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Dessert First

Request :  nick amaro x reader shopping/cooking together (fluff & smut) thank you 💗💞💖

It’s not hard core explicit but it is smutty I hope you enjoy it 💞💖

You stood in the isle at the grocery store a jar of pasta sauce in each hand as you read over the ingredients for both. You felt a hand on your hip and jumped letting go of the jar in your right hand out of surprise. The hand not on your hip lunged out and snagged the jar mid air and your turned your head to glare behind you.

“You’re going to give me a heart attack one day I swear,” You castized your boyfriend rolling your eyes at him. Nick place the jar back on the shelf and allowed his other hand to rest on your other hip as he stood behind you.

“Mmmhmm,” He hummed pressing a kiss to the side of your head, “Find a sauce?”

“They’re out of our usual,” You huffed picking up the jar that had almost met it’s untimely demise. “Which sounds better to you, chunky with garlic or regular basil?” Nick peeked over your shoulder at the jars before shrugging.

“Whichever one sounds good to you, mi reina.” You looked between the two pasta sauces once more before setting down the ‘chucky garlic.’ “Hey, that’s the one I wanted!” Nick teased and you scoffed as you put the jar in the shopping cart.

“Well then you shouldn’t have told me to choose.” Nick took your hand in his as you continued to walk down the aisle you looking the list over. “We still need, milk, butter, bread-”


“Dessert.” You agreed, “Do you want to go to the dairy section? I’ll go get the bread.” Nick shook his head and you tilted your head at him confused.

“Why?” you asked and Nick shrugged grinning at you sheepishly.

“Can’t we stick together?” He asked and you smiled giving his hand a squeeze.

“Of course we can.” You assured him, “I just figured the faster we get done here the quicker we can go home and eat.” You turned out of the pasta aisle and pushed your cart down to the refrigerated dairy section feeling the temperature dropping several degree.

“I’m in no rush.” Nick informed you, moving closer to you as you walked, wrapping his arm loosely around you middle, “I like grocery shopping.”

“Is that so?” You laughed grabbing a gallon of milk for the house, 2%. “Then I guess I can start sending you on your own with the list then, right?” it was his turn to scoff shaking his head.

“I like grocery shopping /with you/” he amended and you made a small ‘ahhh’ sound. You grabbed the butter and a coffee creamer before stopping in front of the cheese.

“We should get some to put on the garlic bread,” You mused aloud looking over the different cheeses they had to offer.

“Ooo and the pasta too.”

“Cheese on the pasta is a given, Nicky, who do you think I am?” He laughed and yo grabbed a small bag of mozzarella as he reached for a small container of fresh parmesan. You both deposited your cheese into the cart before continuing your journey. Nick still had his arm around your waist and hadn’t let go since he surprised you in the pasta aisle.

You gathered the rest of your shopping list, spending extra time in the baked good section debating over dessert choices. You settled on getting both; the cherry pie your wanted and the little chocolate cake Nick wanted. At the last minute Nick scooped up a pack of pastries and dropped them into the cart.

“Breakfast.” He smirked and you laughed,

“Healthy, well rounded.” You commented catching a quick kiss on the lips from Nick. “What was that for?” You laughed and he grinned.

“For being cute.” You rolled your eyes goodnaturedly at Nick before pressing a kiss back. “What was that for?” He echoed your words.

“For being a pain in my ass.” You grinned and he laughed. You checked out together before packing the bags into Nick’s unmarked squad car before climbing in yourself.

Back at your shared apartment you began to unpack the bags, putting away things that weren’t meant for tonight’s dinner. You put a pot of water on the stove and turned the burner on as you felt Nick move behind you, hands going to your hips as his lips went to your neck pressing several soft kisses. His hands dipped under your shirt as they went to rest on your waist instead and his kisses became more open mouthed.

“Nicky,” You murmured, “I gotta cook dinner, you wanna eat right?” You asked and Nick grinned into your neck.

“Yeah, eat you.” You laughed, head tilting back before you nudged him off of you.

“Go cut up the bread, casanova.” Nick smirked at you as he moved away, grabbing a bread knife and the cutting board. You opened the box of pasta and salted the water waiting for it to boil. You placed a pan on another burner and turned it on before grabbing the meatballs you’d made the day before out of the fridge and bringing them over.

“You know water takes between 10 to 15 minutes to boil,” He hinted making his way back over to you, hands once again on your waist, “I can be fast and ready to go again after dinner.”

“Nicolas Amaro!” You gasped laughing, “You’re terrible, you know that right?” You asked and he nodded his head before giving you a long kiss.

“I know, and I’m going to do terrible, terrible things to you.” You flushed and let your hands rest on his chest tilting your head up at him.



“Well, I’m not going to reciprocate until you go cut that bread.” Nick let out a groan and pulled away from you, dramatically dragging his feet back over to his cutting board.

“You’re the terribile one, I hope you know that.” Nick accused and you laughed dropping the meat balls onto the hot pan.

“Why is that? I’m making us dinner here.” Nick began to slice the bread as you moved the meat balls around the pan.

“Looking at sexy in the supermarket, looking at sexy cooking us dinner, not letting me devour you.” He listed and you scoffed again, lifting the lid to the water pot and deeming it boiling enough to drop the pasta in, leaving the lid off as it began to return to a boil.

“I’m teaching you self control, you could use some.” You smirked and Nick let out something akin to a whine. Once he was done cutting his bread he came up to you again, standing in front of you as you leaned back against the counter. Nick grabbed your hips and lifted you plopping you down on the counter and settling himself between your legs leaning in to kiss you.

