Hey reptiblr,

Are any of you in Bucks County, PA? Would any of you be experienced enough and willing to take a baby ball python who will only eat live food?

I work at a pet store and while I don’t necessarily agree with selling most pets, this one is special. He’s a normal morph and we’ve had him at least since Thanksgiving 2016. He has refused to eat anything the entire time he’s been with us. He is currently being force fed Carnivore Care, per the vet’s orders, but that’s no way to live. It is just enough to keep him alive.

There is no medically wrong with him. He’s been to an experienced reptile vet several times and every time we’re told he’s perfectly healthy, just underweight from not eating. He went to the vet today and she said that he has one month to start eating or he should be put down.

My coworkers and I are devastated. This baby BP is the sweetest thing, he’s very active and friendly, and he loves baths. None of us have the means to take him. The vet even thinks, as do we, that he just does not like frozen mice and needs live mice, but our corporate policy does not allow live feeder animals other than crickets or comet goldfish. It is such a simple solution but our store is just not able to do it.

My manager and several of my coworkers want to adopt him out to an experienced snake parent who can give him the food he needs. That means he would be free and your money will not go towards my store. I know most of you, myself included, don’t like getting animals from pet stores (and I’m sure I’ll get flak for posting this), but I’d like you to at least think about making an exception. He’s only a baby who can’t be fed properly because of our policy.

If you are seriously interested, please PM me for more information. All of us in pet care would hate for this poor baby to put down just because he wants live mice.

Why Do I Only Have One Lovebird?

This is Kirby, the adorable floof who lives with me.

He is a peach faced lovebird, a type of bird which many people believe will die if they do not have another lovebird friend [This is a myth, but birds in general need a bird companion, or frequent human interaction to be happy]. And when I mention that I own a lovebird most people tend to narrow their eyes and say “Only one?”.

The short version is that Kirby is unable to have bird friends because he is a little bit unusual.

I have been around Kirby since he was only a few weeks old. 

(look at that adorable face)

His siblings were all perfectly normal birds

But Kirby Hatched with what is typically called a “splayed leg” 

His right leg is completely normal, but his left leg wants to be positioned at a 90 degree angle to the left.

We tried to have it corrected when he was only a few months old

He was essentially encased in a foam block with his legs pulled through at the appropriate angle. The vet wasn’t hopeful about this solution however, and within a couple of days he had broken free. And the vet said that he would be able to live a long and pain-free life, he would just never be able to perch or walk normally. 

This issue means that Kirby can’t be around other birds who ultimately fixate on this quirk, and begin chasing him and biting his leg.

Even his siblings had to be separated from him because they began biting him and pulling on his leg while he tried to escape. 

But even though he’s by himself I know he’s a happy little monster who enjoys his baths and destroying electronics. And if possible, would spend every waking moment on me or my partner’s shoulder.

anonymous asked:

I wish you would write a fic where Techie is an abused pet and he's rescued and taken care of by Matt, his new owner.

I really need to learn how to write short drabbles, because for me, 1.5k is a short fic lol.

So this ficlet is in the same universe as this other drabble, so the same warnings of pets/slavery still stand. Additional warning for mentions of abuse.


“Mom, I’m fine, I swear…” Matt ran his hand through his thick blond hair as he held his comm to his ear listening to his mother’s ‘concerned’ voice. He didn’t dare call it nagging, even if that was what she was doing. He valued his life too much. “You’re the one who wanted me to get a pet in the first place, and you know my therapist agrees.”

“But from a shelter, Matthew?” His mother sighed, and Matt could just imagine the way she was shaking her head in disapproval, “Why couldn’t you have gone through a reputable vendor? Your brother–”

“Has a much larger salary than I do, mother.” Matt rolled his eyes, “Ben can afford pedigrees and whatever other bantha shit–”

“Language, Matthew.” His mother hissed, “And you know, if you really wanted, I’m sure Ben could put in a good word for you…” Her implication was more than clear to Matt. As if she hadn’t been implying the same thing ever since Matt had gotten his job.

“Mom, I like being a radar technician. I don’t need to be the Senator’s aide, or whatever title Ben officially has.” Matt sighed, “Look, Mom, I’m going to go inside the shelter, I’ll comm you when I get back.”

“Promise me you won’t get something…dangerous?”

Matt didn’t dignify his mother’s request with an answer, simply shoving his comm into his pocket before walking into the building boasting a sign that read ‘Republic Pet Shelter.’

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Donald was found lying outside a McDonald’s by Dog Aide Community Awareness Program in Detroit, Michigan.

He’s an older dog, and he’s blind, but we know there’s a home out there for someone who will love and care for Donald!

He startles easy, so it would be best to have a home without young children or other dogs.  But Donald loves cats!  He also loves people, and after a year looking for a home, he really wants to find some forever people.

If you can open your heart to Donald, email info@dogaide.com or call 313-744-6364!


