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Get ready to add some Nevada destinations to your travel bucket list. The Bureau of Land Management is taking over Instagram this weekend.

In Nevada, the BLM ensures that grazing, mining and energy development on public land are sustainable and compatible with other land uses.  The BLM also manages wildland fire, wild horse and burro populations, recreation and National Conservation Lands such as Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area in Southern Nevada.  

Other programs include Special Recreation Permits to facilitate unique land uses, such as commercial, competitive and organized group events.  One example is the annual Burning Man event in the Black Rock Desert in Northern Nevada.

The BLM manages nearly 48 million acres of public land in Nevada, which accounts for about 63 percent of the state’s land base.


I caught a fish T-H-I-S big…on the Trinity Wild and Scenic River with #mypubliclandsroadtrip!

Popular with fisherman and pleasure boaters alike, the 43 miles of the Wild and Scenic Trinity River from Lewiston to Pigeon Point is a class I and II segment that flows out of the Trinity and Lewiston Lakes. This clear, cold section of the river is world famous for its fly fishing. Paddlers enjoy the narrow valley with Ponderosa Pine, Douglas fir, Oaks, and Madrone trees coating the walls of the canyons. If you would like more adrenaline rush, the waters below Pigeon Point rage at class III-V. Those interested in a more relaxing experience can enjoy the abundant camping options in the area or head for the trail with your friends, horses, or dog. If you would like to stay at the river’s edge, you can always swim, fish or do a little gold panning. The river can be accessed from many locations along this stretch of the Trinity River.

Whether you are bank fishing or float in a drift boat, world famous fly fishing is what you will get on the Wild and Scenic Trinity River between Lewiston and Pigeon point. Clear, cold, class I and II water flow through this section popular with fishermen and pleasure boaters alike. Several commercial guides operate on the Trinity River under BLM and Forest Service Special Recreation Permits offering guided driftboat fishing trips.