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Surprise Christmas Special

My group hadn’t met since a couple weeks before Christmas so this weekend’s 13th Age game turned into a belated Christmas Special.  We were also meeting in a gaming store, so for my minor elements instead of asking the players to supply random minor elements off the top of their heads I asked strangers at nearby tables without any context and whatever they say becomes canon. The party consists of a Commander, a Paladin, a Rogue, a Sorcerer, and a Chaos Mage.  Some highlights:

GM: “Okay, so your mail route will take you through christmas town because woah are there letters to deliver there. Now…” <to someone walking by> “Name an abstract concept.”
Stranger: “Addiction”
GM: “So, Christmas Town is a mess right now because of addiciton. So, if you need to find Santa…” <To someone picking a game off the demo shelf> “Hey, who is Santa visiting at the Christmas Town Rehab Center.”
Stranger 2: “Himself, for his cocaine habit.”

Paladin: “I would like to interrogate the reindeer to find out what happened here.”
GM: “You can find some of them at The Stables. It’s a shitty dive bar, but it’s still the best in town.”
Paladin: “I’ll head there first then.”
GM: “They won’t talk to you much unless you join their reindeer games.” <To someone playing a board game nearby.> “What game are they playing in the bar.”
Stranger: “Russain Roulette.”
GM: “I guess it’s the last round, then.”
Paladin: “Sure, I’ll play that with them.”
Commander: “Can I join too?”

Comet: “It just hasn’t been the same since Santa started on the snow.”
Paladin: “That’s too bad. Who got him into that?” <Fires gun at head. Draws a white chip.>
GM: <To someone walking by> “Hey, who gets Santa his snow.”
Stranger: “Jack Frost.”
Comet: “Yeah, that Jack Frost rolled through town a while back and it’s been downhill ever since.”
Commander: “Too bad. Any idea where we can find Saint Nick?” <Uses a magic item to briefly become a zombie and immune to critical hits. Fires gun at head. Draws a red chip but doesn’t die. Resets bag of chips>
Cupid: “I haven’t seen him in a while, but someone at the…”
GM: <To someone at the next table> “Name a cookie.”
Stranger: “Shortbread.”
Cupid: “Someone at the Salty Shortbread might have seen him lately. That brothel gets most of the traffic these days.” <Draws a red chip.>
Comet: <while picking up Gun from Cupid’s corpse.> “The 34th Street Rehab Clinic might have something on him too.”

Rogue: “I’ll shimmy up the wall and into the window of Santa’s Office. 23.”
GM: “The factory’s walls aren’t tough to climb, you don’t have much trouble. Inside his office are shelves of various decorations and toys, some filing cabinets, and a large pine desk.”
Rogue: “What’s on the desk?”
GM: “There’s a heap of letters next to it where they were carelessly shoved off. Lying on the desk itself is only a single dirty razor blade.”
Rogue: “This is just getting sad.”

GM: “Santa is getting upset that you aren’t here to deliver more blow. He grabs your shirt and threatens you.”
Sorcerer: “I breathe fire in his face. 29.”
GM: “His beard is a bit singed but he doesn’t seem too fazed by it. He punches you in the jaw for 10 Christmas Damage.”
Chaos Mage: “It doesn’t go to your HP, but if you take 30 points of it your heart grows three sizes.”
GM: “That is not healthy for you.”

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Favorite blogs??

hi anon!! here are a few of my favorite mutuals:

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also a lil shout out to people who aren’t mutuals but have a+ blogs that i really admire:

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this is just a short list of my pals im so sorry if i forgot you!! feel free to fling me into the sun :( also this is so long overdue im sorry omg 


thank you for being the hardworking, talented, adorable man that you are!

happy birthday, Kim Ravi!

[Tri] Chapter 4 theater post cards

As previous post mentioned, the theaters will be giving away special post cards and illustration boards for those who are watching chapter 4 in theater.

