Protective moves
  • Light Screen creates a reflective light barrier that blocks and repels against special attacks but isn’t as effective at blocking physical ones. The user will still feel the effects of physical damage through reverberations. Powerful special attacks will still cause reverberations to the barrier and some might even bypass it if the user is not strong enough to sustain it. Repeated physical damage to the Light Screen barrier will cause it to wear out faster comparatively.
  • Likewise Reflect blocks and repels physical moves but doesn’t do too well with special attacks and will grow weaker if continuously subjected to special moves.
  • They often manifest in the form of light shields that appear in front of the user, most often controlled using hands/arms. 
  • Both barriers are extremely susceptible and fragile to Brick Break and Psychic Fangs.
  • Moves such as Barrier and Protect on the other hand, create shields that offer more coverage, tending to form a spherical force field or a physical barrier made from the element the user specialises in.
  • Barrier works similarly to Reflect, albeit with reinforced defensive capabilities and is significantly harder to break through and damage.
  • Miscellaneous protective moves that don’t boost defense directly such as Lucky Chant, Mist and Safeguard act as spells that “bless” and protect their users with longer-lasting effects during the battle.
  • Lucky Chant is an incantation; Mist is quite literal and contrary to popular belief, Safeguard does not function similarly to Protect. Instead, it simply creates a veil/aura around the user that shields it from status ailments. 

He isn’t gonna make the same mistake twice

In Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3, various things you can do will cause time to stop briefly while the animation starts up, then players can move again afterwards. This includes using special moves, transforming and going into Hyper Mode.

If you try to go into Hyper Mode, but teleport on the exact same frame that time was supposed to stop, time stays stopped indefinitely until you either hit your opponent or do another thing that has the capacity to stop time.

Fun! Haikyuu!! Asks

Kageyama: How do you feel about milk and what is your favorite kind?

Hinata: What is your “bathroom”? (Place you run into people you don’t want to see the most)

Tsukishima: How do you feel about dinosaurs?

Yamaguchi: Name you say most often?

Tanaka: How often do you try to intimidate someone or go looking for a fight?

Noya: Do you have any special moves?

Ennoshita: Are you the only responsible person in your group?

Suga: How much sass do you exude?

Daichi: Are you the parent friend of the group?

Asahi: Ponytail, bun or headband?

Kiyoko: How often do you beat off adoring fans?

Yachi: What do you overact about the most?

Kuroo: What kind of nerd are you?

Kenma: Favourite video game platform?

Lev: Do/would you try to pet stray cats?

Taketora: Are you a bro type of friend?

Inuoka: What makes you excited?

Bokuto: What are you the greatest at?

Akaashi: Prettiest person you know?

Yukie: Do you love eating?

Konoha: Nickname you hate?

Komi: How loud of a person are you?

Oikawa: Do you believe in aliens?

Iwaizumi: How athletic are you?

Kyotani: Are you a dog person?

Terushima: Do you like to party?

Aone: Would you sit next to someone scary looking on a train?

Ushijima: Who needs to go to your school?

Tendou: What kind of “monster” are you?

Shirabu: Who would you do anything for?

Goshiki: Tell me about your dream!

Second part here!

(I’ve been seeing some fandom asks floating around and decided to make some Haikyuu!! ones. A lot of these are only minimally related to the characters, but I wanted these to be fun and lighthearted.
I’m working on serious Haikyuu!! Asks where I will do every character from each team, so if your favourite isn’t here, just wait!)

Also! I will be sending asks to the first 26 people (probably more) that reblog this to get the fun started! :)

Monster Factory Tier List

Update (4/7/17): Following the recent patches increasing Dark Vader’s skillset, he has quickly risen through the ranks of the tier list, and it remains to be seen how the coming patches will change how he operates. DJ Slime Time’s Mounted and Unmounted modes are now counted as separate fighters due to ease of access.

