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BREAKING NEWS! A Squid Research Lab special report:

Nintendo Switch owners will soon be able to participate in a special Splatoon 2 preview. A special demo version of Splatoon 2 will be available for download on Nintendo Switch and will allow players to battle against opponents around the world in the Splatoon 2 Global Testfire event. It’s a way for everyone to investigate the latest in cephalopod warfare months before the game launches!

The Splatoon 2 Global Testfire will give Nintendo Switch owners six chances to play with other owners worldwide during the three-day event. The timing of the event is as follows:

March 24
12-12:59 p.m. PT
8-8:59 p.m. PT

March 25
4-4:59 a.m. PT
12-12:59 p.m. PT
8-8:59 p.m. PT

March 26
4-4:59 a.m. PT

Who’s playing those 4 a.m. Pacific Time time slots, anyway? They’re preferable to players overseas, or perhaps North American early birds (or night owls?)

All indications are that the content for the Global Testfire will allow players to test four different main weapons, including the new Splat Dualies, as well as remixed versions of the iconic Splat Roller and Splat Charger. Extraordinary!

We look forward to sharing additional findings soon, such as when the demo will be available for download in Nintendo eShop.

We Only Want to Sing You to Sleep - Joji Miller Imagine

Joji slips in the door, greeted with nothing but a dimly-lit living room and the sounds of song that he knows all too well- something he wrote and recorded a few weeks back, a special demo just for you.

He tiptoes over to the couch after he notices you lying there, dead to the world with your phone clasped loosely in your grip. Joji smiles to himself, more than a little excited by the fact that you liked his song enough play it while you waited for him to come home. He bends down quietly, kissing your temple and turning off the speaker on the coffee table almost in the same movement. You shift slightly, tucking further into the couch, but he just pets your hair to soothe you before slipping both arms underneath your body.

The feeling of being picked up and carried rouses you, and you groggily ask what’s going on, still nearly completely asleep at this point. Joji just shushes you softly. “Nothing, baby,” he says, smiling to himself as you cling to him with all of the air of a little child. “Nothing at all.”



A (Mostly) Solo Run with Pyukumuku

Backstory: My name is Xinitii. As soon as Pyukumuku was first revealed, I knew I wanted one. I wanted to add it to my team on my first round through Alola, although if I didn’t have an evolution, then I would save it for something special. After the demo was data mined and there was no evolution for this sea cucumber, the solo run was born. I wanted to play through Moon using nothing but Pyukumuku. I had done a solo run through Pokemon Emerald several times with Mudkip, Beldum (into Metagross), and Azumarill (2x actually. One of those is on my YouTube channel X I N I T I I) so I knew what I was doing. Kind of.

Problems: Pyukumuku doesn’t learn ANY OFFENSIVE MOVES. Only status moves. This makes it kind of hard to do anything at all. Luckily it can learn moves like Counter and Toxic. With these, Pyukumuku at least had some chance of doing this solo run. So I had to think of a moveset that allows it to deal some type of damage and tank hits.

Moveset, Nature, Hold Item: To start off I had a look at Pyukumuku’s move pool and base stats. With 55HP, 60Atk and SpAtk, and a WHOPPING 5Spd, this sea cucumber didn’t have a lot going for it, except one (two technically) things. It’s defense. With base 130Def and SpDef, nothing was going to easily take down this mucus ball. In the end, Pyukumuku was destined to be a slow moving, mostly passive, punching bag. So I designed her moveset around that. My favorite meta strategy is “toxic stalling” so naturally I threw Toxic and Protect on Pyukumuku so it could handle most situations. This way I could just chill and wait for Toxic to do INFINITE DAMAGE. Use Protect every other turn and your good! I had her Counter so she could try to be more aggressive in battles. Counter, if you didn’t know, does double the damage of the attack the user is hit by. Pyukumuku’s attack stat shouldn’t matter much here luckily. Lastly, the fourth move: Reflect, Light Screen, Taunt, Substitute, or Recover. So many to choose from. What could I possibly pick? After lots of consideration, I chose Recover for that sweet HP recovery during long toxic stall sessions. Originally, I had chosen Relaxed (Def+, Sp.-) for her ability, but it took too long to breed that, so I went with Impish (Def+, Sp.Atk-) instead. Pyukumuku won’t be using that SpAtk anyway. For hold item, it was between Leftovers or Rocky Helmet. Rocky Helmet required me to go to Battle Tree first and get 48BP while I could just steal Leftovers from a wild Munchlax. My choice was like stealing candy from a baby. Now with everything planned, I just had to do it. Starting with making my Pyukumuku.

Set Up: I caught a mother (Lady) and a father (Daddy), put them in the nursery and gave them some space. Half a box of babies later, a cute little Impish Pyukumuku was born. I named her Sushi. Cute and morbid! Sushi was born knowing Counter already. Using TMs, I taught her Toxic (found in Aether Paradise docks) and Protect (bough from TM shop in Heahea City). Then I went to the move tutor at the base of the Pokemon League and taught Sushi Recover, a move she shouldn’t be able to learn until lv37. Sun Moon move tutor = OP. I used Thief (TM from first trial) to steal a Leftover from a Munchlax and gave it to Sushi to nibble on. Then I fought a random Pokemon to bring Sushi to lv10 (since you can’t trade Pokemon until you’ve reached the first Pokemon Center). I did all of this on my copy of Sun. On Moon, I made a new character (named Xinitii) and got my butt to the first Pokemon center as quickly as possible. I traded Pokemon and Sushi was finally ready to start her very first solo run!

Update 1: At the time of making this post, I had just finished fighting the trainers at the Trainer School, I fought a few trainers on the routes around your home as well to get a feel for how Sushi fights. My census? Awful. The battles are terribly slow, most of the time you’re left waiting for the other Pokemon to use an attacking move so you can use Counter (they never do). Toxic works like a charm, unless the Pokemon is Poison or Steel, in which case you can’t touch it. I fought a Magnemite in the Trainer School. No physical moves. It used ThunderShock (special) on me so I couldn’t use Counter. Since it was steel, I couldn’t use Toxic. Sushi could not even touch it. So the only solution is to use another Pokemon. GASP! That’s why this is a //mostly// solo run. There are some Pokemon (other Pyukumuku included) that Sushi just cannot fight at all. So as far as a true Pyukumuku Solo Run goes, it’s impossible, unfortunately.

Run Status: Will I end the run? No. I want to get as far as I can. Sadly, I will have to rely on other Pokemon besides Pyukumuku to finish this run, but I plan to keep that minimal. Sushi will fight as many fights as she can. I will have back up Pokemon for those literally impossible fights though. I dropped the game after the Magnemite incident, but will pick it back up soon. I won’t let Sushi down!

End Word: My spirit may be dead, but the run isn’t. I’ll keep doing updates as the run continues. It will be a slow and difficult run, but I love Pyukumuku enough to keep going. Everyone wish me luck and I’ll be back with another update soon.

~~Also thank you @pokemon-i-choose-you for finding interest in my run!~~

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So the Pokemon Sun and Moon demo released and it got data mined (huge surprise) and leaks are about as abundant as the fear of Trump becoming the next president of the free world but I need everyone to pause for a moment.

To all of you who are throwing shade at people who already made up their mind about their starter Pokemon with comments like “I’m so sorry for people picking Litten” and the like. I have had my qualms with the leaked final evolutions, mostly Beltiger if I’m being honest but y'all are just being extra and rude and need to sit down and shut the fuck up.

Enjoy the content for what it is or don’t, you don’t have to be a complete fucking asshat to people because of their preferences and choices.

That is all.