Hey reptiblr,

Are any of you in Bucks County, PA? Would any of you be experienced enough and willing to take a baby ball python who will only eat live food?

I work at a pet store and while I don’t necessarily agree with selling most pets, this one is special. He’s a normal morph and we’ve had him at least since Thanksgiving 2016. He has refused to eat anything the entire time he’s been with us. He is currently being force fed Carnivore Care, per the vet’s orders, but that’s no way to live. It is just enough to keep him alive.

There is no medically wrong with him. He’s been to an experienced reptile vet several times and every time we’re told he’s perfectly healthy, just underweight from not eating. He went to the vet today and she said that he has one month to start eating or he should be put down.

My coworkers and I are devastated. This baby BP is the sweetest thing, he’s very active and friendly, and he loves baths. None of us have the means to take him. The vet even thinks, as do we, that he just does not like frozen mice and needs live mice, but our corporate policy does not allow live feeder animals other than crickets or comet goldfish. It is such a simple solution but our store is just not able to do it.

My manager and several of my coworkers want to adopt him out to an experienced snake parent who can give him the food he needs. That means he would be free and your money will not go towards my store. I know most of you, myself included, don’t like getting animals from pet stores (and I’m sure I’ll get flak for posting this), but I’d like you to at least think about making an exception. He’s only a baby who can’t be fed properly because of our policy.

If you are seriously interested, please PM me for more information. All of us in pet care would hate for this poor baby to put down just because he wants live mice.


This is dear little Abigail in New Hampshire. Her human became homeless and had to let her go to the Greater Derry Humane Society, and they’re searching for a loving new home for her!

Abigail is 3 years old, sweet and friendly, and loves other dogs and going on walks and to the dog park. She also loves attention from humans. :)

She is crate trained and house trained and has NO accidents.

Abigail has a health challenge: There are times when she feels pain, and then has to take medication. It scares her when it happens but is over very fast. Please don’t let it stop you from considering giving her a home – it’s all the more reason she needs one with someone like you, or a friend of yours! (She has to be adopted in the greater New England area.)

To meet her or find out more, you can call (603) 434-1512 or email adoptadog@derryhumanesociety.com.

Please give this sweet girl your reblogs and your good wishes – she’s counting on us!

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Why they must touch everything?

Captain’s log: Day 44 of 854. 

       We have arrived to planet Chantel 4. We are here to explore and study the wildlife. We left the main ship for its paint job, name change, and any other maintenance needed at port and used the exploration unit to get to our destination. Upon review of the ship before leaving, we noticed the AI seems to be acting differently. We believe the Humans may have been altering it as we have noted the engineering crew calling it a “pretty lady” and promising that they will get special oils for her when we reach port. Along with that the rest of the human crew has been petting the ship much like they pet Tiny and also calling it a “good girl” and thanking it for doing its simple programming. We don’t understand how they believe that a ship has a gender or needs special oils or petting. We have also noticed that since this has started the AI has been acting differently. We can’t quite explain what it is yet. It just seems that the Doors and dispensers react differently to different people. We are hoping the inspection finds and fixes whatever bug there is before we finish our exploration. 

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Where did you and you partner get your reptile babies?

ooh, this is gonna be a little long because i LOVE talking about me babies!!!

Horatio Hornboa (Red Tail Boa)

Hoary was our first reptile ever! We got her from an acquaintance who was planning on breeding snakes for profit, but then decided not to and needed to rehome many of the snakes she had procured for that purpose.

We’ve had for about two and a half years now, I think? When we got her, she was the size of a statement necklace, but now she’s a big ol’ gal that needs a seven foot tank! 

Hoary is very adventurous, and loves to climb and explore during her out-of-tank time. She was named after Horatio Hornblower. She’s my beautiful long daughter and I love her very much.

The Admiral (Leopard Gecko)

We got the Admiral and Terry at the same time, several months after we got Hoary. They belonged to a very dear friend of ours who had cherished them for many years, but realized that for various reasons, they were no longer able to give them the care they needed. 

The Admiral is a saucy boy who loves to curl up in his silk-lined gorb (gecko orb) or go into full-on pancake mode against his heat pad. His sleepy-feets are in a league of their own. 

