhahah”
-taehyung left behind by his members because his flight was delayed
-“excuse me? only card?”
-hobi’s english is so cute
-jimin nearly lost his bag again i cannot-
-jin: “you have many kindness.”
-“to tell you the truth, i couldn’t understand.” i fucking died
-self proclaimed avengers!sugamon
-jinmin sharing snacks
-seokjin, king of communication
-sugamon fucking up their directions
-that jibooty version of i need u in sweden aka 1min30secs of me screaming
-yoongi dashing to the hotel for no reason and namjoon not giving a single fuck
-jinmin aka “eating everywhere” duo
-jimin eating is such a good concept, thank you seokjin
-taehyung’s cracked screen appeared and my heart shattered
-flower!hope back at it again
-jungkook couldn’t be bothered, just feed that baby meatballs
-“he’s so tall I’m jealous” be glad you didn’t say that around yoonmin, jungkook ah
-junghope flirting in the train oh yes
-namjoon looks so serious while he styled his hair
-yoongi is a soft and fluffy puppy can you believe it
-junghope all about meatballs still
-they found their source of meatballs, ikea
-sharing food with the staffs aw
-ok but imagine jimin as a dad
-yoongi’s mandals fml
-“sorry! sorry!”
-hobi’s english makes my heart swell so much he’s so adorable
-hope on the street literally with meme king
-taehyung is lost!!!
-first response: *takes pictures of pretty scenery*
-second response: *blows dandelion*
-*wants to go further in because it looks beautiful*
-taehyung is such an adventurer i love this pure soul
-butterfly playing in the background made me tear up again
-jimin getting worried for his best friend and shocked but relief that taehyung’s calm and optimistic about it
-i would’ve cried how did he do it
-taehyung feeling guilty and getting emotional dawww
-taehyung sacrificing his allowance for his members because he knows they’ll buy him food but they’ve spent it all
-if i had a dollar for every time bangtan loses something, i would’ve been a millionaire



FOR the Greeks magic (mageia or goeteia) was a wide-ranging topic which involved spells and evil prayers (epoidai), curse tablets (katadesmoi), enhancing drugs and deadly poisons (pharmaka), amulets (periapta) and powerful love potions (philtra). 

The modern separation of magic, superstition, religion, science, and astrology was not so clear in the ancient world. This mysterious, all-encompassing art of magic was practiced by both male and female specialised magicians who people sought out to help them with their daily lives and to overcome what they saw as obstacles to their happiness.

Practitioners of mageia, the magicians, the first of whom, to the Greeks at least, were the Magi (magoi) priests of Persia, were seen not only as wise holders of secrets but also as masters of such diverse fields as mathematics and chemistry. 

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Article by Mark Cartwright on AHE


Abe & Sara Sunglass Packaging by Faber & Lo

“Packaging design for vintage eyewear brand Abe & Sara. The boxes feature the eclectic brand pattern and printed with gold foil.”

Faber & Lo is an Australasian design studio that develops brand identities, strategies, and visually engaging design across print and digital outlets. Their design approach is simple – effective communication. They specialise in designing with a succinct, persuasive voice to help their clients engage with existing and new audiences

Bees spew water at their hive-mates when the temperature rises
After a hot day, some honeybees become living water tanks – they store water in their gut in anticipation of demand from their sisters
By Emily Benson

Turn the air conditioner on, it’s a scorcher out there. When honeybee hives get too hot, thirsty bees beg their specialised, water-foraging sisters for more liquid, which ends up cooling the colony.

Honeybees have a few strategies for chilling out: some fan the nest, others leave the hive to increase air flow, and a few zip off looking for ponds or puddles. These “water collector” bees fill their bellies with water, fly back home, then regurgitate the liquid. Other bees slurp it up and spit it out around the hive, allowing the colony to cool as the water evaporates.

It was suspected that a steady supply of water is important during extreme heat, says Thomas Seeley at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. To confirm that, Seeley and his colleagues exposed two hives — each containing about 3000 honeybees — to heat lamps in the lab.

When the bees didn’t have access to water, the colonies shot up to about 43°C, a hazardously high temperature: above 40°C, bee larvae can dehydrate and die. When the researchers restored water access, the hives cooled below the lethal threshold.

“[Water] is not just icing on the cake, it’s critical for their cooling,” says Seeley. “Without that, they cannot really control the temperature in the nest on hot days.”

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Noisy Neighbours Modern AU

Hux and Kylo both live in the same refurbished 1950s block of flats in Sheffield. Kylo lives directly above Hux, and their balconies are stacked so they could hear one another if they both have their windows open, but they can’t see one another. They’re both health freaks and always take the stairs so they’ve never really encountered one another beyond the occasional nod at the post boxes.

Hux is an architect and interior designer, a very successful one, specialising in an odd combination of brutalism and intense luxury that appeals to a certain kind of international businessman. He’s a workaholic, frequently loses track of what day it is and is totally reliant on his digital diary. There’s no real identifiable routine to the hours he keeps- other than client appointments he works when he has inspiration and sleeps when his body can’t last another second.

Kylo is an American expat making his money running a mixed martial arts studio and doing stunt work for films. He’s gained a reputation as a determined and dedicated teacher and now has a long list of celebrity clients that he trains on the side. Thanks to his unorthodox work life and the odd schedules of celebrities he’s frequently in and out of building at the strangest times. The only thing he refuses to be flexible on is the need for three hours personal kata practice every day, that he fits in whenever he can.

