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Moment no.375 where Cassian is the sweetest, most sensitive, perfect being ever!

“You’re Angry” He refused to speak until I started my circuit of warm ups… And only when we’d begun sparring, his hands wrapped against my onslaught of punching did he say, “You and Rhys hid the truth from us. And we went into Hybern blind about it.” 
“About what?”
“That you’re High Lady.”
“What difference would it have made?”
“It would have changed everything. None of it would have gone down like that.”
“Perhaps that’s why Rhys decided to keep it a secret.”
“Hybern was a disaster.”
I halted my punching. “You knew I was his mate when we went. I don’t see how being High Lady alters anything.” 
“It does.”
“I put my hands on my hips, ignoring his motion to continue. “Why?” 
Cassian dragged a hand through his hair. “Because… because as his mate, you were still… his to protect. Oh don’t give me that look. He’s yours to protect, too. I would have laid my life down for you as his mate and as your friend. But you were still… his.”
“And as High Lady?”
Cassian loosed a rough breath. “As High Lady, you are mine. And Azriel’s, and Mor’s and Amren’s. You belong to all of us, and we belong to you. We would not have… put you in so much danger.”

This whole scene is so beautiful. Cassian just has so much love and care and worry for his family. It kills me! He just doesn’t get the credit he deserves for how sensitive, and how emotionally aware he is. He’s so incredibly special and I love him so much!

The only one I can relate right now is Chloe flirting with the fucking turkey

Damn McReynolds ~ smut

Author: completedylantrash

Characters: reader x McReynolds (and other EWS characters)

Rating: NSFW 18+ Explicit Smut


A/N: Sorry NOT SORRY for this, it got kinda long lol

There he is. That smug look on his face. That stupid mustache. That stupid raven black hair. The girls just flock to him. Why? What is it about Glen McReynolds that’s so damn special? He’s cocky, rude and thinks he’s God’s gift to women and baseball.

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Can you do some Elriel please <3 and it's they're anniversary and Elain decides she really needs to do something special for this broody bat so she literally buys tons of lingerie and lots of silk ropes ehehehehe (if they ever happen in canon, I def think they'll be the kinkiest couple out there)

Azriel’s eyes bug out of his head when he walks into their room and he sees Elain in a blue lingerie set that perfectly matches his siphons. He closes the door quietly behind him, his eyes never leaving Elain’s body as she stands in front of their bed with a wicked expression on her face. Azriel is completely… still… because he knows that if he starts to move he won’t be able to keep his hands off of her and he wants to appreciate this moment.

“Well?” Elain whispers seductively. “What do you think?”

She takes a slow, calculated step towards him and that’s when Azriel spies the ropes on their bed ready for him to use as he wills.

His eyes snap back to Elain’s and she only grins.

His iron tight control completely wrecks and he’s on her in an INSTANT. The lingerie doesn’t last ten seconds.

Day 13: Favourite childhood show

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My introduction to vampires, Goths and hot guys in leather that are old enough to be my father.

It’s got a surprising amount of depth for some of the characters, despite being so campy and corny. Oh, it introduced me to the ideas of patriarchy and feminism (I am not kidding… look at Ingrid’s entire series arc - becoming empowered in a male dominated world)

I loved this show. Okay, the last couple of seasons were kinda stupid but it’s got a special place in my baby bat heart <3


Mint, Taro, and Red Bean will be back in stock online tomorrow (Feb. 21st 2015) in limited quantities. More will be restocked later if they sell out. Candy Corn only has a few available, it will be gone within moments. Bat & Reindeer have very limited quantities, we expect these to be gone by end day!

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We cannot thank those of you enough who follow us, collect from us, and appreciate our designs so much that you seek out our creations when released. We created small batches, because we wanted to create a “limited” feel, and didn’t want to come off as greedy by creating them in the thousands.

That being said, Candy Corn, Bat, and Reindeer will all be re-released at Halloween 2015, and Winter (Nov/Dec) 2015 along with the new Halloween and Winter variants for this year. Bumblebee will also have additional pieces released around end Summer 2015.

Variants re-released will remain limited. We have made the decision to up all limited edition variants, to double the quantities, meaning they’ll continue to be limited but not as much. Bat, Candy Corn, Reindeer, and BumbleBee are all behind according to those new quantity standards, and will be caught up accordingly before being officially retired/discontinued.

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