Just a PSA on Special Interests

As an autistic person who’s suffering from having a special interest right now, I just want to tell you that while having a special interest is good and beneficial, there can be consequences.

For example in the context of Milo Murphy’s Law (about a boy named Milo having a condition called Murphy’s Law which causes accidents to happen around him), my inner mind world says that a TV time traveler, Dr. Zone (left)’s actor, is Melissa’s dad, loves her and shares her principles in having adventures and he’ll appear frequently. His being Melissa’s dad is my special interest.

But then the external environmental world says that Melissa’s dad is a fireman who feels bothered by Murphy’s Law and fought Melissa over Milo. Dr. Zone himself has only physically appeared in 1 out of 22 episodes as of March 24th, 2017.

The conflict between the inner mind world and external environmental world, not to mention constant sudden changes in Milo Murphy’s Law has caused me pain, not being able to think thoroughly in school, and makes me want to yell and lash out (most likely a meltdown).

So consider these when you have a special interest:

  1. The possibility with the external environmental world’s vision of your special interest conflicting with your (the inner mind world) vision.
  2. The possibility of inconsistencies and sudden changes related to your special interest.
  3. Any triggers (be it sensory or psychological) associated with your special interest.
  4. How to cope when any of the above happens.
  5. Balancing your special interests with your mandatory needs (like eating, sleeping, studying, or working).

Finally, enjoy your special interest, and be careful when anything harmful happens.

anonymous asked:

how do you know when something is a special interest and not you just being a big fan?

“What is a special interest?

Special interests, or SIs for short, also known as passion or obsessions, are interests that go above and beyond what is considered a “typical” level of interest. They may be distinguished by their intensity or range of focus. Special interests can bring Autistic people a great deal of joy and pleasure. Autistic people often researches our SIs intensely, speak at great length about them (infodumping), get really excited/happy whenever we get to interact with our SIs, and/or go out of our way to engage with the subject. An SI can be anything from the stereotypical trains to a TV show to a corporate brand to a specific person or anything else. See here for more info.”

Taken from our FAQ page. 

Hope that helps,


completely lame special interest story BUT ive wanted to see a locust for SO long ever since i watched Prince of Egypt and i’ve been looking for them since i got to crete 5 months ago and today i almost stepped on this giant GRASSHOPPER thing and i was like wtf is this??? and then i realized freaking an hour later that i actually did not know what a locust was and that that giant grashopper thing was, in find, a locust, and that i have actually seen TONS OF LOCUSTS since I got to crete but i never realized it

Yuuri Katsuki from Yuri!!! on Ice is autistic!!
  • special interest in skating (and, let’s be real, in Viktor Nikiforov)
  • stims by skating and dancing, also the texture and taste of katsudon is stimmy for him.
  • he doesn’t make eye contact that often? like, in canon? you see him looking away from ppl a lot and that could be nervousness but it also could be autism
  • when viktor finds out he’s autistic (and keep in mind that vitya is 100% also autistic) they have all sorts of mutually beneficial stims that mainly involve various forms of cuddling
  • yuuri katsuki is autistic and i love him <3

I just want all my autistic peeps to know I think their special interests are cool.

It’s obscure/“cringey”? It’s wonderful that someone appreciates the hard work of content creator!!!

It’s “gross” or not appropriate for casual conversation? It’s cool you can find beauty in something that other people would dismiss!!!

Your special interest is fandom related? It’s beautiful that a work of fiction can be that powerful and you’re an example of why that work of fiction matters

Your special interest is really really specific? It’s fantastic someone cares so much about the little things people usually don’t really notice!

Your special interest is really broad and vague? It’s fantastic there’s so much it’s cool someone enjoys something and all the many things that make it up

Your special interest is cool. It doesn’t matter if you’re really good at it or not, it doesn’t matter if it’s not really a hobby you can peruse, it doesn’t matter if you’re been fixated on one thing for years, it doesn’t matter if you find a new special interest each week

I PROMISE your special interest is cool. I know I’m just some person who made a post on the internet but if you ever feel alone or bad or weird because of you’re special interest, I want you to know there’s one other person who thinks what you love is cool!!!

(If you don’t have a special interest and feel invalid, you’re not you’re cool)

I feel like a lot of people (esp nt people) underestimate just how important media is to nd people. Especially when it’s a hyperfixation or a special interest. When someone says “I really relate to this character” “this band means a lot to me” “this person is my role model” etc take it to heart. When we say stuff like this, we mean it with every fiber of our being. Our interests become who we are, and they are great and profound. And when we share these things with you, it really is sharing a part of ourselves with you. And you need to take this seriously. If you just passively watch a show or just listen to a song and go “I like it” but you don’t really care, you’re basically saying “i know this is fundamental to who you are but i don’t want to take it seriously” I understand this isn’t what you mean but it feels like a brick to the face
Take time to figure them out. Soak it in. Try to feel what the person feels when they talk about them- find the meaning and significance. Then take that and talk to them about it. They will be more than happy to have a conversation with you about their special interests!! This makes us so so happy!!
Whenever someone tells me they care about something, I almost immediately do everything in my power to get my hands on it and info about it. I want to be there for that person, I want them to know that their interests are important to me, and they are important to me.

tbh i love reading ‘about’ pages, i love reading rbyfs and kin pages, i love cool links and navigation pages and selfie tags and learning about ur special interests and getting to know more abt ur likes and dislikes.!! i wish people wouldnt worry about oversharing cause i love knowing abt my mutuals 

  • Rick writing House of Hades: okay here we go...let's see how putting a gay character in here works out...
  • Rick writing Blood of Olympus: well. I didn't get sued off the face of the earth by angry parents. Let's see how making the gay kid accepted by friends and eventually accepted by himself goes. And...let's imply a future gay relationship.
  • Rick writing Hidden Oracle: well I'm once again still not sued off the face of the earth. It's time. Everyone is gay. The main character is an explicit genderfluid bisexual. That previously implied gay relationship is official. The Hermes cabin loves Rocky Horror Picture Show. Patrochilles is canon in this universe too, btw.