Something Consistent // Luke & Monroe


Luke always woke up early, and with him seeing Monroe pretty regularly he figured why not use his extra time awake to do something special for her. He moved around his kitchen putting together breakfast. He wasn’t exactly sure what she liked, but he was certain he had all his bases covered… So much so he wasn’t sure what he was going to do with the extra food. 

Drawing our KHuX characters now!

Ideas I may draw:

  • The squad eagerly fighting some heartless bosses
  • The squad using special moves
  • The squad meeting different Disney characters
  • Keyblade armor squad
  • Seeing all our friends lifeless with their keyblades stuck into the ground
  • *sobs*

I’m Cole. I came to warn you. To help. People are coming to hurt you. You probably already know.

casual reminder that we still have GRUVIA WEEK COMING UP

GRUVIA WEEK: April 1st-7th

*1. Ambiguity * 2. Nervous * 3. Change * 4. First * 5. Longing * 6. Heat * 7. Forever*

All my otp ideas for the day mysteriously vanished on valentines day itself so I shall make do with jumping the 特別な気分 bandwagon=w=;;; 

Didn’t follow exactly because I kept thinking how the heck are they going to get a microphone and a broadcast system in the era which fe:a takes place- so I added Owain in, and the rest just, flowed in accordance to the epilogue hahaXD (I can’t type Owain; his manner of speech is far too advanced for me to mimic– so sorry><;) 

Have a happy valentines (otp) day!