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Can you imagine SingleDad Calum getting up early in the morning to try and bake a cake for his now three year old baby girl and he can't do shit because he's too stressted to get the ingredients together and the guys come and help him and the cake looks like absolute hell but he put all his love into it and when BABYHood sees it she's so happy, kissing her daddy's face and not waiting for a plate or utensil to eat it ''Have son cake daddy.'' She says, shoving a piece in Calum's mouth

aw she’d think it’s so exciting to have the special breakfast of cake and she’d give Calum a chocolatey kiss once she’s done :’)

come talk to me abt calum


This is insane! I could never believe this little blog would get so far! I honestly appreciate every single one of my followers and how they have made my day by just simply being there, none of this would of been possible without you lovelies so Thank you!! Wait till I tell sempai , Hunni sempai can order some special cake and we can all celebrate ! 😳😆😄😁😊☺️ -Fuji<3

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They were relieved to find no one on the other side of the door. Once they went through, the door disappeared behind them. Magically sealed. No way back, only forward.

Alina: *looking around* “I think I know where we are, Dre.”

Dredan: “You do?”

Alina: “We’re in Attican’s study. By the looks of it, a secret one.”

Dredan: “How can you tell?”

Alina: *points to the cakes on the table*

Dredan: “What does cake have to do with anything, Alina?”

Alina: “Special cakes, needing special ingredients. Cakes our mother made. The door didn’t lead us close to Attican’s stronghold. It led us inside of it.”


Yayayawoo! Karakakoo! Happy birthday, Minder!

We Yoshis are so happy our Minder had a good birthday, yoshi! She got lots of presents, including a new Yoshi friend! Karakakoo~! Our family is getting even bigger, yoshi!

She even had a special cake! One side was coffee, one side was chocolate! And then there were chocolate pokéballs fulled with candy, yoshi! So tasty! We Yoshis think Minder should have a birthday everyday, eheheh!

But now we Yoshis must get ready to go on vacation! Yawoo! The fun never stops, yoshi!

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The only thing that we do for our birthday is eat cake- and not that much considering my parents don't want to 'fatten' us up

aww, no gifts??? on christmas!!?! that sucks!

also that ‘not wanting to fatten u guys up’ thing is bullshit dude, u can fatten ur own damn self up!! SHOW THEM WHOS BOSS!! 

i mean, i dont do much for my birthday either. ive never had a birthday party. but my mom has a tradition where she makes special cakes (examples: kirby, hannah montana guitar, etc) and i get like… three or four fairly cheap gifts. nothing special, id think.

I think… I have reached the point in time that I’d so like to forget.

Right now cringing at a short self insert fanfic with me baking cake for all of the Organisation XIII member (-Xion + Sephiroth, Cloud and Zack, because I was in my obvious premature FF phase… especially seven… oh also minus Vexen, because I hated Vexen and still do) It’s three pages long and I made a special cake for everyone ;n; it’s so horrible. Examples of cakes in there. A dice cake for Luxord. A seasalt icecream cake for Roxas. Cloud a cloud cake Xemnas had a heart cake. And the list goes on

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DAISY: How old were you when you had your first kiss? ; TULIP: For your birthday, what kind of cake do you ask for? ; HIBISCUS: Did you ever play an instrument? If so what?

18 I think

My mom makes me a different special cake every year.

I play the violin and the flute. I’ve tried piano and guitar but neither stuck.

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(this is bestie y'all )

°• Kai- likes to create cakes for special occasions, knows how to roast ur life, loves Lana and is passionate about things she care about, loves Chinese food, saids “BOY if u don’t -” alot, and loves Kankens


Send in ur names and ill tell you what I associate it with !! 💌❤