Update (6/1/17): Following the addition of Todd Coolbody, Dark Vader has fallen back to his original place in the Tier List. Patch balance has moved around certain fighters. DJ Slime Time has been consolidated back into one fighter to avoid confusion. No data on rumored “Touch DLC Bundle”.

  1. The Final Pam: Easily the most powerful of all the monsters. Has a special move that summons a plethora of mines with no recoil damage. Remains banned in competitive play.
  2. Mëlissa: The strongest fighting game character ever, yet not quite on the level of The Final Pam. Regardless, has amazing combo potential and is incredibly fast.
  3. Knife Dad: Though his knives are weak, he himself is incredibly powerful, and he has his children following his every command. A tough one to beat.
  4. SHRECK THE MOVIE: Has numerous allies and is quite ready to wield them and do you dirty in front of you dad.
  5. Chiquita Dave: Can create clones of himself and has access to a wide plethora of spells. His low health is easily offset by his ability to create a clone to take his place.
  6. Truck Shepard: The patches still haven’t fixed his face’s hitboxes. This allows for great, confusing combos as his face distorts violently.
  7. DJ Slime Time: When unmounted, she cannot be grabbed due to her grandma grease, and she she has unlimited jump height. However, she has a very low range of offensive skills. When mounted, her horse does contact damage while she’s riding it, however she can be grabbed in this mode. Skilled users have kept her safe on her spot.
  8. Trüllbus the Crime Eater: His DQ-sponsored weaponry notwithstanding, he still has a mean left hook, and his “self-defense” revenge mechanic is nothing to scoff at.
  9. Turbovicki: The ultimate athlete and defeater of the Foot Clan. Her sports equipment comes in handy here.
  10. D- Bomb: A long-range fighter who shoots from a distance and summons Deathclaws and the like. A hassle to get in range of.
  11. Christopher “The Pebble” C. C. Christopher: Though he may be the failed The Rock clone, he is still one hell of a wrestler. 
  12. Toucan Dan: Great combos, but lack of any ranged option and low standalone damage doesn’t give us much.
  13. Jorstin Rude Boy Man: A combo-focused grappler, a nice mix up, but unfortunately, with low accuracy, you can only go so far.
  14. Todd Coolbody: Replaces Dark Vader on his spot in the last patch. Can summon his fellow sitcom stars to attack, but like many summon fighters, they all have unique ranges and hitboxes to be mindful of. Powerful strikes.
  15. Randyjohnson & Panpan: Though Randyjohnson is slow, her ability to use Panpan as a secondary fighter/projectile is matched only by Ratbaby’s usage of Vape Life.
  16. Boy-Mayor of Second Life & Totino’s: A grand tag team, but the harsh campaign trail does nothing for their physical fighting ability. Totino’s can make pizza happen, though. Boy-Mayor, though less agile than his tag-team partner, is physically stronger.
  17. Ratbaby & Vape Life: Ratbaby has an incredibly small hitbox, but any damage done to Vape Life is also done to Ratbaby, and if you catch both of them in the same combo, it does 2x the damage.
  18. Borth Sampson: Incredible kicks, but disjointed movement.
  19. The Junker: Not too good at what he does, but he does have a stunning move.
  20. Squirtle: Still with weak physical blows, the recent patch has added onto him some potent water moves. Stronger than before.
  21. #NOID: Slow, but powerful. Use with caution.
  22. G.A.R.F.I.E.L.D.:The fastest character in the entire list, can create horses, but this means nothing when your defenses are glass.
  23. Daz: Lack of moves that aren’t him just hitting you with a birdie. Very predictable.
  24. Succotash: Can fly infinitely, but is easy to hit.
  25. Dark Vader: Has fallen back into his initial place, can no longer summon anyone beyond Cousin Specialagent.
  26. Jefferson Tallpipe: The only low-tier character to be banned in competitive play, but only because of his indecent moveset.
  27. Dino-Lansbury: Old age has caught up to her, but she can still summon prehistoric monsters. They’re rather slow and easily avoidable, unfortunately.
  28. J’aam: No specials, patch to fix this has not been confirmed.
  29. Trash Hulk: All his specials do damage to himself instead of any damage to the enemy. Bad.

