Yousef x Sana Concepts

Ok guys so after rewatching the first clip of Episode 3 ‘Inshallah’ and analysing evERY SINGLE KEYFRAME BECAUSE YOUSEF X SANA. My overimaginative mind came up with a few hypothetical concepts which I shared with @orphcs and so I would kill to see these concepts in future eps omg here goes

1: initially Yousef said that he worked in a Kindergarten and made it quite fRANK that he absolutely adores kids. This contrasts with sana who seems a little ‘eh’ about having them in the future. So I just envisioned a future episode down the road when Yousef actually takes Sana to the kindergarten to meet the kids. aND CAN YOU just IMAGINE Yousef just melting your hearts by giving the kids that infamous smile he always gives Sana ??? IM ALREADY DECEASED And Sana being the unfazed type, is uninterested at first but okay say in the kindergarten there are even special needs children and one particular disadvantaged kid is the favourite of Yousef. And him in this type of environment basically shows Sana what a sweetheart he can be and hey umm potential husband helloooo…. And just looking at his passion for taking care of these kids as he says how these children are like family for him and this really just deepens Sana’s admiration for him because he’s just a big bundle of positivity and radiance all because his weakness is children. And hey maybe this will change Sana’s perception on her future family life and um maybe bumping up the number of kids to an actual football team ..

2. This ones super short but hEY STILL CUTE OK!!! I just wanna tear my heart into shreds with some more kitchen scenes pls like Yousef teaching Sana some more cooking tips. And hey looks like Yousef is the equivalence to Gordon Ramsay. Which actually ;) links back to that subtle foreshadow where Sana said she wants her husband to be the one cooking. OKAY LETS BE REAL that coincidence did NOT happen accidentally ok you don’t just say somethin like that and your future baby daddy teaches you how to peel the heck out of a carrot like a pro. So yes pls more cute chef Yousef x Sana scenes in the kitchen wit a sprinkle of ed sheeran songs thank u

3. This one kinda links to #2 but like when we progress in Sana and Yousefs relationship I really hope to see some more deep convos not jus random ones but more specifically about their future. because like … who honestly would talk about future kids straight up with their crush? the fact that they did shows us this immediate bond between the two and there were no limits, they just jumped the gun. so in the future with some good deep convos and once again Yousefs passion for having a family as he’s got his life planned out really changes Sana’s mind about her own life. And she’ll fall into the depths of Yousefs heart (im cringe) and well shit it’s too late to turn back now. Maybe Sana will even joke about how despite him determined to perfect Sana’s cooking skills she’ll still make him cook the dinner for the kids in the future xxxoxoxoxoo

and of course if you have some hypothetical concepts to add let me kno pls im dying to hear them but then again im already dead so x

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Special Olympics Time!

Today was the Opening Ceremony for the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Special Olympcs. My Son and Older Daughter have participated in the SO since they were young. Their classes went over to BoJangles Coliseum in Charlotte for the opening ceremony. Tomorrow, they go to Charlotte Country Day School for the actual competitions.

60 area schools participating, 1200+ student athletes! Not all the schools went to Bojangles Coliseum, but there was definitely a good-sized crowd. Both Older Daughter’s school and Son’s were represented. We marched in to cheers and an auditorium full of supporters. Lots of local businesses gave their time in supplies and volunteers, including Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Cardinal Innovations and Duke Energy. The mascots from the Charlotte Checkers (hockey) and the Miner Forty-Niner (UNC Charlotte) were there. It would’ve been awesome to see the Panthers’ Sir Purr there, but ah well.

The Harding High School ROTC came in with the colors, and the chamber choir from CCDS sang the national anthem. A few speeches, then they even had a lit torch and ran it around the auditorium, to light a bigger torch overlooking the game floor. (The Torch of Hope). They had runners from a couple of high schools there, and by the time they got it to the destination, there was a huge crowd.

Then they had a huge dance party. After lunch, I took Older Daughter to the floor and she danced (well, hopped) a little bit. Usually, the sound and the crowd is a bit much for my guys. But we were out on the fringes of the crowd so she didn’t get overwhelmed. Son was up in the stands…he’s not a huge dance person. xD

I don’t usually post a lot of pics of me, but here I am with Older Daughter:

Tomorrow: the actual athletic events! Stay tuned!


My mom works as an assistant teacher for special needs children at my old elementary school, her class got a bun bun yesterday. I can’t remember their name ATM but it’s a lion head rabbit. I can’t wait to go see it. The schools like about 2 blocks away or so from my house. I’m waiting a week or so to visit it so the bun won’t be overwhelmed by meeting a new person so soon.