His full name is Admiral Wolverine Lightning-Bolt, but we never call him that. He’s my ridiculous decadent son and I love him very much.

Terry (Leopard Gecko)

Like I mentioned before, we got Terry and the Admiral at the same time. She was named for Terry Pratchett.

Terry’s a lot older than the Admiral is, and is a bit of a special needs pet. She has something akin to gecko vertigo, so her head is always tilted to the side, and she has the tendency to walk in circles. She also has bad depth perception, as each of her eyes has something wrong with it. But she gets around her tank just fine, and we’ve developed a system of hand-feeding that really works well for her! According to our vet, her standard of living hasn’t been impacted by her health problems.

Terry’s very friendly, and likes to fall asleep in the most ridiculous positions. She’s also lost her tail before, which means her new one is very short and fat. I think it looks like a little turnip. She’s my sweet old lady and I love her very much.

Yuri Plizardsky (Southern Alligator Lizard)

Yuri was given to us by someone we know, who took him away from her boyfriend, who had found (caught?) him and was keeping him in an unheated cardboard box. We’ll have had him a year this coming fall. EDIT: I was looking back through pictures, and it will actually be a year in January. My bad.

For an alligator lizard, Yuri is uncommonly docile; we weren’t totally sure on the ethics of keeping him, but our vet advised us that with his temperament, he’s probably better off just staying with us. So, here he stayed.

Yuri hates my phone, and will scream at it if he notices me trying to take a picture of him. He doesn’t understand how glass works, but loves finding new places to burrow in his tank. He was named after Yuri Plisetsky. He’s my special grumpy boy and I love him very much.

Special Pet

Requested through Vikings Kink Bingo (6 &H - Ivar & Master/Slave) Ivar gets himself a new slave to feed his sexual appetite

“I need new voices in my head

To speak my secret evils with

I need new lovers in my bed

To be my friends and special pets

I need your scent all over me

I need to taste your blasphemy

I need to know with certainty

The nectar was worth the squeeze”- Special Pets by Otep

A/N : the lyrics are just a song I had stick in my head while writing this

Warnings: Master/Slave kink, smut, NSFW, language,

“This one.”

You heard the voice of the famous Ivar the Boneless and kept your face looking down at the ground. He was standing in front of you with his crutches in front of him.

“That one? She is a bit of a handful, Ivar. Surely you wouldn’t want to waste your time with a slave such as her. You’ll only end up killing her.” The slave trader replied.

“Lift her head up.” Ivar demanded.

The slave master gripped your jaw in a tight grip and lifted your face up. Bright blue eyes burned into yours and you drew in a deep breath. His eyes moved across your face and then slowly trailed your body. You trembled under his gaze while praying to the Gods that Ivar headed your slave masters warnings.

He stepped towards you and reached a hand towards you. You wanted to run. Your entire body quivered and you let out a soft whimper.

“Quiet Slave!” The Slave trader snapped.

His rough fingertips skimmed your cheek. “I want this one. How much will you charge for her?” Ivar asked.

“If you really wish to take this one then I will not charge you. No sense in charging you for a slave that your going to kill by the end of the night.”

Ivar smiled and the moment the slave trader released your jaw, Ivar gripped your face hard. You grit your teeth and swallowed the words that threatened to escape.

He looked at you with his eyes wide and alert. “Oh not to worry. I can make her behave and she already knows that. Don’t you?”

Your eyes widened as he dragged his tongue across his bottom lip and tilted his head to the left. Gods help you. This man was gonna chop you up and eat you.

The slave trader wrapped rope around your neck and handed the other end to Ivar. You walked beside your new master and remained quiet for all about 5 minutes. But when you noticed the big wooden cabin in your view you began to panic.

“I-Im not really good at chores.” You spoke up.

“Don’t worry, that’s not what your here for.” Ivar replied.

You stopped in your tracks. Ivar tugged on your leash. “Come on, Pet. Don’t make me hurt you.”

You continued in small strides beside him. He lead you into the cabin where the room was lit with candles. Your heart leaped in your chest as your eyes went to the bed. He peaked a glance at you and laughed.

“Don’t be so surprised. Your gonna like what happens next.”

