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BREAKING NEWS! A Squid Research Lab special report:

Nintendo Switch owners will soon be able to participate in a special Splatoon 2 preview. A special demo version of Splatoon 2 will be available for download on Nintendo Switch and will allow players to battle against opponents around the world in the Splatoon 2 Global Testfire event. It’s a way for everyone to investigate the latest in cephalopod warfare months before the game launches!

The Splatoon 2 Global Testfire will give Nintendo Switch owners six chances to play with other owners worldwide during the three-day event. The timing of the event is as follows:

March 24
12-12:59 p.m. PT
8-8:59 p.m. PT

March 25
4-4:59 a.m. PT
12-12:59 p.m. PT
8-8:59 p.m. PT

March 26
4-4:59 a.m. PT

Who’s playing those 4 a.m. Pacific Time time slots, anyway? They’re preferable to players overseas, or perhaps North American early birds (or night owls?)

All indications are that the content for the Global Testfire will allow players to test four different main weapons, including the new Splat Dualies, as well as remixed versions of the iconic Splat Roller and Splat Charger. Extraordinary!

We look forward to sharing additional findings soon, such as when the demo will be available for download in Nintendo eShop.

New Elite Specs: My Thoughts

Another weekend, another demo! There’s no new lore to overanalyze, unfortunately, but we did get access to the new Elite Specializations. And I, naturally, spent the whole weekend fooling around with them. 

Now, as someone who traditionally sucks at PvP… this was a tough time for me. I spent the past three days being repeatedly punched, stabbed, shot, burned, kicked, and… whatever it is Mirages do. But I suffered bravely through all of it, for you, my dear followers. So that I might bring you my firsthand thoughts on the new specs. 

I’m not exactly an expert on these things (I’m more of a lore guy), but I did throw a lot of time into the demo, and spent at least a couple hours on every class. If you were indisposed this weekend, you might find these hot takes useful. Without further ado… 

Do you enjoy being delightfully confused? Wondrously confounded? Kicking someone’s ass without having any idea how you pulled it off? Then good news, friend – The Weaver is the class for you!

With the attunement system, Elementalists like myself have always had a ridiculous number of skills. Now, with the addition of a sword and the ability to mix and match different elements, Arenanet’s added about two dozen more. Want a crazy amount of damage? Use Fire and Air skills at the same time! Want to be a nigh-unkillable tank instead? Mix Earth and Water, baby! This is the Elementalist on steroids, with even more versatility than the base class.

I only played for a few hours, and didn’t even scratch the surface of what the Weaver can do. I leaned hard into the “nigh-unkillable tank” option, and the end result is a class that just Will. Not. Die. And I’m not even playing it properly – I’m just throwing out random spells and hoping I don’t get crushed. In the hands of someone that actually knows how to play PvP, this thing will be a holy terror. 

Of all the new specs, this is the one I’m most excited to play in the open world. The possibilities are endless, and I really, really love my new sword. 

The Deadeye, it turns out, wasn’t nearly as OP as everyone said it would be. While the idea of a Thief getting a long-range sniper rifle might be pretty scary on paper, remember that it’s only effective when it’s used at long range. The rifle’s best abilities require you to be immobile. Once the enemy closes the ground and you’re forced to move, you sacrifice all that raw damage and become just another glass-cannon Thief.

That doesn’t mean the Deadeye’s not dangerous, though – not if you’re thinking a few steps ahead. After experimenting a bit, I realized that the Deadeye excels at hit and run tactics. Seek out a 1v1 between evenly-matched players and shoot the enemy in the back. Capture an unguarded point and lay in wait for the first unsuspecting victim that tries to reclaim it. Bring someone down with the burst damage and run like hell… leaving a Needle Trap behind for your victim’s overeager teammates.

All the mobility of a Thief, now with an absurdly long-range weapon. Deadeyes aren’t invincible (especially once you start to plan around them), but it’s a lethal combination once you figure out some clever ways to exploit these advantages. More importantly, though, it’s fun. Of all the Specs they released, this one might just be my favorite. 

