special romania


Still trying to wake up after a very interesting weekend. 

Seeing a show two days in a row is surely something special. 

[Nargaroth - Cluj, Romania]

i got demons to deal with, unsheathe the sword, blue flames ablazeok let’s do this 

if it wasn’t nor’s birthday, ro would probably be wearing that steaming cup of coffee right about now

romanianwarrior  asked:

I've always loved your drawings of Ro as well as Serbia plus others. Especially when they're in their traditional clothing or military uniforms regardless of the era.

thank you!! it would seem i have a thing for drawing uniforms…. glad there’s someone who appreciates it haha

agirlcalledmelodypond  asked:

Hi :) I really enjoy your blog as I recently joined the Top Gear fandom. I saw that you posted some of the bloopers and outtakes but do like have a complete list of these videos? Because it's hard to find all of them on your huge blog :D

Yes, I should go back and tag those a bit better, shouldn’t I? I am so sorry, I’m dreadful with tags.

I don’t have a master list or anything (although that is a fantastic idea!), I’ll just go through my Youtube/Streetfire channels and just link to what I do have…


Middle East Special Director’s Cut

South Africa Special Director’s Cut

USA Road Trip (S15E08) Director’s Cut

Romania Director’s Cut

Albania Director’s Cut

Bonneville Director’s Cut

Extended Cool Wall (with Andy!)

Africa Special Outtakes

Jeremy Fits Some New Tyres

Traffic Jam

Suppertime in a Traffic Jam

James and Jeremy Shopping in Jezza

Insect Tennis

Sir Richard Hammondborough

Brad Pitt, George Clooney and Bradley Cooper in the Morning

Fuel Stops

Driving Test

Drag Race at Entebbe

An Idiot on Board  (I highly recommend this one LOL)

India Special Outtakes

Indian Driving Style

Whining About the Cold

S18E01 Outtakes

Speed Laps

Jeremy and James talk about Imola

Stig going around Imola

Hammond’s Journey to Rome

Fuel Calculations

James Loses his Keys

Hammond’s Present

Argument Before Setting Off


Hitting Jezza in the Plums

Diesel Scirocco

Ferrari Daytona

Olivier Panis

James and Madison

Patience in the Workplace Award

Hammond’s Helicopter

Jeremy on the Train

James’ Yoga Highlights

Bored at the Border

Backstage Tour

Series 16 Chat

Series 15 Chat



Oz and James


Drink to Britain Extras

Hope that’s helpful! Also: welcome to the fandom! :)