“Mate, this is going to be the best Halloween ever…you’ll see”

This year, The Doctor and Castiel decide to dress as each other while they Trick or Treat

Cas is glad to have a long coat again and the Doctor assures him that stripes really suit the Angel

someone: after all they had been through, han and leia deserved a better son. they actually deserved a daughter like rey. god, they must hate their own child.



Kids With Special Needs Become Superheroes In Mom’s Awesome Photo Series

When mom Renee Bergeron took superhero-themed photos of her son with special needs, the little boy was so overjoyed with the experience that she decided to offer her services to other children like him.

The result is an inspiring photo series called “The Superhero Project,” which shows kids with special needs dressed as superheroes, showing off their power poses. See more of these adorable photos here. 

when an abusive husband murders his wife and shoots two special needs children i should be able to make a generalized comment about men being terrible and express frustration at rampant violence against women without someone #notallmen-ing me

satinthecornerwriting  asked:

Hi! You seem super cool. I was wondering if/how being deaf has affected your autism. I work with special needs children and know how hard it can be to communicate with children with autism alone and was wondering what throwing deafness in also is like

Good evening! Thank you, that’s always nice to read. Losing my hearing was a weird time for me. I wasn’t born deaf. I lost my hearing well into adulthood, back in 2007. So my whole life got thrown into disarray for a time, the adjustment period was long and tedious.

That all said, it’s kind of nice, in regards to my autism, anyway. Having one less sense has helped some with my SPD, I no longer get overstimulated by sounds around me which has cut down on the amount of shutdowns I experience in day to day life.

If I am starting to feel overwhelmed, I can just take my hearing aid out, and limit what I have to perceive at that point in time. Whereas before, I had to bring headphones with me and try to drown out unpleasant sounds with music I’d prefer – which was hit or miss because it was still too much sound.

It’s been not so nice in other ways. I was always verbal even though I preferred communicating through writing – but after losing my hearing no one in my personal life learned ASL for me. So I was still expected to be verbal with them even though I couldn’t understand them anymore. To this day the only one who has is my SO.

It took years and years of hard work to learn to lip read and even though I am really good at it now (and it gives me a good excuse not to maintain eye contact, which has always made me very uncomfortable), lip reading is exhausting and there is a lot of guess work involved. It can be pretty accurate in familiar settings with friends or family but with strangers wildly inaccurate.

Emphasis on wildly. Which can be embarrassing and garner more attention that you would prefer from people wanting to help you or who also find it funny.

So in all it has had some pros: silence when I need it, excuse not to maintain eye contact but also some cons: people still expect me to accommodate them, and I can’t sound-stim anymore (used to dance, sing, and play violin), may land me in situations where my routine/script is broken and I don’t know what is going on and that is really awful because it feels like failure and when you’re mainstreamed, failure feels really horrible.

“A mother was eating out with her family over the weekend when her 8-year-old son, Riley, who has special needs, began to get "a little rowdy.” She was slightly embarrassed until the waitress told them that another customer had paid their bill and left them a note, which read: ‘God only gives special children to special people.’“

What a wonderful act of kindness :’)

For my photography final piece, I decided to do documentary piece. I visited my old sixth form, which is part of a school that deals with special needs, to take photographs of the students. In the second junior class I visited my camera was politely apprehended by a little boy. He wanted to photograph his Lego train. I now have fifty photographs of his Lego train on my SD card. Needless to say, the little boy will be credited for his work, it was a very nice train.

I’m very sorry that some people found this offensive. I’m posting the reasons given so that people can understand why:

“inappropriate language”

“Too restrictive - lack of "awareness” of producer makes it insulting to parents of a child with autism + all children"

“Very offensive. I’m autistic and part of the reason I have a lot of anxiety is from being told my way of doing *everyday things* is wrong”

“Simplistic and a bit old fashioned”

“Simplistic and outdated language. Very negative too”

“I really don’t like that”

“The language is outdated”

“The whole poster is in negative terms, such as "difficulty”, “inability”. It seems to suggest autistic people do just about everything “wrong” compared to NTs. For people already suffering stigma, this could be really upsetting.“

"Makes autism sound like it’s bad, when it’s not. That sort of stuff is used as an excuse for murdering autistics.”

All taken from twitter, the thread is here

And from tumblr “This is wrong and offensive, I hate it. Absolutely wrong and bigoted. Wtf, this is awful. Why is this on a disability blog? At least put a warning for ableism.”