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I've been wondering this for a while and I thought I'd ask you this! Would it be possible for a mammal who's of a species that does not have wings to be able to USE wings if they surgically got them applied, with muscles and whatnot that were needed to move the wings? Or, would they need a brain that could use the wings as well? Like, if we managed to 3D print rat tissue into wings and surgically gave them to a rat, could the rat fly?

The thing is, flight requires a lot more than just muscles. I think the brain would be able to learn how to move the wings, might even be able to learn how to do that without the test subject actively thinking about each step along the way, but I doubt that we’d get to see flight anyways.

For the simple reason that flight is an incredibly specialized way of moving. It’s the bar none most expensive way to get from A to B and requires a lot more than just muscles. If you look at the chordates that can actively fly (Birds, bats) they’re very very specialized in things from beyond their muscles. Their skeleton structures are altered, if you look at the most specialized flyers on this planet, birds, they’ve altered their bone structure, their internal structure, their metabolism.

So even if you stuck functional wings onto a rat and somehow managed to implant it in a way that leaves them entirely functional (which…. unlikely really), I doubt that the rat would be able to fly for longer stretches because rats are totally not built for it. 

Okay but, TaeGi angst Au where Yoongi is in love with Taehyung but has been cursed as a child to burn everything he touches.

They meet as children when Yoongi is seven and Taehyung five. A sudden outbreak in Korea had occurred exposing all types of mythical creatures and hybrids to the human world. Until then those creatures and families had lived hidden away, of course, with the exposure it forces most of them to move into special nonhuman communities only. Taehyung’s family of witches just happen to move next door to Yoongi’s vampire family.

The day they first see each other they instantly hit it off.

The little boy with messy brown hair and wide eyes literally beams as he sees Yoongi the moment the boy arrives with his parents to introduce themselves. It’s literally so cute the way Taehyung just lights up as he takes in Yoongi’s pale almost translucent skin and baby fangs that peak out when he smiles.

“Mama he’s so pretty!” Little Taehyung hastily yanks on his mother’s skirt from beside her leg and both she and Yoongi’s mother giggle.

“He sure is Taehyunggie.” The little boy’s mother lowers to be eye to eye with her son. “Why don’t you say hello?”

Taehyung nods.

“Hello my name is Kim Taehyung!”  The boy grins wider.

“I-I’m Yoongi.” The elder whispers. “You have really pretty eyes.”

Taehyung gasps, back in his old town he’d constantly be made fun of for his one brown and one golden eyes, he can’t help but blush as Yoongi suddenly hides behind his own mother’s pant leg.

“T-Thank you.”

Taehyung and Yoongi’s mother share a knowing look.

From that day on Taehyung and Yoongi literally become best friends. Both sets of parents will laugh as they wake up in the morning for breakfast or set up for dinner at night and either Taehyung or Yoongi will be at each other’s houses laughing and playing. They become attached at the hip always by each other’s sides and even sneaking out to meet at their connected fences in their backyard to see each other before bedtime.

It’s all sunshine and rainbows until the first time the boys have an accident.

Usually, Yoongi wears black gloves on his hands to protect anyone from getting burned.  This day though, curiosity gets the better of them.

“Hey Hyung,” Taehyung touches Yoongi’s gloves. “Why do you never take these off?”

Yoongi frowns.

“I don’t know, momma just told me I’m supposed to always wear them.”

“Oh! How about you take them off then?” Taehyung looks over Yoongi’s shoulder into the kitchen where their parents are talking to make sure no one is watching them. “Let’s see what happens?”

Yoongi hesitantly nods and slowly starts to pull the black cloth off.  Honestly, the little boy is afraid. He remembers when one time he forgot to put them on and his mom had yelled at him with panic in her voice, he really didn’t want to get yelled at again, he also wanted to make Taehyung happy.

The boy’s hold their breath as Yoongi pulls the gloves on and Taehyung even shuts one eye as Yoongi’s pale fingers become exposed.

Nothing happens.

The boys release their breath and Taehyung giggles.

“See Hyung you’re okay!”

Taehyung reaches out to hold onto Yoongi’s hands and that’s when it happens.

“So how are you liking the neighborh-”

Yoongi’s mother is cut off by Taehyung’s  shrill high pitch scream of pain piercing the entire house.  

