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Netflix Customer Service

Alright everyone! So I’ve just finished getting off a 20 minute call with customer service. The lady that took my call was the sweetest thing. What she said? They’ve been receiving calls like crazy about the cancellation of sense8 from left to right. She also told me there have been some angry callers, but please guys, if you want something done, please be kind, being angry isn’t going to help when you’re talking to these people. She also told me that EVERY SINGLE FEEDBACK THEY RECEIVE FROM US COUNTS AND THEY TAKE IT SERIOUSLY. As she also said that Netflix is probably the only company she knows that does this. I spoke to her about the possibility of there being at least a special or a movie so we may be able to get a good and decent finale. Everything that we tell these people is being typed down and sent to headquarters. I came to ask as well about the possibility of Netflix selling the show forward and she said she wouldn’t know about that and told me that they can possibly keep making money off of sense8 if it’s still there. Make sure you guys tell them that if they cancelled it because they weren’t getting enough views; I specifically said to her “if you’re going to cancel it because it’s not getting enough views, excuse my language, but advertise your shit”. Why keep making money from a show that’s been cancelled if you’re not getting views and you’re not willing to promote it. I live in New York City and the only time there was ever something concerning sense8 here was the season 2 premiere which was amazing. Please let them know what this show means to you as well. She told me that people have called her and told her that they’re cancelling their accounts and this is happening fast where people are unsubscribing. Everything we do for this show makes a difference. She told me to lets keep our heads up and stay on the lookout which I won’t say it’s essentially a good thing but we’re doing good. So keep up the good work everyone, lets keep doing this!

Anything is possible.

The customer service line is 1-866-579-7172

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I know you just got this question about everyone's favorite squids, but any tips on drawing Tugrutas?

Sure! Togrutas are my fav SW species, I’ll see if I can do them any justice here! I can already tell this one will be very long so i apologize in advance lol

As I mentioned on the Nautolan post, it’s helpful to read up on the species wiki before working on anything if you feel like taking the time- http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Togruta/Legends 

I’ll be paraphrasing from there for most anatomy references.

Togrutas are a carnivorous species with a tribal/pack nature. Though it’s seldom shown, it’s mentioned on the wiki that Togrutas actually have sharp canine teeth! Togrutas are distinguished by their varying face/skin patterns, their 3-4 head tails (or Lekku) and their montrals, the hollow horn-like growths on top of their head. Their montrals give them passive echolocation. Their Lekku and Montrals can drastically vary in shape from person to person, and their skin and eye colors can be just about any color of the rainbow.

Their head tails and monrtals can be grown in sections, like shown:

Or they can be one continuous growth:

Adult Male Togrutas have been shown to sometimes have shorter Lekku than females-

but not all of them adhere to this. Male’s Lekku can be just as long as a Females and can pretty much be the same shape- 

And here’s my fav Male Togruta, Zandar! (character by my friend XombieJunky on deviantart, please go check out his work!) He’s a prime example of Fantastic Togruta, I love him

Togruta montrals and lekku get longer as they grow older, and the pattern can shift and change with time, as well as their face markings shifting in shape-

I’ve exercised this pattern shift with my OC Stitch, you can see how their montrals/lekku grew over time as well-

And here’s some more examples of Togruta younglings-

Most examples of Togruta shown have white as a prominent color on their montrals and face, but it’s not necessary to have that (as seen with that pinkish-purple guy shown earlier on this post). With my OC Tulu, I tried to go for a watermelon-like color scheme, she has no white markings-

A cool way to figure out color schemes for a Togruta could be by using a pallet generator, here’s one of my fav generators if you want to use it!


On my final point, I’ll be talking about Togruta headdress. Here’s an excerpt from the wiki on that-

“ As hunters, the Togruta showed off the pelts and teeth of their game as a sign of pride and maturation. Special pride was taken in the teeth of akul that a Togruta had taken down as an individual. These teeth often were made into jewelry such as an akul-tooth headdress or a necklace, which also incorporated metals, stones, and pearls found on Shili.“

The headdress is mentioned to be made with teeth, but that’s not always necessary. Here’s some headdress examples-

Headdresses are a cultural thing for them and can be fun to design, but it’s not a requirement. Many go without the headdress, it’s up to you!

I believe that should be all the basics of Togruta design. If you need further content, google image search “Togruta” and/or read the wiki for inspiration. Hope this helped at all, and have fun making your Togrutas!

— aquiver | 04 (m)

aquiver (adj.) [uh-kwiv-er] in a state of trepidation or vibrant agitation; trembling; quivering

pairingmin yoongi x reader
genre/warnings— mentions of death, slight angst, mentions or mature themes, fluff

:: summary— Yoongi can’t remember the last time he was able to successfully bring himself to the point of orgasm, then Namjoon gives him a business card advertising ‘Healing Hands’, and that’s where he meets you; pretty and innocent looking, who gets paid to provide hand jobs for a living…

note.— inspired by the novella ‘The Grownup’ by Gillian Flynn, literally just the main character’s past occupation haha

» 01 :: 02 :: 03 :: 04 :: 05 :: 06 :: 07

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AM I LATE I HOPE I'M NOT LATE! How about some headcanon's of a Saeran and MC brotp?

~YOU WEREN’T AND THANK GOD CAUSE I AM LIVING FOR THIS RN. I am basing this on MCxSaeyoung and Saeran is the platonic ‘new brother’ to MC. 

Sorry I might be going a bit overboard but like…this is one of my favorite platonic relationships haha!  


  • Goodbye Saeyoung 
  • RIP 
  • You two are an unstoppable force against his antics 
  • Your “thing” together is going on hikes 
  • Both LIVE for just quiet time walking long trails in the outdoors and seeing new sites together 
  • Saeyoung isn’t…much of a hiker…
  • Saeran had been cooped up for so long that all he wanted to do was get out and explore
  • And you wanted an opportunity to get to know him better
  • So Saeyoung started to urge you to go with him and before you knew it…you were hooked as well! 
  • Saeyoung gets a little sad sometimes feeling left out but mostly he just loves you guys spending time together 
  • At first it was a lot of quiet walking and individual musings  
  • The first ice breaker happened when you accidentally tripped on a rock while daydreaming 
    • “Hey, you okay?” Saeran held a hand out for you to stand back up 
    • “Hah, yeah,” you dusted the rocks that were lightly embedded in your knee. “Guess I should pay more attention. It’s just so beautiful out here-” you began but Saeran unexpectedly cut you off 
    • “It really is. How often do people get to see sites like this? Brother is sitting at home and meanwhile I get to see…” his voice trailed off and he spread out his arms on the cliff, as if he was showing off the view to a group of people  
    • “Hah, you aren’t wrong,” you took a place next to him. “It truly is stunning. Maybe one day we can drag him out here.”
  • Saeran seemed lost in thought for a moment before finally turning to you with a smile 
    • “Yeah, that would be nice,” he nodded slightly 
  • It was small moments after that 
  • You talking about yourself 
  • And Saeran opening up more…day by day, trip by trip 
  • It was always a special moment when you saw animals in the wild 
  • Something about seeing a creature alive in nature like that lit something inside of you both 
    • “Look,” Saeran whispered and pulled your pack back on the trail, “a fox.”
  • The two of you watched for a while, following her slowly off the trail a ways until she reached her two kits, their small heads poking from their den in the soft evening light 
    • “They make such a loud sound for being so small,” you whispered, hoping they wouldn’t notice you. 
    • “They’re hungry, calling for their mom…” he paused for a bit, watching. “She must be on the evening hunt for them.”
  • Night time was always when you connected the most, after you set up camp and got a fire going 
  • Maybe it was the fatigue of the day, who knows, but you both always ended up talking until you felt you might pass out any minute 
  • Soon the effects of your trips together spilled over into real life 
  • You can’t say when this had happened 
  • And neither could he…
  • But somehow, somewhere along the way, you had both become best friends 
  • Saeran tried to deny and ignore it at first 
  • He would pretend nothing exciting or important happened on your trips 
  • However, slowly but surely the bond you two had been building began to seep through like honey through a cheesecloth 
    • “Why did she leave so early this morning?” Saeran’s tone was almost interrogative, causing Saeyoung to smirk 
    • “Jaehee needed help with the cafe,” Saeyoung said it like nothing 
    • “And did you make sure she got there alright?” Saeran pressed, his voice laced with panic  
    • “Of course, look,” he turned the monitor to show Saeran you were there, wiping the counter and very much in-tact.
  • Saeyoung couldn’t help the joyous feeling that was erupting inside, seeing his brothers sigh of relief, knowing the two people he loved the most, cared for each other 
  • Though, this came with a couple downsides for him 
  • Like when he was helping make breakfast with you and he asked how many pieces of toast Saeran wanted 
    • “I [HE DOESNT] DON’T LIKE TOAST” both you and Saeran said in unison
    • “But….well…when we were…” Saeyoung couldn’t believe he didnt know this simple fact about his own brother now  
  • Or when it was sandwich making time in preparation for a picnic and you were showering 
  • And Saeran grabbed Saeyoung’s hand as Saeyoung made the sandwiches 
    • “She hates mustard.” Saeran said dryly 
  • It was as simple as that 
  • But it turned in to such a deep bond that they felt closer than you and Saeyoung at times 
  • Well…According to Saeyoung 
  • He didn’t get upset or angry 
  • It just made him want to know more about you both 
  • Even when Saeran confronted him on more personal matter in private 
    • “You’ve been pretty distant lately,” he spoke bluntly 
    • “I’ve been busy with work, is all…” Saeyoung knew it was true and yet it hurt to even deny it. 
    • “Yeah, well, get too busy and you will see the greatest person to ever walk into your life, leave…” Saeran’s brow knit together. “I’m staying over at Yoosungs the next three days. If you don’t…fix this…I’ll beat the shit out of you.” 
  • Yes. The bond between you and Saeran was strong 
  • You, Saeyoung and Saeran were a real family now 

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Hetalia ~in the new world~, the musical which ran from July 15 - August 2, 2017 at the NHK Osaka Hall in Osaka and at Theatre 1010 in Tokyo will be released on DVD in Japan on November 29, 2017.