fake screenshot commission!!!

hey guys i was thinking to do commission of these still images and gifs for anybody who like his au or oc or other oc or their fav character from a show to turn this character into an epic pose of fake portion of a movie XD

so here is the rules:

-no NSFW

-i could do mechanics but if it’s too hard i can refuse

-any undertale aus allowed

-any ocs allowed

-any tv show characters are allowed

-it should be a simple animation don’t request a complicated ones

prizes for animations could vary from 15$ to 25$ depends on it’s complexity for still images will be -8$ from it’s cost animated also extra prize +5$ for extra character


video game character commission!!!

you want your au/oc/other’s oc/tv show character turn into a video game animated character then here it is!

you can also choose a special move for it!!

  • the same rules applies
  • the cost for one video game character will be 12$
  • the cost for one video game character + a special move/attack will be 20$
  • the cost for an extra video game character interacting with another by attacking or getting damage will be 25$

video game characters original idea from @blogthegreatrouge

payments are going to be by paypal

did you consider it?….then message me DM or on superyoumna@gmail.com discussing about the character you want to be animated or imaged if it’s an oc or an au i don’t know then send a ref sheet with the discussion …. if you have a certain pose or an action you want the character to do then put that too in the discussion….also these doesn’t take any time from me each animated one took me time from 1 to 2 hours so your request is going to be finished fast.

after finishing the commission it’s going to be posted on tumblr tagging you in it

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Heritage for the Future | Capcom (Arcade, 1999)

If you happen to trade hits with Rubber Soul’s “Shokutteyaru” special move, for a very brief amount of time you’ll be in the air. 

Doing Mariah’s air super on a specific frame of this airborne state will make her fly upwards indefinitely. I’m not sure if there’s a way to get her back down.


I drew these a few months ago and never posted them.

These two are my favorite pair for double battles. Cantatio has a Bold nature, and knows Thunder Wave, Hex, Pain Split, and Dazzling Gleam. Since he’s got special moves covered, Froslass is more physical. Her name’s Rize and she knows Hail, Attract, Ice Fang, and Crunch.

The signs as apartments

Aries: simple construction and furnishings, user-friendly - more practical than nice, often with wood

Taurus: rustic, solid wood, cozy, rather overloaded, want their own home

Gemini: functional, rather light and less expensive furniture, often Nordic style, home is not so important, rarely a special flair for coziness

Cancer: Cozy and lovingly furnished apartment, home with garden, not extremely tidy

Leo: "My home is my castle.“; slightly pompous decor, generous and representative, colorful and creative, self-expression

Virgo: Reason prevails, functional style with love for the detail, compared to the establishment of the lion rather bland or small, permanent furniture, likes green plants, convenience can be preferred to the habit

Libra: aesthetically-cool apartment furnishings, more beautiful than cozy, rather airy and not overloaded, often perfumed

Scorpio: A typical Scorpio apartment is not to be described, the spectrum ranges from "apartment is unimportant” to “perfectionist cool”

Sagittarius: as large as possible, does not have any particular affinity for property / land / ground

Capricorn: cool, functional furnishings, solid furniture, simple, not particularly comfortable, residential ownership is important to them, stone floors

Aquaruis: Studio apartment, attic apartment, high rooms, lots of light, flat contains special items, several moves, often improvised furnishings

Pisces: no typical home furnishings definable, but nevertheless something strange (as from 1001 Nights) is usually there

Ignore me asking for my deposit? That's cool, you can just pay me triple then.

A few years back I rented a duplex. I lived in it, I moved out. Nothing special. During the move-out inspection they did the standard landlord thing and looked for any excuse to deduct from the deposit.