All four parents eyes widen and without thinking Taehyung’s mother dashes out to the living room where the boys had been playing and where now the cries are coming from. Yoongi’s mother heart slams against her chest in panic as she follows.

Taehyung lays on the floor, still screaming in pain, as Yoongi stares silently with wide eyes and his little body shaking. The eldest boy’s mother instantly knows what happen when she takes a look at her son’s exposed fingers and the deep pus-filled burns on the Taehyung’s tiny hands.

Yoongi turns to look at his mother and her heart breaks at the horror in the boy’s eyes.

“I-I’m sorry i-”

Yoongi runs out of the house.

In Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3, various things you can do will cause time to stop briefly while the animation starts up, then players can move again afterwards. This includes using special moves, transforming and going into Hyper Mode.

If you try to go into Hyper Mode, but teleport on the exact same frame that time was supposed to stop, time stays stopped indefinitely until you either hit your opponent or do another thing that has the capacity to stop time.

Fun! Haikyuu!! Asks

Kageyama: How do you feel about milk and what is your favorite kind?

Hinata: What is your “bathroom”? (Place you run into people you don’t want to see the most)

Tsukishima: How do you feel about dinosaurs?

Yamaguchi: Name you say most often?

Tanaka: How often do you try to intimidate someone or go looking for a fight?

Noya: Do you have any special moves?

Ennoshita: Are you the only responsible person in your group?

Suga: How much sass do you exude?

Daichi: Are you the parent friend of the group?

Asahi: Ponytail, bun or headband?

Kiyoko: How often do you beat off adoring fans?

Yachi: What do you overact about the most?

Kuroo: What kind of nerd are you?

Kenma: Favourite video game platform?

Lev: Do/would you try to pet stray cats?

Taketora: Are you a bro type of friend?

Inuoka: What makes you excited?

Bokuto: What are you the greatest at?

Akaashi: Prettiest person you know?

Yukie: Do you love eating?

Konoha: Nickname you hate?

Komi: How loud of a person are you?

Oikawa: Do you believe in aliens?

Iwaizumi: How athletic are you?

Kyotani: Are you a dog person?

Terushima: Do you like to party?

Aone: Would you sit next to someone scary looking on a train?

Ushijima: Who needs to go to your school?

Tendou: What kind of “monster” are you?

Shirabu: Who would you do anything for?

Goshiki: Tell me about your dream!

Second part here!

(I’ve been seeing some fandom asks floating around and decided to make some Haikyuu!! ones. A lot of these are only minimally related to the characters, but I wanted these to be fun and lighthearted.
I’m working on serious Haikyuu!! Asks where I will do every character from each team, so if your favourite isn’t here, just wait!)

Also! I will be sending asks to the first 26 people (probably more) that reblog this to get the fun started! :)

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Heritage for the Future | Capcom (Arcade, 1999)

If you happen to trade hits with Rubber Soul’s “Shokutteyaru” special move, for a very brief amount of time you’ll be in the air. 

Doing Mariah’s air super on a specific frame of this airborne state will make her fly upwards indefinitely. I’m not sure if there’s a way to get her back down.

Monster Factory Tier List

Update (4/7/17): Following the recent patches increasing Dark Vader’s skillset, he has quickly risen through the ranks of the tier list, and it remains to be seen how the coming patches will change how he operates. DJ Slime Time’s Mounted and Unmounted modes are now counted as separate fighters due to ease of access.