  • Initial First Press Benefits include: Cast bromide and Lottery application for participation in an event
  • Bonus Footage: Backstage footage of the musical in the making, The final show curtain call, “Ad Lib Collection“ HetaMyu Special Talk
  • Animate Pre-order Original Benefit: A Postcard drawn by Hidekaz Himaruya

<Animate Limited Edition Postcard drawn by Hidekaz Himaruya>

In addition, it will be released with a “Panorama view ver. Musical Composition Collection” containing the tracks:

  • “The Promise Under the Tree ~in the new world~” (「約束の木の下で~in the new world~」)
  • “A Drop of God” (「神様のしずく」)
  • “Marukaite Chikyuu ~Hetamyu NW Medley~” (「まるかいて地球~ヘタミュNWメドレー~」)

The DVD is listed with the unit price of ¥8,900.

Dating V/Taehyung

Finally, we have finished the last part for our ‘Dating BTS’ series!! Next up, we will work on ‘Bestfriend BTS’, we hope you look forward to it~

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-you meeting his parents pretty early on

-him being super happy when you get along well

-”And now I want you to meet someone very special and dear to me. Say hello  to Soonshim.”

-him setting cypher as his alarm

-”Do you have a minute to talk about our lord and savior, the rap line?”

-mini fashions shows in your bedroom

-he loves to model all his new gucci clothes for you

-you would browse all the high-end fashion sites together

-and watch every fashion week, no matter which city

-getting into a lot of new hobbies together

-like photography

-that’s why he always wears his new camera around his neck wherever you go

-you help him with practicing his drawing/saxophone skills

-him playing cheesy sax tunes for you to make you laugh

-adopting seven cats and nine dogs

-sending each other pictures of cute babies  

-talking about how cute your own babies will be

-like, you could spend hours on end talking about your future family together

-”You know, Tae, with all those children you want, we will have to buy a huge  house!”

-”I’m already one step ahead of you, babe.”

-*shows you one house per week*

-already having exact plans on what your house will look like, how many kids  you want to have, what their names will be etc.

-naming one of your kids after his grandma 

-him getting really excited about everything and you being his anchor

-him holding you with his octopus limbs

-you being part of all the maknae line shenanigans

-in the beginning he would still try to act really cool around you

-but after that phase is over you get all the goofiness Tae has stored inside of  him

-a lot of adventurous dates and midnight walks

-no matter if the sun is shining or the rain is pouring down

-visiting all the animal cafés near you

-”I want a bunny now.”

-”Tae, we already have half a zoo at home!”

-”Then let’s make it a full zoo~!”

-browsing websites to see how to care for bunnies

-because somehow he convinced you to buy 5

-the Clyde to your Bonnie, the Timon to your Pumba, the sun to your moon~

-the Admins

Ok the cancellation of Sense8 was prefixed ok. It’s not like Netflix didn’t know how much the show was costing. They had a freaking budget for it. Netflix is basically a TV network now okay. Before they didn’t really had to advertise because they had rights to pretty much all the shows and movies. However, once other networks realized how good Netflix was doing, they stopped given out rights and started streaming themselves, hence Hulu etc. That’s around the same time Netflix started making their own shows (House of Cards, OITNB). Now they are heavily reliant on their original content, just like all the other networks, but guess what? They don’t do nearly as much advertising. If you are going to spend $9 million per episode of a show (which is the reported cost for Sense8 episodes), why the hell would you not advertise it?

Let’s take Game Of Thrones, for instance. That’s another show that is shot in various countries, and costs millions per episode to make. The new season is starting on July 16, but HBO has been advertising that show for weeks already. Not a day goes by where I log into Facebook and don’t see at least 1 ad for GoT.  2 Months before the season is out and they are already getting the hype up. You know many times I saw an ad for Sense8 anywhere? Not once! Aside from a little behind the scenes shoot a year ago (May, 2016), and the Christmas Special, there was nothing! I didn’t even get an e-mail from Netflix telling me that the season had started. My friend had to remind me. How many times did they show Sense8 on the log-in page? I didn’t see it a single time. Did you? The ad from The Crown still there though!

2 years making this season; took so long people completely forgot about it, and then when it finally comes out they just kind of put it out there. No fuss; like it was nothing. How many times did the actors show up on late night or any other popular talk show  to promote Sense8? How many magazine spreads? Any promotional online photo-shoot and or campaign? Are you seriously going to tell me that they budgeted over $100 million dollars to produce the season of a show, and then expected to make their money back without any promotion? You don’t even have to be a business person to know how ridiculous that is. Anyone who’s ever made anything know that no one is going to buy your product, if they don’t know you’re selling it. The show doesn’t have a comic book following to back it up like the marvel shows, so it needs promoting. And with a nearly $100 million dollar budget, there is no way promotion and advertisement was overlooked. You don’t make a project that big and then just forget the fact that you need viewers watch it. This was done on purpose, and the fact that they are not even wrapping up the story shows exactly what kind of company Netflix is becoming.

Next year there’s gonna be 13 episodes on why some white boy became a school shooter, and another 12 on the shitty story a white boy with glowing fist doing bad fight choreography though! Herp derp

My 2nd Ice Show Adventure (Fantasy On Ice 2017 in Niigata)

Summer 2015, I went for my very 1st ice show, Fantasy On Ice (FaOI) in Kobe, and it was the 1st time I saw ‘nama-Yuzu’ (real-life Yuzuru) after being a fan since 2014 Olympics. 

Summer 2016, I had tickets for FaOI again but this time, Yuzu pulled out of all ice shows to recover from lisfranc ligament injury, so I sold my ticket, prayed for Yuzu’s health and happiness, sent him letters of support, and managed to survive the terribly long off-season with other long-suffering Yuzu-fans.  

This summer (2017), I am so busy with work projects that I have no time for fangirling, not to mention ice shows, and I moaned about it to a few friends. Almost like a miracle, one friend told me that if I wanted, she could get tickets for me for FaOI Niigata!  I decided I could get away for the weekend.  I must!  

The shows were on Friday, Saturday, Sunday (16-18 June) and it would be my first time in Niigata.  I took an ANA flight (yay! ANA!) and arrived in Niigata airport on Thursday.   The first meal I had was a very delicious bowl of ramen, and as I ate, I was surprised that I could taste bits of yuzu (the fruit).  I have never had ramen with yuzu before and so I was really happy!  It was really oiishiiiiiiiiii~~!!!  What a great omen, I thought.  My first meal on this trip was with yuzu. xD    

On this 1st night, there was something else that made me think of Yuzu…. I saw Bourbon ice-cream!  “Mo chotto”!  

I was way too full from the huge bowl of ramen and so I did not buy ‘Mo Chotto’ ice-cream to try.  Thought I’d try it another day but I did not pass by this shop again and I could not find it anywhere else.  Sigh.  Regret.  The snack is common but the ice-cream is not. 

Friday 16 June (ice show is at 7pm, doors open at 6pm)  

In the morning, I changed hotel.  Checked into ANA Crowne Plaza (yay, ANA!) because it’s a short walk to the ice show venue.  A Yuzu-fan friend, D-chan, messaged to say she is nearby and asked me to join her for coffee.  OK!   It was a lovely breezy walk from ANA hotel to an area called Pier Bandai and I found her in a cosy little coffee place with comfy sofas.  I ordered an iced coffee and we chatted away.  “I can’t believe I’m really here….”  “He’s somewhere near us now, you know….”  “Omg we’re breathing the same air as him….”   xD

Happiness is talking with a Yuzu-fan while sipping coffee in Japan. :)  

Soon it was time to meet another friend, Kay, the wonderful person who got my tickets for me.  We had plans for an early dinner together and then go for the ice show.  I met her at Niigata Station and we walked around looking for food. Some restaurants were not yet opened for dinner as it was too early. Luckily there was a soba shop that was open and we both felt like eating soba, so in we went.  (soba= buckwheat noodles) 

We ordered their specialty which was soba dipped in a warm broth with tender slices of pork.  And once again, I had the lovely surprise of finding yuzu in it!   I really love the citrusy fragrance it gave to the soupy noodles.  We felt so happy eating soba with yuzu.  It was a very good meal. :)  

From Niigata station, there was a shuttle bus to the show venue, running pretty frequently.  (I really love Japan;  they think of everything.) There was no real need to look for the bus-stop, just look for the long queue!  Luckily, it was a short wait as the buses came quickly and soon we were on our way to Toki Messe!   Just a 10-minute bus ride and we were there, a lovely glassy tall building by the river.  

We were early but the queue for FaOI merchandise was already VERY LONG. It’s ok, let’s admire the pretty Tanabata decorations and chit-chat while we wait in line.  Finally we could at least SEE the sale counter!  It’s going to be our turn!  I got a T-shirt, a towel and the programme booklet.  So happy to get the towel because 2 years ago at FaOI Kobe, the towel was sold out before it was my turn, on the very 1st day!  