Week 1: B6 size Post card illustrated by Series Art Director Watanabe Kouji

Week 2: Special illustration by Animation Character Designer and director (Total 2)

Week 3: Special post card illustration by Character Designer Atsuya Uki is TBA. (Total 2)


Under the cut there are exactly #205 gifs of singer and rapper, Chancelor Bennett also known as CHANCE THE RAPPER as himself from various interviews. I made this pack as part of my Black History Month special, wherein I’ll post one pack per week. They are what I deem to be roleplayable.  Each gif was created from scratch by myself. Please do not take or edit/crop them without credit (or asking me first) or add them to any gif hunts. Each gif is 260x200. Please like/reblog if you use them or you’re a rph.


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And here is set 1 of 3 for our Derp Emblem Valentines :D

These valentines will be posted over the course of the next two weeks, with a special Valentines comic being posted on the 14th! As you can see, some of these are actually sweet while the rest are ridiculous. Feel free to actually print these out and use them if you really want to, we don’t mind XD

Set 1 (You’re Here) - Set 2 (x) - Set 3 (x) - Bonus (x)


“There’s so much to watch here, and I don’t even have to wait for it to end up in the dump!!”

underrift Sunday Special III - Magitech

A little more post-Barrier worldbuilding this week, just scratching the surface of what the best of human tech, the best of monster tech, and a little magic can do for both races! (And like foog, it probably doesn’t hurt economically either.)

(If you’re wondering why Papyrus’ phone isn’t locked against Sans, well… it probably is, but why would Sans let a little thing like magic phone locking keep him from harassing his brother?)

See you next week, and feel free to suggest a Sunday Special you’d like to see!

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Regarding the MTV “‘Otherkins’ Special” posted on Youtube within the last week, with Shiro Ulv as the main (and only) otherkin speaking on behalf of otherkin…

I don’t agree with it. I don’t think that anyone should have volunteered to assist MTV with that (hopefully discouraging them from going ahead and actually making the video in the first place), but out of all of the individuals who have been in the community for a notable length of time, I definitely think it should not have been Shiro.

Don’t misunderstand me–I have nothing personal against him. But the fact of the matter is, Shiro, being in the limelight again, after his practically legendary failure with the ‘I Think I’m an Animal’ documentary, which resulted in the well-known On All Levels Except Physical, I’m a Wolf meme, is nothing more than a bad idea. It brings back things which, for lack of a better way to put it, need to stay buried. It associates us with a quite literal joke first and foremost in people’s minds.

Past that, the video itself, while not wholly awful, is, make no mistake, not particularly good. The definition given is only partially accurate–they misspell the word ‘otherkin’ in it, for gods’ sakes!–and, while Shiro does shed some light on the fact that otherkin can identify as quite a lot of things, that’s about all that’s spoken about that really applies to otherkin. Past that, it’s mostly about Shiro, and his history.

He looks completely unprofessional (and, although I hate to use this word…fluffy as hell. Wolf t-shit, paw prints behind him, a wolf tapestry hanging on his wall…), sounds as though he doesn’t really cares, and even gives a personal jab at the end of “Yeah, I’m weird but what are you doing with your life?” He mentions his past history as a furry, something I fully believe you should never do in a very short introductory video about otherkin unless its being done to say something along the lines of, “Hey, people confuse these communities, but they’re actually not the same thing and quite different!” And it essentially boils down to the classical stereotype of some kid getting picked out and then gaining an odd sort of superiority complex from what caused them to get picked on in the first place, to somehow being great for being the “outcast,” as is stated in the video.

At the end of the day, I think this video really was just an incredibly bad idea. It gave practically no information on otherkin, and it what information it did give was shoddy and half-accurate–though why anyone would expect anything better from MTV, I can’t possibly imagine. It portrays the community in, while not necessarily a bad light, certainly not a good one, and is most likely going to have a much more negative effect overall than a positive one.

I wouldn’t encourage anyone to follow Shiro’s example, as things like this really do more harm than good, and if his interactions with the media has taught us anything, it’s to be very careful, and very wary, when interacting with them, if we have to at all. I also wouldn’t suggest individuals support this video (or any misinformation it may perpetuate).

Nothing much. Just been having a hectic week. Sorry I`ve got nothing creative this time, just some to take off my chest and man this made me feel ALOT better.