You watched him move to the bed and begin removing his armour. Your eyes focused on his handsome face and then slowly traveled to his chiseled chest. For a scary cripple he was… Beautiful.

He pulled you from your thoughts by tugging on your leash and leading you closer to him. The moment he fisted a hand in your dress you flinched. He brought you on to his lap and lifted the rope over your head.

You gripped his shoulders to keep your balance as he dragged his fingers down your body and lifted your dress up. Every inch of your skin bursted in flames as his arms pulled your dress over your head. Little goosebumps covered your body as his eyes inspected you.

His hands moved up to your back where he reeled you in closer and mashed his lips into yours. You didn’t need any more motivation after that. Wet heat puddled between your legs and you parted your lips to taste him.

He held his own beast back for quite a while and he decided he couldn’t hold himself at bay anymore. He reached up, threaded his hand through your hair and found a nice tight grip before he rolled over and started grinding himself against your drenched opening. You humed against his mouth as his heated body pressed against you caused a tingling sensation in foreign places.

He snapped his hips forward and he pulled away from your needy kiss to hold himself up. Your walls stretched tight around his erection as he pushed even deeper inside you. You grasped his biceps and found yourself staring into his hungry gaze. It was as though your new master had turned into a beast before your very own eyes.

You felt him withdraw and then slam back into you. Your head dipped back into the mattress as you moaned. His thrusts turned brutal quickly and with every roll of his hips he explored areas you didn’t even know you had.

He lowered himself and shoved one hand under your back. Your back became arched and he kept you locked his steel tight grip. He kept rolling his hips until he hit that one spot that made your entire body clench tight.

Your hips start to sputter against his and your legs become liquefied. Everything began to feel warm and tingly.

Ivar started to tremble above you. He let out a quiet groan and shoved his face in the crook of your neck.

He pulled out and rolled off you to catch his breath. You went to sit up in hopes of cleaning yourself up but Ivar gripped your arm and shoved you face first into the bed. He was back on you with in a second, gripping your hair tight.

“Where …do you think…You are going?” He asked between heavy breathes.

You couldn’t think of a proper answer so you remained silent.

“I don’t recall saying we are done.”

You felt him growing hard against the back of your thighs and let out a quiet gasp.

“You are my slave. You do not leave until I say you can. Understand?” He growled in your ear.

“Yes master.” You whispered.

“Good. Now spread your legs. I am not done.” He demanded.

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Why Do I Only Have One Lovebird?

This is Kirby, the adorable floof who lives with me.

He is a peach faced lovebird, a type of bird which many people believe will die if they do not have another lovebird friend [This is a myth, but birds in general need a bird companion, or frequent human interaction to be happy]. And when I mention that I own a lovebird most people tend to narrow their eyes and say “Only one?”.

The short version is that Kirby is unable to have bird friends because he is a little bit unusual.

I have been around Kirby since he was only a few weeks old. 

(look at that adorable face)

His siblings were all perfectly normal birds

But Kirby Hatched with what is typically called a “splayed leg” 

His right leg is completely normal, but his left leg wants to be positioned at a 90 degree angle to the left.

We tried to have it corrected when he was only a few months old

He was essentially encased in a foam block with his legs pulled through at the appropriate angle. The vet wasn’t hopeful about this solution however, and within a couple of days he had broken free. And the vet said that he would be able to live a long and pain-free life, he would just never be able to perch or walk normally. 

This issue means that Kirby can’t be around other birds who ultimately fixate on this quirk, and begin chasing him and biting his leg.

Even his siblings had to be separated from him because they began biting him and pulling on his leg while he tried to escape. 

But even though he’s by himself I know he’s a happy little monster who enjoys his baths and destroying electronics. And if possible, would spend every waking moment on me or my partner’s shoulder.

krazykariana  asked:

Tell us about that Toucan, what a cutie!!! I've never owned a pet bird, and always loved cats more, but that birdie is pulling at my heartstrings. >w<

I’d love to! I (Poe’s owner) have been answering questions about him privately to try and separate business / personal stuff on here, but the volume of Poe-related questions we’ve gotten has suggested I might be better off making a post about it. This will serve as a big Poe FAQ, info post, and overall masterpost (masterPoest?) dedicated to my favorite toucan!

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Meet Stumpy!

