special warfare


Warrior Culture : UNSC

Subculture : ODST

Orbital Drop Shock Troopers are UNSC Marine Special Forces. They specialize in being rocketed from naval ships behind enemy lines where they carry out guerilla, sabotage, and other special operations missions. With their unique delivery options they are able to target and attack areas that other units, even the famed Spartans might not be able to reach. Beyond that each ODST Marine is recruited from a previous Special Forces unit, making ODST Marines the best of the best. And unlike their famed Spartan brothers, these troopers while infamous are entirely human.

- S-B312 -
Halo Saga

As the war with the Covenant Empire continued, the demand for high-risk, SPARTAN operations deep within enemy territory rose exponentially. This demand lead the UNSC’s Special Warfare Command to commission several new breeds of SPARTAN teams in both S-II and S-III classes. SPARTAN B312 (later known as Noble Six) was chosen to join this gifted few.

Daily Drawing Challenge 83: I was fiending to draw some Noble Six fanart, and I sorely miss the ‘tactical, utilitarian’ halo aesthetic of olde. So i thought I’d scratch that itch by drawing S-B312 patrolling with a nameless comrade on a nameless world. The smoking corpse of an Sangheili beside them. Also keep your eyes peeled for some Halo Wars 2 fanart! Moreover I’m thinking of doing some commission work - if you’re interested, message me (more on this later this summer).

I went poking around the Hetalia wiki late last night and I noticed the little note about how Gil’s canon uniform is actually one from the Luftwaffe, Germany’s WW2 Air Force. So of course, the most logical next step for me was to draw Gibbo as a fighter pilot and I’m pretty proud of how it turned out!! :D

I wouldn’t be that surprised if he drifted between different branches of the military during his service and learned how to specialize in practically every kind of combat there was. Also a personal headcanon that he actually got demoted from his rank as Field Marshal during WW2 to keep him in the dark about what was really going on behind the scenes.

Guardian: Spirit of The Forest

Charge: Pidge Gunderson

Class: Hacker

They say a Guardian’s skills are only as good as it’s charge, if that’s the case the Guardian of Forest is one of the best. Contrary to it’s name this guardian specializes in technological warfare, hacking into high grade computers with little to no trouble at all. It’s arsenal includes that of the use of electricity and glowing projectile blades.

This Guardian’s charge is one of smarts and wit, small stature ideal for fitting into small spaces.

Guardian also comes in a compact size when it’s large, ethereal form is proved much too big for a mission.

I told myself this was just gonna be a sketch, I looked myself in the eye and fucking lied.

I guess this might be a Guardian AU? Who knows I was looking at Eldritch type angels and I wanted to try that out and also take a break from another drawing I’m doing.

I’ll work on the other’s Guardians later I am a tired poof

A SOG (Studies and Observations Group) “Hatchet Force” prepares for jump-off during Operation Tailwind. This operation, conducted in April of 1970, was intended to clear the way for a Royal Laotian offensive against NVA forces in southeastern Laos. It became highly controversial in 1998 when famous reporter Peter Arnett helped produce a joint-venture report entitled “The Valley of Death” that proposed that the operation was actually a cover for US Special Forces to use sarin gas on a deserting American unit fleeing the Vietnam War. The flawed report lead to legal action against Arnett and the head staff at CNN, as all twelve supposed “A-Team” Green Berets mentioned stepped forward and declared that sarin had never been used.