In Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3, various things you can do will cause time to stop briefly while the animation starts up, then players can move again afterwards. This includes using special moves, transforming and going into Hyper Mode.

If you try to go into Hyper Mode, but teleport on the exact same frame that time was supposed to stop, time stays stopped indefinitely until you either hit your opponent or do another thing that has the capacity to stop time.

Things I’m Glad Yuri!!! On Ice has Done

Given us a sports anime where the characters aren’t color coded based on their hair.

The characters don’t pull out some “special super saiyan” moves. They fall down and they visibly look tired after their performances.

A lot of the skaters are shown practicing or training on and off the rink which is great for character development.

Yuri’s feet look battered. They don’t look perfect after he practices.

Victor and Yuri’s relationship isn’t the entire show, but it’s still a VERY important aspect.

One of my ships that I never thought would become canon did. And in such a real and amazing way too.

The female characters don’t take the backseat.

The coaches are also important to the characters and the viewers.

Diverse cast with characters who all have different motivations.


The Doctor Donna


favourite rory & logan moments: 22/?


So I have two women’s sports story ideas that I have in my mind to do eventually. One is a Dodge-ball idea that I posted art of FOREVER ago on here. The other is this boxing story idea almost modeled in the same spirit as the celebrated manga “Hajime No Ippo”.

While the Dodge-ball idea is where I wanna go more over-the-top with implausible abilities and special moves, this boxing story tentatively titled right now after the main character as “ORTIZ” I saw as being a bit more realistic. 

With this comic I mainly wanted to get most of the emotion, fatigue, pain, and other intangible elements in boxing bouts with extreme symbolic imagery (Dangerous punches replaced with incoming full-sized missiles in the middle of the ring or pain from body punches replaced with impalement by spikes/blades through the body). Using the visual medium of a comic to get across such abstract and intense visuals is one of my big goals for this story when I tackle it. 

The titular character at the top, Anna-Lucia is our main character and a Dominican-American. The several other characters underneath are only about 50%-60% of the spread of other boxers she faces in bouts, but are probably the most prolific or prominent ones story-wise. 

Some like Rainbow-Sky, Riley, and Nadine become friends and arch-rivals. Others like Rosalinda and Harper pose as stiff and skilled opponents to overcome for title bouts. And a couple like Akshara are powerful antagonistic forces who represent a near ultimate threat to Anna-Lucia’s goals to become the best.

My favourite thing about Waluigi is that in the sports games he appears in, all the other characters have over-the-top feats of athleticism for their special moves - and then there’s Waluigi, literally conjuring spirits of rot and poison to bedevil his opponents. Like, there’s no rationale for why he can do that, or why his thematics are so different from everybody else’s - his personality is just so incredibly unpleasant that his disdain manifests physically as venomous thorns.

Consider: Voltron arm-wrestling spokon anime like AU

Lance’s the main character, Keith’s the first rival who then becomes part of the main gang, Shiro’s the sensei, Allura’s S2 final boss, Hunk’s the friend that’s always in awe explaining Lance’s movements and tricks to the audience.

(This is all Jen, Ferre, Ruu and Laura’s fault.)

Me, the Ranger Half-elf, to a blacksmith, “May, I have armor for my cat please.”

The game master sighs frustratedly and responds as the blacksmith, “Excuse me, what? Is this some kind of joke?”

In between giggles and snickers, I say, “No, it’s not a joke, I need armor for my cat, I travel a lot.”

“Just leave the cat at home then!”

“It’s a special cat,” moves character to the side and shows off my Tressym companion, “I need armor for it.”

Game master, breaking character, “You know what FINE! I’ll let you armor the stupid cat, just shut up about the stupid cat. Also you need to give up all of your gold for it.”

Me, out of character now, “That’s fair, especially since you keep trying to kill her.”

In the same game I tried to heal our Dragonborn monk and rolled a zero, and he wouldn’t stop saying ‘he wasn’t intrested in half elves’ even though I was just trying to heal him.

I’m in tears

not because of all the hate, but all of the love i’ve been receiving over the past few hours. I came back onto my pc expecting the worst but i’m so blown away with how much love was in my inbox. Thank you so much. Every last one of you. I wish I could reply to you all but I won’t be answering asks for a while until this all blows over. Thank you so, so much. From the bottom of my heart. 

Being called a pedophile, while being a victim of pedophilia, was so hurtful. Getting death threats was something that I never thought I’d receive and I honestly thought that I would end up having to delete my tumblr. But all of this support makes me so happy. I won’t let this get to me anymore. I know who I am. YOU know who I am. Let’s keep moving forward. 

Special thanks to all of my friends for being there for me. Especially @jaltoid for sticking by my side from the very beginning. ;___; I’m so lucky.