Then Kay pointed out to me something that made me very happy…. Ice Rink Sendai merchandise counter!  I have not had the chance to buy anything from Yuzu’s hometown rink before, so I hurried towards it excitedly.  Wow, they really have a lot of pretty things!  

The photo of Yuzu wearing ‘Irene gloves’ was there.  (Irene is short for ‘Ice Rink Sendai’ and is the name of the mascot.)  And also his signature with a message saying “I will never forget, I will continue to do my best and give my support.” (my translation from Japanese)   And there is a little mushroom at the end. ^^

What a simple but heartwarming message for his hometown rink….

I bought the ‘Irene’ gloves, T-shirt, keychain and some stationery.  I love the pink theme!

There were also stalls selling really beautiful books and magazines….. I want them all!

Glad we were early.  It was hard to take a good look at the stalls when it got very crowded later.  

I was also very amused to see a counter that rented out binoculars, haha.  I did not rent one on the 1st day, but I did for the next 2 days.  Best decision ever.  I could see clearly all his cute facial expressions and who he was talking to all the time at the finale.  (Guess who. :))  

And of course, there were big boxes for fan letters and gifts to skaters.  Yuzu’s box filled up quickly and the inner bag had to be changed several times by the staff.  I used my new Irene stationery to write 2 fan letters (one on behalf of the FB international fan group and one from myself) and dropped them into the box on the 2nd day.  On the 3rd day, I decided to also drop a letter into Oda-san’s box.  I told him I enjoy his skating, his talk shows and his blog, thanked him for his great friendship with Yuzu, and may God bless his beautiful family. :)   

After all the excitement outside, it’s time to go in.  The seating arena for Niigata is smaller than some other places, so even the furthest row was not that far away.  I was somewhere in the middle, nearer one end of the rink.  

As usual, there were guys in black jackets who walk around holding up big signs that say “No taking of photos or videos”.  (I took this pic before the show, no pics during the show.  Law-abiding fan.) 

The show started and the skaters were introduced one or two at a time.  Yuzu was the last one to come out and the applause and cheers for him were huge.  It was clear who the star of the show was. :) 

After the opening number, the skaters did their individual performances.  I enjoyed watching all of them.  My favourite ones were the 2 performances by Nobunari Oda – the music was beautiful for both and I love to watch his jumps;  it’s like he lands on marshmallow (once again I am reminded of why they gave him that T-shirt saying ‘landing with cat’s feet’);  Sex Bomb by Plushenko was hilarious and I laughed so much;  and Shizuka Arakawa– what supreme grace and beauty.

Ice dancers Papadakis and Cizeron were very beautiful to watch. So glad they performed in this FaOI.  The acrobatic duo of 2 men in Swan Lake tutu performing ‘Notte Stellata’ was very funny.  I have seen Yuzu perform to this song so beautifully so many times in the past season (and watched it live at 4CC) and now this exact same song is skated in such a comical way….. I was so tickled. xD

For the record, the other skaters were Kaori Sakamoto, Marin Honda, Akiko Suzuki, Miki Ando, Shoma Uno, Evgenia Medvedeva, Denis Vasiljevs, Javier Fernandez, Elladj Balde, Johnny Weir, Stephane Lambiel, Jeffrey Buttle and the Chesnas.  Many of them performed twice, before and after the intermission.  Much thanks to all for their wonderful performances!     

At the end was Yuzu’s Chopin Ballade Number 1.  I had the good fortune of watching this 2 years ago, at the last show of FaOI 2015, when he gave us a surprise performance with live piano music played by Kotaro Fukuma.  At that time, he did the 2nd half of his usual Chopin, in a black FaOI finale shirt. It was awesome. So this time, I was really excited that I would see the full performance with that beautiful white Chopin top. And wow…. he really took my breath away. Although I have watched him perform Chopin for 2 seasons already, it felt like a different Chopin. It was the same and yet it was different. More beautiful, more powerful, more flow, more speed, more precision…. it was already so perfect, how can it be even better, but it is!  (based on my ‘expert’ opinion.)   I am so thrilled that he is doing this for the new season! I LOVE Chopin!

After Chopin, he went backstage to dry his sweat and then came out again to do an encore of ‘Let’s Go Crazy’ (his SP for last season). It was funny to watch LGC performed in that sweet Chopin costume. So mismatched, haha.

For the finale, Yuzu came out in a glittery blue FaOI top with a cat ears-hair band on his head. He danced in the group number and even did a cartwheel on the ice!  And he waved happily to all of us. It was so good to see him enjoying himself. I am very glad he did not do any quad battles at the end. He just did a side lunge for the 1st show (with one under a set of hurdles, so amazing!), a hydroblade for the 2nd show, and a ‘muscle man’ pose with Plushenko at the last show. And when others are doing their jumps or special elements in the middle of the rink, he would skate from his original position to the space between his idol Plushenko and good buddy Nobu. And he was often talking to Plush. Ahhh… Yuzu, still the cute fan-boy after all these years. :)))

After the finale, when all the other skaters have left the rink, Yuzu took a mic and spoke to thank all of us. He said things like please take care of yourselves, take care as you go home, have a meal, have a good rest, who is staying on for tomorrow’s show? oh that’s quite a lot of you (laughs), thank you for your support, I really enjoyed myself, eh to, eh to, there is still so much that I want to say, but never mind, it is already very late, I should stop here, I really want to thank all of you for today……. And he would end by putting the mic down and shouting as loudly as he could with his own voice “Arigato gozaimashita!”

Listening to him speak was just wonderful…. I was touched by his concern for his fans and also half-laughing at some things he said. He wanted to talk more but he did not want to hold us back as it was already way past 10pm on that 1st night. That dear talkative boy. :) Oh Yuzu, your fans would listen to you all night, if only we could. But then we want you to rest too! You need a good rest and a good meal more than us!

In his speech for the 2nd day, he also thanked the people who made the ice rink.  He said the ice was very good to skate on and they all loved skating there. Yuzu and his grateful heart. :) 

On that 2nd day, I was seated at the other end, where the stage was.  (I took this pic as I was leaving.)  When he was speaking, he was standing on the left of the stage just outside the ice.  I had a very clear side view of him through my binoculars ( I was halfway up the stands).  His face was sweaty but dazzling with happiness as he spoke.  How I wish I was sitting this close!   

The shows for Saturday and Sunday were at 2 pm and 1pm respectively.

Most skaters performed the same programmes for all 3 shows in Niigata but a few skaters did a different one for one of the shows. Like Marin Honda, for the 2nd show, she performed in a very cute Japan Airlines air stewardess costume. Elladj Balde was the skater before Marin (he did a great Michael Jackson medley) and when he finished his performance, he skated to one end with his chair and just sat there. Marin skated out in her JAL costume, went to him and said in Japanese, “Sir, would you like some coffee or tea?” Haha, that was how she started and I really enjoyed her performance.  For the other 2 days, she did ‘Crime Tale’.   Javier also had a different one in the 2nd show;  instead of his new SP, it was a funny pirate one where he was a cleaner-boy daydreaming. Johnny Weir performed ‘Amazing Grace’ in the 2nd half for the 1st 2 days, then on the 3rd day, he did a song called ‘Creep’.  His performance was so heart-wrenching, I almost cried.  I can still feel the pain he expressed even now when I think back….. Johnny’s skating is really very special. No wonder he is one of the skaters that Yuzu has looked up to since junior days.

In the 3rd show, which was the last FaOI show for 2017, Yuzu had some surprises for us. 

After performing Chopin, he went backstage as usual, and the rink was dark. As with the previous 2 shows, we waited a while and then started to call his name. “Yuzu, Yuzu….” The MC said we have to shout his name louder because he can’t hear us. So we shouted “YUZU!” as loudly as we could, expecting him to appear for the LGC encore. Suddenly, the sounds of an electric guitar filled the air. There was a guitarist on stage and he was playing ‘Parisienne Walkways’!!!! We recognised it immediately and the fan beside me turned to me with eyes as big as saucers. She grabbed my hand and we started screaming and jumping about, mad with excitement! Yuzu then skated out to all our screams and did his legendary PW wearing his Chopin costume (he did the 2nd half of the usual PW programme). Oh wow!!! What a surprise! What a treat!!! Yuzu’s PW with live guitar!!! I felt like the luckiest fan in the world!!!

After that amazing encore, he went backstage and the finale started. The other skaters came out in turns to do the group number. When Yuzu came out again for his part in the finale, we all went hysterical again! Because he was wearing a yellow headband with Pooh ears!! Hahaha…… this guy really knows how to make his fans scream. He looked so adorable! It was wonderful to see him looking so happy and enjoying himself so much.
(Later, I saw a Japanese fan on twitter say the Pooh headbands were all sold out. But of course. The Yuzuru-effect. XD) 

(2 pics above are fans’ screenshots of a TV news segment on FaOI.)

Then at the very end of the show, when the other skaters have left the rink, he gave a very emotional speech and made me cry.  He said that last year he could not do anything (no ice shows at all due to injury), so now he is feeling very happy to be back doing this and he loves skating and he is feeling most blessed and he is the happiest person in the world. (*may not be the exact words but the meaning is such.)  And he thanked the organisers and other people and all of us.  It was not so much the words he said but the way he said them. There were so much emotions. His voice trembled a bit at the beginning. It sounded like he was tearing and was trying to control himself not to cry. As he spoke, his feelings were just gushing out…… he was just so utterly happy and grateful for everything!

