According to my mom, I asked her where babies came from when I was 3….

this is what she told me:

Well, you see honey, when a mommy and a daddy love each other very much, they give each other a special hug and then after that, a little bean appears inside the mommy’s tummy. Then the little bean grows, and grows and grows until it becomes a baby and then it come out of the mommy.

I was terrified of hugging people because I thought I could get pregnant.

I was also terrified of eating beans (still don’t eat them) because I thought they were unborn babies.

Lil'Mizzen: The Special Hug

So, I finally found out what was past kissing. It’s a special hug that sometimes makes babies, and sometimes it doesn’t and you are only supposed to do it with someone you are married to- or who you are GOING to marry. If not, it’s called cheating and its a very bad thing.

It’s such a bad thing that someone could be mad enough to stab you for it. I will never, ever, ever do this unless it’s okay. I don’t want to get stabbed.

Okay guys I’m trying to find photos of a particular kind of hug. I’m having the worst luck trying to find it though, I’ll try to describe it as best as I can:

I guess you could call it a meme, where one person holds out their arms in a circle. The person in front of them crouches down and jumps up into the hug? I’m not sure how else I could try to explain it… X'D 

The weather was still horribly cold for the time of year: it would soon be June, and there was still no hint of warmth. Some folk were saying that it was the coldest May in the West Highlands that they could ever remember. But Algy was fluffy enough to keep warm, so he felt happy sitting among the bluebells, at least when it wasn’t raining too hard. 

Algy hopes that you will all find a pleasant spot among the flowers this weekend, and he sends fluffy thanks and special fluffy hugs to all the kind friends who commented on his previous post from the bluebell wood xoxo

Lil'Mizzen: Rhett

I’m not sure how I feel about Uncle Rhett right now. Sometimes I’m mad at him for attacking Ari and making it so she can’t be iin our family. She and I were going to create House Flops and House Penance and ally them into their own kingdom to take over the world.

On the other hand what she did was very bad and mom said it was even worse because she tricked Tibs into thinking he was with his wife. Mom says that she’s glad Ari is gone and that she would have been bad for us. Mom knows a lot about these things, but I still liked her.

Thing is, I can’t be too mad at him, because of how bad all that is and sometimes I get angry too, like that time I was telling Em about when the boy stole a piece of candy from me and wouldn’t give it back. I hit him -hard- down .. there. I got my candy back, but I still feel a little bad because of how much I hurt him.

So I can see Rhett hurting someone because he was hurt, you know? If she’d cheated and made it so that keeping her would disgrace the house and because she did the hug with someone else. I think maybe I can almost see it. Almost. I don’t envy him having gotten in trouble and having to stay in the keep. I remember how mom looked when Cass got in trouble and Elune please don’t ever let me see that with me. It was so scary.