today was fab, i met luna for the first time and it was fabulous and i met alison for the first time and i saw sam who i havent seen in ages and me and luna went record shopping and the man was nice and gave me i die you die by gary numan and little baby nothing by manic street preachers for £3 and then he gave me a free smiths vhs because he said he couldnt sell it and he was playing the cure in the shop and it was good and we took photos and we all went to rough trade and i tried my first fajita and basically i love luna a lot and alison is a qt and sam is just sam wot but it was an amazing fabulous day and i miss it already 

youmakepigssmoke  asked:

how is her body affecting you in anyway? oh no what a shame for u you had to scroll down past it while you were searching for photos of alex turner that must have been such a hardship for you jfc if anybody is ‘stupid’ its you for making such a big deal out of it and slut shaming.

I didn’t make a big deal at all. i just made a two lines text post. I don’t eve care about that girl.

Is a shame indeed, cause the fucking Arctic Monkeys tag is to look for AM related stuff, RIGHT? there was no need at all for that blog to tag that. i’m sure the 80 percent of AM fans prefer to see lovely pics of Alex rather than some random half naked girl. and i never used the word “stupid”, OK?

Now please fuck off. Let me watch my Alex turner pics in peace. Thanks.

i love luna so much and its so nice that i finally got to meet her after 2 years of her being my best friend and she’s just so so so so so lovely and beautiful and i love her and we held hands all day and it was magical and we danced to the smiths and new order when we went past shops playing good music and we bought records and i’ve cried like twice since last saturday because i love and miss her so so so so so so so so much and basically to clarify luna is better than all of u