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Astronomy From 45,000 Feet

What is the Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy, or SOFIA, up to?

SOFIA, the Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy, as our flying telescope is called, is a Boeing 747SP aircraft that carries a 2.5-meter telescope to altitudes as high as 45,000 feet. Researchers use SOFIA to study the solar system and beyond using infrared light. This type of light does not reach the ground, but does reach the altitudes where SOFIA flies.

 Recently, we used SOFIA to study water on Venus, hoping to learn more about how that planet lost its oceans. Our researchers used a powerful instrument on SOFIA, called a spectrograph, to detect water in its normal form and “heavy water,” which has an extra neutron. The heavy water takes longer to evaporate and builds up over time. By measuring how much heavy water is on Venus’ surface now, our team will be able to estimate how much water Venus had when the planet formed.

We are also using SOFIA to create a detailed map of the Whirlpool Galaxy by making multiple observations of the galaxy. This map will help us understand how stars form from clouds in that galaxy. In particular, it will help us to know if the spiral arms in the galaxy trigger clouds to collapse into stars, or if the arms just show up where stars have already formed.

We can also use SOFIA to study methane on Mars. The Curiosity rover has detected methane on the surface of Mars. But the total amount of methane on Mars is unknown and evidence so far indicates that its levels change significantly over time and location. We are using SOFIA to search for evidence of this gas by mapping the Red Planet with an instrument specially tuned to sniff out methane.

Next our team will use SOFIA to study Jupiter’s icy moon Europa, searching for evidence of possible water plumes detected by the Hubble Space Telescope. The plumes, illustrated in the artist’s concept above, were previously seen in images as extensions from the edge of the moon. Using SOFIA, we will search for water and determine if the plumes are eruptions of water from the surface. If the plumes are coming from the surface, they may be erupting through cracks in the ice that covers Europa’s oceans. Members of our SOFIA team recently discussed studying Europa on the NASA in Silicon Valley Podcast.

This is the view of Jupiter and its moons taken with SOFIA’s visible light guide camera that is used to position the telescope.  

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Lobo/Road Runner Special (2017-) #1

Wile E. Coyote travels to the far reaches of space to hire Lobo to hunt down and kill his greatest nemesis of all time, the Road Runner. And when the Coyote and Lobo are after him, the Road Runner knows if they catch him—he’s through. And the bonus Looney Tunes backup story features DC characters with story and art by Bill Morrison! - $4.99

2 versions of the story. The DC version and the Looney Tunes version. BOTH GREAT!

1D Hiatus: Day 540

* Louis teases his album on Twitter and sends us all into oblivion

* #LT1ISCOMING trends on Twitter

* Niall posts a picture on Instagram and a video on Snapchat

* Bebe Rexha retweets a fan’s tweet with a picture of Louis photoshopped into a picture of Bebe and her “squad”

* More pictures of Harry in Hawaii at his friend’s wedding come out

* Niall performs on BBC The One Show, meets fans outside the studios

It’s Jun 5th, 2017.

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Legion of Super Heroes/Bugs Bunny Special (2017-) #1

The Legion of Super-Heroes always thought they had taken their inspiration from the 21st Century’s Superboy. But when they try to bring that hero into their future time, the team discovers to their surprise the caped champion isn’t who—or even what—they expected! And the bonus Looney Tunes backup story features DC characters with story and art by Juan Ortiz! - $4.99

Each book has the DC Version and the Looney Tunes version and both are GREAT!

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Listen to the opening of LC when wild letter appears: "The nebulae of confusion. The clusters of trepidation. The whirlpools of indecision. Lead us to the realm of Athena" Question: Golds Sanits, they are mad??

Anyone who knows me like, even a little bit, knows that Tangled is my favorite movie of all time. I first saw it in theaters with my best friends after I had been accepted into Tulane University. When I was unhappy at Tulane and desperately trying to figure out how I could pursue my dreams of working in animation, I watched Tangled for comfort and inspiration. When I was struggling to finish at Woodbury, I had Tangled basically on loop to get me through. Honestly, this film helped me see the light (womp). So saying that getting the opportunity to work on Tangled the Series (as my FIRST job in animation no doubt) is an honor… is a big, fat understatement. I am so lucky to be a part of this beautiful show that means so much to me. A huge congratulations to every single person on this crew. We have made something truly special. So please tune into Tangled Before After tonight at 8pm Disney Channel… and go, LIVE YOUR DREAM. I sure am!

Paul’s sessions with John were only possible Tuesdays to Fridays. It was only because Jim wanted Paul to stay away from the troublemaker that he was sagging off school, courting trouble like he’d never done before. They’d go into what McCartneys called the front parlour, a basic standard 1950s front room. John and Paul sat opposite each other by the fireplace. As Paul was left-handed so their guitars went the same way and each had the mirror effect of watching the other’s fingers shape the chords as if his own. Paul would later call these ‘eyeball to eyeball’ sessions, and he was treated to something few witnessed: John put his glasses on. Only rarely they leave his pocket. Almost in each other’s faces, John and Paul quickly gained an usual closeness, little or nothing hidden. Paul noticed John had beautiful hands.
—  The Beatles - All These Years - Extended Special Edition: Volume One: Tune In by Mark Lewisohn