Then he did the usual ending-shout;  he put down the mic, cupped his hands near his mouth and shouted “arigato-gozaimashita!”, and we all shouted back “arigato-gozaimashita!”  And then he bowed and waved and went in through the curtains.

Tears were running down my face. I continued to say softly, “Arigato, Yuzu-kun, arigato.”  Thank you, Yuzu, thank you.  My tears just kept flowing as I thought back.  After going through so much… so much….. he is finally where he is supposed to be…….   

Seeing Yuzu so happy and healthy is one of the best things in the world. 

I met Kay after the show and we talked about how special Yuzu is.  And how is it that he can make us fly thousands of miles to watch him perform just those few minutes and we feel it’s so worth our time, money and energy.  She would be flying home that night, and for me, my flight home was the next day.  As with all good things, it ended too quickly but our hearts were filled to overflowing.

I am very grateful to Kay for her help with tickets and for her fun company.  We met up every day and ate some very delicious food together.  On the 2nd day after the show, we walked around and found a little ramen shop to have dinner.  And again there was yuzu in it!!!  (See the little yellow strips on top of the soup?)  Kay also ordered a yuzu sparkling wine.  I had a sip and it was lovely!   Another meal with yuzu…. ahhh life is good. :) 

On the last night after the ice show, I shopped for stuff like P&G Bold clothes detergent, Lenor clothes deodoriser and softener, Ghana chocolate and Xylitol gum.  I was so happy to find all these things near my hotel, and after I lugged my heavy shopping back to my hotel room, I realised I had forgotten to buy rice! Niigata is famous for very good rice and I had wanted to buy a small bag of rice home. :((  I messaged Kay to lament and she replied, it’s ok, he is not the ambassador for rice.  Hahaha….. I love Yuzu-fans.  (I did manage to get a bag of rice before I left for the airport the next day. :) ) 

Yuzu-fans are really wonderful and generous.  And just like Yuzu, they surprise me all the time.  On the 2nd night, D-chan passed a package to me from a fan that I don’t even know.  Inside were some Japanese newspapers and advertisements with Yuzu, and also ‘Weekend Sendai’!!!  OMG I nearly fainted with happiness.  (Weekend Sendai is a free travel magazine given out in Japan many months back.  Yuzu is featured inside recommending food and places in Sendai. 1st pic below, left side.)   Gosh, how did she know it’s something I had been coveting for ages now???  I told D-chan to give her my utmost gratitude.  And thank you, D-chan, for being a good friend and messenger!  So glad I met you on this trip!    

Another fan gave me gorgeous photos of Yuzu that she had taken herself at competitions.  And she said, “Thank you for the good work that you do in the fan group.”  Aww….. I was so touched!   Thank you, CL!

I was so happy when I was packing my luggage on the last night in Niigata.  I had so many precious goodies in my bag!   Thank you, dear Yuzu-fans!!!  Hope to see you all again! 

Below are pics of my FaOI tee, towel and booklet that I bought on Day 1.

There is so much more that I want to say, but this is already so long, I should stop here now.  Dear Yuzu, thank you for everything!!!  May God bless you and your family.  Always supporting you and hope to see you again soon!   

Note: This is written one month after the event due to being too busy at work.  If any details of FaOI are incorrect, I am sorry for my bad memory. :P   

[Credit: photos are all mine except for the 2 screenshots of Yuzu with Pooh-ears from twitter and the Pooh pics from pinterest - thanks!]

Football Season

Dad says that he’s glad it’s fall!  And I know why…cause he’s always waiting for me to get home from football practice.  The other guys don’t know why I don’t strip off my gear and shower before I leave school.  I go home, still in uniform, because I know how horny it makes Dad!

I’m barely in the door and he’s on his knees in front of me.  He unlaces my football pants and pulls the pouch of my sweaty jock aside.  My thick cock flops out right into his face.  Before you can yell “TOUCHDOWN”, Dad has his lips wrapped around my pecker and he swallows it all the way to the balls.  He breathes in through his nose, taking in the smell of my jock and pubes, as his throat muscles start to milk my now-throbbing cock.

This routine has been going on ever since I made first-string and I caught Dad looking at me in a way that fathers generally don’t look at their sons.  I started to notice that he’d drop whatever he was doing when I entered the room and his eyes would follow my every move.  I gotta admit that it weirded me out a little at first being that he’s my Dad and all.  But, hey, I like guys…especially mature ones.  So, if Dad wanted to look, I’d give him a show.

I started making sure that I walked around the house in as little clothing as possible.  Yeah, I knew I was being a prick tease but that was the whole point.  Dad would watch me as I walked through the living room headed to the kitchen wearing only basketball shorts, tight briefs (which I bought special to tease him with), or just my jock if I felt especially brazen.  Out of the corner of my eye, I’d catch him lick his lips and readjust his cock in his pants.  The man was in a constant state of arousal whenever I was around.

It wasn’t until the day I came home from practice in full gear that he finally slipped up.  He was sitting on the couch when I walked in.  He looked me up and down, his eyes practically raping me.  I took full advantage and stretched and flexed as we made small talk…giving him a good show.  I could see the bulge in his sweatpants get even thicker and I knew that he was so fucking horny.

I stripped off my jersey and pads and, turning my back to dad, placed them on the floor giving him a good view of my ass in the white nylon pants.  They were thin enough that you could see the straps of my jock framing my ass.  When I stood and turned back around, the front of his sweats had a small, but spreading, spot on them.  Fucking perv was so horned up that he was leaking into his pants!  I kind of chuckled and shook my head as I walked past him and to the kitchen to get a drink.

That’s when I got a really dirty idea.  I unlaced my pants and pulled my semi-hard cock out of my jock and let it dangle over the laces.  I knew that my pecker was a big one…lots bigger than most of the other guys on the team…so I was always more than happy to show it off.  I walked back into the living room with it hanging and swinging with every step.  Dad scrambled, but wasn’t fast enough for me not to catch him as he pulled his hand out of his pants.

“Like what you see, Dad,” I asked him as I shook my cock around.  Dad was off the couch and on his knees in front of me like some cheap whore.  I’d had my cock sucked by plenty of guys (a couple of the slutty cheerleaders, too), but never had I gotten head like I was getting from my own Dad!

I was throbbing hard in no time!  “Suck it, bitch,” I growled, and Dad went to town.  He swallowed me all the way down to the balls and then slid his lips back up and slobbered all over my knob.  Dad sure was an expert cocksucker!  He knew just what I liked and could swallow me like no one else has ever been able to accomplish.  I was getting really close, “Gonna feed you a hot one, Dad,” I growled.

Dad instantly pulled off my cock and bent over the couch.  He’d gotten his sweat pants off while he was working on my rod.  “No, you’re not,” he huffed out.  “You’re gonna shoot that load somewhere better!”  He reached back and spread his cheeks.  “Fuck me, son,” he yelled out.

I got up behind him and spat a huge glob into his ass cleft and roughly started to finger it into his opening.  Dad started to moan like a slut and my cock throbbed even more and a huge rope of precum dripped down and landed on the back of one of his legs.  I couldn’t wait any longer and roughly plowed my throbber into his dad-pussy.  He let out a grunt, but took every inch of me.  I was so fucking hot that the fuck didn’t last long.  “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck, fuck..fuck…” was all Dad could say.

I slammed into him, fast and furious and could feel my balls draw up ready to fire my teen seed into my old man’s hairy ass.  I bit my lip, trying to hold off as long as I could. “Gonna…gonna…gotta shoot, Dad,” I growled.

“Breed me, son!  Make me your bitch whore,” he yelled out.  That sent me over the edge and I unloaded a huge load of steaming spunk into that fuck hole.  My eyes rolled back in my head and I saw stars.  I thought I was going to pass out…never have I had a fuck this good!

I pulled my cock out of his ass and some of my cum followed the head as his asshole clamped shut.  Dad flipped himself around and shoved me down on the couch, taking my slimy cock in his mouth and cleaning it throughly.  He was jerking his cock as he sucked me.  Being a teenager, I quickly got hard again and fired a second load down his throat as he unloaded all over my legs and feet.

“Fuck,” I gasped as he let my dick slip from his mouth and looked up at me with a grin.  His lips were glistening with spit, cum and his ass juice.  

“Yeah…and a fuck was just what I needed, son!”

“You’re MY bitch now, Dad,” I said with a grin.  “Gonna take it whenever I want!”

“I’m counting on it, boy,” he said with a laugh.

Unexpected Guests (M)

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Pairings: Jungkook (BTS) x Taehyung (BTS) x Reader

Genre: Wink wonk

Warnings: A freaking threesome


You sat at the bar alone, trying to drink away your sorrows. Right before you came, your boyfriend, now ex, had broken up with you. You weren’t that sad, he was a douche, but it was the fact he broke up with you on your one year together broke you.

You finished your glass and called for a new one. A couple of guys at a table near you caught your eye. They were all laughing together and stealing glances at you too. Two men had caught your eye specifically though.

They all got up and started patting one of the guys’ back. He looked at you nervously and walked up to you, you looked down and his hands were shaking. You gave him a welcoming smile and waved at him. His eyes shot to the ground as he got closer to you.

He opened his mouth but no words came out. He choked a bit and ordered himself a drink. The bartender came back with his drink and the man tried to pick it up, but it fell straight through his fingers. You heard a couple of snickers from behind you until a nice looking man appeared.