  1. The Final Pam: Easily the most powerful of all the monsters. Has a special move that summons a plethora of mines with no recoil damage. Remains banned in competitive play.
  2. Mëlissa: The strongest fighting game character ever, yet not quite on the level of The Final Pam. Regardless, has amazing combo potential and is incredibly fast.
  3. Knife Dad: Though his knives are weak, he himself is incredibly powerful, and he has his children following his every command. A tough one to beat.
  4. SHRECK THE MOVIE: Has numerous allies and is quite ready to wield them and do you dirty in front of you dad.
  5. Chiquita Dave: Can create clones of himself and has access to a wide plethora of spells. His low health is easily offset by his ability to create a clone to take his place.
  6. Truck Shepard: The patches still haven’t fixed his face’s hitboxes. This allows for great, confusing combos as his face distorts violently.
  7. DJ Slime Time (Mounted): Her horse does contact damage while she’s riding it, however she can be grabbed in this mode. Be careful.
  8. Trüllbus the Crime Eater: His DQ-sponsored weaponry notwithstanding, he still has a mean left hook, and his “self-defense” revenge mechanic is nothing to scoff at.
  9. Turbovicki: The ultimate athlete and defeater of the Foot Clan. Her sports equipment comes in handy here.
  10. D- Bomb: A long-range fighter who shoots from a distance and summons Deathclaws and the like. A hassle to get in range of.
  11. Christopher “The Pebble” C. C. Christopher: Though he may be the failed The Rock clone, he is still one hell of a wrestler. 
  12. DJ Slime Time (Unmounted): Otherwise identical to her mounted form, but with a couple differences: she now can jump endlessly, and is now also too greasy to grab, making her immune to throws.
  13. Toucan Dan: Great combos, but lack of any ranged option and low standalone damage doesn’t give us much.
  14. Jorstin Rude Boy Man: A combo-focused grappler, a nice mix up, but unfortunately, with low accuracy, you can only go so far.
  15. Dark Vader: Has skyrocketed up with the recent SweepsWeek update. Can now summon his fellow sitcom stars to assist.
  16. Randyjohnson & Panpan: Though Randyjohnson is slow, her ability to use Panpan as a secondary fighter/projectile is matched only by Ratbaby’s usage of Vape Life.
  17. Ratbaby & Vape Life: Ratbaby has an incredibly small hitbox, but any damage done to Vape Life is also done to Ratbaby, and if you catch both of them in the same combo, it does 2x the damage.
  18. Borth Sampson: Incredible kicks, but disjointed movement.
  19. The Junker: Not too good at what he does, but he does have a stunning move.
  20. #NOID: Slow, but powerful. Use with caution.
  21. Boy-Mayor of Second Life & Totino’s: A grand tag team, but the harsh campaign trail does nothing for their physical fighting ability. Totino’s can make pizza happen, though.
  22. G.A.R.F.I.E.L.D.:The fastest character in the entire list, can create horses, but this means nothing when your defenses are glass.
  23. Daz: Lack of moves that aren’t him just hitting you with a birdie. Very predictable.
  24. Succotash: Can fly infinitely, but is easy to hit.
  25. Jefferson Tallpipe: The only low-tier character to be banned in competitive play, but only because of his indecent moveset.
  26. Dino-Lansbury: Old age has caught up to her, but she can still summon prehistoric monsters. They’re rather slow and easily avoidable, unfortunately.
  27. Squirtle: Seems to have lost his fighting spirit, overall not a good fighter.
  28. J’aam: No specials, patch to fix this has not been confirmed.
  29. Trash Hulk: All his specials do damage to himself instead of any damage to the enemy. Bad.

Realized I really wanted to fight a Darknut or Iron Knuckle in Breath of the Wild and since that can’t happen it was time for some headcanon!

Do not have the time to actually make that armor detail in a finished picture so it’s just a sketch~ sorry!

edit: Yeah, that eye is pretty funnily placed, but it just looks so snug, and whackable ;)

And my favorite part of Twilight princess was the Cave of Trials, especially on the bottom floor against 3 Darknuts (especially when you’re like me and did it with the starter sword and no shield or using the special moves~). I like to imagine these guys wouldn’t be too hard on their own (but would probably block the lower eye in some fashion so they’re not TOO easy), but would be much more threatening in groups, especially with a lot of bobokins or other enemies distracting you while they fling their spike ball around and close in on you.

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magical tattoos? like tattoos with special properties or they move around on skin or smth?

