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@therealjacksepticeye has reached 15 millions subscribers! That’s crazy!! AWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

Jack, congratulations on reaching such a big milestone. 15 million people is an insane number. And now onwards to the next million! The characters of the amazing Night in the Woods celebrating with Jack at the Donut Wolf. A special cake was prepared! Thank you for always making us smile and laugh Jack. You always cheer my days up and make me feel safer at night when I can’t sleep. You have a big impact on my life and also my art. Thank you. 


“Their power is chaotic, but they’re here to protect the balance.”

Guardians AU that I’ve been working on as a special gift for my followers since I’ve reached another milestone on both Tumblr and DA. Thank you so much for sticking around and giving me so much motivation and courage, I love you guys. 

Art prints available here. 

So when I dreamt this, I was very sick, and was so fevered I had been hallucinating while awake. In my dream, I was just a simple baker, living in a kingdom and specializing in cake. I fought my way to become the king baker, through a mix of bake-offs, duels, and plain old murder. I lost nearly everyone I cared about along the way, as a result of my ruthless methods, until I was standing on a cliff with my one remaining friend in the world, and she pushed me off the cliff, so she could become the king baker. Then I woke up, fell asleep, and had the exact same dream three more times.


Bakery siblings Macchi Ruben and Mocha Joana! Ruben specializes in cakes and sugar flowers while Joana makes amazing chocolate goods. Leo nicknamed them Macchiato and Mocha~

HAPPY BIRTHDAY @alexloehr !! ヾ(〃^∇^)ノ♪

NILSA MY ANGEL thank you so much for always being so kind to me, you are a wonderful friend and always manage to make me feel better whenever I have a bad day! I LOVE YOUUUUU !! (´▽`ʃƪ)♡

Unpopular opinion: 2016 was actually an incredible year to me, so many cool things happened!! I’ve become independent, I learned and experienced tons of things, I’ve overcome my problems and finally I achieved what I’ve wanted for so long: I am truly happy with who I am as a person! I learned how to be happy and how to stay happy, I learned what’s important and to what extent. I realised that everything is a choice and there are literally no limits!! I finally see that every minute spent on whining and crying under a blanket is a wasted minute!! There’s literally no point in being stuck in one place, life moves forward and so should I!! Every failure is a test of persistence and determination, the key is to never stop looking for solutions!!

tl;dr Bring it on 2017, I’m ready

Shiro: What do you have there, Keith?

Keith: A very special cake for a very special kid. He’s 6 and a half years old.

Shiro: ha ha. funny.

A very, very belated Happy Birthday to the space boy! Wow, it’s now been 8 days since his birthday. I’ve been thinking if I should still post this, but meh, better late than never!

Thank you so much for the 1.5K followers! I can’t express how surprised and happy I am to be able to reach this much. I didn’t expect I’d even get to reach a thousand, let alone 1.5! So thank you so much! //cries//

Tu Mera Nahin
Rizwan Anwar
Tu Mera Nahin

Puchna va main qismat kolon..
Eho likhi si  s a z a  meri?

swannovan  asked:

This might sound odd, but maybe a head-canon about how the Phantomhive manor staff would treat their separate S/O's on their birthdays?

Not odd at all! c:


  • You’re getting a special cake, and he’s going to make it right, and you’re not allowed to complain. It’s going to be your favorite flavor, icing, decorations, the works.
  • If it’s what you want, he might even stop smoking for the entire day on your birthday. That’s how much he loves you.
  • To be honest, he’s really into the whole ‘birthday sex’ idea. But more likely than not, it’s going to end up not being actual sex. The two of you are just going to get naked and cuddle together, and he’s going to fall asleep. Not because he’s too tired or he decided he wasn’t in the mood; because just being there with you feels better to him, at least today.
  • Did somebody say “birthday bouquet”? The flowers he brings you are all arranged specially, and they’re all your favorites from the garden. He didn’t even need a reminder.
  • He’s going to be extra affectionate all day, because he’s usually hesitant to even touch you. Even though he’s still going to be cautious and careful, it’ll be hard for him not to kiss you every opportunity he gets.
  • He’ll probably try to make a cake for you; it’s kind of messy and nowhere near Sebastian’s level of technicality, but it’s Finny’s handiwork. It’s the thought that counts.

Mey Rin

  • She’ll play the ‘naughty maid’ role all day, as long as nobody else is around. Of course, she’s not very good at keeping her balance and seeing things; she might just end up making a mess. At least the two of you will get to clean it up together.
  • If the two of you get some time alone in a room, she’ll use the opportunity to hum a tune and start dancing with you. Her glasses might even come off while she does it, so you can gaze into her eyes properly.
  • Her gift to you is a lovely set of pens that she had engraved with your name on them. Although it doesn’t seem very special to her, it’s the nicest thing she could afford, and her smile when she sees your reaction is enough to light up every lamp in the manor.


  • He comes into your room early to serve you breakfast in bed. It’s all your favorite breakfast foods, juice, tea, milk, with a side of kisses to gently wake you up. Believe it or not, he can be a hell of a romantic.
  • After his duties are done for the day, he’ll pull you aside to spend time with you. The first thing he does is play your favorite song on the piano, then he’ll get up and dance with you for as long as you’re able to dance. Dancing is actually his favorite thing to do with you, and he hopes it will make a good memory for you.
  • When the two of you lie down to sleep, he holds you close and presses his lips to the top of your head. He sings you to sleep with “Happy Birthday to You”.


  • His snakes will all pretty much cuddle up against you for a little while. Eventually, Snake himself will take their place, giving you kisses and whispering “Happy birthday” against your skin, but… well. The two of you are warm, so more than likely, some of the snakes will linger.
  • Although he gets some help from Sebastian, he does his best to make you a special afternoon tea for your birthday. The food and tea served are all your favorites… but he did get reminders from his snakes about what all your favorites were. From now on, he remembers.
  • If you want to go out at any point, even though he’s self-conscious about it, he’ll go because he wants you to be happy and do whatever you want to do today. If he can get you anything as a gift, expect it to be some cheap toy or trinket that just makes him think of you.

Happy Birthday @shanthedragon! I hope you had a great one and enjoy the book I got you 💙💕