For our 7th anniversary, my gf and I decided the 7th year is the pizza year and celebrated with a vegan pizza from Vinnie’s in Brooklyn. We ordered the BKNY (vegan bacon, kale, tomato, hot sauce, vegan cheese) but I called in early to get the special surprise- they put the toppings in the shape of a heart!

We love Vinnie’s and specialbored!

Hello friends!  I see that some of you kids have been writing these “follow forever” lists lately, and since I’ve discovered so many inspiring artists and met so many lovely lovely pals on this website, I thought I’d throw my hat in the ring.  

Please check out these wonderful people and/or share this if you like!  Spreading the love for 2014!  (I wish that rhymed)



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PALS I’VE MET ON TUMBLR (and/or instagram and/or twitter)

I really hope I’m not forgetting anyone but I probably am…

bennieandjojocatanderson26 ( inthequietinthecrowds ) • elizabethconworthylemonhelenaoftroyhotjuliachildinthecitykerriganslilybeansmommylittlemessythingslushveganlifemissanneventuresnobunnyluvsyoupoehlerizationrachelsuefernandezrachelupshawsamtazticserigraphicshmandyfacetackybangstorisandifer

I hope you all have a very festive and sparkly new year and I will be back with more drawings (and prob a giveaway) as soon as I can!

Helllllllooooo! (<—Said like Mrs Doubtfire) Have you ever wanted to be featured on a Vinnie’s Pizzeria Special Board? Do you wish you had your very own pizza named in honor of you? You have?! Oh man well do I have a deal for you! I’m doing the 2017 NYC AIDS WALK on May 21st and I’m giving out various awards for donating to the cause. Just go to Ny.aidswalk.net/walkasean . You can donate to this amazing fundraiser and in turn I will draw you on your own Special Board and you’ll be featured as Today’s Special at Vinnie’s Pizzeria in Brooklyn. I’ve drawn over 800 of these boards over the past few years and they’ve been featured on The Jimmy Kimmel Show, The AV Club, Gothamist, The Chive, and tons of other internetty things. You can have one made in your beautiful likeness, or gift it to a “bae”, or even give your kitty cat the pizza special they deserve. Or whatever your heart desires. If you’re unable to donate, please just help spread the word and Share this post. Thanks for reading, for sharing and for your support! Again, that’s ny.aidswalk.net/walkasean