  • After turning 18, every kid is required to go to special tattoo parlor where the town’s resident mage gives them a tattoo. No one knows what the tattoo will be until it’s done, not even the mage. The tattoo forms itself into a symbol that will become very important in the person’s life. On Character A’s 18th birthday, their tattoo forms itself into a crown.
  • Character A convinces their best friend, Character B, to go get a tattoo. Not wanting anything big, Character B gets a small flower on their back. The next morning, Character A gasps when they see Character B’s entire back covered in vines and leaves and flowers, and they only seem to be spreading further.
  • Everyone gets one tattoo in their life, and that tattoo gives them a power of their choosing. Character A really wants the power to see through objects, so they get a pair of eyes. However, after a series of visions, they come to realize the power that manifested was actually seeing into the future.
  • “I’m a mage and have been searching for an apprentice for years by pushing a little bit of magic into everyone tattoo I give, just to see if anyone reacts to it. None had, until I gave you yours. The second the needle touched your skin, ink started flowing into patterns everywhere. Please stop freaking out” AU
  • When tattoos start appearing on one’s body overnight, it’s a sign that they’re meant to join the War of Magic. However, Character A’s parents are major pacifists and hate the war, so Character A begins their own struggle as they try to hide the growing tattoos their parents.
  • “I’ve been told all my life that moving tattoos were normal – a sign of being healthy. But I don’t think that means the tattoos are supposed to come off of my skin and fly around? Cause that’s why I’ve been hiding out in my room all week” AU

not even sure where to start with this one:

-after being thrown while it says FINISH HIM, the opponent has a small window where they can still do certain attacks. this includes mostly normal attacks, special moves don’t seem to work

-it also includes the Dead Pool stage fatality, because presumably it counts as a normal attack, it’s just an uppercut, and also because this is a rare occasion where the losing character has control during the fatality timer, so the game just goes “yeah fatalities are supposed to work” regardless of who’s doing it

-doing this while reptile is invisible leaves a sprite of him stuck on the screen despite him being tossed into a vat of acid

-johnny cage still loses the round

Her Being Quiet in Bed but They go Harder and She’s a Mess: BTS


Oh my would SeokJin be proud of himself. He’d use that move on special occasions only, though, since you being such a huge and hot mess was his favourite sight, and he knew to not get greedy.


He would tease you mercilessly after wards, even though your messed up state was also bringing his orgasm much, much, much sooner. He would totally call you `Kinky` out in public, just for the fuck of having a good laugh at seeing your crimson face.


He would make the moment last, not letting you to cum. He would be in total control of you, and as much as you cried for him to let you cum, he would just not allow you to, messing up your state even more. He would be enjoying this so fucking much.

Rap Monster:

It would make him feel weak and dizzy; his favourite sight. It would be at that moment where he would begin to tease you mercilessly, enjoying your begs for him to speed up again.


Similar to SeokJin, JiMin would love to bring you to that state all the time, but he knew that he could use it for special occasions, or make you do things for him that you normally wouldn’t and use his roughness as your final prize.


He would totally lose control of himself, pounding into you faster and faster, with low growls and a lot of biting, staring and smirking.


Proud to get such a reaction out f you he’d continue in that pace throughout the whole time, slowing down only when you had to take in a breath or two, before digging back in, working you until you fell unconscious from the over-stimulation.

A (little) Killing Stalking Rant

I’m not sure where to begin, to be quite honest. I just found out that apparently there is a chapter 18 despite everyone thinking there’d be a break after 17 and of course I instantly read it. Now me being my obsessive, overexcited self instantly went into the tag to see what kind of funny shit this precious fandom came up with this time only to be…well disappointed is such a hard word but I kind of am. Not because the jokes were repetitive (they were, but that is not the point) but because the fandom seems to be split in two entirely and I don’t understand why? Or why people have the need to constantly shade one another. 
Anyway, feel free to ignore this, but I’m going to voice some of my (probably unpopular) opinions.

1) Ji eun is a major bitch and I do not understand why people are glorifying her for punching Sangwoo in the face like she is some sort of hero. She didn’t do it for Yoonbum, but to save her own skin. It also didn’t show guts or anything, just her will to live. I wanna bet that all the girls he chopped off before her tried much the same. Nothing special, moving on.

2) That being said, she most certainly is not a bitch for offering to have sex with Yoobum. In a situation like this, live or die, every last one of us would probably offer much more than sex, trust me on this one. Nothing is more precious than survival, it’s in our DNA to do our best. That being said, she is still a bitch for offering to basically RAPE Yoobum to safe her own skin. Bitch is selfish, not a hero. Yoobum obviously wasn’t down for the idea of getting fucked by her.

