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Jin; Appreciation

❝Was planning on writing another ‘For You’ (yep it’s a thing, oops, too many series, otl) but I stumbled upon this lovely gif set by kookie-time and I thought… why not? WE ALL NEED TO TAKE SOME TIME TO APPRECIATE KIMSEOKJIN. 
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There are moments where you believe, Kim Seokjin is too selfless and it’s the truth, recorded on camera, proven by himself, proven by the fans, acknowledged by the managers and you would pledge to be a witness if you have to make that into a fact. Sometimes, he takes care of others to extend he forgets to take care of himself and it just doesn’t feel right—it just does not, he’s too selfless.

You’re scolding the same things over and over again through the clips you have in your phone. Back to the time where after playfully getting hit, he doesn’t let it bug him as he says it’s okay but continues with the eldest is supposed to live and get hit, in which you’re rolling your eyes with since when is that made up because that’s new. You sigh as you swipe to the next clip, to one of his vlogs with Namjoon in it.

You roll over on the sofa because you know that you can watch this forever, listen to his voice, listen to him talk about anything in the world and you’d still be in awe because he’s that addictive to listen to. It pangs your heart when he mentions that one time he woke up at wee hours just to make the traditional seaweed soup for the youngest one’s birthday, which, you remember really clearly because of that one phone call.

It seems like just yesterday he’s sending you a few text messages, giving your phone a seizure in the early day that you’re wondering if someone is dying and texting you for help or if it’s time to get a new phone. Stretching out hopelessly and reaching for your phone after five solid seconds, you pulled it to your face with a huff, only to let that frown turn upside down at his name and five messages stacked upon one another.

‘Princess, are you sleeping?’ [3.02a.m.]

‘Wow, this is stupid… you must be sleeping’ [3.02a.m.]

‘Would it be too much if I wanted to call you now?’ [3.03a.m.]

‘Maybe you’re sleeping and your phone is on silent… shit…’ [3.05a.m.]

‘Sorry princess, see you soon…♥’ [3.05a.m.]

And he knows you’re a sucker for him that you can’t ever neglect him. Sighing, you’re sitting up on the bed, rubbing your eyes and glancing to his side of the bed where it’s vacant during the days he can’t make it home and he sleeps at the dorm. You’re reluctant to move around but you’re gladly scooting to his side where it smells like him and it’s perfect, it feels like he’s here when he says—“H-Hello?”

“Hey…” Your voice is soft, hoarse because no one wakes up at this hour for a call but for Seokjin, you’d answer anytime. “P-Princess,” He croaks, “Did I wake you? Shit, your phone wasn’t on silent?”

“In case of emergencies… no,”

“I-I’m sorry—“

“You’re the emergency, Jin,” You snort, relieving all tension buried on his shoulders as he lets out an exhale before he rests his hip against the counter, “Oh, thank God…”

“So, why is handsome boy awake at this hour? Isn’t it—“

“I’m making soup for Kook, birthday today,”

“I swear,” You groan, “You’re such a mom,”

“Hey, that is true but I’d make one hell of a mom,”

Then he pictures the way you scrunch your nose when you say, “No, you can’t be a mom,”

“And why not?”

“I can’t possibly date my mom,”

Now he’s regretting the choice of accepting the call, “Oh f—why would you even think that?”

Oh, morning calls with Seokjin are always fun.

As your finger swipes after that clip is long overdue (and the one projected in your mind fades away to lead you to the present), your eyes witness another clip where Namjoon’s trying to convince him to take a selca but Tae’s done it already and he says it’s okay. Then to the other one where he admits that he’s not greedy for the limelight of being recorded because the rest are already ahead of him and that comes of as another it’s okay, or to another one where he’s apologetic for making a mistake during his dance practice or how he mindlessly just hands Jungkook the fruit he’s eating because he knows it’ll make the latter happy—Kim Seokjin is selfless and if someone objects, they’ll have to run away from your shoe.

The door clicks and you flinch from the sound that echoes. Your phone is placed aside, you’re bringing yourself up to your feet and when the door opens, you’re meeting gazes with a warm one that makes your days a little bit brighter.

“Princess,” He breathes into your ear, long arms cocooning you in, face buried to your neck, smiling from ear to ear as he nudges the door close with his back and then returns to focusing on the hug you’re attacking him with (not that he minds).

“You’re home,” You whisper, not entirely sure but he whispers back, “Mhm… Did you miss me?”

“What kind of a question is that?” you sound offended.

“The kind you should answer,” well, isn’t he sassy today?

“Of course I miss you,” you’re admitting and you’re proving it by showering him with kisses he can’t reject, “I miss you, I miss you, I miss you,”

His chuckle is tired but it lifts you up the same time his arms does as he swings you around, making you clutch onto him tighter as he makes your knees weak but he sets you down and leans away to grin at you, “Cute girl,” He gives your lips a kiss before he sneaks his hand in between your bodies, reaching for your hand so he can drag you to the kitchen, “How about I cook for you something? Your favorite—“

“Oh, no, you’re not cooking anything,” You’re tugging him back and then out of the kitchen and suddenly you’re restricting him from entering with both arms spread out to take up the width of the doorframe, “You’ve done enough,”

He raises an eyebrow, crossing his arms, tilting his head, “I just got home…”

You sigh and your arms loosen but you’re still blocking the way in and although he can just ram through you, he decides to not do it because he’s still not clear on what you’re talking about, “I’ve been watching your videos, Jinnie,”

“Music videos?” he takes a guess.

“No,” The look on your face drops, your tone indifferent, “Videos,”

The creases deepen on his forehead but he repeats, “Music videos…?”

“No, Seokjin,” Your arms fall but your hands raise up to frame his cheeks, “Videos of you,

“Yeah, I’m in those music videos—“

“Where you’re always so selfless, taking care of the boys, giving in most of the time and it’s worrying me to whose taking care of you if not yourself?”

A few seconds pass, he’s digesting the information, “Ah…” He shakes his head, his arms situate by your waist, “That’s what you’re on about…”

“It just doesn’t cross my mind when I do things, I do them because I want to,” He explains, bringing you to his lap when he finds the sofa as the back of his knees touch the softness and he gets comfortable before making sure you do the same. He releases the bite you have on your lip by tugging your chin down slightly, huffing, “And don’t do that, your lip might bleed,”

“But you’re doing so much already, it’s more than enough,” You sigh, threading fingers through his hair and he’s mirroring your sigh as he looks at you, “C’mon, we’ve been through this—if I can take care of the boys, you are beyond that,”

He sees the look in your eyes and you’re about to give in, he’s about to seal the deal with a kiss but you’re hopping off his lap before you dash to the kitchen, “I’m making dinner!”

He ends up laughing at the way you reach for the apron, pulling it over your head and as you try to tie the knot, he brushes your hand away as he stills behind you to make a few loops and the strings are intact. Next, you turn around and poke him on the chest, “Don’t, do, anything,”

“What if you burn down the house?”

“You can sit there and supervise,” Your eyes point at the stool by the island and he’s hesitant but he obeys before he sits himself, propping both elbows on the table before he buries his chin in one of his palms, “And I just watch you cook for me?”

“Yes, and don’t touch anything,”

He notices how you’re busy with everything that he glances to every inch of you and you swear you catch that little innuendo he drops when he coos, “No promises on that, princess.”