special: to boldly flee

  • Hamilton: Now I know I've never asked ANYTHING of you guys before.
  • Washington:
  • Madison:
  • Jefferson:
  • Angelica:
  • Eliza:
  • Burr: ...did he really just say that?
  • Angelica: No offense...actually a lot of offense, but why the hell should we trust you?
  • Hamilton: Oh come on, when have I ever lied to you guys...okay I may have lied sometimes, and I know I've made some mistakes in the past.
  • Jefferson: Thousands.
  • Hamilton: And sometimes I've led you into danger.
  • Madison: Always.
  • Hamilton: But at least I had the best intentions in mind.
  • Eliza: Yours.
  • Hamilton: And things have always turned out okay.
  • Washington, Madison, Jefferson, Angelica, Eliza, Lafayette all the way in France: NEVER!

To Boldly Flee Bloopers part 2

Spoony does the Ma-Ti voice again to keep cracking people up.

Doug impersonates Lindsay impersonating Mickey Mouse talking about Disney Nazi cartoons.

Spoony professes his love for 8-Bit Mickey

Brad keeps making Luke crack up

Practical Joke #1- Someone locked the door and Jim and Orlando couldn’t get in

Spoony drooling (give props to Noah. He kept the comatose look even when everyone around him was laughing.)

Luke and Brad got very close during the making of this


I love To Boldly Flee, okay? I fucking love it.

And one of the things I love most about it, and the absolute thing I love most about Part 8 is that, even though it raised back up all my bile and hatred for Film Brain as a character in the anniversaries, it weaved that into everything I love about Film Brain (and Mathew Buck too) as a person. And…it’s not a fix of the plot hole, or a sudden change that makes me like Film Brain in the anniversaries again, for the first time since I was 13 and watching Kickassia as each episode came out – it’s how they finally show his true character. He’s someone who sees the good in people, no matter how naive he might seem and how stupid the shit he’ll do to try and show it to everyone else can be.

I might not be as overboard with the feels as the rest of you, but…I still love this anniversary.