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Imagine unknowingly bonding with you biological father, Rafael Barba

(A/N: I’m back!!! I hope you enjoy the second installment of this Barba mini-series. Things get even more interesting in the next part. I’m so glad to be back and be able to write this series as well as fulfilling all the requests I’ve received as well as my own singular imagines. It’s going to be a fun couple of weeks! Plus I hope you like my new banner. I feel like it suits the blog better than the old one and I got to include all our favorites) 

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Imagine unknowingly bonding with you biological father, Rafael Barba

“Mr. Barba?” You asked, confused after you turned around and spotted him sitting on a nearby bench by the waterfront.

“Y/N” He greeted, a perplexed half smile on his face.

“What are you doing here?” You asked.

“Eating lunch,” He informed, “But the better question is what are you doing here.”

“Doing the same,” You replied, holding up your now empty brown paper lunch bag.

“But why are you going it here?” He elaborated.

“In the park?” You asked.

“Yeah,” He confirmed, “Shouldn’t you be at school and eating lunch?”

“It only a couple blocks from here,” You said, “They let us out for lunch,”

“You’re telling me your school lets thirteen-year-olds roam the city during lunch?” He countered, suspiciously.

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“He is so guarded, and he has his intelligence as such an armor. He’s really good at putting people down and not letting things get to him. It’s really interesting to see how he’s letting things in more.” - Raúl Esparza