So… if the Deadeye isn’t the most OP thing since sliced bread, the question remains: “What is?” To answer that query, please put your hands together for the bane of my existence this past weekend… The Holosmith.

The Holosmith is, to put it simply, a living can of Red Bull that’s been chugging twelve-packs of Sunny D. Fight one head-on, and you’ll be locked into a neverending chain of pulls and knockbacks, being kicked helplessly from one end of the arena to another while receiving absurb amounts of damage. Now, this is supposed to have drawbacks – if a Holosmith goes on like this for too long, they’ll get overloaded and eventually start doing damage to themselves. But trust me, you’ll be dead long before that becomes a problem for them.

It takes a while to figure out this class, because like all things Engineer, it’s pretty complicated. But once you do, you’ll be nigh unstoppable. Most encounters will be over quickly thanks to the front-loaded burst damage, but if the battle drags on, Holosmiths bring plenty of survivability to the table. Utility skills like Spectrum Shield and Hardlight Arena make Holosmiths hard to take out in an even fight. 

Enjoy it while you can, guys, because as awesome as the Holosmith is, it’ll be nerfed into the ground within a matter of weeks. 

The Scourge was… I’m honestly not sure what I think, actually. Necromancers got a lot of cool toys to play with this expansion – not just a torch, but an entirely new set of skills that replaces the old Life Force bar. Now you channel Life Force to summon Shades, stationary ghosts that damage enemies and shield allies.

On one hand, their ability to support and sustain their team allows the Scourge to dominate a teamfight. A good Scourge can give their allies the survivability they need to turn the tide in the team’s favor. Problem is, they’re pretty useless outside that one specific niche. 

Scourges can be pretty intimidating, sure. Nobody wants to enter the Scourge’s AoE Funhouse of Doom… until they realize that Scourges still rely mainly on conditions to deal damage, and the new batch of Specs is filled with condition cleansing. Then you start getting dunked on by an entire team of Spellbreakers. Worst part? Because you can’t use your Life Force as a secondary health bar, those Spellbreakers will tear through you like paper. 

I feel like Scourge is something I’d have more fun toying with in PvE. Like the Druid before it, the Scourge is designed to fit into a support role, and those don’t have much of a place in structured PvP. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Quick: what’s the coolest thing you can do with a shortbow? If your answer was “Fire a hail of burning arrows through tiny portals that strike your foes at various angles”, you are not only correct, but also a fan of The Renegade. 

The new Revenant Spec is very exciting for lore nerds such as myself. Channeling of the spirit of Kalla Scorchrazor, legendary charr war hero, you gain Kalla’s incredible sharpshooting abilities… and the ability to summon members of her warband when you’re in a jam. Unsurprisingly, it’s pretty difficult to master, and I certainly didn’t come anywhere close while I was playing. But I did run into some decent Renegades during the demo, and they were able to deal a lot of damage, very quickly. 

This is another one of those Specs I can’t wait to try out in PvE. I couldn’t do much with it in the arena, but in a less stressful environment, I feel like it’ll be incredible. 

I hope you brought a good book, because The Firebrand is about to get literate on your asses. Remember that Tome mechanic the Guardians had way back at launch? Well, it’s back, and just as awesome as you remembered. Massive AoE heals and conditions can be pumped out in the blink of an eye. 

Like the Scourge, Firebrands are excellent in teamfights, putting pressure on the entire enemy team while supporting their own. But unlike the Scourge, the Firebrand still retains the tools that have served it well in PvP before – namely, its uncanny ability to tank anything you throw at it. Even when they’re caught in a bad situation, a well-built Firebrand can survive, and that’ll make them a common sight in this game mode. 

Personally, I can’t wait to use the Firebrand in World vs World. In the midst of a massive zerg, it can probably do some absurd things.