“Hi I’m Taehyung, and this is my friend, Jungkook.” Taehyung held out his hand as Jungkook tried to dry his pants from dropping his drink.

“I’m Y/N.” You said amusingly, taking a sip of your strong drink.

“Now, my friend and I were wondering what kind of lady, like you, would be out here alone. Anyone could snatch you up!” Taehyung’s low voice ran shivers through your body.

“Anyone like you?” You replied, finishing your drink, it stinging the back of your throat.

Jungkook’s face fell to shock as Taehyung quickly denied, “No! No, honest question. We thought you looked really pretty over here and-”

“Why don’t you take me home and let me show you how much prettier I can get.” The alcohol giving you a major confidence booster.

Taehyung’s mouth almost fell to the ground, same for Jungkook. You stood up and took Taehyung by the hand and led him out the door, “You too, shy boy!” You yelled back at Jungkook.

You gave Taehyung your address and he drove you and Jungkook to your house. You noticed Jungkook’s pants getting tighter as he shifted in the back seat.

“You boys just pick girls up at bars?” You asked, making sure you weren’t just a toy.

“Nah but you’re special.” Jungkook said from the back.

You turned to look at him ruffling his dark brown hair. Taehyung’s brown hair was turning different shades of colors from the city lights so you sat and admired it for a moment.

You continued to talk to them and learn more about them, they became more and more comfortable in the car with you.

You finally showed up to your house and you led them to your room. Taehyung shut the door behind him and motioned his hand towards Jungkook, “Get on the bed.” Jungkook did as he was told and sat on the bed, Taehyung turned to you, “I want you to ride him as I watch.”

Your adrenaline pumped though your veins as you slowly took off your clothes. Jungkook looked you stripping then remembered he had to do the same. Taehyung had already taken off his pants and pulled a chair next to the bed.

Jungkook laid back on the bed as you crawled onto it slowly. You put your face next to Jungkook’s and listened to his heaving breathing and fast heartbeat. “Calm down.” You whispered in his ear as he physically relaxed.

You sat on top of him and slowly slid yourself down his shaft. He let out a breathy moan as your eyes rolled to the back of your head. You began bouncing on him, hearing his moans, mixed with Taehyung’s as he pumped himself to the sight of you.

Jungkook let out small moans and whimpers, running his hands through his sweaty hair. You were playing with one of your nipples to increase the pleasure you were feeling.

Your breath became stuck in your throat as a body made contact with your back. Taehyung started kissing down your neck and shoulder then back up to your ear.

“Turn around.” He said lowly into your ear.

You got off Jungkook and turned around, giving him a view of your ass. You slid back down his wet dick again and looked up at Taehyung. Jungkook’s hands came down to grab your hips, guiding you.

Taehyung stood in front of you and put his dick on your mouth. He tapped his tip on your lips, teasing himself a bit. You opened your mouth wide, giving him a straight access to slide his cock through your mouth. The tip would hit the back of your throat, causing you to gag a bit but Taehyung found it pleasurable.

Jungkook’s thrusts were becoming harder and faster as you moaned around Taehyung’s dick. Jungkook whined out again, “Oh god, Y/N, I’m gonna come..Oh my god!” He pulled out and came on your back. The warm liquid sliding down you.

Jungkook sat under you, making you sit on his face. His tongue ran across your slit making you moan around Taehyung again. Taehyung began to pull your hair out of your face, tears coming out your eyes.

You began riding Jungkook’s tongue, as he added a finger in you. Taehyung looked down at you with half lidded eyes and moans and hisses coming through his lips.

Seconds later you were coming around Jungkook’s tongue and finger and Taehyung’s come sliding down your throat.

You all laid down, catching your breath after the long night. Taehyung and Jungkook looked at each other and laughed a bit. You looked at them, Jungkook answering your questioned face.

“We never thought this was how the night was gonna end.” Jungkook’s husky voice said next to you.

“But we sure are glad it ended like this.” Taehyung said before drifting off to sleep.

Enjolras is intensely, almost aggressively affectionate.

Enjolras is so concerned with other people’s health - sometimes even ignoring his own if he thinks he needs to look after them. 

He will almost literally mother hen the sick person into bed rest, chicken soup and other prescribed medication, and he’s been known to stay at the person’s side until he himself falls sick from exhaustion, just to make sure his friend gets better. Naturally, this makes the sick person feel bad for worrying Enjolras (and making him sick the process!) so naturally they behave themselves and actually get better.

Despite the fact that it’s borderline emotional manipulation, Joly almost shamelessly uses Enjolras as a threat when looking after his Les Amis patients. “Do you want me to tell Enjolras that you’ve decided to go to work even though it’s raining outside and you’re still recovering from the flu? No? Good. Now drink your tea and get a couple more hours of sleep; I promise I’ll be here when you wake up.”

Enjolras’s over-protectiveness of Cosette is almost legendary. 

It’s not because he thinks she’s weak and needs constant protecting. No, never that. It’s because he loves her in a manner that has little to do with being cousins and everything to do with the fact that she was his one true friend growing up. They both came from affluent families, and the children of their parents’ circle were almost universally selfish and entitled and Enjolras had had many fights with all those brats who had believed that he was only play acting at caring about the welfare of those who were less fortunate than them. And Cosette, well, she’d been right there next to him, throwing punches and getting her clothes dirty.

So Enjolras loves her with a ferocity that has Marius almost faint with fear the first time she introduces the shy young man to her family. Never mind that her father had a shadowy reputation from having spent years in jail, Marius had learnt very quickly that there was nothing scarier than Enjolras giving The Shovel Talk.

“You do know what the shovel talk is, don’t you?” the tall blond asks almost mildly.

“Yes, yes of course,” Marius agrees hastily.

“And will we need to have it?”

“No, of course not.”

Enjolras raises an eyebrow at him. “You’re sure?”


Enjolras nods, then walks off in the direction of the dining table where his parents are already seated with his Uncle Valjean.

It takes Marius another five minutes of Cosette’s gentle encouragement to coax him into joining them for dinner.

Enjolras has elevated buying gifts into an art form.

He can literally take hours picking out a card, and let’s not even get started on the process of buying the gift itself. Combeferre has over the years learnt to just to go with it, so when he and Enjolras go to buy gifts together, he brings a book, or loads his tablet with news that he needs to catch up on. 9/10 times he can find a cafe to sit in and wait for his friend.

Courfeyrac, on the other hand, opts for the opposite approach; if he can’t convince Enjolras to order Christmas presents online– 

(”But it’s so impersonal, Courf!”

“Enjolras, the fact that you already know what to get that person indicates that you’ve put a lot of thought into choosing the gift - you can’t get much more personal than that. You’ve already out a lot of mental effort into it, no need to add physical effort if you don’t need to.”)

–he offers to buy the presents himself. Which means having to navigate the Christmas crowds himself, but it’s still better than standing in the men’s underwear section for two hours waiting for Enjolras pick out appropriate socks for all their friends (”It’s meant to be the coldest winter in decades, Courf - everyone needs comfortable socks made from the finest merino wool!”)

Enjolras attacks courtship like a medieval knight storming a castle in order to win the hand of his beloved.

After several painful conversations with his friends, being on the receiving end of The Shovel Talk from Eponine and Bahoral, and finally - after years of  obliviousness and a few months of denial - scraping up enough courage to do something about his crush on Grantaire, Enjolras has A Plan.

Given their history of antagonism and Enjolras’s rather unfortunate tendency towards throwing harsh words at Grantaire when their arguments get a little too heated, his friends suggested that he start with showing Grantaire first that he’s special to Enjolras, that way when Enjolras finally confessed his feelings, his actions would back up his words quite nicely.

So Enjolras grits his teeth when Grantaire is being particularly obnoxious in his latest rebuttal of Enjolras’s proposals, thanking him sweetly for the insightful points and promising to take them into consideration. That’s Enjolras showing patience and his willingness to listen, even though Grantaire looks confused for the next hours.

When Grantaire shows up at Combeferre’s apartment soaking wet and shivering because he hadn’t checked the weather forecast and didn’t realise that they’d be having a thunderstorm that night, Enjolras storms into Combeferre’s room to grab some clothes, frog-marches Grantaire into the bathroom and stands over him to make sure that Grantaire is properly dry and warm, and not cold and in danger of catching pneumonia. That’s Enjolras being personally concerned with Grantaire’s well-being, even though Grantaire blushes and changes behind the shower curtain in a sudden fit of modesty.

On the night of Grantaire’s exhibit, Enjolras clears his work calendar, reminds Cosette to pick him up so that he’d have to go to the gallery, then promptly buys half of the pieces on sale. He doesn’t understand why Cosette gives him a kiss on the cheek, Courfeyrac laughs at him, and his parents sigh in resignation when the pieces are delivered a week later. That’s Enjolras supporting Grantaire’s interest, even though Grantaire stares at him with a mixture of terror, disbelief and awe when he hands over his credit card to Grantaire’s eager agent.

When Enjolras finally confesses his feelings, he has a speech ready, a bouquet of flowers and a bottle of (what he is told to be) Grantaire’s favourite wine. He starts his confession by quoting Mr. Darcy (because he has read and researched dammit, and Mr. Darcy is apparently the epitome of a swoon-worthy gentleman), but he only gets up to “You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you” before Grantaire falls off his chair laughing. But then Grantaire decides to kiss him stupid afterwards so Enjolras guesses the embarrassment is worth it after all.