3) I really do not understand how people are still surprised that most of the fandom ships Sangwoo and Yoobum. Nor why people are surprised that most of the fandom loves Sangwoo. We basically got half of the explanation for this coming from Sangwoo himself in Chapter 18: He’s pretty so people are drawn to him. Where is the big deal? It’s a cartoon, for heavens sakes. It’s not like we have a bunch of real life Harley Quinn’s running around the street. Now for the shipping part, this one REALLY goes over my head. I literally saw comments about getting help and getting Jesus being thrown around and shit like that irks me for many many reasons, but I digress. We see the story through Yoobum’s and Sangwoo’s eyes. OF COURSE WE ARE ROOTING FOR THEM! Not just them as a couple but them as people! I’m 99% sure that we are supposed to! Yoobum loves Sangwoo so we love Sangwoo.
Yoobum loves Sangwoo, so we want him to get Sangwoo.
We love Sangwoo so we want him to be happy.
We love Sangwoo so we want him to succeed in his murder spree. 

I was happy when he killed that asshole in the last chapter and I most certainly am looking forward to seeing Jieun being killed by either of them, really, because that is what Sangwoo (and Yoobum) want and since I see the story through their eyes, I want that to. Does that mean I’m about to go out and start killing people? No, because I faint at the sight of blood and really don’t like the idea of taking someones life. Nor the fact I’d get a lifelong sentence, really. Just throwing it in there for good measures. So, it’s safe to say I’m not going to go on a killing spree anytime soon. Still enjoy the deaths.

4) To elaborate on that. I really, really am surprised how people go into this story disliking Sangwoo and the relationship between him and Yoobum. Like you do realize it’s all about that, right? About Sangwoo getting satisfaction by killing and Yoobum getting satisfaction by being by Sangwoo’s side. This story isn’t about character growth , overcoming your mental illness or getting out of the shit situation you’re in. Quite the contrary. It’s about giving in to those primal urges, this quiet need to kill in the back of every humans head. The story is supposed to make us route for the killer and the psychosis and that sick twisted part of them so we end up questioning just how fragile our and societies morality is. I had Philosophy for for a couple of years and morality was a big part of that. I have my own opinion on morality and how it is a mere illusion anyway but that isn’t the point right now. The point is, let go of your false morality and get off your high horse and enjoy the comic called Killing Stalking for what it is! About two psychopaths giving in to their mental state to stalk and kill their prey together. 

 I mean seriously, what did you expect?!

So since that new trailer for the Power Rangers movie came out I’ve seen a lot of people call it ‘grimdark’ or ‘gritty’

And while it’s true it definitely looks more serious than MMPR was, I think we need to consider Zyuranger, here.

For those not in the know, Zyuranger is the show Saban used footage from to make MMPR, although the plots were pretty much entirely different, built around the fight footage. Zyuranger is about a bunch of dinosaur people from 200 million years ago fighting the evil witch Bandora (Rita Repulsa).

Which doesn’t sound very grimdark, and honestly it’s not.

Until halfway through the show.

That’s about the point Bandora decides she’s sick of the Zyuranger’s shit.

Still not very grimdark though.

That is, until she starts bleeding from her eyes, casting this spell.

Of course, that’s not the only requirement this spell has. She also needs to mark 13 children for sacrifice, using the following symbol.

And what does the spell do? Well.

And yes.

That is Satan.

Actual, Judeo-Christian Satan.

And while most of the time, you could kind of assume it’s just Japan using terms from western myth that sound cool, that’s not really true this time. Y’see, Bandora’s monsters all come from western mythos (well, mostly) which is why Goldar (remember him?) is a manticore.

So yes, Bandora literally just summoned the actual devil from Hell, the biggest bad guy in western lore, to kill these dinosaur people in Japan.

Now, how do the Zyurangers have any chance against that?

Well, spoilers. Daizyujin (the Megazord in MMPR) has a sword called the Dinosaur Sword God Horn. And It’s special move is the God Hord Super Lightning Cut.

There is a reason for this; Daizyujin is literal Capital G God. While it didn’t really talk at all in MMPR, in Zyuranger it does.

Because it’s ACTUALLY GOD.

However, he’s still easily defeated by Literal Satan, because you see, God isn’t complete yet. God has a second form.

That second form is combining with Dragon Caesar (Dragonzord) and Beast Knight God King Brachion (Titanus).

Which looks like this.

Zyuranger is a series where a moon witch uses 13 children (who remain alive, of course) to summon the literal devil from hell to battle God, who takes the form of a bunch of robot dinosaurs piled on top of each other.

Beat that, 2017 big budget movie.