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Tuafw you have a screenshot of some lyrics from your SI as your lock screen. And the guy that sits next to you says those exact lyrics and you get so excited and happy! And you start singing the rest of the verse the lyrics came from and tell him all these little facts about your SI. And then he bursts out laughing and you realize that he just stole your phone and read the lock screen and now you just feel like an idiot because he's still laughing and everyone else saw.

Klance fanfic reclist (multichap 2)

Favorites are italicized!

Love and Other Questions (multichapter;incomplete) by @squirenonny - Canonverse AU featuring romantic and platonic soulmates; also includes Matt/Shiro, Hunk/Shay, Keith&Shiro, Keith&Pidge, and Hunk&Lance.

There Is No Lube In Space (multichapter;incomplete) by Methoxyethane - Sequel to  A Fish And A Bird; explores the beginning of Lance’s and Keith’s relationship as Keith gets caught up in a planet-wide conspiracy.  NSFW

A Commutual Contract (multichapter;incomplete) by SKayLanphear - Keith witnesses Lance almost die, and can’t sleep until he is certain that Lance is safe.

Altea Rising (multichapter;incomplete) by angstinspace - Ghost AU; Shiro and Matt are captured by Zarkon, and the only way to stop him is to find five spirit lions that are hidden throughout the ghost world.

Born Asleep (multichapter;incomplete) by eso (cazzy), soottea - Lance, a reaper of death, becomes entangled with a pair of sibling mages, a fallen angel, and a half-demon.

swipe right (if you like me) (multichapter;incomplete) by skyestiel - College AU; Keith and Lance meet on Tinder.

Of Escorts and Espionage (multichapter;incomplete) by hisboywriter - For a mission, Keith impersonates a nobility of a minor planet, with Lance as his escort/bodyguard.

Foreign Scenes (multichapter;incomplete) by bwyn - Keith and Lance become impromptu travel buddies.

Ignorance is Bliss (multichapter;incomplete) by YouAreInAComaWakeUp (Nikanaiko) - Lance’s house is haunted; Keith is one of the ghosts.

Flirting With Death (multichapter;incomplete) by drippingpen - Keith, a grim reaper, saves Lance’s life, and has to protect Lance from forces that are trying to kill him.

The Boy and The Nutcracker (multichapter;incomplete) by Renommus - Keith has to choose between boot camp or ballet, and Lance is a ballet dancer.

Of Eagle Lions and Benders (multichapter;incomplete) by Ohshitmyship - Avatar AU.

Trouble’s Making Everything All Right (series of oneshots;incomplete - 26154+ words) by @thisgirlhastales - Featuring Lance and Keith as space cowboy mercenaries.

True Love or Something (multichapter/oneshots series;incomplete - 107424+ words) by DeerstalkerDeathFrisbee - Modern domestic fluff AU; also includes Shiro and Keith as brothers.

The Ballad of a Dove (multichapter/oneshots series;incomplete - 67421 words) by hollyandvice (hiasobi_writes) - Future fic; Lance goes to the Galra after losing his leg; features torture and its aftermath.

The Customer is Always (a) Right (asshole) (twoshot;complete - 20276 words) by Trashness - Keith and Lance work in a department store; Lance has a knack for customer service.

and here comes the blushing groom (multichapter;complete - 37663 words) by hiriki - Keith and Lance accidentally end up engaged to each other.

Make a Wish (multichapter;complete - 19549 words) by treble_maker - Lance finds a wish-granting alien named Keith inside of a lantern, and wishes for an adventure. 

Drive! (multichapter;complete - 59770 words) by wolfgun - Keith, on the run from the police, gets in Lance’s car and tells him to drive away.

in stasis (multichapter;complete - 26940 words) by ilgaksu - Lance spends 3 months as an AI, waiting for his prosthetics to be ready.

Other Voltron fanfic reclists: Klance (multichapter 1), Klance (oneshots 1), Klance (oneshots 2), Shallura, Hance, Heith, Gen

love to autistic girls!
love to autistic girls who hate socializing!
love to autistic girls who love socializing even though it’s really hard for them!
love to autistic girls who are loud and stim in less “"feminine”“ ways!
love to autistic girls who like quiet and have a hard time in public environments!
love to autistic girls who melt down a lot!
love to autistic girls with special interests that they’re really passionate about!
love to autistic girls that don’t fit the way society perceives autism!
love to nonverbal or partially nonverbal autistic girls!
love to poc, LGBT, low income or disabled autistic girls!
love to autistic girls!