Stumpy is unfortunately a poster child of severe neglect.  We got her in at work about 2 months ago when her owners surrendered her over to our care.  Not only was she in the cage I took a photo of it was discovered that she only had two legs.   She’s missing both her right legs and while the people told us “they got her that way” I really think that is a load of bullcrap.  We’ve all guessed on she got her limbs trapped on a hamster ball or her cage and no one noticed she was stuck.  She chewed herself free which resulted in only having two legs.  It absolutely pissed me off that someone did not catch this and that this could have easily been prevented!

It really sad since she is a very friendly hamster and became my routine I would always say hi to her when I was taking care of things in the back.  Because of her special needs though that it would have been impossible to adopt her to a proper home.  My managers were basically convinced that she was going to live her life in our store because of that.

Well at least until my talks of Stumpy to my mother resulted in us adopting her.  We figured we can provide Stumpy with what she needed as well as giving her a proper home she can live her days out instead of the back room of my store.  

She’s actually is pretty mobile despite the missing limbs, she can’t really climb much and using a wheel is impossible for her.  I got creative and provide her artificial tunnels and toys that she would be able to use so that she still can be kept busy but as well as providing her an enriching environment. I’m sure over time I’ll do more for her enclosure but in the mean time I’m happy where we are at the moment.

Definitely will be getting video of her walking later on!  The little scamp went back to sleep after I took these photos.

anonymous asked:

I wish you would write a fic where Techie is an abused pet and he's rescued and taken care of by Matt, his new owner.

I really need to learn how to write short drabbles, because for me, 1.5k is a short fic lol.

So this ficlet is in the same universe as this other drabble, so the same warnings of pets/slavery still stand. Additional warning for mentions of abuse.


“Mom, I’m fine, I swear…” Matt ran his hand through his thick blond hair as he held his comm to his ear listening to his mother’s ‘concerned’ voice. He didn’t dare call it nagging, even if that was what she was doing. He valued his life too much. “You’re the one who wanted me to get a pet in the first place, and you know my therapist agrees.”

“But from a shelter, Matthew?” His mother sighed, and Matt could just imagine the way she was shaking her head in disapproval, “Why couldn’t you have gone through a reputable vendor? Your brother–”

“Has a much larger salary than I do, mother.” Matt rolled his eyes, “Ben can afford pedigrees and whatever other bantha shit–”

“Language, Matthew.” His mother hissed, “And you know, if you really wanted, I’m sure Ben could put in a good word for you…” Her implication was more than clear to Matt. As if she hadn’t been implying the same thing ever since Matt had gotten his job.

“Mom, I like being a radar technician. I don’t need to be the Senator’s aide, or whatever title Ben officially has.” Matt sighed, “Look, Mom, I’m going to go inside the shelter, I’ll comm you when I get back.”

“Promise me you won’t get something…dangerous?”

Matt didn’t dignify his mother’s request with an answer, simply shoving his comm into his pocket before walking into the building boasting a sign that read ‘Republic Pet Shelter.’

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Donald was found lying outside a McDonald’s by Dog Aide Community Awareness Program in Detroit, Michigan.

He’s an older dog, and he’s blind, but we know there’s a home out there for someone who will love and care for Donald!

He startles easy, so it would be best to have a home without young children or other dogs.  But Donald loves cats!  He also loves people, and after a year looking for a home, he really wants to find some forever people.

If you can open your heart to Donald, email info@dogaide.com or call 313-744-6364!


The howls of ghosts, goblins, and ghouls get you down near Halloween?  They don’t bother Mr. Tres!

A stray cat taken in by Brooklyn Bridge Animal Welfare Coalition in Brooklyn, NY, Mr. Tres is deaf.  He’s super friendly and looking for a nice warm bed to cuddle in.   

If you want to huddle under the covers with Mr. Tres to keep away from the things that go bump in the night, email BrooklynBridgeAnimals@yahoo.com!


Do you have any of these precious souls among your kids? :)

Merchandises for bird parents with special kids available on my stores below:
USA based store 1: https://society6.com/product/special-need-birds_t-shirt
USA based store 2 for more various products: http://www.zazzle.com/petopet/gifts?cg=196839706426235259&rf=238983395575595838
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