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Being the only active augmented field agent in in the central division of TF29 meant that sometimes Adam got sent fairly far afield for missions where his specialised skills were needed. Hence the reason behind why he was in London now; on loan to the field office there for a case. Normally he found these sorts of assignments tedious, but this time it gave him the perfect opportunity to do some investigating of his own.

Thorndale Industries.

Adam didn’t know all that much about the company, he’d read some feel-good newspaper articles, gotten some half-intelligible rant out of K, and a basic run-down from Vega. What he did know for sure was that the CEO was tied to Page - that name he now had and clung to like a dog with a scrap of meat.

Pausing briefly before the headquarters of Thorndale Industries; Adam looked up at the building’s facade as he ran over his cover story in his head. His eyes narrowed briefly behind gold lenses and, returning his gaze forward, he pushed the door open and walked inside; making his way straight towards the reception desk.


Philinda Appreciation Week

Day 6-Alternate Universe

Melinda May as Inhuman in Bahrain AU

SHIELD has had their eye on Melinda May, a top spy with a specialised skill set, since the beginning of the year after footage of her performing some seemingly impossible feats. With the help of his team, Agent Phil Coulson has come to Bahrain to assess May’s abilities, and put her on the index.

But things don’t go to plan when undercover at a party for the rich and famous, Phil meets Melinda and begins to fall in love with her. Unknown to him, Melinda is aware that her cover has been blown, and gets close to Phil at the party for intel. But she’d be lying if she said that she didn’t feel something for him.

She spikes Phil’s drink so that she can slip away from Bahrain undetected. But for as long as she’s on the run, Phil will continue chasing her.