“Their power is chaotic, but they’re here to protect the balance.”

Guardians AU that I’ve been working on as a special gift for my followers since I’ve reached another milestone on both Tumblr and DA. Thank you so much for sticking around and giving me so much motivation and courage, I love you guys. 

Art prints available here. 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY @alexloehr !! ヾ(〃^∇^)ノ♪

NILSA MY ANGEL thank you so much for always being so kind to me, you are a wonderful friend and always manage to make me feel better whenever I have a bad day! I LOVE YOUUUUU !! (´▽`ʃƪ)♡


Happy birthday Byun Baekhyun ♥

I love you with all my heart and i couldn’t feel happier to have  such a funny, sincere and dedicated person as my idol.  I’m glad you made your dream come true and I look forward to see you onstage soon again because it’s truly inspiring how you sing with such a passion. I hope that you will still love being an idol even after years and years passed but no matter what happens, i will always support you. You make me forget everything around me and i want to thank you for that. The idea of you being happy makes my heart beat faster and it’s all i wish for because you truly deserve to be happy. I’m glad that i had the chance to see you in real life and even in 20 years i will remember you as the boy who made me the person i am now, the boy who made me happy when i was not and i hope that you found the one who makes you happy by then. Stay healthy and happy.

I love you.

DIY Painted Stones

Paint special found stones with chalk and metallic paint. Give these small painted stones away, make a treasure stone display, or group them in a shadowbox.

Find a homemade recipe for chalk paint and more photos of these DIY Painted Stones at Tinker Paint Bake Cakes here. 

[TRANSLATION] Lay - 161007 Official EXO-L Japan website update: “レイ HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!” (“HAPPY BIRTHDAY LAY!!”)



Translation: “Today is Lay’s birthday!

The design of this cake was created from the way Lay introduces himself, ‘A unicorn from the galaxy’, it was a special cake!”



Translation: “Just like with Chen, when Lay came back after the last concert everyone fired off party crackers for a surprise celebration, but Lay didn’t seem to realize what was going on (hehe)

But when the members all began to sing 'Happy Birthday♪’ in unison, Lay realized what was going on and a smile grew on his face in happiness.

Lay had the biggest smile when he saw the cake with a unicorn riding on top!”


Photo links: 1, 2

Credit: translation, dailyexo.tumblr.com, Source: Official EXO-L Japan website.