For reasons I’ve never really understood, some Ranger players really, really want a Spec that lets them play without a pet. While I don’t get the logic – aren’t pets the main draw of the Ranger? – Arenanet, apparently, does, and they’ve listened to your feedback. Now, with the addition of The Soubeast,  Rangers don’t just play without their pets – you merge with them, Voltron-style.

Indeed, Arenanet has taken animal cruelty to the next level, as you eat your beloved sidekick to absorb their power. This’ll definitely be a welcome addition in PvP, where pets are constantly running headfirst into massive AoE attacks and getting knocked quickly out of the fight. 

Like the Weaver, I didn’t really know what I’m doing while I was playing the Soubeast, so I can’t really say anything about its place in the meta or stuff like that. But I do know that my enemies kept breaking under my dagger-waving onslaught, so I figure I must be doing something right. 

The Mirage is the Mesmer in its purest form. They don’t do fair fights – they overcome their obstacles by tricking, confounding and generally irritating the hell out of them until they give up and leave. Mirages are masters of this. Their new powers help them blend in with their clones, hiding in plain sight while they beat on their enemies. Do you want to bring her down with burst damage? Choose wisely, then, because there’s a one-in-four chance that you’ll unload your best abilities on the wrong target altogether. 

Even though Mesmer is the class I’m least familiar with, I had a surprising amount of success with the Mirage. I think it has to do with me taking the clone gimmick as far as I possibly could. I didn’t just summon clones – I tried to mimic their behavior, too. AIs in this game are pretty simplistic, and it’s pretty easy to figure out which Mirage is the real one when only three of them are following the simplistic movement and attack patterns. To really blend in, you’ve got to commit to the role and act as much like a clone as possible. Otherwise, you’ll be identified almost immediately, and Mirages don’t survive for very long under direct fire. 

Even so, the sheer amount of AoE can make things very difficult for you. With all the Firebrands and Holosmiths running around, clones will die almost as fast as you can summon them… which, as you might imagine, makes blending in with them pretty difficult. Once it gets buffed a little, though, I think PvPers will appreciate its unique fighting style.

It’s no secret that in the past couple seasons of PvP, condition damage has ruled the meta. But now, ladies and gentlemen, burst damage has returned, and it is through The Spellbreaker that it has reclaimed its rightful throne. 

Spellbreakers, on paper, are simple: they hate magic. All magic. And they’re all about purging magic from allies and enemies – buffs and debuffs alike. The days of stacking a bunch of Might on yourself and running roughshod over your enemies are over. Under the watchful eye of the Spellbreaker, they’ll make sure both sides are fighting with nothing but their raw stats, as nature intended. 

This Spec is an odd little duckling, because on its own, it’s not really overpowered in and of itself. It is, however, uncannily good at countering builds that are. Spellbreakers are the only class I saw regularly standing up to Holosmiths, stunning them to take away their momentum or stripping away boons they rely on to survive in a prolonged fight. And as for the aforementioned condition builds? Shut down before they could even get rolling. 

However the meta might develop in Path of Fire, I’m dead certain Spellbreakers will be a key component. They’re set to be the superpredators of the meta ecosystem, keeping all the traditionally overpowered builds in check to maintain a level of balance. If you’re a big PvPer, you may want to invest in this guy. 

So… those are my thoughts. What did you guys think about the new batch of Elite Specs? I’m interesting in hearing from the rest of you guys, especially if, unlike me, you actually know something about this buildcraft stuff. As usual, feel free to send me asks or reblog with your own opinions. 

Whatever you think, I hope you enjoyed the demo as much as I did. <3

Its been ages since ive done anything pjo/hoo.
So here you go

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August 23, 2017

Hiveswap is not out yet.

It was indeed a cursed day.

we did not get an interview, but instead a mysterious message.

Will we get a release date next week? a trailer? a demo? a ~special~ interview?

only time will tell…

It has been (-235) days since “January 2017”.

anonymous asked:

How did you became an animator for bigger shows

With a series of lucky events that started when I was a frustrated graphic designer in Mexico.