Percy decided enough was enough and FINALLY showed Hazel what a chicken nugget was.
They went to McDonalds, he bought two happy meals, and they sat down and talked to eachother.
Somewhere in the conversation, Percy let slip that Nico use to raise the dead with the very meal they were eating
Later that day, Hazel skipped inti the Hades cabin and told Nico she had something special for him…
And plopped a red box with a yellow smile on the table, right infront of him, and cheerfully skipped away


Parting words - In late July, at the Florida SuperCon in Miami, Peter was (once again) asked what his most emotional scenes to film in Doctor Who were.  Having only just completed his “final” regeneration scenes for the upcoming Christmas special, I felt sure that Peter would say that they were the most difficult to get through. But, instead, Peter’s first response was to describe his potent goodbye scenes with his friend and co-star, Jenna Coleman (aka Clara Oswald). Upon reflection, Peter did go on to talk about his final “last” scenes on the show, but I find it very telling that he is still so affected by having to say goodbye to Clara. Aren’t we all?

P.S. I think it’s adorable how easily Peter slips into his on-screen persona. In many of these Q&A panels, Peter will say “I” when he means “The Doctor”. Sometimes, however, Peter will go in the opposite direction and say “Jenna” when he means “Clara”. (i.e. “We have lots of Zygons and Missy and Jenna.”) Here he says “Jenna” took his memories. It’s fun to watch and listen to.

A Way to You Again: Part 14

Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: None

Word Count:  1157

Catch Up Here

Summary: Bucky and Y/N have been fairly successful at keeping their relationship hidden from the rest of the Avengers. That is… until Nat walks into the kitchen one night and finds Bucky kissing Y/N. While Y/N is relieved that their relationship is out in the open it soon becomes more complicated than she could have ever imagined.

Author’s Notes: I know it took me forever, but it’s back!!!!!

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Bucky stared at me intently as I stared awkwardly at the flames of the fire. “Nick lied to everyone to protect me. I asked him to,” I said matter-of-factly as my gaze drifted from the fire to meet Bucky’s eyes.

“Why?” he asked taken aback by my sudden bluntness. “What could be worse than my past?”

“I got on S.H.I.E.L.D.’s radar due to a very colorful rap sheet. I was smart, and I was bored… Instead of applying myself and working towards getting into college I was constantly finding ways to get myself in trouble. But it wasn’t just S.H.I.E.L.D. that showed an interest in me…” I explained as I broke my gaze from Bucky’s. Silence fell between us before Bucky finally spoke.

“H.Y.D.R.A.,” he whispered softly. It wasn’t a question as he suddenly realized why I was so hesitant to reveal my past to him.

“Yes,” I added – carefully training my eyes to look anywhere other than Bucky’s face. “You see… joining S.H.I.E.L.D. wasn’t so much something I wanted as it was a necessity after H.Y.D.R.A. threatened my family. Nick promise me they would be safe…” I added before trailing off again. I hadn’t spoken to anyone about this in the years after it had happened. I thought that somehow saying the words out loud would make it easier for me – but I was wrong. “But it didn’t matter…” I added quietly as I felt my nails biting into my palms. I had been clenching my fists without even realizing it.

“Y/N…” Bucky’s voice was soft as he moved closer to me – his warmth immediately radiating around me. I blinked as the sound broke my temporary stupor. “You’re shivering,” he added just as softly as he pulled me into him – little did he know that the shaking wasn’t from the cold.

I felt my resolve shatter as I laid my head on Bucky’s shoulder. I was still surprisingly tired, and the idea of continuing the conversation made me feel queasy. As if he immediately picked up on my sudden unwillingness to talk more, Bucky rose slowly before helping me to my feet. “It’s late – we can talk later when you’re ready,” he added as his knuckles brushed lightly against my cheek. “Let’s go to bed,” he added as he pulled open the door and followed me into the house.

As we neared the bedroom I became hyper-aware of Bucky’s proximity. Maybe it was the relief of revealing my partial truth , but being able to pause from having to say the worst, that made my pulse quicken as he closed the bedroom door behind him. I clumsily shed my pants and shirt – completely aware of Bucky’s eyes scanning every inch of me. I quickly dressed, and Bucky busied himself with preparing for bed – though I could tell it was just a distraction to keep from looking at me.

As we both burrowed under the covers we turned to look at one another. We laid there in silence for quite some time before Bucky spoke. “You know it isn’t your fault, right?” he said matter-of-factly as his hand reached up to brush the loose hair from my face.

“What isn’t?” I asked confused.

“Whatever happened to your family – it wasn’t your fault. All of us – we didn’t have a say in how things turned out for us,” he added reassuringly.

I laughed bitterly as I turned to lay on my back and stare at the ceiling. “I wish it was that easy. I wish I could believe that, but I can’t,” I muttered. We laid there in uncomfortable silence until I finally succumbed to sleep.

I woke up covered in sweat – my chest constricting uncomfortably as the sheets stuck to my skin. I hadn’t dreamed about the incident in years – talking about it… even thinking about it had brought it all back to the forefront of my mind. I had done so good at pushing my past to the deepest recesses of my mind that now I found myself unable to cope with it.

I quietly scooted out of the bed – careful to not wake Bucky – and slipped out into the living room. I desperately wanted to go back to sleep, but found it impossible to stop moving as I paced back and forth in front of the empty fireplace. With a sigh I decided to focus my nervous energy on building a fire.

My hands shook with anxiety as both my heart and head raced forwards and backwards in time as I sat on the couch – watching the flames of the newly built fire flicker up the stone fireplace. As I began to wonder if it was possible to live in the past and the present at the same time I felt the couch shift below me – temporarily snapping my attention back to the present. This time he offered no words of wisdom – opting to join me in my silent musings. The one thing you could always count on was Bucky not pushing you to talk about the things that had fucked you up in your past.

The silence finally gave me the courage to speak. “Alexander Pierce,” I began – the name made Bucky shift uncomfortably on the couch. Of course he knew more about the real Alexander Pierce than I ever wished to know. “He said that I showed great potential. I was one of very few S.H.I.E.L.D operatives to be selected by both Pierce and Fury to be part of a very secret very specialized taskforce. That’s where I met Erick. He was handsome, and intelligent. I told myself we were coworkers and nothing more, but sometimes those lines begin to blur when you spend every waking hour with someone. The changes in my feelings towards him were subtle enough that I was taken by surprise when I finally realized how I felt. I knew better – I had a rule against it, but I let myself get caught up in the feeling of it all. For a year everything progressed into what most people would consider a normal relationship. He met my family, we moved in together, and we talked about our future. My happiness… it made me sloppy… until one day Erick was a little too careless and left a burner cellphone in the nightstand by the bed. After that I slowly started putting bits and pieces together. I had missed a lot out of willful ignorance, but I refused to turn my back on the truth. Every second of the day I played my part and I kept it up for the better part of six months until…” I broke off into silence. I had been talking linearly – taking Bucky through the story without thinking about the part that he was in.

“Until?” he asked quietly – not moving from his place on the couch.

“Until Pierce called the Winter Solider in to assassinate Nick Fury,” I said evenly as Bucky inhaled sharply.

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Capable (Chapter 2)

Originally posted by joseph-castellanos

Bucky Barnes x mutant!Reader

Summary: You were kidnapped by Hydra 10 years ago but now you’re free. You find yourself at the Avengers Tower while you recover and readjust to real life.

Warnings: language (mild), angst

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It had been a few months and since you didn’t have any family and you had stopped talking to pretty much everyone you grew up with once you joined the army, you didn’t have anywhere else to go, so you had pretty much just made yourself comfy in the hospital wing of the Avengers Tower. It wasn’t particularly exciting since you still were recovering and couldn’t walk around too extensively, but Tony had a TV installed in your room and had given you a laptop so that you could catch up on current events and keep yourself mildly entertained. Though after a few weeks even these items became boring to you. Thankfully a few of the Avengers had warmed up to you and would stop by to talk to you every so often.

Bruce obviously came by more frequently than the others so that he could check on your recovery process but he usually stayed to chat afterwards, if he didn’t have anything else to do. You enjoyed his company though so you didn’t mind having to see him all the time. He was always so kind and thoughtful, although he could talk your ear off sometimes. You had gotten so comfortable around him that you had even started to mess with him some when he would go off on his tangents. Science, it was always about fucking science, while you loved how passionate he was, it just wasn’t a topic you could focus on so you would start playing with your powers while he talked. You would try to see how many times you could turn the flashlight in his lap coat pocket on and off, or slowly start to turn invisible one limb at a time just to see how long it would take him to notice. You had actually managed to become a floating head once while he went on a tangent about micro neurons. He didn’t seem to mind your little games, after all it was pretty safe to assume that he knew you were getting bored.

Your favorite visitor was Natasha, she and you could talk for hours about combat and weapons training. It almost made you excited to get back into the gym just so you could spar with her. She was always blunt with you too, which you deeply appreciated. Sometimes you felt like the others thought you were going to shatter into a million pieces if they said the wrong thing. Natasha would even sneak her guns up to your room so you could clean them for her, she hated doing it herself and it gave you something to do that was actually productive even if it wasn’t the most important task in the world.

You had learned so much about everyone in the tower during your time there except for Bucky. He would stop by to say hello every once in a blue moon but he rarely stayed to talk and even when he did it was just cordial conversation. He did bring you presents though which you thought was odd. He would bring you books, movies, and other random things, like one time he even brought you plums. You tried to ask Natasha about him but she pretty much told you that it was his business and he would tell you when he was ready and you knew that if she wouldn’t tell you then sure as hell that no one else was going to so you dropped the subject.