Despite the 1950s concrete construction of the building sound still travels far too easily between the floors and Hux is frequently treated to the thunder of Kylo pounding across the floor like a herd of elephants at 4am.

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GOT7 working in a bakery

Mark - the ‘face’ of the shop. Works behind the counter, wooing customers into buying the entire cake rather than just a slice of it. Keeps a bookmark folder of cake recipes and designs on his phone that he thinks Jaebum will like

Jaebum - the manager and head baker because I’m a thirsty hoe and needed to imagine him shouting orders in the kitchen #sorrynotsorry. Specialises in hand-making tiny cake decorations. Enforces the ‘clean up as you go’ rule with an iron fist/spatula

Jackson - in charge of bread making. Comes in at 5 am every morning to start and always stays behind late to help prepare for the next day. Sometimes works with Mark behind the till, charming women and men alike. Has ‘WANG’ printed on his apron (obvs)

Jinyoung - keeps the accounts. Is sometimes drafted into the kitchen on busy days. Burns everything to a crisp but covers it up (literally) with artfully placed icing sugar in order not to be scolded by Jaebum

Youngjae - designs new cakes for birthdays, weddings e.t.c. as well as managing their website. Under the ‘employees’ tab on the webpage, lists Coco as the ‘Big Boss’ and the others as Minions 1 to 7

Bambam - waits the few tables they have inside the shop. Contrary to his stylish image, diligently cleans up after customers at the end of the day, sweeping crumbs away with a passion. dat boi always sweepin. y u gotta?

Yugyeom - confuses sugar with salt on the regular. Always, without a doubt, ends up with flour on his face, even if not working with flour that day. Frequently comes in early under the pretense of baking practice, but actually just doesn’t want Jackson to be lonely


Cradle Identity by Matthew Hancock

“A brand identity system for Cradle, a London-based design consultancy that specialises in helping organisations to grow.”

Matthew Hancock is an independent creative working with identity, print, digital, and environmental design. He possesses a sharp aesthetic judgement and fierce critical facility, combined with the ability to quickly generate strong, original concepts. He has worked with a variety of unusual clients and agencies, which has given him a highly adaptable and transferable skillset. This leads to elegant and considered design solutions, free of visual cliché. He is driven above all to create, craft, and communicate.


J. M. W. Turner (1775–1851, England)

Middle oil paintings 1: landscapes

Joseph Mallord William Turner was an English Romantic painter specialising in landscapes. A master of oil and watercolour painting, he elevated both forms to previously unknown levels in academic circles which previously favoured genre scenes of classical antiquity or religion. Unusual for his strong focus on landscapes, Turner produced thousands of works in which his technique led to such refinement that his later paintings foreshadowed impressionism and abstract art.

Turner’s middle period, from around 1810 to 1830, represented both his mastery of the landscape genre in all its forms (painting of ruins, mythological, classical, picturesque, and modern themes), and refinements in his manner of depicting them. Turner’s increasingly accurate capturing of nature as is rather than abstracted as set-dressing, is coupled with an increasing importance of light as both the focus and the structural aspect of the picture begin to emerge in the artist’s pieces, which leads to his unprecedentedly vibrant works, and also points towards his later period of total abstraction.

anonymous asked:

I'm kinda dissapointed how easily touka went down I was hoping she got extremely powerful and there were some theories about her having a kakuja man

Omg no, she didn’t go down easy at all. Don’t let the fact that she fell to her knees exhausted fool you!

It’s because she’s an Ukaku ghoul and she’s been firing off lightning. Ukakus are specialised for finishing fights quickly. They’re the highest energy kagune because of their more fluid structure (the bonds form and break very quickly between RC cells) so Ukakus aren’t known for Stamina. It’s incredible that she lasted that long and Kiyoko and Mougan even comment on how strong she is.

Not only did Touka hold off 2 Special Class by herself for quite some time, she was also firing lightning. Yomo a few chapters back fell to his knees from exhaustion after firing a bolt of lightning so I think it’s fair to say that’s a huge energy drain. 

I also can’t see Touka being a kakuja tbh. Anytime I try to picture her cannibalising other ghouls, all I can see is her spitting it back out saying “I’m not eating this shit” :’D


Remember that time I found a reference to Detective Conan in the anime “Beautiful Bones: Sakurako’s Investigations” ?

Well, looks like Gosho Aoyama-sensei returned the favour by including the heroine in his detectives’ encyclopedia !

The beautiful and brilliant Sakurako Kujo, a detective specialised in bones. ;)

art by Gosho Aoyama

anonymous asked:

About the last chapter and I noticed something. Lexa displays a lot of mannerisms that are associated with apspergers. A routine that she hates changing, dislike of loud noises, specialised subjects of interest. Is this deliberate or am I projecting?

it’s deliberate and i am glad someone has noticed that. thank you!


Use New Art — La Boca

La Boca was established in 2002 and is an independent design studio based in Notting Hill that specialises in illustration and image-making. La Boca strives to create emotional connections through their work and as a team they achieve it expertly thanks to their refined sense

of design, appreciation of colour and understanding of balance. With interests in music, literature, advertising and film, their visuals are steadily infiltrating popular culture on book covers, campaigns, festival imagery and album sleeves. They are influential in the design commu- nity, winning awards and setting visual trend, gradually building on a collection of artworks that will no doubt be celebrated and collected in years to come.

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