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Selena Gomez performs “Good For You” with Taylor Swift during Night 5 of the 1989 Tour Staples Center - 8/26


Harry and Selena and Harry’s birthday. 

The famous singer Selena Gomez Uploaded this new pictures in her official Instagram with the caption: “From the first time I saw you to now I fall for you… Happy birthday my love” 

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How is it possible?

1. Selena Gomez had never performed Good For You until last night. And she did it with Taylor and it was flawless.

2. Lisa Kudrow had never performed ever in front of a crowd that large. Smelly Cat hasn’t been sung in ages live…just on TV and Lisa isn’t one to perform in front of giant crowds. And she did it with Taylor and it was flawless.

3. Justin Timberlake, one of the biggest pop stars ever, decided that he would come back and perform Mirrors. This was his first show since becoming a dad. And he did it with Taylor and it was flawless.

4. Taylor Swift is Queen. She keeps breaking new records and setting the bar even higher. I can’t imagine what else she has in store for us in the future. You, Taylor, are amazing.