Today was pleasantly different from the past few weeks, today you got a special visitor, Mr. Tony Stark himself had stopped by and challenged you to play a few games of chess. Although you weren’t very good, you cherished the few times you had spent with Tony and didn’t want to pass up the opportunity to talk to him some more. Plus, you had been thinking about wanting to become an Avenger once you had healed and could get back into training and you knew he was the one you were going to have to persuade to let you stay.

You were starting to get more restless by the day and it gave you lots of time to think about what you were going to do with yourself now that you had the opportunity for a future. You started to think about how growing up in the system you always had taken it upon yourself to protect the other kids in your foster homes, even though most of the time it would get you into trouble, it gave you a sense of purpose and belonging that you otherwise never thought you had. Your squad in the army was the closest thing you ever had to a real family, and the Avengers reminded you so much of them that you couldn’t help the growing desire you had to join them. Sitting in a hospital bed all day getting waited on hand and foot wasn’t exactly your idea of a good time and you were starting to get restless. Sometimes you could get Wanda to walk the halls of the hospital wing with you but the more you talked to everyone and learned about what they were doing you just wanted them to like you as much as you were starting to like them.

“HA! Check mate, again!” Tony exclaimed as he dramatically knocked over your king. You hadn’t even realized you had spaced out while playing the game, although it didn’t particularly matter since this was the 3rd game in a row he had won in less than 10 moves.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, why don’t you go get a deck of cards, then I’ll show you how to play a real game.” You brushed off his gloating as he did a little victory lap around the room. You had gotten really good at poker while deployed on your first tour, before you joined special teams, so you dared someone in the tower to challenge you to a game.

Tony finally sat back down and you figured now was as good of a time as any to talk to him about joining the Avengers. “Tony can we have a serious conversation for a minute?” You bowed your head a little, worried that Tony would see the nervousness in your eyes. You didn’t want him to think you weren’t ready just because you were anxious right now.

“Of course Y/N, is everything okay? Do you need a bigger TV? Are the nurses taking good care of you?” He started to get antsy as you took longer and longer to decide how to actually ask the question burning in your head.

“I want to join the Avengers please.” You lifted your head up to look him directly in the eye trying to feign some confidence in the words that you had just blurted out. He seemed shocked at first but his face quickly softened.

“Y/N, do you really think you would have stayed in the tower this long if we didn’t want you to join us? I mean seriously with your abilities AND your training, we could definitely use you on the team.” Tony quirked an eyebrow and stared back at you, a little dumbfounded. You hadn’t really thought about that, you kind of just thought they were being nice since you didn’t really have any where else to go. You reached across the table and pulled Tony into a tight hug, he chuckled and recriprocated. It was quite a confidence boost to hear that he had been thinking about this too.

All of a sudden, the door creaked open, you looked over and saw Bucky slipping into the room. “Hey, um, sorry, I didn’t mean to interrupt, I just wanted to drop off some new books for you.” He held up the canvas bag filled to the brim with books for you to read. Honestly you hadn’t even gotten through the last bag of books he brought but you felt bad telling him that so you broke away from your hug with Tony to take the bag and thank him.

“Hey Barnes, guess what!” Tony piped up, clearly not sensing the hesitation and angst Bucky had about being in the room right now.

“What Tony?” Bucky rolled his eyes and shifted in place, not leaving his spot next to the door. He clearly had hoped to just drop the books off and leave.

“Once Bruce gives Y/N a clean bill of health, she’s going to start training with us to be an Avenger!” Bucky’s head shot up to look at Tony and then to you, his eyes going wide. You weren’t sure if he was excited or nervous, god damn he was so hard to read.

“Oh, wow, that’s great.” His words seemed enthusiastic but his tone left much to be desired. You really wished he would just say what he was thinking. “Well, uh, I gotta go, I’m supposed to be meeting up with Steve in the gym. Congrats Y/N, and, um, let me know if you need any help training.” And with that, he slipped out the door as quickly as he could.

“What the fuck was that?” You turned to Tony in time to see him shaking his head.

“Don’t read too much into it, Y/N, Bucky is a complicated guy but I know he’ll warm up to you eventually.” He put his arm around you and guided you back to your bed.

“Complicated seems like a bit of an understatement.” You huffed as you sat back down still clinging to the bag of books Bucky had given you. Even though you couldn’t get him to have a real conversation with you, you really liked Bucky and wanted to be friends with him. Everyone kept telling you that he’d warm up and that you both had so much in common but he just seemed so self conscious around you, and you around him that you weren’t ready to believe that the two of you would ever truly be close. But now that you were going to be an Avenger, you had much bigger things to worry about than how to make Bucky be your friend. I mean for fucks sake you hadn’t been to a gym in 10 years, you were going to be in for some rough training.


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what are ur hedcannons for keeping up with the waynes ? i think u have made a few post about it but im curious ahah

(I don’t think I have but I am more than willing to jump on this bandwagon)

The show starts as a cover because too many people are asking questions (“How come your dead son Jason is picking up your youngest child from school on a motorbike wearing swimtrunks?”). They have to work extra hard to try and be normal… and they just end up incredibly dysfunctional and it ends up helping them because the Waynes are a goddamn mess but the Bats obviously have their shit together.

Dick Grayson is hardcore thirsted after by everyone (everyone) and is highly sexualized in all the promos and stuff. Dick is incredibly uncomfortable with this, he know he’s handsome and he doesn’t mind attention for it, but please he’s not an object to be lusted after. Bruce comes down hard on the network and they make it more tame, still doesn’t stop fangirls and boys from following Dick. Lucky for him he has a protective sibling or two who will always protect their big brother’s virtue.

Jason is in the show… but also not. Like he’s just not acknowledged. No one knows who he is, he’s just always at the Manor, people call him ‘lil brother’ and ‘Jason’ and 'Todd’, no one seems weirded out by his presence. The camera crew asks how Jason Todd, who was declared dead like 6 years ago??, is still alive. The kids pretend they don’t know who they’re talking about. One episode the crew calls in an exorcist because they’re convinced it’s Jason’s ghost haunting the mansion. Jason makes ghost noises from behind the grandfather clock. If you listen closely, you can hear Tim, Steph and Dick laughing loudly in the other room.

Tim Drake is just that beloved character who is a huge mess but, bless, he’s trying. He’s comedy relief in a way that’s really sad and makes you feel guilty. Tim really considers himself the most normal out of all the kids, he thinks this’ll be a breeze. Little does he realize that staggering around in Superboy boxers, trying to hide the coffee machine because Dick is going to take it away is actually pretty damn south of normal. Or healthy. After every episode, 3 new Tim Drake memes are created, he is an internet sensation. He takes it in stride and tries not to pretend that his former reputation as the Golden Perfect Wayne child has not been shattered.

Cass just ignores the cameras and questions at all times. She doesn’t even acknowledge them at all, just continues to go about her day. No one knows anything about her, she’s quiet, her friends are mostly within the Wayne sphere of influence, she doesn’t appear to engage in any wild crazy teen behavior. She is an enigma. Cameras try and catch her doing whatever it is she does, Cass just smiles and disappears. Her only interaction is to inform the camera crew when her brothers are being particularly ridiculous.

Stephanie just kind of, shoves her way into the show. She probably tries the hardest to engage the audience. She knows the impact the show is having and she understands what the people want to see so she acts as the unofficial 'host’ of the show and introduces people and dares the boys to do crazy stunts or starts a fight and lets the crew catch the family in all their dysfunctional glory. She honestly should be getting paid for all the great contributions she’s made to this show.

Prior to the show, Damian had the reputation of a sulky, but put together young man who is trying to live up to his great father’s name. Once the show airs they learn he’s an obnoxious little brat who swears like a sailor and is scarily accurate when throwing kitchen knives. Tim is thanking the heavens people finally see Damian for the demon that he is. Instead he’s lauded as the 'cute lil naughty boy' and still fawned over. Damian has a special segment where he talks about his animals and encourages people to adopt/donate to animal shelters. It actually really beneficial and the other kids start promoting their own charities.

Bruce is just off to the side, glaring at his paperwork as he tries to get something done. The children are more obnoxious than normal, no secret identity is worth this pain. He can’t wait for the end of the season so he can cancel the show. Damian has stolen a box of matches with plans to set Tim’s sleeve on fire while he’s asleep and see how long he notices. One cameraman coughs.

“Uh Mister Wayne? Sir? Don’t you think you should do something about that?” Bruce glares, he has barely gotten any sleep since this started and what little peace of mind he still possessed has shriveled and died an agonizing death.

“As long as those cameras are on, they’re your problem” In the background, Tim is screaming and yelling in several language. It took him 34.8 seconds to wake up.

Current mood: Pidge thinking that she and Keith have gotten to a point in their relationship where they should totally get a dog. Keith is okay with this; not exactly ecstatic or upset, just ‘okay.’ Keith’s interest becoming a bit more piqued when he comes across Pidge looking up local shelter information, because adoption wasn’t what he had been expecting. Keith, both excited at the prospect of adopting a shelter dog but also somewhat anxious, bluntly wondering out loud “Why not just get a purebred puppy or something? Shelter dogs probably have all kinds of problems,” to which Pidge immediately responds without hesitation that “That’s absolute bullshit. Just because they’re shelter dogs doesn’t mean they have ‘problems,’ Keith. Abandoned dogs deserve a warm home and to be loved too. And what’s so special about those inbred purebreds? Mutts are the unique ones!” Keith trying not to let it show that what she’d said made him a bit flushed, because even though she was clearly talking about their would-be dog, it also kinda hit home for him a bit, too. 

