Of course, it wouldn’t be a celebration without some of our other fan favorites like the marshmallow wand, krispy treat and the ever-popular cake pops, all of which were inspired by the Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration sparkling blue and silver tone theme. The candy makers didn’t stop there, so be sure to keep an eye out for a special Ear Hat Cake Pop featuring a commemorative “60” chocolate lay-on.

oh heeey it’s marude. i know a lot of people don’t care about him, but i actually really like him. please be the one to head a mission from now on. don’t let matsuri loose, he’s a time bomb waiting to explode ;l


“Their power is chaotic, but they’re here to protect the balance.”

Guardians AU that I’ve been working on as a special gift for my followers since I’ve reached another milestone on both Tumblr and DA. Thank you so much for sticking around and giving me so much motivation and courage, I love you guys. 

Art prints available here. 

Checkout our delicious Assorted Cup Cakes !!!

Two decades later in 2009, Toujours a Patisserie, Boulangerie and Chocolaterie was launched selling an extraordinarily vast variety of the finest ‪#‎chocolates‬‪#‎cupcakes‬‪#‎cookies‬‪#‎breads‬‪#‎croissants‬ and‪#‎desserts‬.

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25 Best Bridal Shower Cakes

25 Best Bridal Shower Cakes

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Kiki’s Cafe: Grand Opening Event

Date: 16TH mAY 2015
Time: 3PM (GMT+1)
World: Lich (EU)

Kiki’s Cafe is finally ready for opening, and she would like to invite you all in to enjoy a taste of her lovingly prepared food. :)

The cafe features plenty of seating for meals (both casual and special), tempting cakes, and a sofa area for those just wanting a quiet drink by the fire.

During the event, Kiki will be snapping pictures of her customers for advertisement purposes.

Feel free to invite your friends (all races welcome).

Kiki’s Cafe (Private Chamber)
Midget Mansion
Plot 6
Ward 2
The Lavender Beds

Awww!!! It was a known thing that Tony hated celebrating his birthday. Tony had once told him over a four am cup of coffee was that most of his birthdays growing up went unnoticed. The only one who never failed to remember was Jarvis. Jarvis used to bake him one of his special cakes every year (which Jarvis would hide from Howard because he didn’t feel he was deserving of it). Even when Howard had shipped Tony off to school, Jarvis would always call to wish him a happy birthday, as well as send him a little something. His twenty-second birthday was the first birthday without Jarvis. No huge party could ever fill that. So as his friends, The Avengers found a way to abide by his wishes, while still acknowledging the day. His favorite foods would randomly appear. Little silly items like an Iron man Lego figure could be found in his lab. Special photographs he had never seen would be hanging on the wall. Silly cartoon drawings placed on the fridge. They even managed to also get away with a few parties. Now it was the first birthday they had spent as couple–well, to say couple was an exaggeration. Neither Steve or Tony knew what they were….They were a something though. It had been a busy and stressful month. They had argued about something the other day and didn’t speak to eachother yesterday. After a day of avoiding each other, it was around 7:00 pm when the date finally registered in his mind. A couple of hours later Tony received a text to meet Steve in the kitchen. Not remembering his birthday himself, Tony figured Steve wanted to talk about the other day, so he was already mentally preparing himself to hold his ground on the issue when he stepped into the kitchen. The first thing he saw was a strangely shaped creature. The frosting was a shocking red and yellow, and the cake itself looked to be shaped into the form of a demonic creature. “It was supposed to be an Iron Man cake”, a very embarrassed Steve explained. “I’m not much of a baker….and I apparently can’t decorate a cake to save my life….I’m an ass, sorry. Happy birthday?” Tony couldn’t ever remember laughing that hard in his life.

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Winter stepped forward, offering up a special strawberry cake that she made for her new friends. "Welcome!" She said brightly (prism-winter-and-her-personas. Thanks for the follow!)

      [Seraphim blinks, a little surprised at the sudden gift. He doesn’t mind it much though, his gaze curious and almost childish for someone of his surprisingly old age.] Huh. Well, I’m not one to pass up free cake, so uh… thanks.