1. in 2008 I was 25, I hated my job, I wanted to work in animation but I didn’t wanted and couldn’t afford a 4 year animation school in a country with good animation schools. I found VFS in Vancouver, a one year animation school program.

2. I knew I only had one year to get the skills to have a job in a studio in Vancouver. One teacher told me I was good at FX. I really liked this field and I was not good at the other positions so I decided to focus my final film on mainly FX, I worked on it 4 months, 10 hours a day everyday.

3. When I graduated, no studio in Vancouver was hiring, and nobody wanted foreigner animators with 0 experience. Ankama in France was looking for animators knowing Flash, a software that was not intended to work for animation but that lots of studios in Vancouver used for a while. It also happened that finding flash animators was rare, so Ankama was willing to help me and 6 other students from VFS to get a work VISA.

4. Ankama was producing Wakfu, an action TV production based on a MMORPG that had a lot of success between french teens. This success gave them the funds to produce a high quality TV show with tons of FX.

5. In 2012 I uploaded my demo reel specialized in FX, and it was published in Catsuka, an animation site that lots of people from the industry often check. A producer from Titmouse saw my demo and gave me my first job as a freelancer on a few scenes for a video game of Legend of Korra.

6. in 2017 I quit my job at Ankama to give a shot at freelancing full time. Thanks to Netflix and Amazon’s success, more and more action TV series with tons of FX are being produced and studios are in the look for experienced FX animators, which is kind of rare.

So that’s it! that’s how I started working for bigger shows, as you can see it is a mix of many lucky events, I just happened to be in the right place at the right time. 

To conclude, I think nobody can foresee what is going to happen with the industry of animation, but as long as you keep learning and working hard, opportunities will appear in front of you.

the short answer is good luck and hard work!


Had a productive weekend here.  As you know I am still working on the deck demo project of where it went around the pool.  I got it about as far as I can go on my own and I contacted a landscaping company who advertises that they specialize in pool/deck demo,haul away, backfill with dirt, grade it then seed or sod etc.  They came out and gave me a quote that I could not pass up, as I had done some research on pricing out things like a dumpster, a dirt order and those alone were adding up fast.  To have a crew with equipment that can easily get rid of the cement footings (30+) and handle the rest of this, for what they quoted was awesome. So I booked them and I am about a week or two out on their schedule.  So I wanted to get these planter boxes on  the main part of the deck demo’d so I could add the wood to the pile that they will be hauling away. 

While I liked the look of the plantar boxes, they have always been a challenge as wasps loved to nest inside of them, in a way you could not get rid of them.  So when you were sitting on the deck they would always be flying around.  It sucked. 

Sure enough as I began demo’ing (there were three of those planters total) each one had anywhere from 6-10 wasp nests inside some of which could have been old but others were definitely active.  So I know I made the right choice.  Plus now the deck itself looks/feels so much larger.

After this crew comes and goes, I will be saving up to get the supplies to do that Behr Restore on the floor of the deck.  Staining never seems to last long and that stuff is supposed to be really nice so hopefully early fall I can get that project checked off my never ending list!

Went to bed last night on time, but had a heck of a time waking up for swim today.  I snoozed until the last second and made it there just in the nick of time.  A batch of new (to the team) folks were there so that changed up some lane assignments etc.  Otherwise it was all business.  My shoulders (especially the right one) are tired now after this one.

150 warmup

Main set:

  • 400  rest :20
  • 2x50 on 1:00
  • 300  rest :20
  • 4x50 on 1:00
  • 200  rest :20
  • 6x50 on 1:00 *should get between 5 and 10 sec rest on the 50’s, may need to adjust after first round

Regroup and start everyone in your lane together:

6x100 with pull buoy, rest :15

  • 25 pull, evf!
  • 25 kick fast (hold pullbuoy in hands)
  • 25 skull
  • 25 blast kick to half, finish easy kick