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I want you guys to take a good long look at this.

This is my activity tab for the past month. Sadly I didn’t grab a screencap before this whole cancelation shitstorm came down for a side-by-side comparison, but I was getting maybe 100, 150 notes a day before season 2 was released. Then the new episodes came out, and fandom showed the fuck up, ecstatic with new content, liking and reblogging and replying and commenting and sharing our love for this beautiful show. You remember, right? Everyone was on here all the time. There was always a conversation, a discussion, a sense of community. My daily notes went up to about 1500 a day.

Then Netflix decided to shove its head up its ass cancel the show. We were all beyond heartbroken, especially those first few hours. We were crying. We were mourning. I remember thinking half my followers would be gone by day’s end, that this fandom would dissolve and break apart and we’d lose this lovely community forever.

But then. BUT THEN. We stood up, dusted ourselves off, and said, No. Not today. We’re not going down without a goddamn fight. What do we do?

And we organized ourselves. We set up petitions, we planned campaigns, we shared tips and insights and motivation, we came together. My notes are at about 2500 a day at this point, with some days at 5000. I’ve gained nearly 200 followers since the cancelation, and here I thought my everyone would leave the fandom and my follower count would peter out and die. I’ve talked to more of you in the past week than I have over the past two years, people from France and El Salvador and Germany and Mexico  and Colombia and Canada and Argentina and Australia and Italy, embodying the true meaning of cluster, to fight for what we believe in, for what we love.

So even if we never get a renewal, even if we get a worst case scenario and Netflix refuses to give us a new season or a series finale special or even give up the rights to the show, remember this:

We built something beautiful. We built a community that stands together and fights together and loves together despite every force working against us to take it all away. We are all part of something bigger than ourselves, and it’s thanks to every single one of us, specifically, individually and collectively. There isn’t a better way to honor what Sense8 stands for, what it taught us and what it gave us. I’m so greatful to be here with every single one of you. I’m so proud of us, and }I’m never going to forget what we’ve done.

Now let’s go give Netflix hell.

Thank You

Yondu wakes up to warmth on his cheek. Last time he checked, he’d been floating in space with Peter clawing at his jacket. The boy’s screams got fainter as Yondu struggled to breathe. Eventually, everything just faded to black. But now, everything’s awash with a bright light.

“Wha’s goin’ on?” he slurs as he blinks. Hovering over him is a beautiful woman. Terran by the looks of it. She has long blonde hair that looks as gold as Ayesha’s headpiece. Her eyes, which examine him curiously, look familiar. A cerulean with little bits of sea green, like those on Xandar.

“Thank you,” the woman whispers in an ethereal tone.

“For what?” Yondu asks as she helps him sit up. He’s surprised that he’s not still floating in space. On the other hand, maybe he is and he’s just dreaming. Death could never be so kind to him.

“For saving my son.”

Peter’s mother

Yondu blinks a couple of time. Can’t wrap his mind around the fact that he’s staring right into the eyes of Peter’s dead mother. “Where am I? What the hell are you doin’ here?”

Meredith smiles at him, a soft little thing. “On Earth, we’d call this place heaven.” She gestures to the space around them.  "I don’t know what they’d call it in your culture.“

“We just call it death,” Yondu says with a roll of his eyes. “Surprised I didn’t end up in some kind of hell dimension.”

“It don’t matter now.” Meredith’s still smiling at him, which is unnerving. The only women who ever smiled at him either wanted to kill him or have sex with him. “What matters is that you saved my son.”

“Did what I had to do, ma'am.” Yondu can feel his cheeks heating up. Ravagers aren’t supposed to care, to be soft. But in his final moments with Peter, with his son, he rejected that notion. “Ego wasn’t gonna get a hold'da my boy like that.”

Meredith pats the spot on some sort of cloud. Asking Yondu to sit beside her. “I used to think he was an angel. Ego, I mean. I knew Peter was an angel the moment I held him.” Her blue eyes, just like Peter’s, go soft and glossy as she thinks of her son. “I didn’t realize until after I died just what a horrible creature he was. Knew in death that he was the one that killed me so that he could get Peter.”

“I didn't deliver him though. Cargo, Peter was. But he was good for thievin’ and fittin’ in'ta small spaces. Wasn’t gonna let the boys eat him if we could use ‘im.”

“Yondu.” Meredith puts a warm hand on his. Her voice still sounds ethereal, like melting Xandarian chocolate on one’s tongue. Her skin feels warm, like the sunlight on his home planet, which he can barely remember. “There are no lies here. I know the reason why you kept Peter. And I’m glad you did.”

Suddenly, there’s a noise from somewhere behind the two. Yondu spins around, one hand brushing his coat back to reveal where his arrow would be. If he still had it. His other hand goes in front of Meredith as if to protect her.

“Yondu, look.” Her hand settles at his elbow and pulls his arm away, pointing at something in the distance. It looks like a holoboard, but square and there’s a back to it. “It’s called a TV. We’ve got ‘em back on Earth.”

“What’s it doing?”

“I don’t know. Sometimes it shows me images or videos of Peter. It’s how I watched my baby grow up.” She points to the screen and grins. “Look, there he is.”

Yondu blinks and finds himself looking at Peter. And, what the fuck, that’s his body. It’s wrapped in the typical Ravager funeral fashion. Yondu imagines Kraglin had a hand in it because he’d never really let Peter see a funeral. Only when he sent someone into space via the airlock. 

“Why’’s he cryin’?” He knows it’s a stupid question the second it comes out of his mouth. Meredith whacks him over the head anyway.

“'Cause he just lost his biological father and his dad all in one go.” She shakes her head. “Have a heart, Yondu. No one’s judging you here.” She points to the TV. “Now hush. I wanna listen.”

“I told Gamora how when I was a kid I used to pretend David Hasselhoff was my dad,” Peter starts, his head bowed. Tears gather in the corner of his eyes, but he doesn’t cry. “He’s a singer and actor from earth, really famous guy. Yondu didn’t have a talking car, but he did have a flying arrow. He didn’t have a beautiful voice of an angel, but he did have the whistle of one.”

Yondu’s frozen in place. Meredith sniffles beside him and he reaches into his pocket. At least his handkerchief’s still there. “Thank you,” she whispers, blowing her nose.

“Both Yondu and David Hasselhoff went on kick-ass adventures and hooked up with hot women, and fought robots. I guess David Hasselhoff did kinda end up being my dad, after all. Only it was you, Yondu.”

“David Hasselhoff is really that special to the kid?”

“Used to talk about him all the time. Watched his show whenever it was on TV.” Meredith looks up at him with those baby blues and smiles. It’s that damn soft smile that could melt even the hardest of hearts. “I can’t see the resemblance physically, but you have the same heart.” She turns back to the TV. “He’s not done. I wanna hear this.”

“I had a pretty cool dad." A tear finally falls and Gamora grabs his hand. "What I’m trying to say here is… sometimes, that thing you’re searching for your whole life is right there by your side all along, and you don’t even know it.” Meredith watches as he rubs his thumb over the back of Gamora’s hand and smiles softly at her.

“I never thought I’d see the day,” Meredith whispers. “Well, I guess I didn’t, but I’m seein’ it now.”

“What?” Yondu squints. “I can’t see nothin’ important. I mean, that speech was mighty nice, but–”

“Look, Yondu.” The scene shifts and fireworks are exploding above the trail of Yondu’s ashes. He tears up a little bit, but his eyes follow Meredith’s finger to where Peter and Gamora are standing next to each other.

On the screen, Peter turns to Gamora. There’s something in her eyes that Yondu can’t read, but Meredith seems to understand.

“What?” Peter asks.

Gamora shakes her head. “Just… some unspoken thing.”

Meredith turns to Yondu. “Do you see it now?”

Yondu scratches his head. “I’m guessin’ it has to do with that unspoken thing.” It comes out as more of a question, but Meredith’s beaming at him. His heart soars and he wishes he could punch it in the face. If it had one.

“You’re a good man, Yondu.” Meredith’s voice sounds full of sincerity and maybe he doesn’t wanna punch his heart in the metaphorical face as much as he should be wanting to. She grabs his hand and squeezes. “Thank you. For taking care of my son.”

So, this came out Not really sure if I got Yondu’s voice right, but I wanted him to have some form of redeption after death. And Meredith is always just shoved to the side, so I brought her back. Yondu needs to be thanks for what he did. And who better to thank him than Peter’s mom. 

Hopefully you guys liked this!





Well that was a very good season 2 finale for Sonic Boom!

I loved it! Specially because it had constant action and the animation looked pretty good!

If the show will have more seasons i think they should really produce more episodes like those last 2 ones.. ^_^

Also.. it looks more evident now that “Pride” is basically Boom!Shadow’s main character thrait and is a bit extreme XD because, don’t you dare to talk bad about him.. he’ll destroy you 😂 and also he could not care less if while destroing the world he dies in the process just to show how powerful he is or whatever heh its kinda weird..

But endeeed this one was a very good episode and a very nice season finale…

I hope if there is another season, the grafics look better and i reaally wish to see more episodes where there is more action and where is more friendship cute moments XD