Do you have any of these precious souls among your kids? :)

Merchandises for bird parents with special kids available on my stores below:
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Charlie is our blind bird. He was diagnosed with cataracts shortly after his arrival. His body is tiny and frail, and his eyes are fully blind, however; he sees the kindness in other’s hearts, and is more sensitive to it than anyone else. None of the birds take advantage of his blindness, whereas, humans are corrupt and oftentimes deceive the blind. He sees it all. One’s intent to hurt, deceive… or one’s intent to be kind and generous.

Keller, my double merle Australian Shepherd. She’s deaf and she can’t see very well, but she will steal your heart in seconds. We’ve set out to educate people on double merles as well as owning special need pets. It’s quite a battle, but look at her.


The howls of ghosts, goblins, and ghouls get you down near Halloween?  They don’t bother Mr. Tres!

A stray cat taken in by Brooklyn Bridge Animal Welfare Coalition in Brooklyn, NY, Mr. Tres is deaf.  He’s super friendly and looking for a nice warm bed to cuddle in.   

If you want to huddle under the covers with Mr. Tres to keep away from the things that go bump in the night, email BrooklynBridgeAnimals@yahoo.com!

Watch on silent-rob.tumblr.com

I’ve always been very transparent and forthcoming about BUB’s health and well-being. That’s really what this is all about: sharing her life and giving people a glimpse of the joys and the challenges of caring for a special needs pet as special as BUB.

I wanted to wait until we were sure that BUB was well and recovering (yes! she is!) before sharing this news outside of our immediate circle of family and friends. Last week BUB had an accident and she fractured her left front elbow and had to undergo surgery to ensure it healed properly. It was a very difficult and stressful time for our family, consisting of sleepless nights, multiple 4 hour round trips to and and from the hospital, and unimaginable fear and worrying. But I am thrilled to report that she is doing great, she is as spry as ever, has the appetite of a lion, and seems to have no idea that anything even happened. She is the definition of strength and determination, and continues to amaze us with her fearlessness and positivity.

BUB has a very rare bone condition called osteopetrosis. It causes her bones to become unusually thick, hard, and dense, and this has impacted her mobility from a young age. But with treatment and a lot of encouragement, her mobility has been consistently improving for the past three years. It has been a huge blessing to see her relearn how to run, jump and be active again. However, last week, when BUB eagerly scuttled to her food when it was time to eat, she unexpectedly slipped and fell - something that’s never happened before. She landed hard on her left front elbow and fractured her knee, and that’s when we discovered that her condition also makes her bones more brittle than those of a typical healthy cat. Thankfully, the fracture was not on a weight-bearing bone. After consulting with our vet and getting opinions from three different surgeons, it was decided that she would require surgery to ensure that the joint healed properly, and she could regain full use of her leg.

During this episode, BUB received the very best treatment from the orthopedic surgeons at Purdue University in Lafayette, IN. Considering her size and her extremely rare bone condition, they took extra special care in ensuring that her surgery was safe and successful. They brought in their best surgeons, doubled up their staff, ordered special tools and even custom pieces to help guarantee a successful surgery. I can’t thank Dr Malek and her team enough for taking such good care of BUB. I don’t don’t know what we would’ve done without them.

This photo here was actually taken before she went into surgery. Now that her fracture is fixed, she no longer needs a cast, but does require constant supervision to ensure her leg heals properly. As I mentioned earlier, as far as she is concerned, she is as good as new. Her eyes are full of life, she is purring, squonking and as happy as ever.

Naturally, I was prepared to cancel our upcoming appearances. After discussing it in depth, our vet and BUB’s surgeons do not see any reason that BUB cannot go on these trips so long as she is not pet or handled by anyone other than myself. In fact, we have determined that during this critical time of recovery, being in her carrier and under my 24 hour care and supervision is safer than keeping her at home with our clumsy dog and curious son, where we have more day-to-day distractions.

Unlike most cats (my other four included) BUB loves to travel. She has been traveling in cars, taxis, trains, and planes since she was less than a year old, and she’s loved it since her first trip. Together we have visited more than 20 cities and have traveled over 150,000 miles. She calmly sleeps through trans-continental flights, and gently purrs in the car. So while the travel itself does not pose any danger to BUB’s health or recovery, the only way we can still do our meet and greets is if we ask that people do not pet BUB at our upcoming events. I’ve normally allowed attendees to gently pet her, but to ensure her health and safety, and to minimize unnecessary stress and anxiety, our vets have suggested that she only be handled by me. I’m sure that BUB’s fans will understand.

BUB and I are eternally grateful for the love and support of all of you that follow her story, and appreciate her magic. I truly believe that our combined love of BUB is what fuels her determined spirit, and allows her to continue her good work on planet Earth.


Tough guy Teddy Pug from the Pug Rescue Network in Southeastern Michigan wants you to know that he’s more dog with one eye than most dogs are with two.

That’s how tough Teddy is.

Teddy is actually completely blind, but the Pug Rescue Network is getting him surgery to fix sight in one eye.

Of course, like all the best bad boys, Teddy has a heart of gold. He loves to cuddle (don’t tell anyone - he has a reputation!), and he gets along great with other dogs.

Ready to take this tough guy home? Call 248-432-0102, or email curlytails@pugrescuenetwork.com.