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anonymous asked:

what was the blue umbrella debacle of 2013?

Oh man it was a disaster, I won’t go into it much… but basically someone was bothered by how the red love-interest umbrella in the Pixar short ‘Blue Umbrella’ had eyelashes, and then that got reblogged by some “special snowflake hall of fame”-type blog, and then me and Sock’s voice actor were defending the OP, and then someone with a Sock URL showed up and started calling us ignorant fucktrucks and accusing us of insinuating that Disney is homophobic (which I MEAN, that wasn’t the point, but whatever), and then I pointed out that they just called the creator and voice actor of the character in their icon ignorant fucktrucks and then I think they deleted their account or something, I can’t remember.  I’m sure the whole thing got re-reblogged on that special snowflake blog too, it was just… absolute clownshit insanity.  

Then a few months later me and a bunch of friends were at Ottawa International Animation Festival watching a panel from the director of the fuckin’ umbrella short and we were amused to find that in the original storyboards it didn’t have eyelashes anyway. 

I don’t know who ultimately decided it needed eyelashes, and I definitely don’t think it’s, like, “””THE STRAIGHT AGENDA””” or anything… I just think we’ve all seen a million heterosexual love stories and when you try and boil down a love story to it’s core elements and have umbrellas act it out, it seems cutesy to give one of them eyelashes, but when you stop and think about the fact that we compulsively do it, it’s kind of ridiculous.  That’s all, haha.  

Also that Bobert Raphael-Wakaflockasberg McHorseman quote was from a larger article which is a way more worthwhile read than me talking about the Blue Umbrella Debacle of 2013:


culturalrebel  asked:

Is your icon an actual special snowflake cos if it is I love you

Yes it is! :3 It’s actually the icon from the special snowflake hall of fame blog—they’re assholes who like to mock “special snowflakes” many of whom are social justice bloggers (tw for the link: constant rage-inducing ignorance, bigotry and every oppressive ism under the sun). The only reason I know about them is I’m a regular feature on there and my statcounter led me to them (they don’t reblog anyone, they’re too cowardly, they just take screenshots and throw tomatoes at social justice people they don’t like within their little bubble of ignorance).

I though the icon was cute and that taking it would be a good way to mock them. Lots of love back at you! :D

Demisnowflake (also know as special-snowflake-hall-of-fame and archangelsnowflake) was my absolute favorite blog. You can even look through Snow’s tags on my blog and see how I much I love them. And now they’re GONE. Snow was the only blog that I actually visited every day, and I do mean every day, so I wouldn’t miss a single post. Even if I was having a shitty day, Snow would always say or do something that would make me laugh and cheer me up.

And now Snow is GONE without any warning and they didn’t even leave their blog up for future browsing. I definitely understand wanting to leave this website, but I wish they had given us a chance to say goodbye. I’m genuinely really upset right now.

Snow, if you’re reading this, just know that you’ll always be the senpai of all senpais to me. Goodnight, sweet prince.