This was just a sketch vent because I had a incident from work a couple days ago on whats been going on since Trumps inauguration. A customer was talking to me loudly and wanted to hear my point of view of it. I though to myself, “Okay no big deal, Just a person who wants my point of view” But then he tried to make it sound like he wanted to start something with me and everyone will hear and take his side. But I view myself as a open minded person, SO I was being honest in my normal voice and I told him what I think and he started lecturing me as if I was in the wrong just because I was young. (He was an old guy with his wife BTW)I wanted to be honest with myself and not be afraid to tell him what I think. The only problem with me is I`m bad at explaining things to people plus, I was already uncomfortable with the way everyone in the damn stores was staring at us. I was more embarrassed than scared, in fact I wasnt even friggen scared at all. I was more frustrated and annoyed with this friggen prick. I tried to brush him away because he didn’t get the message that I had other customers to take care of and a job to do. Not discuss politics. Then finally after I told him"Sir, I dont mind with people disagreeing with me, and I am more than happy to see peoples point of view, but its not my place to judge others and force my own beliefs on other people and EVER PURSUADE others to come to my side just because I dont see what they see (Which is what he tried to do to me but failed). It just doesnt seem right in my opinion. And not for nothing, I just believe America is one of the most spoiled countries in the world and people who come here or were born here don’t appreciate what this country gives us. I just dont believe in modern protesting and political correctness nowadays because of how people believe everything the media tells them instead of thinking for them selves. and attack others for having a different view" He finally glared at me and says"Remember, they WANT you to think that because your white" Not knowing what the fuck that meant he finally walked away. In the end of the day, I realized he tried to force me to come to his side and he only said those things to me because he wanted to guilt trip me for having an opinion. But you know what, this is why I dont`t care about victims anymore, I`m tired to feeling sorry for ass holes. People want me to not hurt there precious feelings but they dont want to listen to mine, so where the fuck logic is in that. So now I`m just glad that I was being honest and not act like a coward to pitty people for things I didnt do. I didnt know this guy and he didnt know me, so what gave him a right to judge the way I think.  Its just annoying when people ask for my opinion and I do give it I`m the bad guy, Im called rude remarks. When the day was over I`m just glad that it ended peacefully instead of a fist in the face without people shouting “OMG NAZI!!!!!!!!!"in the back ground

Sure I get the wrong idea sometimes, and I have anger management, and there have been bunches of times where I vented and I said mean things that I didnt mean to say, but I would never wish death upon someone, wish for people to live unfortunate lives, and never would ask anything from anyone or even belittle people for thinking differently. The world owes me nothing. And I sure DO NOT owe anyone anything. My past, my history, and my skin color does not effect me on how people acted back then or even in todays world. Dont tell me how to think and live my life. And dont EVEN try to bash me to your side just because YOU say so. You can judge me all you want, but If you want my opinion, whether you agree with me or not, better be prepared for a different point of view. Because I am sure as hell not afraid to be honest but fair with my self. Being different doesn’t make you a bad person. And thinking for your self doesnt make you stupid either. Yes there alot of Assholes in this country and I wish they can be kicked out of this country, but I`ve been very fortunate to meet alot of great people and I got to appriciate the smallest things.

P.s. This picture is also for everyone who is sick and tired of these whiney self centered special snowflakes who claim “Love and Tolerance”.

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Looks like this blog does not answer critics, at least not when you can't turn things around to your favor.

This is not true. I already posted previously that this week is a Valentine’s Week Special and I would not post anything negatively. Also, blog followers get tired of me always explaining the very same things such as that posted confessions aren’t the opinion or thoughts of the admins, as well as why we do post negative opinions.

In your case however I don’t felt the need to address the issue in the blog earlier to not spoil the fun on Valentine, but to prevent further misunderstandings let me explain to you why I don’t feel the need to censor or delete the “problematic” BamBam confession.

Because to me obviously, OP wrote “LIKE a gay friend”,  which does not mean “IS her gay friend”.
OP clearly didn’t mean to say Bam Bam is gay, neither attack or assume his or anyone’s sexuality. What OP most likely meant was that their relationship looks nonsexual and platonic to OP. It’s confusingly written but let’s remember, not everyone is fluent in English or knows the non-offensive correct words to use yet.

Therefore I saw and still see no reason to censor the confession or take it down.