special sneak peek

Things I gathered from the Sneak Peak of Descendants 2:

•Mal and Evie look like they have a song together
•Mal has 2 different hair styles and colors? Why
•Probably disregarding book canon but at this point I’m not sure if I care?
•I need more beanie-wearing Mitchell Hope in my life
•I’m even more excited now oh my gosh. Gimme.

((Hey, guys! Here’s a little sneak peek of the PMV I’m working on~! It’s going to be full-length…and animated! //le gASP

I’m going to try and get it done before the two-year anniversary coming up in a couple weeks, but I can’t guarantee it. There’s a lot of work to be done, after all! But I hope you’ll stick it out and wait until the finish!!

Thanks to everyone who’s supported this blog, I couldn’t have done it without you! This is for you…and I pray you’ll be patient with me as I work on this.

Here’s to 750 followers! I really hope I can make it to 800 before the anniversary! Spread the word! This PMV is going to be amazing~!))

NOW – Kings of Con New Episode Available on Comic-Con HQ! What’s that you say? Date night? Spend ALL of tonight with The Kings of Con! In lieu of this week’s live tweet, catch @robbenedict and Rich on the red carpet for @comic-conhq’s Winter Series Showcase Event @ 6pm PST. Then at 7pm, tune in to this week’s Kings of Conversation (w/ special sneak peek of next week’s @kingsofconshow ep), followed by the guys on @amazonvideo FB Live at 8! Who knows…maybe it’ll all end with a nightcap. You. Us. Tonight. Let’s do it. http://bit.ly/2hf9wfQ


What is Bouncer? It’s a Steven Universe Fanfiction, Human AU, that’s gonna be the size of a BOOK when it’s done. Written by me, edited by a soon-to-be-chosen comrade, and HOPEFULLY reaching a wide audience, Bouncer is going to be fully written before release, and if you really want it, I may send you a physical, professionally printed copy of the fic! 

This will take maybe a year to complete. However, I like to get people involved! THEREFORE - Here’s a super special sneak peek at chapter one of Bouncer!

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✧ ✧ Astoria Fate’s Kiss: Season 2! ✧ ✧
❣Chimera Season 2 Main Story 2 is Out Now!! ❣

Chimera and Prime could destroy the city if their fighting gets any worse! To top it all off, Prime thinks you’re…what?! In the chaos of the family drama, a kiss of fate might change everything.
Will you and Chimera reign victorious? > <
And be sure to look for a *special sneak peek* of Alex Cyprin’s First Free Episode!  ❤

Some notable things from the NYCC SU Panel

• Out of all the rubies, Charlyne enjoyed preforming Eyeball the most. To quote, “I just felt like Batman.”
• A.J., when asked about what qualities are unique to Stevonnie, “I think there’s a leadership that Stevonnie has that the kids definitely possess, but when they fuse together, it becomes something that is otherwordly.”
• On the subject of Lapis and Peridot’s ‘unlikely friendship’, “Why and how do they get along so well?” To quote Jennifer, “They’re such an odd couple, right? Opposites attract.”
• A sneak peek of Gem Harvest was shown, and is confirmed to be a half hour special.
- In the sneak peek, Steven was going to the barn to spend the night with Peridot and Lapis. Peridot was riding a tractor in the corn field.
• There’s an upcoming episode called 'Three Gems and a Baby’.
- Rebecca sang a new song from that episode with Tom (the voice of Greg), called 'I Could Never Be Ready’.
• Shelby’s favorite episode to record was Too Short To Ride.


We had a special sneak peek inside the beautiful National Museum of African American History and Culture this morning. The press were packed into the theater!

Two of our favorite things from the exhibit spaces were Harriet Tubman’s lace shawl, presented to her by Queen Victoria of England in 1897, and the interactive lunch counter where you could sit down and explore documents about the Civil Rights movement on a digital screen. (We work at the National Archives! We really love documents.)

We also sampled delicious food at the Sweet Home Cafe–we can recommend the pepper pot, pickled green beans, berry cobbler, and well, pretty much everything….

 The museum opens its doors to the public on September 24. Stop by the National Archives and see the Act that created it, now on display! 

Fox Bringing Prison Break to San Diego Comic-Con!

Twentieth Century Fox Television has unveiled its Comic-Con 2016 slate and a panel for Fox’s 9-episode Prison Break revival is on the docket, with returning cast members Wentworth Miller, Dominic Purcell, Sarah Wayne Callies and Robert Knepper all confirmed to attend.

The return of Prison Break will be showcased with new footage from the Fox series’ revival, while stars Wentworth Miller, Dominic Purcell, Sarah Wayne Callies and Robert Knepper, as well as producer Vaun Wilmott will be on hand to discuss the show, greet fans fresh out of production to share their behind-the-scenes experiences from set and show a special sneak peek of all new footage! 

No dates, times and venues have yet been announced. San Diego Comic-Con is set to run July 20-24 at the San Diego Convention Center.