They knew from the lease agreement that we had pets, so of course the first thing the inspector says entering the house is “I smell animals, we’ll have to charge you to cost of getting a special pet odor removing cleaning service.” We were right there to call him on his bullshit with the invoice and paperwork from the cleaning service that already did a comprehensive clean, including a pet odor package. He quickly dropped that bullshit.

Then he found a carpet stain which, despite everyone’s best efforts, never completely came out. Fair enough. We were relieved that they didn’t take much off for that at all. Then he took a little more off for having to patch some holes where we hung photos. In the end we were still owed at least 80-90% of our original deposit.

They also told us we need to keep the utilities running in our name for a week after we move out so they can do some work on the place. This wasn’t in our lease as something that’s required of us, but I was nice and extended my utilities an extra week for them. Then they told us to extend the utilities another two weeks because they weren’t done. Enough was enough so I told them no.

They gave us a statement of how much our deposit was, how much they deducted and for what, and how much was left over for us. By the books… until they didn’t actually deliver it. I tried giving them the benefit of the doubt but they had our mailing address for our next place and it never turned up. I called them, e-mailed them twice a week asking if they’ve mailed it or if I can just pick it up from their office. No answer, no reply. They were completely ghosting us.

We found out that the state law says if your deposit (minus deductions) isn’t paid within 30 days of vacating, you can take your landlord to court for up to three times the amount of the original deposit, no deductions. We read and studied this law well and concluded that there’s no reason we shouldn’t be able to fight this and win, no lawyer required. A $90 filing fee later and our landlord was served notice of our intent. Then wooooah, whaddayaknow! After all that ghosting for 45-ish days, the day after we filed our petition we get an e-mail from the landlord saying he sees that we’re wanting to take legal action but has a tremendous offer for us to settle out of court: the full deposit, no deductions, plus the $90 filing fee back.

Fuck their low ball offer. I replied reminding them that I can force them to pay three times the deposit, but I will settle out of court for just twice the deposit. Did I need to settle? I don’t know, the law says up to three times, so I guess I was worried that if it actually went to court, a judge might decide that the circumstances aren’t bad enough to warrant that much more money for me, so it might not be worth the trouble. Twice was good enough for me, and making them lose money over it was what I was going for anyways.

They agreed immediately, and said I could pick up the check at their office. When I stopped by, what still confuses me to this day was that they still insisted on showing me the report of all the the things wrong with the house that they had to deduct from the original deposit, like I gave a fuck at that point. That ship had sailed. They were paying me twice the full deposit anyways. They could stick their petty, unfulfilled deductions up their ass.

Closing thoughts: Do landlords do this often? Why would they just blatantly withhold your deposit without giving a reason? Do they think people won’t fight for it back? Do the people who don’t fight it outnumber the ones that do, meaning they can make a profit by withholding everyone’s deposit by default?

anonymous asked:

How do you think Brandon uses his powers to impress A Real Magic Skeleton?

I believe on Brandon’s character sheet his special move or power was basically: MAULING 

So already that sounds pretty badass. 

But I mostly see Brandon trying to impress RMS by showing off how quickly he can bite hard food in two, like a candy jaw-breaker or something.

Realized I really wanted to fight a Darknut or Iron Knuckle in Breath of the Wild and since that can’t happen it was time for some headcanon!

Do not have the time to actually make that armor detail in a finished picture so it’s just a sketch~ sorry!

edit: Yeah, that eye is pretty funnily placed, but it just looks so snug, and whackable ;)

And my favorite part of Twilight princess was the Cave of Trials, especially on the bottom floor against 3 Darknuts (especially when you’re like me and did it with the starter sword and no shield or using the special moves~). I like to imagine these guys wouldn’t be too hard on their own (but would probably block the lower eye in some fashion so they’re not TOO easy), but would be much more threatening in groups, especially with a lot of bobokins or other enemies distracting you while they fling their spike ball around and close in on you.