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Behind the Scenes of Planet of the Dead - Part Seven 

Excerpts from Benjamin Cook’s interview with Michelle Ryan in DWM (#407)

Rumour has it that there was plenty of socialising off set. DWM presses for details. “Oh, lots of going out,” she chuckles. “We went to an 80′s night. It was a place in Cardiff where they play cheesy 80s music.” That’s every club in Cardiff, isn’t it? “It was such a random night. Everyone went, all the cast. It was just brilliant.” Weren’t they recognized? “Yeah, but the people in Cardiff were really friendly. I didn’t get too much hassle. I think it was a Saturday night, and we had the best time.” […]

There was a lot of debate on set over Michelle’s cooking. Is she any good? “Well, David gave me a nine out of ten for my apple pie,” she grins, “so I’ll let you be the judge! He was really impressed that I made my own pastry. No, it wasn’t frozen. On top of the pie, I did a little figure of David with a big quiff, and then the TARDIS, but he said the TARDIS looked more like a Dalek, so the option’s there. Then we made flapjacks and cookies for the crew. Even in Dubai, everyone had breakfast and dinner together, and we were hanging out in the evenings. It was like what happens in the episode itself, in as much as all these characters are strangers, but they’re forced together when they’re stranded on this planet, and they get to know one another and end up having a great time.”

Excerpts from “The Producer’s Tale” by Tracie Simpson, as told to Benjamin Cook in DWM (#407)

I won’t say I’m surprised, but the whole cast seems to have gelled. When you take people abroad, that happens, doesn’t it? They bond a bit more. Michelle Ryan is a fantastic actress. She’s so grounded, and I think she’s absolutely brilliant as Christina. And David is a dream. This is my first episode as producer, but actually, I introduced David to the TARDIS! I brought him on set for his first bit of filming, in our old studios in Newport. It was secret filming, for his very first scene as the Doctor [in 2005′s The Parting of the Ways]. When he saw the TARDIS, he really did jump for joy, and I thought he was going to cry. David makes it worth coming into work every day.

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