You kissed back, one hand going to his neck and the other hand resting on his chest. Nick explored your mouth with his tongue before pulling back and nibbling on your bottom lip eliciting a moan from deep within your chest. Nick pressed his hips forward into you and you could feel his erection pressing against you.

“Nicky,” You murmured letting out a small giggle and Nick grinned at you pressing another deep kiss to your lips before speaking softly against them.

“Please?” He asked, rocking his hips with yours as he sought out friction.

“Dinner,” You protested weakly. Nick pulled away from you and you groaned out in protest causing him to smirk widely as he went over and flipped off both the burners.

“Dinner can wait,” He promised and you sighed grinning as you opened your arms for him.

“Fuck it, come here Amaro.” Nick grinned and returned to you kissing you deeply before pulling you off the counter allowing you to wrap your legs around his waist. He carried you towards your bedroom kissing and sucking on his neck as you went. Once he reached the foot of your bed he tossed you down and stood over you grinning.

“I’ve always been a dessert first kind of guy away.” He smirked and you grinned.

“Well come here then.” Nick took one more look at you spread out on your shared bed before tossing himself down onto you causing you both to giggle as you sought each other’s lips out for searing kiss. He had a point.

  • 1: Carisi is underappreciated.
  • 2: his t i e s.
  • 3: absolutely LIVING for the Starisi right now.
  • 4: fin was doing great until he just... left?
  • 5: The ending sucked until peter came along because I’m like Liv this ain’t about you
  • 6: I’m going to need a Carisi-based episode ASAP.
  • 7: I was mad at Noah until I wasn’t
  • 8: what’s the ship name for peter and Liv and why is this a thing they’re forcing?
  • Sorry that’s my rant I’m done now but feel free to dm me or chat in the comments</p>
First Date

Pairing: Rafael Barba/Sonny Carisi (Barisi)

TW: None

Summary: Sonny finally gets the guts to ask Rafael out on a date and does so

Authors notes: ho- LEE FUCK THIS IS LONG (2,246 words uwu) also i wrote this at like 1AM and its not Beta-ed so please excuse any OOCness. 

Amanda and Sonny being best friends is true MlM WlW soldarity

This is also posted on AO3. Read it Here

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“Before you say no-” Rafael bat his eyes and gave her his best smile.

“No.” She already knew what he was going to ask, but that didn’t stop Rafael from pressing onward.

“You don’t even know what I’m going to say!” Rafael bit down his grin as he went to her, and she started laughing. “Come on!”

“Rafael! I’m not doing it!” She laughed as he took her hands and wiggled his hips. “Not again.”

“First, that’s not my name. You have the honor of commanding me with the title ‘babe’ or ‘handsome’. Second,” he drew closer. “I can make it worth your while.”

“Hm, and how are you going to do that?” 

“What do you want?” She thought about it for a moment, and a devilous grin spread across her face. Rafael gave her look caution, but he really wanted this. At what cost?

“I get to spank you tonight.” Rafael looked up at the ceiling and sighed. 


“And you have to love on me all night. If I’m doing this for you, then no work. Only me. Got it?” She pointed a finger at his chest and he dug into his pocket to retrieve his phone. 

“Yes yes, and?” Rafael kissed her finger and she pulled out her own phone. She typed the number quickly and pulled it to her ear. 

“And the moment I get off this- Hey Sonny! I’m so sorry for calling this late, I just had to tell you in person. I’m buried in cases tonight so we can’t come. Uh huh, yeah, I know! It’s sucks!” Rafael nodded along. This was good. Sonny seemed to be taking it well. “Don’t worry! Next time we’re doing it at our place.” Rafael’s eyes went wide and he shook his head.

“No.” He whispered. “No no! Not here! Not my sacred space.” But she continued.

“Yeah! Raf and I will see you then! Have a good time. We love you and miss you!” She hung up and Rafael groaned. 

“Get on the bed. Now.” 

“Nope.” She spanked his butt. “It’s your turn tonight, remember?”

“I asked you to cancel plans, not bring Carisi here!”

“Hey.” She spanked his butt again, harder this time and Rafael growled. “Your the one the can’t stand when you disappoint him. Bed. Now.” Rafael gave her a look and she grinned, knowing how much trouble she was in and loving it even more. “Chop chop. I won’t ask nicely again.”

“Fine! But when it’s your turn, you’re going to regret this.” After a pause he said, “Love you.” And he kissed her softly before she turned him around and spanked him again. He looked over his shoulder, heading to the bedroom slowly. Attempting to tease her.

“Let’s see if you still love me after this.” And she chased him into the bedroom.


“He is so guarded, and he has his intelligence as such an armor. He’s really good at putting people down and not letting things get to him. It’s really interesting to see how he’s letting things in more.” - Raúl Esparza

Sonny Carisi / Afterboom

Alternative Title: Cuddles

Soooo, I saw on @sofuckingchuffed and @ohbelieveyoume‘s tumblrs that they wanted a fic about giving Sonny all the cuddles after his horrible experience with Sgt. Coles, and almost getting killed (since I love their work so much, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to do this). Poor baby. I couldn’t agree more that he deserves all the hugs after this, (also still can’t believe the writers never mentioned this again???) so this fic happened! I hope you all enjoy! 

I couldn’t get Tumblr to credit the gif (because Tumblr’s dumb)

Gif credit: @sofuckingchuffed

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