I have no idea why people don’t like listening to infodumps. 

Like? Can’t you feel the sheer fucking happiness that is a person telling you about a special interest? Can’t you see the way people’s entire faces light up when they tell you about their favorite things? 

Come tell me about your stuff! Tell me about rocks or Minecraft or your OCs!! 

I love hearing it. No one should ever have told you that people wouldn’t.

AU where kuroo works part time at a butler cafe and kenma gets dragged into going with lev, who’s only there to annoy yaku on the job. kenma ends up being a big fan of the whole experience and forces lev to sign up for a VIP membership with him. kuroo, used to being the one ogled at and courted, finds himself weirdly attracted to the cute newbie regular, and it irritates him to no end that kenma doesn’t seem to have any special interest in him. his co-workers are also all aware, because why else would kuroo always insist on being kenma’s butler every time he visits.

autistic inklings would be great

autistic inklings stimming with ink

autistic inklings listening to music to focus while battling

autistic inklings buying noise cancelers at the shop (yes!!! you can buy them at cooler heads!!!)

autistic inklings using logic and memorization to help when battling

autistic inklings whose special interests are ink battles

autistic inklings who infodump about the squid sisters and the squid sisters Appreciate It (because they are awesome beautiful squids)

autistic inklings making friends with Judd because they like his fur

autistic inklings being very fresh because they make lots of references and quotes and people like it

autistic inklings~

I need more cute things and Special Interest stuff on my dash!

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when a professor assigns u their own academic writing……like alright sis I wish I could force people to listen to me talk about my special interests too that doesnt mean I’d do it

Delete from Cyberchase

When Delete isn’t using his hands, they’re drawn like combs, which I see as him totally doing the raptor hands. His special interest is rabbits; he loves cute animals in general, but he is shown to especially love rabbits. In the episode “Of All the Luck”, he coos over how soft the rabbit he and Buzz are trying to steal is, which appeals to his stimming. Then any time there’s something that’d probably be very visually pleasing for autistic people to look at in real life (ex. the cyberstatic in the episode “A Battle of Equals” and the golden drop in “Double Trouble”), he comments on how pretty it is constantly. When he sings, he has no indoor voice and is off-key. For example, in “Starlight Night”, he and Buzz are watching the news covering a Christmas-like holiday - Starlight Night - and while Buzz is subtly humming to the tune playing in the background, Delete is loudly singing “la"s to it.

I feel he has trouble with social cues, too, or at least what’s “normal” villainous behavior. There’s a few instances where Hacker explains what they’re doing that would ultimately kill Motherboard (Hacker’s main goal throughout the series), and Delete shows concern for Motherboard. “But boss… If you do that, Motherboard won’t work anymore.” - A Time to Cook. He seems to be caught between being moral (or just generally a nice person) and being a villain. It seems he gets the two mindsets mixed up and will try to follow the cues for one sometimes and the cues for the other other times.

Where Buzz knows it’s better to just go along with Hacker even when it doesn’t make sense or doesn’t sit well with him (either out of fear of what Hacker could do to them or just for keeping villainous status quo), Delete will question it and even sometimes argue with him, which Buzz will quickly shut him up and correct him. For example, in “Starlight Night”, both he and Buzz are looking forward to Starlight Night, but when Hacker wants to ruin Starlight Night as part of his plan to rule Cyberchase, Buzz agrees to it to stay on Hacker’s good side while Delete shows his distaste. Buzz promptly covers Delete’s mouth and makes an excuse for him when he does.

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I have a strong pull to the American Southwest and it doesn't feel like history obsession. It feels a bit like kin feels and I personally don't want to get involved with stuff that would be factkin. No offense, but it makes me uncomfy. Maybe I was a fictional character in historical fiction? Or maybe, maybe this was my special interest when I was in my strongest canon... who knows! Not me! I better not be a real outlaw or marshal or I'll yell!

[[Hey maybe check out @reversekincalls and there might be someone who can suggest something that might be your kintype! It’s kinda like google except crowdsourced and can offer medias you might not have heard of!

Mod Party Cat!]]